Is Telecommunications Equipment A Good Career Path for Graduates? | 2022

Is Telecommunications Equipment A Good Career Path
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Is Telecommunications Equipment a good career path for graduates? Of course, telecommunications equipment is a good career path because this industry has come a long way in the past decade and keeps transforming. 5G, Artificial intelligence, IoT, and the ISDN switch-off are some of the trends that are gaining their place in modern telecommunications.

So service providers are expanding and transforming their services through implementing new digital technology in their businesses and creating more employment opportunities. This industry is powering every area of how humans live, communicate and do businesses.

This article will cover why telecommunications equipment is a good career path, the job route, and a variety of other sub topics.

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What is Telecommunications Equipment?

Telecommunication equipment are equipment used in the telephone networking industry. In addition, as technology has advanced, they’re now commonly used across modern IT equipment.

Some of these IT equipment are base stations and mobile devices, IP telephony, PBX equipment for call centers, and traditional and enterprise networking equipment for WAN and LAN.

Telecommunications equipment can also be a telecommunications gear, such as transmission lines, multiplexers, and base transceiver stations. It includes many communication technologies such as telephones, radios, and even computers.

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Examples of Telecommunications Equipment


A telephone is a type of telecommunications equipment that allows two or more people to communicate when they are far away to speak directly.


Faxing, also known as telecopying or telefaxing, is the telephonic transfer of scanned printed information, often to a phone number associated with a printer or other output device.

Internet Router

A router is a device that provides Wi-Fi and is usually connected to a modem. A router is the first line of defense against network infiltration.

MW Radio

MW Radio (Medium Wave radio) is a system of radio broadcasting using radio waves between 100 and 1,000 meters in length.

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A switch is a computer network device that links other devices. Multiple data cables connect to a switch to allow communication between networked devices.


A router is a network switching device that may route network packets based on their addresses to other networks or devices.

They are also used for Internet access, network coupling, and linking branch offices to a central office. This is through VPN, among other things (Virtual Private Network).

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Firewalls are components of network security systems. They filter incoming and outgoing network traffic depending on network security rules established by system administrators. Also, the firewall’s principal function is to minimize or eliminate unwanted network traffic and harmful assaults.


In any mobile network, a base transceiver station (BTS) is a stationary radio transceiver. The BTS is responsible for connecting mobile devices to the network. It also, broadcasts and receives radio signals from mobile devices and transforms them into digital signals that it routes over the network to other terminals or the Internet.


The Base Station Controller (BSC) manages and oversees a network of Base Transceiver Stations (BTS). The BSC is in charge of allocating radio resources to a mobile calls as well as handovers between base stations under his command.

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The Radio Network Controller (RNC) is a regulating element in the UMTS radio access network (UTRAN) that controls the Node Bs that are linked to it.


The MME serves as the primary control node for the LTE access network. It is in charge of paging and tagging idle mode User Equipment (UE), including retransmissions.


A signaling gateway (SGW) is a network component that sends signaling messages between nodes that utilize common channel signaling (CCS) to interact using various transports and protocols.

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The Packet Data Network Gateway (PDN Gateway, also known as PGW) connects the User Equipment (UE) to external packet data networks (PDNs) by acting as the traffic’s point of exit and entry.


A similar set of functions is authentication, authorization, and accounting (AAA). A user must first be authenticated. Second, the user is provided network access. Finally, all relevant billing information is gathered.

This equipment is basically classified into three main parts which asr:

  • Customer premises equipment — private switches, modems, routers, etc.
  • Transmission equipment — transmission lines, base transceiver stations, multiplexers, satellites, etc.
  • Public switching equipment — analog and digital equipment

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Is Telecommunications Equipment A Good Career Path?

Yes, telecommunications equipment is a good career path due to the obvious huge global demand, the telecommunications business has a lot of job openings each year, which is wonderful news for individuals looking to start a career in this field.

Certainly, the telecommunications sector has existed for decades and will continue to exist and flourish for as long as humans rely on telecommunication services.

As a result of the fast technological advancements of the 21st century, the sector is witnessing some good transformations with 5G, internet of things, artificial intelligence, and others.

So, telecommunications can be a great career path for you as long as you have the right skills and you’re interested in this career path. Career choices are difficult, but if you are committed to establishing yourself in a specific area, it is achievable.

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Jobs, career, and salary in Telecommunication

What is the Benefit of Telecommunications Equipment Career Path?

1. Improve Employee Satisfaction and Productivity Through Telecommunications Equipment

Telecommunication and remote work go hand in hand. Therefore, as a manager, you can provide your team with access to VoIP services, file sharing tools, collaboration software, and other services that allow them to work on the go.

This may result in higher job satisfaction and productivity. You may also find it easier to attract and retain talent, especially millennials and other groups that prefer newer communication tools.

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2. Enhance Inter-Team Collaboration

According to Gartner, social media and real-time messaging improve cooperation and enable businesses to develop a digital workplace.

Certainly, telecommunications can help teams and departments work better together. Employees can discuss ideas, exchange data, and collaborate on projects from anywhere on the globe thanks to mobile phones, videoconferencing, texting, and other telecom services.

3. Increase Your Customer Base

Organizations may also use telecommunication services to reach the appropriate audience with the right message at the right time.

Consider this: 77 percent of consumers prefer to get text messages from firms in order to learn about the newest promotions.

According to Forbes, around one-third do so in order to acquire valuable material.

As a result, around 31% of customers would rather receive text messages than visit a company’s website, physical store, or mobile app.

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What is the Job Prospect for Telecommunications Equipment?

The size of the major telecommunications organizations means that most entry-level positions come with various opportunities for career advancement. 

However, with the internet at the core of the contemporary business and more people connected than ever, the telecommunications sector will develop quickly in the coming years.

How Much Can You Make From The Field of Telecommunications Equipment Career Path?

According to Salaryexplorer, a Telecommunications worker in the United States typically earns around 83,500 USD per year. Salaries range from 42,300 USD (lowest average) to 155,000 USD (highest average).

This is the average annual pay, which includes housing, transportation, and other amenities. Salaries for various Telecommunications occupations vary greatly.

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7 High Paying Jobs in Telecommunications Equipment Career Path

#1: Data Analyst

Average Salary: $65,520/yr

The role of data analysts is to explore huge data and make it useful to the firm for which they work.

They also analyze data, automate information retrieval, and create reports that inform managers how the data may be used in their business model to help them make educated decisions.

Responsibilities of a data analyst include:

  • Creating and deploying databases and data collection systems
  • Gathering data from many sources and finding, analyzing, and interpreting trends or patterns in data sets.

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#2: Systems Manager

Average salary: $87,761/yr

The function of computer and information systems managers is to supervise computer-related operations in businesses by designing, deploying, and monitoring software and hardware to satisfy overall information technology demands.

They also manage finances, information security, and the adoption of new technology as needed by the organization to satisfy product design requirements.

#3: Telecommunications Specialist

Average salary: $66,254/ yr

Telecommunications Specialists and managers are both employed in the same department. 

However, while one concentrates on equipment management, the other – the expert – is in charge of figuring out and supervising the interplay of computer systems, communication techniques, and gadgets. 

They are also responsible for the installation and maintenance of those systems, as well as fixing and testing them prior to deployment.

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#4: Cable Installer and Repairer

Average salary: $16.72/hr

Install, repair, and maintain household cabling for internet and television services in collaboration with telecommunication professionals. 

Also, a cable installer and repairer’s responsibilities include constructing feeder lines that allow cable access to homes and businesses, laying ground cable, and configuring accompanying equipment for clients.

#5: Customer Support Technician

Average salary: $14.85/hr

A customer support technician acts as a customer representative, and their primary responsibilities include network maintenance, troubleshooting, testing network backup methods, and updating documentation.

They also maintain customer rapport by listening to and answering inquiries, addressing problems in a timely way, and adhering to standards and procedures to provide a safe work environment.

Best jobs in Telecommunications Equipment

#6: Telecommunications Manager

Average salary: $68,047/yr

Telecom Managers are in charge of planning, designing, building, configuring, and commissioning telecommunications equipment, networks, and systems such as voice, data, satellite, microwave, and digital data systems.

Furthermore, the firm for which they work relies on them to determine the requirements and costs of equipment, gadgets, and services.

#7: Telecommunication Operator

Average salary: $27,213/yr

Any individual seeking work in telecommunication operations is expected to manage incoming calls, collect required data, type quickly and accurately, route calls to the appropriate destination, and record talks as needed.

Best jobs in Telecommunications Equipment

Now you’ve come to the end of the list of best jobs in telecommunications equipment. You can also read Amazon Senior Product Manager Salary in US | 2022


Telecommunications is transforming 21st century communication. There has been no change in demand for as long as humans have required it.

In addition, people increasingly use the internet to interact with their loved ones and professional partners. There are also several work opportunities accessible, and you do not need to attend college to get some telecommunications equipment jobs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which country pays engineers the most?

Switzerland – $77, 438 a year

Are telecommunication engineers in demand?

Telecommunications Engineering Specialists will generate around 8,750 new jobs by 2029. This ratio is predicted to rise to 61 percent in the next years.

Why is Telecommunication Engineering important?

Telecom engineers are ultimately responsible for providing high-speed data transfer services. The most common forms of wired telecommunications media used to build telecom network infrastructure are optical fibers, coaxial cables, and twisted pairs.

Is telecommunications a good career?

The telecommunications industry is seen as a potential career path as it evolves and adapts to new technology. Wireless equipment provides more dependable services, and firms are competing to provide the fastest internet at the best price.



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