Texas A&M Acceptance Rate, Transfer, Requirement, & Deadline

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In College Station, Texas, there is a renowned public university called Texas A&M. 49,442 undergraduate students are enrolled, making it a sizable university. Therefore, knowing the Texas A&M acceptance rate is very important for candidates who want to enroll.

However, given that Texas A&M’s acceptance rate is 63%, admissions are a little competitive. Popular majors include psychology, biomedical sciences, molecular medicine, and liberal arts and humanities.

This article will satisfy your search for the Texas A&M acceptance rate, GPA, and other requirements.

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About Texas A&M University

Texas A&M University is a public university that was established in 1876.

It has a total undergraduate enrolment of 56,723 (fall 2021), is located in a city, and covers 5,200 acres.

Therefore, the academic calendar is semester-based. Texas A&M University is ranked #67 in National Universities in the Best Colleges 2022-2023 edition.

What are the Tuition Fees for Texas A&M University?

It costs $13,178 in in-state tuition and fees and $40,087 in out-of-state tuition and fees.

How Do You Get Admissions to Texas A&M University [College Station]?

Admission at Texas A&M University is more selective, with a 64% acceptance rate.

Therefore, half of those who seek admission to Texas A&M University—College Station should have an SAT score of 1140-1380 or an ACT score of 25-31.

Nevertheless, according to statistics, one-fourth of approved candidates received scores that were higher than these ranges, while the other quarter received scores that were lower.

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What is the Acceptance Rate for Texas A&M University?

With a 63% acceptance rate, Texas A&M admissions are a bit selective.

So, the average SAT or ACT score for applicants to Texas A&M is between 1160 and 1380, respectively.

Texas A&M’s standard admissions application date is December 1.

Finally, the Texas A&M early action application deadline is October 15 for interested students.

What is the Texas A&M Medical School Acceptance Rate?

Texas A&M Medical School is ranked among the top five medical schools in the state of Texas. So, Texas A&M College of Medicine’s most recent admission rate is 7.5%.

And the average MCAT score is 513, with a GPA of 3.84. Tuition and costs for residents are $21,760, while tuition and fees for non-residents are $34,860.

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What is the Requirement for Texas A&M University?

These are what really matters when applying to Texas A&M University after you must have known the A&M acceptance rate.

  • High School GPA
  • High School Rank
  • High School Transcript
  • College Prep Courses are recommended
  • SAT/ACT are considered but not required
  • Recommendations are neither required nor recommended

What are the Texas A&M University Admissions Deadlines [A&M Acceptance Rate]?

Application Deadline December 1
Early Decision DeadlineNo data are available  — 
Early Action Deadline October 15
Offers Early Decision No
Offers Early Action Yes
Application Fee $75
The application fee may vary by program and may be waived for certain students. Please check with the school. 
Application Websiteadmissions.tamu.edu/freshman/apply
Accepts Common App No data are available  —
Accepts Coalition App Yes                                                            

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Texas A&M University Explore Tuition & Cost Breakdown


Based on average net price, earnings potential, student and alumni reviews, and additional factors.

The net Price is $19,906 /year, with a National average of $15,523

Therefore, the average cost after financial aid for students receiving grant or scholarship aid, as reported by the college.

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Net Price Breakdown

The Net price is the average cost after financial aid for students who receive grant or scholarship aid, as said by the college.

Net Price Breakdown

Sticker Price Breakdown

Sticker Price Breakdown

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What is the Texas A&M Transfer Acceptance Rate, GPA?

The acceptance rate for transfers in the fall of 2021 was 52%.

This is a bit lower than usual when compared to Texas A&M’s average transfer rate for the Fall semester for the previous five years (55%).

However, a transfer acceptance rate of 52–55% is greater than that of other prestigious Texas colleges, such as UT Austin.

So, students who are interested in transferring to Texas A&M should start by perusing the university’s transfer information tools to maximize their chances of being among the 50%.

Students may attend unique Zoom Transfer Information seminars, or if they live nearby, they can even attend a session in person.

What is the Texas A&M TranferAcceptance Rate GPA?

Texas A&M University Transfers to Texas A&M must have a GPA of at least 2.5. (based on a minimum of 24 transferable credits).

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What is the Texas A&M Transfer Deadline?

Students need to apply for a Summer/Fall transfer by March 1st.

So, students who want to start in the spring must apply by October 15th.

In addition to the admissions deadline, students should plan for other time-sensitive tasks such as financial aid and special admissions programs.

Therefore, students will need to obey strict guidelines to be eligible for this process, including maintaining a 3.2 GPA instead of the all-around 2.5 GPA for other transfer students.

Who Gets into Texas A&M?: 2025 Students Demographic Prospect

  • Number of enrolled in-state students (Class of 2025): 10,519.
  • Number of enrolled out-of-state students (Class of 2025): 506

Looking at ethnic identity by gender, the breakdown of the entire Aggie Class of 2025, the breakdown is as follows:


  • Asian American: 14%
  • White: 56%
  • Hispanic: 23%
  • African American: 2%
  • International: 1%
  • Multiracial: 4%


  • Asian American: 11%
  • White: 56%
  • Hispanic: 26%
  • African American: 3%
  • International: 1%
  • Multiracial: 3%

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This breakdown by gender indicates that there are more men than women enrolled at A&M:

  • Male: 53%
  • Female: 47%

Students in the Class of 2025 come from the following locations:

  • Number of US high schools: 1,281
  • Number of Texas counties: 192
  • Number of US States: 44


Texas A&M rates the following five aspects of the application process as “extremely important”: the standard of the applicant’s secondary school record, class rank, GPA, extracurricular activities, and talent/ability.

Additionally, “essential” criteria include essays, first-generation status, place of living, state of domicile, volunteer activities, and job experience.



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