15 Best Virtual Reality (VR) Apps for Android in 2022

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With the advent of technological advancement, virtual reality has gotten to its apex, with many free VR apps for android up for download.

These apps are known to provide users with an educative and adventurous one of a kind virtual experience.

VR now seems like the way to go by providing a variety of virtual environments.

For this singular reason, many android users are keen on identifying the free VR apps available for download.

This article will expose you to some of the near countless free VR apps for android in 2022. Dive in!

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What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality, commonly referred to as VR, is a technology designed to enable users to operate with a physical body in a virtual world where the body is enveloped.

In essence, it illustrates how, by merging the body and mind, a human experience may be generated in a virtual world.

Today, virtual reality has reached its apex. VR has found a home in a variety of fields, ranging from health to education.

With the introduction of VR apps, virtual reality has significantly improved its services in education, mental health care, entertainment, military, research, and technology.

Types of VR Apps

VR apps exist for different purposes. In other words, the purpose determines the category.

Types of VR apps include the following:

Non-immersive Virtual Reality: You can use your computer to interact in its virtual environment thanks to this kind of technology. In the virtual world, you have the ability to command characters or individuals.

Fully-Immersive Virtual Reality: This is the direct opposite of non-immersive VR. This type of VR app allows users experience the virtual environment as though they were actually there.

Semi-Immersive Virtual Reality: This type of VR allows users to interact in the virtual world but lacks the power of fully-immersive virtual reality to make you feel physically present. You need a pair of VR glasses and a computer to experience this dimension.

Augmented Reality: With this type of app, smartphone users can explore the virtual environment thanks to augmented reality.

Collaborative VR: Users get a unique experience thanks to collaborative virtual reality. It also displays a virtual setting where numerous individuals can take part.

VR Apps for Android Phones

There are several free virtual reality (VR) apps for android phones. Let’s consider some of the following:

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 1. VR Haunted House 3D

This app is just for you if you enjoy horror fiction and video games. In this VR game, there’s a house full of strange beasts and uneasy guests.

Hence, you have to be brave to enter this home, and if you do, you will come across many bizarre things on the way.

In addition, offers three unique game levels, several animations, and effects appropriate for the horror subgenre, as well as 3D realistic sound effects.

Anticipate the scare!


  • Free to down and use
  • Compatible with almost any android phone
  • Haunted house and realistic horror scenario


2. VR Crazy Swing

VR crazy swing is one of the best VR apps for android with a free trial. The app offers a variety of VR games, including zombie apocalypse horrors, stunning rides, wild three-dimensional racing, and space shooters.

To create the most realistic and engaging world possible, all of this is merged with realistic graphics and powerful music.

It also operates on a freemium basis, which means that you may play for free during the trial time, and if you enjoy the game, you can pay for unlimited access.


  • A free trial period
  • Fantastic emotional virtual reality trip
  • Images and powerful audio to create the most immersive environment


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3. VirtualSpeech – VR Courses

This app also falls under the category of free VR apps for android. VirtualSpeech improves your public speaking abilities by putting you on a virtual stage in front of a virtual audience, allowing you to practice presenting yourself in front of an audience that simulates real people’s sounds and behaviors.

The app also provides a range of VR courses as well as additional VR scenarios and features.

In addition, it includes essential abilities such as public speaking, sales presentations, business networking, and storytelling.

Furthermore, it monitors your development and gives you immediate feedback on several aspects including your speech rate, eye contact, and hesitation words.


  • Free download and use
  • Compatible with Android devices
  • Several VR experiences and features


Best VR Apps for Android

If you are one of those wondering about the best VR apps you can find for android, no worries, we’ve got you covered.

The following are the best VR apps for android:

4. Google Cardboard VR

One of the best VR apps, with it you can explore a variety of virtual environments, ranging from discovering new places to becoming lost in a game, or unrestricted space exploration.

In addition, using the app, you can watch and play to your heart’s delight. Although Google stopped making Google Cardboard, you can still access previously stored VR content.


  • Easy to use and entertaining
  • Both Android and iPhone versions are available


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5. VR Space

This app provides users with an opportunity to take a tour of the planets and stars in virtual reality they wish to accept.

With this app, you can also explore the stars and vast cosmic space in VR Space while taking in breathtaking sights and background music.

In addition, the software is one of the best adventure tools among VR games without controllers at the moment and is suited for Cardboard headsets.

Main feature

  • Free to download
  • Touch controllers and other gadgets are not required


6. Bacteria Interactive Educational VR 3D

With this app, learning biology just got easier. It also uses interactive 3D animations to investigate microbes.

Also, it comes in a variety of languages and is made exclusively for students.

In addition, users can expand and rearrange interactive sceneries whichever they wish.

Even while the majority of 3D sceneries come with narrations and animations built in, some of them also offer a walk mode so you may explore them alone.


  • Free to download
  • Features that ease the study of biology


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7. Google Earth

With Google Earth, you may tour the globe. In other words, this app allows you to take trips to limitless locations you often imagine in a matter of seconds.

The first step is to download the app and get started.


  • Easy to us
  • Offers both flying and space travel experience
  • Utilization of Google Assistant to access location
  • Compatible with most common VR headsets
  • You can download this software for free on your smartphone


8. Titans Of Space

Titans of space allows you to take a virtual tour of our Solar System that is entirely realistic. Also, the app is both educational and entertaining.

In addition, you can also discover some common and unusual facts about space while taking a zero-distance tour of the sun, moon, and eight planets.


  • Improved 3D effects
  • Free to download
  • Provides background music for you as you go


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Daydream VR Apps for Android

The following are daydream VR apps for android phones:

9. Google Daydream VR

Google Daydream is the company’s most recent addition to its VR portfolio and the app allows you to experience high-quality Virtual Reality (VR) on android phones that support Daydream.

Also, you’ll never be able to enjoy enough of your favorite games and applications with an ever-growing variety of virtual reality experiences.

Despite being discontinued in 2019 owing to a lack of rapid popularity, you can still download and install the Google Daydream VR software without the Google team’s assistance


  • Variety of games
  • Compatible with Android 7.1 and later.


10. Second Life

Developed by Linden Lab, second life VR is a unique program for experiencing VR in real time.

In addition, you can play your favorite games; as well as socialize, join music groups, role-playing groups, and movie theaters.

Furthermore, you can plan social gatherings and activities to add excitement to your meetings.

With over 64.7 million active users, the app is one of the best VR apps since it’s like practically living a second life, which is weird.


  • Completely free to download and use
  • Ability to select locations and venues for parties and gatherings on the app
  • Offers an intriguing experience provided by the completely immersive virtual reality mode
  • Interaction and cooperation with a variety of individuals.


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11. InCell VR

InCell is one of the best free VR apps for android. It is an action/racing virtual reality game that also incorporates some science and strategy.

You are brought into the fascinating world of human cells, where you have to stop the spread of harmful viruses.

Although virtual reality is the game’s main focus, you may play without it. To access the main menu and turn off VR mode, just press and hold the screen while maintaining pressure on the headset’s trigger.


  • Free to download
  • Compatibility with almost any device


12. VeeR VR

VeeR is one of the free VR apps for android devices. It offers full-screen and split-screen viewing for hundreds of clips, images, and interactive experiences.

You can also access the homepage’s personalized suggestions or browse trending subjects by category to find your favorite VR content.

Additionally, you can download items for offline viewing, post your own work, and start new collections


  • Variety of documentaries, cartoons, and science fiction films that are interactive
  • Almost all VR platforms are supported, including Oculus, Xiaomi VR, and HTC Vive


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13. Expeditions

Expedition is an excellent tool for small school groups since it allows you to embark on virtual reality expeditions and explore virtual reality things.

The app also offers over 800 tours, covering everything from historical sites and museums to space travel.

In addition, the app can be used as a teacher or tour guide to walk you through difficult concepts or point out interesting things you pass by.


  • Free to download
  • Compatibility with most android devices
  • Consists of hundreds of tours


14. Minos Starfighter VR

Lovers of star wars are usually blown away by this app. Furthermore, the game currently ranks among the top in Google Play Store

It is a virtual reality first-person shooting arcade game set in space.

Also, it requires the player to take on the role of a space fighter and battle armies of aliens in various outer space climes.


  • Easy and free to download


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15. VR Thrills: Roller Coaster 360

VR Thrills: Roller Coaster 360 provides you with the thrill of a lifetime from your position resting on a cozy couch if you love adventure. This is also one of the best VR apps for android phones.

It also has a lot of first-person videos of roller coaster experiences. You can also simulate riding a genuine roller coaster by using a virtual setting


  • Inclusion of unbelievable imagination journeys and actual roller coaster adventures
  • Ability to construct and modify your ride with this function
  • Ability to share your personalized ride with your pals



YouTube is the most widely used VR video platform and contains top-notch VR content.

How do I play VR games on Android?

You can get a VR app from the Google Play Store or the App Store if you don’t already have one.

Hence, you can get VR apps by just typing “VR” into your search engine. There are additional apps that can check if your phone is VR-ready.

The next step is to put the headset on your phone and you are good to go.

What is Unity VR?

Without using any additional plugins in your applications, Unity VR enables you to target virtual reality devices straight from Unity.

It also offers a foundational API and feature set that is cross-platform compatible.

Are VR games free?

There are plenty of excellent free virtual reality games available.

Are VR games expensive?

Prices for Oculus VR games start at $0.99 and may reach as high as $59.99, with games falling somewhere in between.


With VR apps available out there, you are in for a thrill, from educating virtual reality apps to horror and adventure, and many more categories.

Now you can identify these free VR apps, you are good to go. It’s high time you downloaded the free VR apps that best suits you.

We hope this article met your expectations. For feedback, reach us through the comment section.



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