Want to Sell Ps5 for Cash? | See How Much it’s Worth Now?


Yes, Sell Ps5 if you are tired of playing video games. Perhaps you want to gravitate to another level of fun, maybe virtual games, then selling the Ps5 will possibly be your best shot.

One major challenge is “where to sell ps5,” and another is the worth of the Ps5.

This article will guide you in identifying the best places to sell Ps5 in 2022 and beyond. Also, be ready to know the steps you will pass through in selling ps5 as well as the worth of the Ps5 now.

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Best Places to Sell Ps5

1. Gizmodo

Selling Ps5 can’t get easier than selling it on Gizmodo. So if you are seeking where to sell Ps5, you should try Gizmodo.

This resale service allows you to quickly sell technology, such as game consoles, phones, computers, tablets, and other common devices for cash.

All you have to do is search for your item on the company’s website, get a price, send off your equipment, and you’ll receive your cash.

How to Sell Ps5 on Gizmodo

Log in to their website gizmogo.com

Click on Sell. This will take you to a list of the various items you can sell Ps5. But you have to choose a console and not ps5.

Click on ps5, and it opens up, read the trade instruction and follow up on the subsequent prompts.

If you succeed in the selling process, you’ll get paid by PayPal, Check, or Amazon gift card.

Why Sell Ps5 at Gizmodo?

Most times, they offer the best prices: By selecting the state of your equipment, you will receive an offer. Gizmodo will undertake a thorough review of your equipment once they receive it.

If the condition is better than you anticipated, Gizmodo will raise our first offer. If they need to decrease the offer, you can request a free return.

They offer free USPS and UPS shipping: You will not be charged anything to send them your gadget. They provide free USPS and UPS shipping for the most recent electrical goods.

After you submit your order, you will receive a free shipping label. They also supply prepaid shipping boxes in which you can conveniently place your equipment and mail it back to them.

Data protection: Gizmodo safeguards your personal information in order to build a long-term connection.

They will execute a professional data deletion service on your mobile phone and will monitor the whole cleaning process to guarantee the privacy of user data is protected. They will not share your information with any other party.

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Price to Sell Ps5 at Gizmodo

You can currently sell a PS5 to Gizmodo for around $359, and a PS5 Digital Edition PS5 for $313. However, the best offer quotation varies frequently, so it’s worth double-checking.

Where to Sell Ps5

2. SellCell

SellCell is the greatest location to sell your electronics, including the PlayStation 5. They compare rates from all of the main gadget purchasers in the United States to save you money while also saving you time and bother. If you want to sell a PS5, SellCell is the place to go.

How to Sell Ps5 on SellCell

It’s very simple to sell a PS5 on Sellcell. Simply follow these four easy steps:

In the search box, type in the manufacturer and model of the cell ps5 you wish to sell.

SellCell immediately evaluates rates from all of the top mobile recyclers to offer you the most money for your old ps5. Simply choose the best offer.

Ship your Ps5 to your preferred buyback provider for free, then sit back and wait for your money.

Why Sell Ps5 at SellCell?

If you want to sell your mobile phone online, there are many firms that will buy it, but there is a significant variation in the top and lowest rates offered for each model.

To obtain the greatest offer, you’d have to go through a slew of various mobile phone buyback firms, which takes time and makes it difficult to determine which ones to trust.

Instead, just use SellCell! Their innovative valuation system evaluates prices from all of the top gadget purchasers in the US in real-time, saving you time and ensuring that you ALWAYS receive the most money for your item (or they’ll pay you to double the difference)!

Furthermore, all of the gadget buyers on SellCell have been thoroughly verified, and many have been working with them for several years, so you know you’re dealing with a trustworthy firm. To further assist, they transparently display customer reviews for each buyer.

SellCell is completely free, and our comparison is completely unbiased.

If you want to sell ps5 at SellCell, you can click here to start the process.

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Best Places to Sell Ps5


Decluttr is one of the greatest places to sell a secondhand PS5 or any other form of gadget.

It’s one of the most popular secondhand markets, and the selling process is really straightforward.

How to Sell Ps5 at Decluttr

  • Choose the PS5 model you want to sell (PS5 or the digital edition)
  • Enter its current state (Poor, Good, or Faulty)
  • Request a quote
  • Accept your quote and send your PlayStation 5 to Decluttr.
  • Get paid by PayPal or cheque.

Price to Sell Ps5 at Decluttr

Decluttr is now paying roughly $380 for a PS5 in good condition, so this is a fairly good resale value for your system.

Decluttr also gives a prepaid shipping label, which means you won’t have to pay for shipping!

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Why Sell Ps5 at Decluttr

Their service is straightforward: simply tell them what you’re selling, and they’ll provide you with an instant appraisal.

Then, simply pack your stuff into a box, ship it to them for free, and they’ll pay you after they’ve processed your items (usually the day after they arrive) – it’s that simple.

Sell Right Now at Decluttr by clicking here.

Best Places to sell Ps5

4. itsworthmore

Customer satisfaction is itsWorthMore’s primary goal. Their company understands the desire to update to the latest device, even if yours is in excellent shape!

They want their customers to receive the most bang for their buck. itsWorthMore does a thorough examination to decide the suitable reward; it may even be more than you were initially quoted!

You may also lower price than buying it directly from the shop.

How to Sell Ps5 at itsWorthMore

  1. Request an Immediate Quote
    Find your used electronics and get a quick price based on the condition by clicking the search button.
  2. Free Shipping
    For mailing them your goods, they give you a free, trackable, pre-paid shipping label (s).
  3. Obtain Quick Cash
    There’s no need to wait for a buyer with itsWorthMore; you will earn your cash immediately.

Click here to sell your ps5 at itsWorthMore.

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Where to Sell Ps5 for Cash


Swappa, like Decluttr, is an efficient method to sell an old Playstation 5 online.

On the other hand, Swappa is more of a marketplace where you sell to specific customers than Decluttr.

Price of Ps5 at SWAPPA

Swappa claims that PS5s are currently going for about $670!

On successful Swappa transactions, you pay a 3% seller charge, so keep this little transaction cost in mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to do to PS5 before selling?

Restoring the Default Settings will return all of your PS5’s settings to their default state while keeping your data intact.

Reset Your console will reset all of the settings to their default values and delete all of the data stored on your PS5.

How much can u sell a PS5 for?

Depending on the condition, model, and storage capacity of the system, you may earn anything from $232.53 and $400.00 for it.

Can you pawn a PS5?

Bring your PS5 console and any accessories that came with it when you bought it.

Remember to include any receipts from its purchase, as well as the original box it arrived in.

Does cleaning PS5 void warranty?

PS5 cleaning is actually rather simple and will not violate the warranty.


Selling your Ps5, as you can see, is easier than you ever imagined. As I said, cash can be better than a rotten Play station; choose any of the above places and sell that ps5; that is, if you’re done with it.



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