A Complete Marketing Playbook For Your Event Planning Business

Marketing Playbook
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Getting your event planning business off the ground might be a monumental task if you’ve recently launched or are considering launching.

After all, how do you spread the word about your new company without burning through all of your marketing budgets before even getting started?

With so many different ways to market your business and get its name out there, it can feel overwhelming trying to figure out where to start. 

On that note, here’s a complete marketing playbook for your event-planning business.

Top-notch Service

No market strategy can be compared to doing the best on every occasion. You must give your all into planning every event regardless of the pay. You also need to employ innovative tools like venue software to keep you one step ahead of your competitors.

If an individual attends a well-planned event, there’s a high chance they do some research to discover and hire the same event planner for their affairs.

Client Outreach

It’s well known that first impressions matter a lot, this is also true when it comes to your client outreach. This is a critical part of this marketing playbook for your event planning.

Your website is one tool when optimized properly will generate quality leads for your event-planning business. The internet is the first place a lot of individuals go to when looking for an event planner.

Hence, any website utilizing the proper local SEO techniques is guaranteed to rank high and drive traffic.

Make sure that your website clearly outlines the services you offer and the locations where you operate. Including customer reviews and testimonials helps build brand confidence in your services.

Another means of outreach you can utilize is by checking out newspapers and other local papers for announcements like weddings or anniversaries. You can source the individual’s contact info and send emails advertising your services. 

For corporate or non-profit organizations, you can send emails to a bunch of companies in your area. To narrow your market, you can research organizations that have upcoming events and send appropriate pitches that will land you your next client.

Choose Your Target Audience

The first step in any marketing strategy is choosing the right target audience. And when it comes to event planning, your target audience depends on the market sector.

Your target audience will be individuals If your business focuses on organizing social events, like weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries.

On the other hand, if you are skilled at handling corporate or non-profit events, your target audience will depend on the size of the company or organization hosting the event. 

Most of the time, huge organizations will have a dedicated event manager who oversees the organization’s events. In contrast, smaller-scale organizations will have a marketing manager who is often in charge of their events.

Understanding your target audience helps you focus your marketing efforts in the right direction. It also helps you decide what platforms to use, demographics to target, and strategies to employ.

Build Relationships

This is another important part of the marketing playbook for event planners. As an event planner, the right relationships can be the backbone for your business’ growth and generate many new customers. 

When you build a proper relationship with your clients, there’s a high chance they refer you to their friends, family, or business partners that need an event planner. 

Interestingly enough, you also need to build strong relationships with the contractors that you will work with from time to time, like caterers and photographers. 

Due to their line of business, they often have access to customers that are set to host events, and a referral from them goes a long way. 

A strong partnership with these contractors will help you offer your customers a wider range of service options.

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