The Best Luxury Picnic Business Plan | 2023


With the pandemic finally out of the way in most countries, the picnic industry is booming again.

In fact, the lockdown era has made us appreciate more the importance of get-togethers with family and loved ones.

And as a result, this industry now offers lots of opportunities for those who love planning such events and desire to turn this passion into a business.

However, starting a picnic business can be quite overwhelming. If you dream of getting into the picnic business, you should plan and put things together before you even start.

This is because, according to Investopedia, a bad business plan is one of the reasons startups fail after a few years of operation.

So, to help you get started, we have put together some important actions you need to take before starting your luxury picnic business in 2023. Come on, let’s ride together!

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How to Start a Luxury Picnic Business

STEP 1: Research the Market

The first step to starting a luxury picnic business is to investigate the market. Having enough money to start up a business is no guarantee for success.

Researching the market helps you understand how easy or hard it will be for you to break in. If the area you want to start your luxury picnic business is already saturated, then it might be a difficult task at hand.

This also means you’re practically meeting little or no need. And this is not good because most successful businesses are born out of a desire to meet the need of people.

So, if you’re not adding value, then what’s the point? Another benefit of researching the market is that you get insight into what other competitors in your area are up to.

Check them out on the internet. Take notes. See what they are doing well and find that magic gap that you can fill and stand out.

STEP 2: Map out a Business Plan

Next, map out a good business plan. A good business plan should consist of a clear message of what your company is out to achieve. The following is an outline of key aspects of a viable business plan:

1. The Executive Summary

This is where you outline what your company wants to achieve and provide information about how it will operate and its location. You can also include your employee details if you intend to hire one.

However, most luxury business startups are usually started by couples, partners, or friends who share similar passions. Despite the business structure you decide to adopt, make sure things are clarified.

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2. Packages and Services

Set up the packages and services you want to offer. You might want to start small, and as you grow, you can add more services and purchase more inventories.

So your packages can range from a game picnic, romantic picnic, casual picnic to an adventurous picnic.

3. Market Strategy

This is where you clearly define how you will reach and attract customers for your new business.

At this point, you need to spell out the channels you intend to use, your marketing strategy, and the tools to help you accomplish them.

Instagram and Tiktok are some of the best platforms for marketing a luxury picnic business.

4. Financial Planning

You’ll also need to state your business’s financial plans and projections. You have to clearly define your target and estimates for the first few years of operation as well as a description of potential investors.

5. Budget

You also need to outline the budget for your business clearly. This is where you map out expenses such as purchases, logistics, marketing, and others.

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how to start a luxury picnic business

STEP 3: Pick Your Theme

The type of picnic packages you offer will determine the themes you select. It could be a bridal shower picnic, baby shower, bachelorette, romantic picnic, etc.

STEP 4: Pricing

This is also where you can outline corresponding prices to the packages you already outlined.

You need to price yourself accordingly. Consider your target audience, how much time each service consumes, the location, and the cost.

STEP 5: Purchase Your Inventory

It is always important to consider the reusability of your materials when buying your inventory.

Put together your inventories such as Picnic tables, Table runners, Plates, cups, cutlery, Placemats, Rugs, Boho pillows, Floral centerpieces, Teepee & teepee decor.

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STEP 6: Build a Website

Remember to build an easy-to-navigate website. With this, you can display your services for your customers and potential customers.

Do well to leverage posting clear and beautiful pictures and videos of your work. Your website should be easy to view on any digital device, so ask your web designer to give you one if you decide to hire a designer.

There are also readily available websites and e-commerce stores where you can sign up, set up and start marketing your services.

You can check out Squarespace, Wix, Shopify, Weebly, and many others. With these platforms, you can create your website and save money.

A well-designed website can help boost your credibility, visibility, and your business reach.

STEP 7: Register Your Business

Now that you’ve got everything ready for your business, registering your business is the next step before you begin operation.

The first step to registering your luxury picnic business is to choose a name. You can visit the business name search website directory of the state where you intend to do business to ensure the name you intend to use has yet to be taken.

Next, open a business bank account and get a picnic business permit and insurance. Do well to seek the advice of an expert so you’ll be sure of what’s obtainable in your state or country.

On the other hand, Google is your friend. You can always research further to be sure of the licenses and permits for your state.

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The luxury picnic business is an adventure, especially for those passionate about it. However, it can also be quite challenging, especially when starting out.

I hope this article has been able to give you some helpful hints as you embark on your exciting journey! Good luck!

FAQs About How to Start a Luxury Picnic Business

What’s Included in a Luxury Picnic?

Generally, the following are the inventories you need for a luxury picnic business:

  • Picnic Table
  • Table Runner
  • Plates, cups, and cutlery
  • Placemats
  • Rugs
  • Boho pillows
  • Floral centerpieces
  • Teepee & teepee decor

How Do You Make an Elegant Picnic?

To set up an elegant picnic, you’ll need a table, some runners, and fabric like table cloth and pillows for aesthetics. You’ll also need plates, plate settings, napkins over the plates, and silverware. You can also decorate your table with flowers, candles, candle sticks, etc.

To add to the aesthetics, you can add an umbrella, cookies, drinks, and food. You can also add some games, music, and other fun activities.

How Do I Market My Picnic Business?

The following are tips on how to market and grow your luxury picnic:

  • leverage Instagram and TikTok
  • Leverage Insta ads to increase your reach
  • Get a solid website
  • Try social media giveaway contest to garner following
  • Try photoshoot collaboration in your city
  • Chalkboard marketing in strategic places
  • Throw a picnic with friends and family in strategic places with great foot traffic, such as the beach. Make sure you have your business cards ready to hand out to interested passersby.

How Do You Set Up a Picnic?

To set up a picnic, choose a strategic location. Be sure to go for scenic locations like the beach, park, garden, and so on.

Put together your inventories such as Picnic tables, Table runners, Plates, cups, and cutlery, Placemats, Rugs, Boho pillows, Floral centerpieces, Teepee & teepee decor.

How Much Do Luxury Picnic Owners Make?

Generally, luxury picnic planners can make between $15,000 to $18,886 per month.

Who is the Target Audience for Luxury Picnics?

A luxury picnic company can render services to engaged people, graduating students, couples celebrating aniversaries, and in fact friends and family who wishes to have get together during special events like christmas, valentines, easther, and special seasons like summer.



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