SurveyJ.Co Reviews: Legit or Scam? Find Out Now

SurveyJ.Co Reviews
SurveyJ.Co Reviews

As the world continues to go digital, more money-making opportunities continue to be on the rise. People clamor for an easy means of income, and this is the reason behind the drastic rise in online surveys. If you are familiar with popular online surveys, you must have come across SurveyJ.Co and its review.

However, if you don’t know anything about online survey or Survey.Co, it’s high time you get to know about its review. Just like Survey.Co, online surveys involve some easy tasks to make some cool cash.

In this article, we will be giving a detailed review of SurveyJ.Co. If you have been wondering; what is Survey.Co? How does SurveyJ.Co work? Is it legit?

Here, you get answers to all your questions on SurveyJ.Co. Let’s get started!

What is SurveyJ.Co?

Survey.Co is an online affiliate marketing site where anyone can make money daily. It involves participating and completing some simple tasks like completing surveys, downloading apps, etc to get paid. 

Completing tasks at SurveyJ.Co is an easy process, and the best part is that you get paid in dollars. If you are in for making cool cash online just by completing a simple task like surveys, then Survey.Co might interest you a lot. 

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How does Survey.Co work?

Now you know what Survey.Co is, you might be wondering how it works, and how you can make money. 

Survey.Co offers users lots of opportunities to make money. You could either make money by downloading some Apps, creating videos online, or even completing some simple surveys. 

Whichever you choose, you could be making cool cash daily. 

It is worthy of note that, completing these tasks on Survey.Co helps increase your cash daily. This way, it could be possible to make at least $40 per day. 

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How can you make money at Survey.Co?

You make some cool cash at SurveyJ.Co simply by completing some easy talks online. 

Let’s look into those tasks!

Completing Surveys

A Survey.Co, you get to complete online surveys and get paid. This is the major means of income at SurveyJ.Co. 

Here, you get redirected to external sites to complete either a 20/30 minute survey. 

Entry into SurveyL.Co is not limited to particular sets of people. In other words, everyone is qualified to participate in surveys at Survey.Co. 

However, the pay could be relatively low. A single survey could take up to 10 to 20 minutes to finish up at a pat of $0.50-$3. 

While some survey has the same amount of pay, others earn users higher points than others. A point at Survey.Co is equal to one cent, and you could find a major part of the surveys available between 80 and $150. 


Survey.Co offers users a referral link. With this, you can easily invite someone and earn rewards in return. 

If you invite someone through the link, you earn $2, and if eventually the person registers using the invite link, you earn $15. 

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Dollar drop

This comes in the form of a giveaway at an hourly interval. You simply need to keep your dashboard in view, who knows, you might be one of the five lucky winners. 

Interestingly, Survey.Co gives each of the five winners gets $100 which is huge. If you run an estimate on these figures, it will take SurveyJ.Co about $12,000 on each giveaway.

Quite huge, huh?

Downloading Apps

Another way of mailing money is at Survey.Co is by testing Apps. 

You simply have to download certain apps and test them, and you earn more money. After downloading, you are required to use the app for about 30 minutes, and you get 40 on each download. 

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Who is the CEO of Survey.Co?

It is not clear who the founder of SurveyJ. Co is at the moment. This is among the reasons some people are skeptical about being a part of Survey.Co. 

In addition, there is no confirmed date for when Survey.Co was launched. There are speculations that this online site was launched sometime in July 2021, but the exact date is not certain. 

SurveyJ.Co signup

Registering at Survey.Co is not too complicated. It’s a straightforward process. To sign-up:

  1. Type in
  2. Select the survey register option.
  3. Fill in the requirements.

Survey.Co Login

Just like signing up on Survey.Co, logging in is just as easy. 

  1. Go to your login page
  2. Fill in your contact address and password.

In case of a misplaced or forgotten password, you simply have to go through the reset process. 

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How to refer or invite on SurveyJ.Co

Referring to someone using the invite link is another potential means of earning more cash on Survey.Co. According to Survey, Co, the more you refer, the higher you earn. 

We have provided a guide to easily invite someone to Survey. Co with the referral link. 

  1. Provide the details to log in to your account.
  2. Proceed to copy your referral link from the dashboard.
  3. Share it with whomever you intend to invite to Survey.Co. 

Suirvey.Co offers a $60 payment on each referral. 

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How to withdraw on SurveyJ.Co

If you intend to withdraw some cash from your Survey.Co account, you simply have to through a few steps. To withdraw, simply;

  1. Log into your account.
  2. Proceed to the withdrawal option on the dashboard and tap on it.
  3. Fill in your bank details. 
  4. You should expect your payment within 24 hours. Most times, payment comes in within a day interval. 

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Is Survey.Co legit or a scam?

Here comes the most frequently asked question, Is Survey.Co legit or a scam?

If you have witnessed the craze for Survey.Co as an online affiliate site, you might still be confused as to whether it’s legit or not. 

While some people believe Survey.Co is legit, others think that it is fake. 

We will be considering a few features of Survet.Co, and hopefully you get to see them yourself.

Company Management 

If you have ever visited the about page of Survey.Co, you will discover there are no managers. Also, there is no trace of the CEO. This is quite strange. 

This is because most sites have a list of their CEO and managing directors uploaded to their sites. By uploading them, users get to believe the online presence and see it as legit. 

Sadly, this is lacking at Survey.Co. 

Age factor

Study shows that Survey.Co is up to 104 days as of August 14. Judging from the number of years, it’s obvious they haven’t been out for a long while. 

As the saying goes, Age might just be a number, right?

It is still important to observe keenly to be on the safe side. 


The payment offer of Survey.Co is almost unbelievable. You would hardly find a site with such payment offers. 

Imagine getting up to $40 for just signing up for an account. Survey.Co also offers users $60 for finishing a single survey and a whopping $100 for every single dollar drop won. 

Also, you receive $40 after downloading some Android apps. 

Now, for a site that doesn’t have a complete account of its consistent revenue income, it is quite baffling how they can pull it up. 


Is Survey.Co free?

Yes! Registration at Survey.Co is free. 
If you intend to be a part of this online affiliate site, you simply have to register and sign-up for an account. By registering at Survey.Co, you qualify for a $40 sign-up bonus. 
After this, you can now start logging into your account.

Does SurveyJ. Co Pay?

To get started at Survey.Co, you are expected to complete some tasks. Survey.Co supposedly pays every user about $40 after downloading an App

When do you get paid at SurveyJ.Co?

If you are new to Survey.CO, you may have to wait 2 or more months before making a withdrawal. This way, the money you receive for completing tasks accumulates until it reaches the threshold. 
However, if you are not s new, it may not take more than a month to get paid. 

How do you get paid at SurveyJ.Co?

There are several payment methods used at Survey.Co. They pay through Bitcoin, checks, Cash App, and even PayPal. 

How much can you make on Survey.Co a day?

How much you can make a day on Survey.Co all depends on you. All things being equal, you can make up to $40 per day. 

Are surveys like Survey.CO self-employment?

Yes, they could be called self-employment. 


Surveys are good ways of making extra cash for you. All you have to do is take up some simple tasks, which is why Survey.Co is quite popular.

A Survey.Co, there are lots of tasks available for every user to take up. They include; surveys, and watching videos. And even downloading some Apps. 

Also, you could earn as much as $15 just by inviting and registering a friend.

As exciting as these features may be, there is no clear evidence as to the authenticity of this survey site. It is advisable to conduct proper research before taking up any tasks. 


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