Casino Marketing: Unique Strategies & Ideas that Work

Casino marketing is a fiercely competitive business that has changed drastically as digital strategies have evolved. How do you stand out in a market this crowded, with over 1,623 casinos nationally and 104 in Las Vegas alone?

To stay ahead of the competition in a competitive market, marketing experts, casino executives, and other hospitality specialists need strong strategies and ideas. We’ll see some of these casino marketing strategies and ideas in this article

Casino marketing is a unique industry. There is a diverse range of people in the gaming industry, each with its own goals, requirements, and desires. The first step is to define your consumer personas and segment/target these personas in order to serve them the right content and develop your conversion funnels.

Casino Business Personas

There are four distinct casino business personas, according to the Market Segmentation exercise from the Las Vegas Visitor Profile (2018), published online and produced for the Las Vegas Convention: Convention Visitors, Package Purchasers, General Tourists, and Casino Guests. Here’s a closer look at some of the most common characters in the casino industry.

The Player

The gamer is looking for casino-related gaming stuff. They want to know what kind of table games you have, what new slot machines you have on the gaming floor, how many poker games you have on any given night, and so on. In order to entice them, inform them about the type of experience they will have when they enter your casino.

A sign-up for your casino’s player’s club or other loyalty program is an example of an online conversion for this persona. Different from a newbie that has to explore the first set of rules and steps, the player is confident in their decisions and knows what they are looking for.

Entertainment Seekers

Concerts, events, restaurants, clubs, and other forms of entertainment are all appealing to the entertainment seeker. They want to have fun outside of the gambling floor.

You want to bring them inside the casino, entice them with fantastic entertainment material, and track conversion with event ticket sales and bookings.

The Vacationer

The vacationer wants to have a good time in destinations like Las Vegas or Atlantic City, and they want a good mix of entertainment, gaming, fun, food, attractions, and things to do. This group can be measured via hotel bookings, package vacation sales, and other similar metrics.

The Business Owner

Your showrooms and conference space have piqued the corporate executive’s curiosity. They want to conduct business events for their clients at a venue that combines excellent business event planning, lively nightlife, and a wide range of entertainment to wow their guests. You can use requests for quotations and conference bookings to track conversion for this group.

What Is Casino Marketing?

Casinos attract some of the most devoted consumers, who return time and time again. To bring these customers through the door, marketing to them entails appealing to their emotions.

For example, testimonials can be a powerful motivator for high-value clients to visit. When someone wins big, the casino is more than happy to let everyone know. The reason for this is that it allows customers to put themselves in the shoes of the other person: “I could win, too” is the single most effective motivator to keep playing.

Once they’re in, there are a few essential on-site methods you can use to keep them there. People who spend a lot of time at casinos want more than just games. After a few hours of playing, patrons grow hungry, they grab a drink at the bar after a huge victory or loss, or they invite family members to witness live entertainment on-site. Non-gaming attractions are known by casino marketers to keep players on the premises.

These are all general casino marketing strategies. How exactly do casinos cater to their most affluent patrons? Let’s see some crazy casino marketing ideas.

Crazy Casino Marketing Ideas

Casinos provide entertainment, friendship among players, and the opportunity to win money. Although the odds are stacked in the casino’s favor, the casino cannot earn any money unless customers play the games. Brilliant casino marketing ideas can raise awareness of the casino among potential guests and give regular players a cause to return. Let’s look at some crazy ideas for your casino marketing strategies.

#1. Loyalty Programs

Airlines and hotels, as well as grocery stores and other retailers, provide customers with the option of becoming members and earning free flights, hotel nights, or special discounts. Casinos may do the same thing by providing their members with special treatment, free meals, and free chips based on how much they’ve played. Some casinos are linked to hotels. Members can receive free hotel nights if this is the case.

#2. Free at first

New guests sign up for a new player’s card that contains a code that entitles them to $20 in free play. When the $20 has been depleted, gamers can reload the card with a credit card or cash. The $20 can last a few hours or be gone in less than 20 minutes, depending on the games that each player plays.

Another alternative is to provide the user with free play as well as discounts on additional play for their initial visit. Guests must show ID to enter the casino, and the card has an ID number, reducing the possibility of a single person abusing the free play. This is one of the most effective casino marketing ideas existing currently.

#3. More Money

The more money there is, the happier the casino customers will be and the longer they will stay. The presence of massive jackpot payouts adds to the thrill of the game. It is possible to calibrate slot machines so that they randomly distribute a variety of payouts. The million-dollar incentive encourages players to keep playing. Everyone watching enjoys witnessing the money grab. You choose the player at random. He enters a huge, translucent plastic box containing crumpled $1, $5, $20, and many $100 bills. The money flies around inside the box as a fan is switched on, with the player catching as much as he can.

#4. Holiday Celebrations

While anyone under the age of 21 is not permitted in the casino, the casino does host holiday events for people of all ages outside of the casino. The Fourth of July may be a fireworks show. Christmas is celebrated with a visit from Santa Claus and his genuine reindeer. Publicize the celebratory activities through press releases and television and radio commercials.

#5. Charity

Dennis Conrad, whose marketing firm specializes in gaming organizations, advises that tribal casinos associate Native American Heritage Day, the Friday following Thanksgiving, with a charity promotion benefiting a Native American charity. Charity assistance does not have to be confined to Native Americans to be a marketing strategy for other casinos.

#6. Tournaments

Tournaments draw both participants and an audience, whether they are fast-paced action at the blackjack table or long, slow, drawn-out poker play. Almost any game can be played in a tournament setting. Because slot tournaments do not demand the ability that blackjack does, they attract new customers. Each tournament participant pays an entry fee and selects a machine. Points are awarded by the machines. When the guest presses the spin button, he or she either wins or loses points. After the tournament, the guest with the most points wins.

Casino Marketing Strategies

In five ways, casino marketers stack the deck in favor of long-term consumer relationships with these winning marketing strategies:

#1. Be hospitable.

Complimentary prizes, sometimes known as “comps,” are a staple of casino marketing. According to gift marketing expert John Ruhlin, who works with several big Casinos on key customer nurturing, just 42 percent of organizations across industries donate to customers or prospects.

Casinos’ most typical “comps” are free rooms, beverages, and meals. Casinos, on the other hand, give away everything from cutlery to holiday packages to people at the very top of the scale.

Consider what your customers desire the most: If you’re an outdoor retailer like REI, a few extra tent stakes could go a long way. Choose gifts that working people would appreciate for B2B companies: a massage gift card or housekeeper credit could be just the thing.

#2. Invite them to social gatherings.

Giving your greatest customers the inside scoop on brand events is another approach to make them feel like VIPs. Repeat clients are likely to have a lot in common with one another. Why not get them together for a fun night?

When Primm Valley Resort & Casino announces a show, Facebook advertising is sent to customers who have liked the band on social media. Not only does this show guests that Primm Valley Resort & Casino is thinking of them, but it also brings them in for pre-or post-concert gaming.

#3. Investigate demographic preferences.

Despite their common interest in gaming, not all casino patrons are the same. According to research, Boomers and Gen Xers spend over 80% of their casino money on slots and table games, leaving 20% for food and entertainment, but Millennials spend roughly 30% on gambling and 70% on non-gaming activities.

Examine your best consumers’ demographics for similarities. Compare their spending habits to those of others. Invest first in the items or services that your most ardent supporters want.

Is working parents your bread and butter, say, if you own a grocery store? A look at their purchasing habits may indicate that they are shopping for ready-made meals. Stock up on items and then see if those customers spend more.

#4. Emphasize community efforts.

Most high rollers are aware of how much money they are spending. Although it is enjoyable for them, they also want to see their money put to good use in their community. Much of casino marketing revolves around disseminating these advantages.

Pennsylvania, for example, is not a gambling hotspot, yet its 12 casinos produce more than $6 billion in economic activity each year. The tax revenue generated by such properties is also outstanding, totaling $2.4 billion.

Make big-spending customers feel good about doing business with you. Donations to charities are great, but in-kind contributions are even better. Invite your best customers to join you on a day of service, or offer to match their donations to a charity of your choice.

#5. Form a group.

Even the most zealous gamblers do more than just wager. Casino marketers are aware of this, so they collaborate with other businesses to create deals for high-value clients.

Because of this, Caesars Entertainment Corporation, a casino behemoth, recently extended a 20-year agreement with hotel group Wyndham Destinations. Customers of Caesars receive discounted rates on Wyndham’s travel and entertainment services, while Wyndham can promote them to Caesars’ customers.

Consider if additional brands or goods are popular among your top clients. Before suggesting cooperation, make sure you have something to exchange, such as a marketing list or a discount on your own products.

People do not continuously put their money into machines unless there is a compelling incentive to do so. Apply these five casino marketing methods to your own client retention plan to deal yourself a winning hand.

Casino Marketing Frequently Asked Questions

What is the target market for casinos?

Many people think of gamblers as the default target demographic for casinos, but you might be surprised to learn that casino visitors spent more money on non-gambling activities than they did on gambling. A casino’s commercial areas include gaming, resorts, restaurants, entertainment, event hosting, and so on.

Is the casino a waste of money?

It’s similar to playing the lottery, except it’s more addicting and involves hard gambling rather than soft gambling. It is unquestionably a waste of money if done regularly because You are practically certain to lose money. You run the risk of developing a bad habit and losing much more money.

Why casinos are good for the economy?

Many states have authorized commercial casino gambling, mostly because they perceive it as an economic development tool. Increased employment, increased tax revenue to state and local governments, and expansion in local retail sales are the most often acknowledged benefits. However, casino revenue varies widely across states.

Why do people oppose casinos?

Underage gambling is the most powerful argument people use to oppose gambling, second only to addiction and religious reasons. Underage gambling prevention is a cornerstone of all state (online) gambling legislation, as well as a major critique of others.

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