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The Hapeville Charter Schools arose from the Hapeville community’s desire to restore quality education to local neighborhood schools. Since then, Hapeville Charter Career Academy’s aim of offering scholars new, creative, and superior learning experiences continues.

All while providing their students with a secure, nurturing, and uplifting educational atmosphere. Furthermore, they model accountability for self-reflective teaching in order to foster continual growth as a diverse, trusting, empathic, and exceptional family.

If you are considering HCCA to further your career pursuit, then there is information you need to have. This article highlights such information, so you will like to stick around till the end.

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About Hapeville Charter Career Academy

Dr. Gary Martin launched Georgia Magnet Charter Schools Foundation, Corp. in 2004, beginning with Hapeville Charter Middle School. With 177 students in 6th grade, eventually expanding to a complete 6th – 8th-grade student population by the conclusion of the 2006-2007 school year.

Hapeville Charter Career Academy (HCCA) began with 9th grade in 2009 and has now expanded to a complete 9th – 12th-grade student body, with its first class graduating in 2013.

HCCA was one of the first five career academies to be awarded a Georgia Career Academy Grant from the Lt. Governor’s Office in collaboration with the Technical College System of Georgia.

Since its start in 2004, Hapeville Charter Schools has actively collaborated with South Fulton County business leaders.

These partners have contributed to ensuring that the school’s instructional approach meets the requirements of the community. And that students’ educational experiences are current and relevant to developing economic demands.

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Is Hapeville Charter Career Academy Accredited?

Yes, Hapeville Charter Schools is accredited by Cognia, previously AdvanceEd. Cognia is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that accredits elementary and secondary schools in the United States and throughout the world. Hapeville Charter Middle School is a public school that operates on its own.

The HCCA school curriculum provides the essential standards and principles for middle school grades. This is to fulfill the state’s basic criteria.  

The Fulton County Board of Education established this curriculum. Additional subjects will add to the fundamental criteria as the subject area department heads, administration, and the school’s Board of Directors judge suitable and required.

Art education includes exploratory classes in the Fulton County Board of Education Handbook. Fulton County boards include choral and instrumental music, theater, and computer literacy.

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Where is HCCA Located?

The location of Grades 9 – 12 HCCA Is at 6045 Buffington Road Bldg. A & B,
Union City, GA 30349

P: (404) 766-0101
F: (404) 953-6079

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Hapeville Charter Career Academy Calendar

The academic calendar of HCCA for 2022/2023 is out. You can stay updated with everything happening at Hapeville Charter School by downloading its calendar. Click here to download.

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What is HCCA Uniform Policy?

HCCA maintains a uniform policy to ensure that students’ attire does not distract them from pursuing academic and character excellence. The reason for this policy is also to ensure others realize their students’ potential for greatness.

  • Students must be dressed in full uniform.
  • Khakis, with a Hapeville shirt
  • Ensure to acquire uniform clothing throughout the summer.

Click here to see their uniforms.

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What About HCCA High School Extracurricular Activities?

While academic performance is their first focus, there are other possibilities for students to flourish outside of the classroom at HCCA.

Students are engaged in extracurricular activities that help them meet new friends, learn new things, and give back to their communities.

HCCA believes that a safe and exciting sports program is an essential component of the overall educational process and is essential to the character and educational development of all student-athletes.

HCCA athletic activities offer a range of experiences that help students develop positive habits and attitudes that will prepare them for adulthood, such as physical growth, coordination, a healthy self-concept, pride, and good sportsmanship.

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What is the HCCA Code of Conduct?

Hapeville Charter Career Academy is not a school run without law and order. They have a written code of conduct of about 20 pages. Well, that’s not what I’ll list here for you, so you have to download and read it yourself. Click here to download.

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Is Hapeville Charter Career Academy a good High School?

The many achievements and testimonies of former students tip the scale on the positive side of HCCA. It is easy to say that it is a very nice institution, but that doesn’t make it better than the rest in my consideration.

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How Much is the Tuition Fee?

Hapeville Charter Schools (HCS) is pleased to provide a tuition-free public high school alternative for rising ninth through twelfth-grade students who live within the Fulton County Schools attendance zone. HCS provides transportation to the college free of charge.

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What will I Graduate with at HCCA?

In collaboration with Atlanta Technical College and Georgia Military College, HCAA students can graduate from high school with a college prep diploma and finish postsecondary education toward certification and degrees.

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How to Enroll in HCCA

The school year 2023-2024 begins on Monday, August 8, 2023. The Fulton County Schools District Calendar is followed by Hapeville Charter, with extra calendar days for Full Release Days.

The deadline for applications is February 23, 2023.

Note: To apply, you must have a residential address within the Fulton County School District


The high school in Hapeville succeeds in establishing one of the greatest learning environments.

You’re on the proper track if you satisfy their prerequisites and feel drawn to travel down that route.

You can find other materials at makedailyprofit.com.

Frequently Asked Questions

What City is Hapeville Charter High School in?

Hapeville Charter Career Academy in Atlanta, GA

Is HCCA a College?

No, HCCA is Just a High School

Does Hapeville Offer Free Tuition?

Yes, they offer free tuition for rising ninth through twelfth-grade students who live within the Fulton County Schools attendance zone.

What Certificate will I Graduate with at HCCA?

College Pre Diploma

Is HCCA a Good School?

Yes, it is, as it offers a conducive environment for learning.


What city is Hapeville Charter High School in?

Hapeville Charter Career Academy in Atlanta, GA

Is HCCA a college?

No, HCCA is Just a High School

Does Hapeville offer free tuition?

Yes, they offer free tuition for rising ninth through twelfth-grade students who live within the Fulton County Schools attendance zone

What certificate will I graduate with at HCCA?

College Pre Diploma

Is HCCA a good school?

Yes, it is, as it offers a conducive environment for learning



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