Is Clothing/Shoe/Accessory Stores A Good Career Path

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Yes. Clothing/shoe/accessory stores is a good career path if you’re a stylist or fashion lover, and if you enjoy looking nice, and enjoy working with lots of people.

The combination of all three – clothing, shoe, and accessory stores in retail translates to tons of jobs at your disposal.

The truth remains that people still have to shop for these items, therefore, it is a relevant industry to settle for.

However, your focus will ultimately determine what career you choose in this industry.

So whether you are looking forward to a career in this field or starting up your clothing, shoe, and accessory stores, this is your go-to article.

On this note, has compiled relevant information that will guide your career decision in this industry.

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Is a Clothing/Shoe/Accessory Store a Good Career Path? 

One of the popular careers today is working in clothing, footwear, or accessory stores.

If you enjoy outdoor activities like running, biking, fishing, or just hanging out with friends, working at clothing, shoes, or accessories stores will be a great first job.

Also, the internet makes it simpler to launch and succeed as successful online clothing, shoe, and accessory company.

What are the Highest Paying Clothing/Shoe/Accessory Companies?

If you are considering entering the apparel and fashion industry, you should familiarize yourself with the big shots. Ain’t it?

Well, these guys have successfully attained the “big shots” status.

  • Nike
  • H&M
  • Burberry
  • Nordstrom
  • Adidas
  • Hermes
  • Louis Vuitton.

These companies are big shots in the apparel and fashion industry and that fact is not rocket science for anyone interested in fashion or not living under a rock.

If you land a role in any of these companies, you are good to go.

However, all fingers cannot be equal. Depending on the importance and impact of the roles, there are some roles that can rake in more money.

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7 Reasons to go for Clothing/Shoe/Accessory Stores Career Path

  • Fashion is in high demand and is certainly growing to make job opportunities available.
  • There is lots of money in the industry, so making money is certain. 
  • You get to meet different people from different backgrounds and cultures which in turn gives you a new perspective on life and the world.
  • Being your own boss can be achieved. You can be your own boss and set your own hours making it flexible.
  • A career can never be boring. Your career is changing constantly as the industry changes frequently.
  • You will meet lots of interesting personnel who shared the same passion as you.
  • The average salary the industry offers.

How Can I decide if Working at a Clothing/Shoe/Accessory Store is Right for Me?

There are a few things you should think about if you’re attempting to decide if working at a clothing, shoe, or accessories store is the ideal career route for you.

Consider your objectives and the qualities you want in a job first. This can be a fantastic alternative if you want to work in the fashion industry and enjoy shopping.

However, you might want to think about taking a new career route if you’re seeking a regular schedule and low-stress employment.

Next, you should research the clothing/shoe/accessory stores in your area. Find out what they’re like and whether or not they would be a good fit for you.

You can read online reviews, talk to friends who work in retail or even visit the stores in person to get a feel for the environment.

Finally, you should consider the current job market. If there are a lot of clothing/shoe/accessory stores in your area, then you may have trouble finding a job.

On the other hand, if there are few stores or if they’re all located in high-end malls, then you may have a better chance of landing a job.

Ultimately, you’ll need to weigh all of these factors to decide if working at a clothing/shoe/accessory store is right for you.

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Why Choose a Career in Clothing/Shoe/Accessory Store? What are the Pros and Cons?

There are several pros and cons of working at a clothing/shoe/accessory store.

Some of the pros include:

  • You get to work with clothes, shoes, and accessories every day. If you’re passionate about fashion, this can be a dream job!
  • You can often get discounts on merchandise. This is a great perk if you love to shop!
  • You can meet new people and make friends while working. Most retail jobs involve interacting with customers, so this is a great way to meet new people.

Some of the cons of working at a clothing/shoe/accessory store include:

  • The hours can be long and sometimes tiring. Some stores tend to open late which means working long days and nights.
  • During busy times, the job can be stressful. Customers may be demanding and impatient which leads to much stress. 
  • High turnover rates often occur. New employee gets to be trained often

What Skills Do You Need to be Successful in this Career Field? Is Clothing/Shoe/Accessory Stores a Good Career Path?

There are a few abilities you’ll need to achieve if you want to work in clothes, shoes, or accessories stores.

You should first have a strong interest in fashion. This is crucial because you’ll deal with clothing, footwear, and accessories every day at work.

Additionally, since you’ll be interacting with consumers every day, you should be gregarious and outgoing.

Finally, it’s critical to be meticulous and orderly. This is necessary to manage inventory and deliver top-notch customer service.

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What Degrees/Training Do You Need for a Career in Clothing/Shoe/Accessory Stores?

If you are gunning for a career in clothing/shoe/accessory stores, you can consider a degree/training in the following disciplines:


  • Apparel and Textiles
  • Retail Management
  • Design (Fashion Design or Design Technology)


  • Jeweler
  • Goldsmith
  • Tailoring

What Do Professionals in Clothing/Shoe/Accessory Do?

Professionals in clothing/shoe/accessory stores are responsible for handling the sale of clothing to clients.

Naturally, this involves the design of the clothing, bringing it to the retail shop, and displaying it on the shelf for buyers to choose from.

Retail stores employ most of the professionals working in this industry.

These professionals assist customers, restock and set up the stores, and total sales.

while a certain percent of them get employed in the design aspect by developing products to market to customers in their retail stores.

Others, on the other hand, have a high degree of specialization, producing the items themselves, such as goldsmiths, clothiers, jewelers, and boot makers.

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How Much Money Can You Make Working at a Clothing/Shoe/Accessory Store?

The average Shoe Designer’s salary is $82,477 per year, or $39.65 per hour, in the United States according to Zippia.Com.

People on the lower end of that spectrum, the bottom 10% to be exact, make roughly $54,000 a year, while the top 10% make $125,000.

As most things go, location can be critical. Oregon, Nevada, Washington, Rhode Island, and Connecticut provide the highest Shoe Designer salaries.

What are the Job Prospects for this Career Field?

If in your area, there are lots of clothing/shoes/accessories, then there might be trouble finding a job but if they are few you have a chance of getting a Job. 

You need to consider your skill and experience before applying for a Job in this field. If you have a passion for fashion and good customer communication service skills, you have an advantage over other applicants. However, if you don’t have the experience you might find it difficult to get a Job.

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Highest Paying Jobs In Clothing/Shoe/Accessory Stores 2022

If you have already made the decision to chase a career in fashion, congratulations! you are officially cool.

Don’t forget to get some real bucks while you are at it. Shall we start from humble beginnings and work our way to the top.

1. Fashion Journalist

Average Net Salary: $39,300

This is an important role as it is an integral part of the fashion media. It requires writing and some exposure to photo-journalism. This role is different from the regular journalism we are used to as it involves writing content for the fashion industry.

The good news is that there is always something to write about in the world of fashion. As there are new trends every now and then. As a matter of fact, the struggle would be choosing the content you wish to engage with.

Imagine flipping through your favorite fashion magazine or blog and seeing your thoughts being projected as the standard. Now if that’s not cool, I don’t know what else could be. You should consider this as your chosen career if you;

  • Have a passion that can withstand the test of time.
  • Have good communication skills
  • Possess an addictive personality
  • Have skills in creating content for different platforms.

This job can be done remotely by an experienced freelancer.

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2. Fashion Photography

Average net salary: $43,000

What would fashion be without photography? These roles may appear small but these are basically the essentials. And, of course, the level of importance demands a handsome check which is why it has made it to the top highest-paying jobs in the apparel and fashion industry.

Fashion photography is basically photography but within the niche of fashion. With the focus on fashion items, clothes, and of course personalities. These pictures create the base upon which information is presented to the public about a brand.

Looking at all these raw cash figures is making me consider a job there as well. But just like me, there are skills and qualities you must possess if you should have a successful career in fashion photography. Some of these skills are;

  • The ability to build and maintain an impressive work profile
  • The thorough eyes of a fashion god
  • Intrusive knowledge about the products you’re working with
  • Ability to inspire and be inspired
  • Undisputable creativity
  • A heart to learn from others.

3. Textile Designer

Average net salary: $57,926

Do you remember ever seeing the structure and pattern of any fabric and going “Wow, must be worth a fortune”? That is the work of a good textile designer. Everything embroidery and accessory are in the creative hands of the textile designer.

I might sound like a broken record with the emphasis on this creativity thing. But once again, creativity, overpouring creativity crowns the success of this profession.

Moreover, one must have ample knowledge about design and color palettes to project all that creativity onto the fabric in a blend of perfection. This is why anybody who has an eye on this profession must be:

  • Holder of a bachelor’s degree in textile design, fine arts, or the likes of it
  • In possession of an impressive work portfolio
  • A research god
  • Very good with networking with other designers
  • Current on trends
  • Fashionable to a fault.

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4. Fashion Designer

Average net salary: $43,056

This is probably one of the most popular jobs in the apparel and fashion industry. It is reputed for its importance to the product line of any fashion company. It is no wonder how it made the list of highest-paying jobs in the apparel and fashion industry.

Of course, it’s crystal clear that there would be no product line without the designer. Most designers focus on a particular product line. They make their original creative masterpieces come to life by drawing sketches and creating proto-type garments.

5. Public Relations Manager

Average net salary: $62,038/year

Responsible for nurturing a cordial relationship with media outlets for brand promotion. Organize promotional events and campaigns to attract positive attention from the media. This is also the contingency guy responsible for hosting press conferences on behalf of the company.

No doubt that this role must require the manager to constantly communicate with people on behalf of the company. Which begs for over-the-bar communication and interpersonal skills. A public relations manager must also possess a magnetic unforgettable personality because he is virtually the company’s image.

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6. Account Executive

Average net salary: $68,516

A fashion account is usually huge though, just saying. As an account executive, you will be responsible for setting sales and revenue goals for brand performance analysis and strategy improvement.

The job can actually be stressful but when you look at that paycheck you might even forget that you have been working.

This is a very sensitive and important role obviously. So the requirements are strictly considered, these requirements are:

  • A degree in business, leadership, marketing, or other business-related fields
  • Solid-as-earth sales background
  • Impressive professional appearance
  • Awesome personality
  • Attention to detail
  • Must not only have integrity but must be able to make people see that they have integrity.

7. E-commerce Manager

Average net salary: $68,794

An e-commerce platform is one in which various goods are displayed for sale with their various prices and payment platforms.

An e-commerce manager in the apparel and fashion industry is responsible for updating the company’s product on the e-commerce site. The e-commerce manager is responsible for maintaining and optimizing the site for easy navigation to drive sales online.

Before setting your gaze upon occupying that executive sit, you should first tick off these requirements:

  • A bachelor’s degree in digital marketing or related fields
  • Comprehensive knowledge of all the company’s products
  • Experience working with large e-commerce platforms
  • A deep-rooted interest in changing market trends
  • Management skills
  • Experience with driving sales online
  • An eye for photography and content creation.

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8. Marketing Manager

Average net salary: $71,618

The marketing manager is tasked with developing market strategies with the aim of catalyzing conversions.

They are also responsible for creating and managing content for marketing campaigns focused on driving sales.

This job can be done best by monitoring and observing trends and seasons to determine the best strategy for the desired outcome.


What is the highest paid job in fashion?

  • Buyer – $124K. Shop for the latest trends.
  • Design Director – $178K.
  • Creative Director – $180K.
  • Senior Designer – $104K.
  • VP of Publicity – $146K.
  • Marketing Director – $130K.

Why do you want to work in the fashion industry?

Working in fashion retail offers an entry for those who are curious about exploring the multifaceted world of the fashion business.

It’s also an opportune setting to develop skill sets in sales, marketing, merchandising, and styling which are all valuable to becoming a successful fashion industry professional.

Is a fashion degree useless?

On the surface, a degree in fashion design isn’t necessarily a lost cause.

Indeed, in an industry where who you know is just as important as what you know, the chance to build some contacts within the industry is actually quite useful

Is fashion a career?

Fashion Can Be A Good Career, But It Depends On What Path You Pursue.

From a high level, there are 3 different types of fashion careers you can pursue. Having your own brand, working as an employee for a brand, or being a freelancer.


Working in a clothing/shoe/accessory store is a good career path.

However, it depends on what you’re looking for in a Job. If you love fashion and have an interest in fashion then this is a great opportunity. The decision is yours, however.



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