Best Business Security Camera Systems Reviews in 2023 (Updated)

Business Security Camera Systems Reviews

In this review, we’ll look at some of the best security camera systems on the market and help you decide the one that is right for your business.

The average amount stolen from a commercial property is around $2,000, but the true cost to your business in terms of lost trade or a damaged reputation could be much higher.

As a result, a security system is not only a prudent business decision but also an essential requirement for any enterprise.

The good news is that many new companies are sprouting up that specializes in designing corporate security solutions from which to choose.

Wireless home security device improvements have led to the development of simple-to-install all-in-one systems to compete with established security firms like ADT.

Read on to get the best business security camera systems review.

What are Business Security systems?

Basically, security technologies, both hardware and software, are security systems that help safeguard a business from theft and hazards.

These technologies protect a company’s physical location and provide different management and monitoring processes remotely.

For surveillance, security systems can range from low-cost alarm kits and motion detectors to high-tech HD cameras and heat sensors.

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What to Consider When Choosing a Security Camera Systems

Security camera systems have a wide range of capabilities. Some of these features may be required, depending on the application. Others, on the other hand, may not be worth your extra cash.

For example, do you require indoor or outdoor cameras? Is your land small or large? Are you keeping an eye on a hallway, an entrance, or a large parking lot? Do you want to monitor it from a phone or tablet remotely?

Knowing the answers to these questions can help you choose the best security camera system for your company.

Security cameras’ capabilities

Indeed, watching phone cameras improve dramatically over the years has been an exciting experience. Aside from the ability to put little cat ears on ourselves, most of the new camera features have been fantastic.

So, despite the rise in cat-person selfies, security cameras have also seen a comparable increase in features and quality.

For example, nearly all security camera systems today shoot in 1080p HD resolution.

Therefore, you get a clear view of your property and any intruders instead of a grainy blob. Many security camera systems now include 4K resolution for ultra-clear images.

Some camera systems have a night vision range of 90 to 250 feet. Also, a few of these use advanced color correction, allowing you to see the color of a car or clothing even in low-light conditions.

Additionally, you can also monitor your camera feeds remotely from a smartphone, tablet, or computer. However, this feature depends on the type of security system you choose.

As you can see, there are many types of security camera systems to choose from. We’ll show you a few of our favorites, ranging from the most affordable to the most expensive and robust designs.

Other things to Consider

Businesses are mainly vulnerable to security breaches at night. So ideally, your chosen system should provide high-quality night vision over a reasonable range.

Camera storage is another feature to consider. Some camera systems have minimal free storage, therefore, requiring the purchase of additional storage space. So, consider this when comparing the prices of your preferred options.

Also, cameras with bright LED lights and loud sirens could help prevent potential burglaries. Investing in these could far outweigh the cost of damage and theft.

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Best Business Security Camera Systems Reviews

Selecting the best security systems for your company can be difficult, especially considering factors and camera features. Well, the best business security camera systems are highly recommended.

1. ADT

ADT is a well-known name in home security. Over the years, it has gained ground as one of the best security systems for protecting and monitoring large businesses.

It has been around the longest and operates most of the monitoring stations in the United States, allowing it to respond more quickly.

ADT only uses the most dependable hardware, from its iconic bell box to the most recent cameras and security fog generators.

There is no getting around ADT’s subscription fee, and it is one of the more expensive security options, but it has the best reputation for service and monitoring.

If you prefer to delegate your company’s security to a team of experts rather than worrying about it yourself, ADT is your solution.

Good things about it

  • Professional installation with 24/7/365 maintenance
  • Bespoke, scalable solutions
  • Can include private security guard response

Bad Things about –

  • Subscription is necessary, and this cost could rise over time
  • No DIY option
  • Limited compatibility with other smart security devices.

Click on the official website to learn more.

2. Vivint

When outfitting your home or office with smart home security equipment, Vivint is really leading the way.

It offers the most devices and is an award-winning 24/7 monitoring and maintenance service.

The overall cost is rather high because each system requires professional installation and a monthly subscription, but Vivint’s packages and plans receive generally positive feedback.

If you need to secure your small to medium-sized business and like the idea of controlling your HVAC and lighting from the same system, Vivint’s smart home expertise is what you need.

Good things about it

  • Scalable solutions to suit any home or business
  • Includes a wide range of HD cameras available

Bad Things about

  • You are bound by a contract for service and financed equipment
  • The hardware is relatively expensive
  • You must pay for installation and monitoring

Click on the official website to learn more.

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3. Guardian Protect

Get a quote from Guardian Protect if you own a small business and prefer to leave the installation and monitoring of your home security to professionals.

With so much security experience and a reputation supported by multiple awards, it’s a traditional firm that justifies its relatively high overall cost.

However, signing up for Guardian Protect is also a commitment, with a minimum of three years for the shortest contract. But what you’re paying for here is Guardian Protect’s excellent monitoring and maintenance service.

Good things about it

  • Scalable solutions for small to medium-sized businesses
  • Packages include both security and home automation
  • Available sophisticated equipment, such as Doorbell Camera

Bad Things about

  • No do-it-yourself option, only professional installation
  • You’re under contract for at least three years
  • Not all the United States is covered.

Click on the official website to learn more.

4. Abode

The Abode Business Security System has mastered the art of intelligent home security with its slick software and universally compatible hardware.

All the essential components are present in its range of devices, from sensors to cameras, and they are all designed to be self-installing.

Some of those devices are a little pricey, but Abode was always the less expensive option when we compared quotes.

Its easy integration with Apple HomeKit and other intelligent home automation platforms makes it more usable and future-proof.

It is not only well-featured but also one of the more flexible in terms of pricing and plans.

The basic plan is free and includes enough functionality to protect your property using the application.

Good things about it

  • Easy DIY installation
  • Slick hardware and software
  • CUE automation makes life easier.

Bad Things about

  • Cameras do not recognize faces or pets.
  • There is no touchscreen wall panel option.
  • Many features are disabled in the absence of a subscription.

Click on the official website to learn more.

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5. SimpliSafe

SimpliSafe has a package to suit your needs if you need to secure an apartment, home, or small office.

The main draws are the price and its simple and elegant wireless devices that are so easy to self-install and relocate when needed.

The hardware appears to be a little underwhelming compared to more expensive offerings from Vivint and ADT, and its monitoring service hasn’t won many awards. However, SimpliSafe’s systems still receive positive reviews worldwide and work.

The backup battery in the base unit lasts nearly a decade, and an internal cellular chip handles communication with the monitoring team. You can rest easy knowing that your business surveillance system is always on, even when the power goes out.

Good things about it

  • No contract and a long 60-day trial period
  • Easy DIY install — no drilling or wires
  • Self-monitoring available

Bad Things about

  • Fewer features than rivals
  • No home automation features
  • No touchscreen panel included

Click on the official website to learn more.

6. Ring Stick Up Cam

The Ring Stick-Up Cam is meant to be extremely easy to set up. The camera comes with an adhesive mount that secures to practically any wall, and the swivel hinge lets you adjust the angle to your liking.

It records in 1080p HD for crisp, clear footage all day and night. The camera is also battery-powered, with a single charge lasting up to 30 days of recording.

You may link the camera to other Ring devices, such as video doorbells, see live video feeds and use the 2-way audio using the Ring app.

The camera can also be linked to Alexa for hands-free operation and live video surveillance via the Amazon Echo Show, as well as communicating with strangers via Alexa and the Amazon Echo.

The camera may also be linked to Alexa for hands-free operation, live video surveillance via the Amazon Echo Show, and communication with strangers via the Echo and Echo Dot speakers.

Furthermore, the Ring Protect plan is offered as a subscription with up to 60 days of snapshot history.

Click on the official website to learn more.

What is the monthly cost of a company security system?

ADT’s minimum monthly charge for the most basic service with expert monitoring will be roughly $35.

However, because there is no upfront payment and you are basically renting the equipment from ADT, ADT’s pricing is quite flexible in the upward direction.

Most other manufacturers, such as SimpliSafe and Abode, charge a large upfront premium to purchase the equipment outright, followed by a modest monthly subscription fee of around $20 for expert monitoring.

And if you’re willing to monitor your system, you won’t have to pay subscription fees with such firms.

However, you may have to pay a small monthly cost for cloud storage space to save the footage from your cameras.

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What is included in a commercial security system?

An essential business security bundle includes everything you’ll need to get started safeguarding a small business.

At least one entrance sensor for a door or window, a motion sensor, and a hub, or base station, which connects wirelessly with the sensors and sets off its inbuilt siren when activated, are commonly included.

It will also have a backup battery and cellular chip so that with a power or Wi-Fi loss, it can still send a warning to you and the professional monitoring center.

A security camera is frequently included, as are stickers and a yard sign of letting others know you’ve installed security.

ADT frequently installs one of its unique bell boxes outside your building, which is a very effective deterrent.


Business security camera systems are a valuable investment for any company. They provide peace of mind by monitoring the premises and recording footage that can be used as evidence in the event of a crime.

The best systems offer motion detection, night vision, and tamper-proof casing to protect against vandalism.

When shopping for a system, it is important to consider the size of the business, the layout of the premises, and the budget.


In a Small Firm, Where do Security Cameras go?

Installing cameras at access and departure points, as well as sites where money changes hands or is tallied, such as cash registers and safes, is a fantastic idea for your protection and the safety of your staff and customers. Furthermore, some company owners choose to have cameras installed in exterior locations.

Are Security Camera Systems Worth it?

Yes. Customers, employees, and company owners may all benefit from security camera systems, which not only give a piece of mind but also encourage safety. In certain situations, they may even assist in lowering insurance rates.


In a small firm, where do security cameras go?

Installing cameras at access and departure points, as well as sites where money changes hands or is tallied, such as cash registers and safes, is a fantastic idea for your protection and the safety of your staff and customers. Furthermore, some company owners choose to have cameras installed in exterior locations.

Are security camera systems worth it?

Yes. Customers, employees, and company owners may all benefit from security camera systems, which not only give piece of mind but also encourage safety. In certain situations, they may even assist in lowering insurance rates.



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