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I understand how having bad credit can turn your life into a nightmare. Many authors have gotten a hint on this too. As a result, there are lots of credit secrets books on the bookshelves.

Some make vague promises that will guarantee an instant fix to your credit problem. So, I had my reservation when I came across the book, Credit Secrets.

However, my curiosity sparked as I discovered that a couple, Scott and Allison Hilton, wrote Credit Secrets. The book illustrates how they were able to beat the odds and take control of their credit and financial life.

To add to that, Credit Secrets was later called ‘the little book that can‘ on Larry King’s Special Report. Some people also call it the Smart Money Secrets. But does the book meet these praises? Well, you’ll find out in this review.

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Overview of the Credit Secrets Book and the Smart Money Letters

In the first chapter, the authors clearly explained how your credit works, how to analyze your credit report, and how the credit bureaus operate. They also show you the laws protecting your rights and governing the creditors.

Another benefit of the Credit Secret book is the importance of keeping your address updated on your credit reports. This incorporates why you should have all of your past addresses removed from big credit bureaus like Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion.

The authors also laid out some implementable strategies and sample letters to send to the credit bureau to remove a negative item and leave you alone. You can find the secrets to getting anything removed from your credit report on page 5.

The following are important topics and letters in Credit Secrets that you should look out for in your reading:

  • Bankruptcies
  • Charge offs
  • ChexSystems
  • Collections
  • Delinquencies
  • Foreclosures
  • Late payments
  • Repossessions
  • Small claims court
  • Student loans
  • Tax liens

Credit secrets also reveal why you get turned down for a loan, even with a good credit score. The book also shows how an unused credit account can actually hurt your credit score. You’ll also learn the type of account you never ever want to close, even if you opened it back when you were a freshman in college.

You also get to learn how one simple phrase instantly makes it illegal for a debt collector to even dial your phone number.

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6 Most Important Parts of ‘Credit Secrets Book’

Credit Secrets book was written by Scott and Allison Hilton in January 2017. The aim of the book is to help you raise your credit scores. It has the following important 6 parts:

  • The magic 11-word phrase: These are phrases you can use to stop nasty debt collectors from harassing you, your family, and your loved ones. The credit secrets book says ‘if they call you after you use this tool, they have broken Federal Law.’
  • The legal loophole: This part of the book shows you how you can take advantage of loopholes in credit issues to raise your credit scores.
  • The 3-phrase sequence: This sequence in the credit secrets book helps you remove charge-offs and handle late payments. You’ll be able to handle bankruptcies and repossessions.
  • How to use the credit companies’ size to your advantage: This part of the credit secrets book teaches how you can use the credit companies’ size and turn it to your advantage. One of the most important ways to do this is to make them finally obey the law and give you fair treatment.
  • The exact strategy Scott and Alison used to finance their dream car: the credit secrets book also gives you access to the exact strategy the authors had adopted.
  • What you must do: credit secrets book also shows you the things you must do before you can take control of your credit and build your new financial life and future.

Is Credit Secrets Book Legit?

Yes, the strategy advocated in the credit secret book is legal. The authors provide tools you can employ to exploit credit loopholes and the protection the government has provided.

Howbeit, some testimonials associated with the book may sound unbelievable. It might seem like a scam to some people. If in doubt, you can also seek the services of a financial risk manager while dealing with credit crises.

But, as the Credit Secrets website points out, testimonials, case studies, and examples found on their page are results that were sent by users of the Smart Money Secret and related products.

Those results may not reflect the typical purchaser’s experience. Moreso, they may not apply to the average person and do not represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results.

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How Much Does Credit Secrets Cost?

The reviewed cost is $39.95 plus taxes and shipping. However, if you stay a few minutes on their website, you might get a special price offer.

Image Source: Credit Secrets

Credit Secrets Book Customers’ Review

The reviewers say the book is simple and easy to read. In addition, you have to be patient and work out the steps.

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A 72 global customer rating shows that 63% gave the Credit Secrets book a 5-star rating.

Image Source: Amazon

Can I Use Credit Secrets to Raise My Credit Score?

Credit Secrets book has received lots of reviews and testimonials that seemed superficial. As a result, the credit secret team surveyed its customers. The aim was to determine how credit secrets changed or helped them raise their credit scores.

At the end of the survey, they found out among their members, that the average credit score got within 60 – 90 days was 61 points. This shows that Credit Secrets Book can actually help you raise your credit score. However, the rate is not universal.

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How Can I Raise My Credit Score?

Some strategies to improve your credit score, as mentioned in the Credit Secrets book, are:

  1. Eliminate negative items from your record: some things you can remove are business loans, student loans, late or no repayment, delinquencies, and charge-offs.
  2. Improve your available credit: You can improve your credit score by opening yourself to other forms of credit or getting additional credit cards.
  3. Clear bad debts: Clearing bad debts can also raise your credit score.
  4. Use the 11 magic words when speaking with creditors: These words can give you access to credit and clear off bad debt.

How Do I Order the Book Credit Secrets?

You can order Credit Secrets Book from their website. The book is also in the Amazon store. The vendor sends you a hard copy of the book upon completion of purchase. You’ll also be sent a link to access the credit secrets book PDF file.

Also, you will have to complete a do-it-yourself credit repair tutorial software to enable you to be conversant with the entire tools in the package.

Can I Cancel and Get My Money Back?

Yes, you can cancel and get your money back within 30 days of your purchase. You’ll need to contact Credit Secret’s customer service team within the stipulated period. Inform them you’ll like to cancel and they will refund your money.

Credit Secrets PDF

You can also download a free credit repair secrets pdf book written by Dr. Ken Rich. It is called Credit Repair Secrets. It is a 219 pages book with different topics. The discussion ranges from scoring for credit, and the credit system to legal ways to get the bill collectors off your back.

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The Credit Secret is a pack of strategies and tools that you can use to raise your credit score. I discovered the book offers some real and applicable credit lessons. You can apply these lessons to get results.

I recommend you go for it.

But be ready to do some work. It is not a magic wand that you just wave in the air. No fairy mother would do the work for you.


Is the Smart Money Secret Legit?

Yes, the techniques in smart money secret from the credit secret educate you on how to take advantage of credit loopholes and your government-provided rights to raise your credit scores.

How Much Does Credit Secrets Cost?

$39.95. There’s also a $29 special price offer on their website.

How Do I Cancel a Credit Dispute?

To cancel a credit dispute, you’ll need to contact the bureau that reported the dispute. Tell them you need the National Consumer Assistance Center to end the dispute. They have up to 72 hours to remove the dispute and you will receive an email confirmation once it is done.

Who Wrote The book Credit Secrets Larry King?


Credit Secrets was written by Scott and Alison Hilton in 2017.

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