Does Target Sell Scrubs in Store? | Types and Prices


Does target sell scrubs? Before we answer that, there are different things to consider while buying scrubs, and we have discussed them in this article.

If you’re a healthcare professional, then you are one of the essential workers in our society. You work hours with a passion for keeping people in good health.

The least we can do is provide you with guides and directions on where to buy comfortable scrubs and good places to shop for them.

With that in mind, let’s quickly answer the question that brought you here, shall we?

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Does Target Sell Scrubs?

Yes, Target sells uniform scrubs for both men and women. And you can order online for same-day delivery, drive-up, or order pickup, plus free shipping on orders from 35 dollars and above.

They have various medical scrubs for men and women on their website, including different styles, sizes, and colors. You’ll also find different styles of Cherokee scrubs in the women’s section.

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What are the Different Types of Scrubs in the Market?

The different types of scrubs in the market are surgical scrubs, nursing scrubs, and lab coats. The one you go for depends on your need and what you do. Let’s take a brief look at each below:

Surgical scrubs

Surgical scrubs are a kind of protective clothing doctors wear during surgery in the operating room. It consists of a scrub shirt, scrub pants, and a disposable gown to be worn over the scrub.

Male Nursing Scrubs

Male nursing scrubs come with masculine fitting and comfort. The styling, placement of zippers, and pockets are distinctive for male folks.

Female Nursing Scrubs

Female nursing scrubs are designed with ladies in mind. They come with large pockets, a flattering fit, and silhouettes cut differently around the waist. They are also less baggy and more comfortable.

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Lab Coats

Lab coats are other forms of scrubs but come as the traditional medical practitioners wear. Medical practitioners usually wear lab coats when working in a laboratory or medical facility.

In general, scrubs come in different colors, as discussed in the next section.

What Colour of Scrubs Should You Buy?

The color you decide to buy depends on what works in your establishment and what works for you.

However, in this article, we would suggest a darker color of navy blue. It’s our favorite color in scrubs and probably the most common color of scrubs among nurses and healthcare professionals.

The reason we suggest a darker color which is navy blue, is because, with dark colors, you don’t have to worry so much about getting it dirty.

It easily hides dirt throughout the shift. There are several things that can happen in the hospital or in a medical facility that might get you stained.

Interestingly, a lot of hospitals use the navy blue color of scrubs. Other colors to consider are wine red and dark green.

But you should check in with your employer to know if they have specific colors for workers in their facility. Now let’s look at how much scrubs cost.

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How Much is a Pair of Scrubs at Target?

The price of a pair of scrubs depends on the brand name, the quality of the fabric, and the store you buy them from.

A total set of scrubs at target would cost between $15.98 to $50, depending on the need and quality. But what brand of scrub should you go for? See the list of best scrubs below.

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What Brand of Scrubs is the Best?

The top 5 best comfortable and stylish scrub brands you can always count on are Cherokee, Barco, WonderWink, Dickies, Careismatic brands, and figs.

What makes them the best scrubs on the market is that their designs and style bring both comfort and confidence to medical professionals impacting our lives on a daily.

Now, what should you wear under scrub? Should you just dress up, and off you go? Well, let’s take a quick look below.

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What Should You Wear Under Scrubs?

You may decide to wear clothes that are not too tight under your scrubs. But it all depends on the working condition, as well as the environment.

For instance, if you work in a cold environment, you might want to wear a long sleeve under your scrubs. However, a long sleeve might have a greater likelihood of getting stained and carrying germs around.

But if it can be easily rolled up or buttoned up when needed, then you’re good to go.

But the bottom line is that you can wear either a long sleeve or a short sleeve depending on the circumstances. So they can serve to keep you comfortable and warm.

Some employers would also allow you to wear pants under your scrubs. However, make sure the pants you wear inside are light. With that, it doesn’t have to show through your scrubs.

But how many scrubs should you have? One, two, or three? See the answer below.

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How Many Pairs of Scrubs Should You Buy?

It is recommended to have sufficient scrubs to last you for the number of shifts you’re working in a week, plus an extra one. So, 5 shifts are equal to 6 sets of scrubs.

With these, you’ll be able to have enough scrubs that’ll last you throughout the working week. And just in case something goes wrong with one, the extra one will cover for that day.

But how closely fitted should your scrub be? Tight or loose? Let’s find out below.

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Should Scrubs be Tight or Loose?

Scrubs are supposed to fit but still be loose enough to allow for easy movement. This means they should also be tight enough to be professionally appropriate.

For a more semi-fitted look, you can opt for a 2-pocket v-neck scrub. Remember, you might typically wear your scrub for 8-12 hours during your shift or longer. So you don’t want them too loose that they get in the way of you doing your job.

But at the same time, you don’t want them soo tight that they prevent you from carrying out your duties.

The bottom line is that scrubs that are too snug are unflattering and uncomfortable. So look out for something fitting but comfortable enough to do your work.

On this note, let’s take one more look at the most popular scrub brands in the market as we draw to a close.

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The following are the 8 most popular scrubs among health professionals:

  • Grey’s Anatomy Scrubs
  • Cherokee Luxe Scrubs
  • Cherokee Infinity Scrubs
  • WonderFlex Scrubs
  • Cherokee iFlex Scrubs
  • Barco One Scrubs
  • Carhartt Cross-Flex Scrubs
  • HH Works


Does target sell scrubs? The answer is yes; Target sells both male and female scrubs, which you can buy in-store or order online and have delivered to you.

You can also check out different scrub ideas to help you decide on the type to go for.


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