Does Walmart Sell Pokemon Cards? | Where to Buy Pokemon Cards in 2022


Does Walmart sell pokemon cards? Yes, Walmart sells pokemon cards. With scalpers in town, buying a Pokemon card has become much more difficult. You’ll discover that the stores are already out of stock before you even get there.

Rare cards are becoming increasingly difficult to get. However, the dissatisfaction is reasonable. According to rumors, Walmart has halted selling Pokemon.

That is not entirely correct. Pokemon cards are still sold at Walmart. However, they are frequently unavailable when you arrive.

This is due to a high card demand and a limited supply. This post will show you the simplest and most cost-effective methods for obtaining rare Pokemon cards.

Continue reading for more details.

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Did Walmart Announce That it No Longer Sells Pokemon Cards?

Rumor had it that both Walmart announced that they would no longer be selling pokemon cards because of the safety of their employees.

Only Target has officially confirmed that it will no longer sell Pokemon cards in its stores. It was plainly indicated on the paper notice on the pokemon card shelf.

This has been in effect since May. The move was confirmed further in an official statement on Bleeding Cool.

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Does Walmart Still Sell Pokemon Cards Online?

Yes, the pokemon cards are still available on the Walmart website. Despite their concerns about the safety of their employees, they, however, gave an assurance that they will make whatever reforms necessary to safeguard their employees’ safety.

In fact, they confirmed that demand for the Pokemon card had surged since Target chose to discontinue card sales.

Does Walmart Sell Pokemon Cards in Stores?

Yes, the Pokemon cards are still available at Walmart. They officially confirmed this in an email to The Verge.

Contrary to popular belief, they have promised the public that they would continue to sell the Pokemon card and other cards until further notice. So, you can go to your local Walmart and buy a Pokemon card.

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How Long Does it Take to Get Your Card Delivered After the Order?

Cards bought from the Walmart official website may take between 3 days and one week to arrive at your location.

The delivery time is largely determined by your shipment address. Remember that some of them may take less time to deliver.

How Can I Buy a Rare Pokemon Card?

Purchasing a Pokemon card in this span of time might be difficult, especially with scalpers roaming about buying up the cards and selling them at exorbitant prices. However, there are a few tactics you may use to defeat them in the game.

The first is to master the knack of tracking down a rare card. Visit prominent retailers that sell Pokemon cards, such as Walmart and Target, and place a hold order for cards, make payments, and wait for new stock to arrive.

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Where Can I Buy Pokemon Cards?

Pokemon cards may be purchased in a variety of locations. You can visit nearby retail outlets such as Walmart and others.

Some cards are also available on eBay, Amazon, and other online retailers. However, this card may be advertised at inflated rates, particularly on second-hand sites such as eBay.

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Why Do Pokemon Cards Worth a Lot of Money?

Many people frequently ask this question, and you’re probably wondering why Pokemon cards are so pricey.

The truth is that it shouldn’t be this expensive; in fact, it wasn’t originally this expensive, but due to high demand and the infiltration of scalpers, the cards became rare and rather expensive.

Also, factors like sentiments and Nostalgia also aided the sudden inflation of pokemon cards.

Does Walmart Sell Pokemon Cards? – FAQs

Q1. What is the Price Range of Pokemon Cards?

The price of the pokemon card typically depends on where you are purchasing it from and the type of card you want to purchase. At Walmart, you can get a pokemon card for as low as $12. However, on some sites, you can get a pokemon card for as much as a thousand dollars or even more.

Q2. Is Target Still Selling Pokemon Cards?

No, Target officially announced their withdrawal from selling cards in their store out of genuine concerns for the safety of their employees.

Q3. Can I Order a Pokemon Card Online?

Yes, you can purchase pokemon cards on different online stores like eBay, Amazon, or Walmart. However, ensure you are purchasing from a legitimate source online to avoid being swindled.


It’s exhausting to go from store to store searching for Pokemon cards. Anyway, now that you know Walmart still sells Pokemon cards and have discovered an easier approach to having the cards ready for you before heading to the store to pick them up, maybe this trick will help reduce the stress of purchasing a Pokemon card.



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