Does Walmart Sell Dry Ice In Stores?


Before you throw that party or conduct that scientific experiment, you should check to see if Walmart has dry ice. As simple as it may appear, obtaining dry ice might be the one little thing that ruins your well-planned event. So this question, “Does Walmart sell dry ice in stores?” is perfectly valid.

Take my advice; dry ice is not something you would buy a day or two before your big event. You may be asking why. Well, dry ice is difficult to keep since it is not liquid, and when it melts, it sublimates into gas.

Because dry ice is just compressed carbon dioxide (CO2), it must be at a temperature of -109° F (-78° C) to remain solid.

Anyway, enough about the dry ice’s molecular makeup and maintenance temperature; who cares? Let’s simply get right to addressing the pertinent question.

Keep reading to find out if Walmart sells dry ice ins stores and where to get some ice in desperate situations.

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Does Walmart Sell Dry Ice?

Yes, Walmart sells dry ice at some shops, but not all of them. One of the most common brands of dry ice offered in their stores is named “Penguin,” and you can identify it by the product tags.

Remember that dry ice melts fast, so only buy it a few hours before you want to use it. Dry ice costs between $1.00 and $1.50 at most Walmart locations, but always call ahead to ensure that it is in stock before visiting.

You may also purchase it through Walmart’s online stores and have it shipped for a slightly higher price.

It costs $1.44 per pound when purchased online. You can find it in many stores, especially around Halloween. However, Walmart remains one of the more economical options for dry ice.

Where Does Walmart Sell Dry Ice Near Me?

Your local Walmart sells dry ice, but it’s best to call ahead to ensure it’s in stock.

Use your smartphone’s Store Location Application to find local stores; it also offers the store’s location and phone number.

The application only needs your ZIP code, city, or state.

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Where can I Find Dry Ice In Walmart?

Although dry ice is not always accessible, it can be found in a penguin ice shelf service freezer adjacent to the normal ice freezer or, in certain situations, next to the freezer at the front of the store close to the pay register.

\Ask a store staff to show you if you can’t find it in any of these places. However, you should confirm that it is available.

How Much Does Walmart Sell Dry Ice?

Even though the prices at other retailers are sometimes a little higher, Walmart sells its dry ice for between $1 – $70.

The cost of dry Ice varies according to the store’s location. Nevertheless, the Penguin dry ice is the only brand of ice that is carried in the majority of Walmart locations.

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What are the Benefits of Dry Ice?

Dry ice improves cooling and lifetime. A large block of ice in a vented cooler may keep everything cold for up to 24 hours before refilling.

On the other hand, regular ice can begin to melt in as little as three to four hours. Because dry ice is made from liquid carbon dioxide gas frozen to exceptionally low temperatures of -109.3F, it enables packed frozen things to stay frozen for lengthy periods.

As a result, pharmaceutical companies may ship drugs and perishable commodities at extremely low temperatures.

Furthermore, because it does not utilize additional refrigerants, it does not leak harmful pollutants into the atmosphere.

Additionally, while using dry ice blasting for cleaning may seem unusual, it is a very effective technique.

What are the Common Uses of Dry Ice?

  1. Dry ice is a common tool used by many bartenders to entertain clients and freshen up beverages.
  2. Dry ice is used in many different science experiments. Many of them are available online.
  3. It also includes an element of entertainment for young learners.
  4. It is frequently used by chemistry or science teachers to carry out experiments and even as a technique to spark students’ interest in learning more about science.

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What Type of Dry Ice Does Walmart Sell?

Penguin Brand dry ice is sold at Walmart. Although there are other types of dry ice available, most Walmart locations carry this particular brand.

In Walmart, dry ice is often found either next to the conventional ice freezer or in a Penguin Ice self-serve freezer in the front of the store near the checkouts.

Why is Dry Ice Better than Normal Ice Cubes?

Dry ice offers an advantage over regular ice in two areas: food storage and transportation. In addition to warming the things being transported as the typical ice melts, water will begin to accumulate inside the containers, perhaps leading to leakage.

Sublimation occurs when dry ice evaporates into a gas, allowing the container to remain water-free for several hours.

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Caution – Guides for Dry Ice

  1. Never touch dry ice with your bare hands.
  2. Use dry ice only in open or well-ventilated locations. Store in limited locations only, and never near a sleeping area, as this might lead to asphyxia.
  3. If eaten or swallowed, dry ice is toxic. If ingested, seek medical attention right away.
  4. Store in non-airtight containers. As dry ice transforms into CO2 gas, airtight containers may explode.

Why Don’t All Walmart Stores Sell Dry Ice?

This is because dry ice is more difficult to store and transport than regular ice; not all Walmart locations carry it.

Dry ice cannot be stored in the same freezer as other frozen foods since it freezes at -109.3°F or -78.5°C. It weighs nearly four times as much as regular water.

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Safety Rules on How to Handle Dry Ice

  1. Avoid using bare hands to touch solid carbon dioxide.
  2. Handle with caution thick cryogenic gloves or dry ice tongs to avoid dropping.
  3. Dry ice should not be stored in a typical refrigerator, cooler, or freezer meant for food storage.
  4. Containers should be stored correctly and securely to prevent physical damage.
  5. Separate from other incompatible chemicals.
  6. Containers should be vented to avoid the accumulation of carbon dioxide gas.
  7. Containers should be stored in well-ventilated, dry spaces away from heat, ignition, and direct sunlight, as well as away from heavily frequented areas and emergency exits, elevators, buildings, room exits, or main pathways leading to exits.
  8. All spills must be notified to EH&S.
  9. If stored in confined locations, engineering measures are necessary to keep carbon dioxide concentrations below the TLV of 5000 ppm in the event of a leak.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dry Ice In Walmart Stores

Q1. Can I Purchase Dry Ice from Walmart Online?

If you purchase Dry Ice online, it must be delivered to your door; unfortunately, the Walmart website does not offer this service. Dry ice information is available online, but ordering is not. Walmart does not sell dry ice online. It is not possible to order it from Walmart online and pick it up in person, nor is it possible to preorder it online. You must physically visit a Walmart shop to purchase dry ice, or you may make an order over the phone and have it reserved just for you.

Q2.How Can I Make Dry Ice At Home?

Although buying dry ice from a store is probably less expensive, you can alternatively produce your own by using a CO2 fire extinguisher or pressurized carbon dioxide in a tank or cartridge.

Q3. Is Dry Ice Dangerous to Consume?

Yes, it may be harmful if ingested. It is used to cool beverages and entertain people. However, giving it to children is not recommended since they may tilt the glass too much and come into touch with the solid form, hurting their lips or teeth.

Q4. Is Dry Ice Dangerous?

Yes, if not properly handled, it may be hazardous. Dry ice is just carbon dioxide. At low altitudes, carbon dioxide-produced gases displace oxygenated air.

If there is insufficient ventilation, carbon dioxide can cause suffocation and death. Oven mitts may also be useful while working with dry ice. However, it is best to avoid direct skin contact and prolonged exposure.

In general, keep children away from dry ice. It is incredibly cold, and if it comes into touch with your skin, it can immediately cause frostbite.

As a result, it is also essential to properly dispose of dry ice after use. It may also endanger wildlife and pets while ruining diverse surfaces.

Q5. What Temperature Should I Store Dry Ice Gotten from Walmart Store?

Dry ice has a temperature of -109 degrees Fahrenheit. Because it melts quickly into a gas, it is advisable to receive this material as close to the time of usage as feasible. Dry ice will keep food frozen and refrigerated if the power goes out.


Dry ice is sold by a number of retailers, including Walmart, although not all Walmart stores. 

So, whether you’re in a hurry or just want to save time, call your local Walmart for help if you need dry ice for any of your events.

Dry ice should be obtained a few hours ahead of time due to its rapid evaporation. Do not buy it the day before.



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