25 High Paying Jobs in Houston | 2022

high paying jobs in Houston

Many folks who live in or wish to relocate to Houston always have this question glued to their lips: What are the high-paying jobs in Houston? Are there high-paying jobs in Houston, even without a degree or experience?

Well, the answer is “yes.” There are high-paying jobs in Houston, even for those who do not have a college degree.

In fact, you can still earn pretty well even if you only have a high school diploma.

Therefore, keep reading to get to know 25 high-paying jobs in Houston.

Do Jobs in Houston Pay Well?

Yes, jobs in Houston pay well. Whether you have a college degree or not, whether you have the experience or not., trust me, you are sure to find a high-paying job in Houston that suits you.

However, it would be best if you had the right skills and qualifications to be fitted for that job you have always dreamt of.

In addition, understand that the higher the qualification, the higher the pay.

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High Paying Jobs in Houston

To illustrate, we have compiled a list of high-paying jobs in Houston.

1. Nurse practitioners

  • Annual mean salary: $118,040
  • Employment: 234,690
  • Entry-level education requirements: Master’s degree

Nurse practitioners offer general and preventative care for children and adults, check-ups, treat diseases, order lab tests, and give medicines.

In order words, it is a type of advanced practice nurse that assists with all parts of patient care, such as diagnosis, treatment, and consultations.

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2. Mechanical engineers

  • Annual mean salary: $97,000
  • Employment: 278,240
  • Entry-level education requirements: Bachelor’s degree

Mechanical engineering is one high-paying job in Houston. They are responsible for developing, designing, building, testing, and regulating mechanical equipment and systems such as machines, tools, and engines.

Also, they work in several businesses creating a wide range of goods since the discipline is so vast.

3. Pharmacists

  • Annual mean salary: $125,690
  • Employment: 312,550
  • Entry-level education requirements: Doctoral or professional degree

Pharmacists help people by making and giving prescription drugs. They are as well considered one of the high-paying jobs in Houston.

They also assist health workers by providing drug information and monitoring clients’ medical treatments to avoid interactions with other drugs.

In a word, pharmacists supply patients with medical information.

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4. Astronomers

  • Annual mean salary: $139,410
  • Employment: 1,930
  • Entry-level education requirements: Doctoral or professional degree

Astronomers conduct thorough research to test ideas and discover the qualities of matter and other types of energy.

Their responsibilities include, for example, planning, devising, and carrying out observational studies, as well as processing telescope, radio, and satellite data.

5. Aerospace engineers

  • Annual mean salary: $122,970
  • Employment: 56,640
  • Entry-level education requirements: Bachelor’s degree

Aerospace engineers work for firms or governments that build, test, and repair space and aircraft parts such as computer systems, control panels, and guidance systems.

However, they ensure that air and spacecraft vehicles are safe for passenger or cargo transit.

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High Paying Jobs in Houston Without a Degree

Most definitely, there are high-paying jobs in Houston without a degree.

Houston is a fantastic city to live in, so if you fall within the category of those without a degree, raise your hopes high because there are high-paying jobs for you.

To illustrate, we have provided you with the list of high-paying jobs in Houston without a degree:

6. Aircraft cargo handling supervisors

  • Annual mean salary: $62,080
  • Employment: 8,590

Aircraft cargo handling supervisors supervise and coordinate the actions of ground staff in the loading, unloading, securing, and placing aircraft cargo or luggage.

They do, however, affect the quantity and position of cargo and the aircraft’s center of gravity.

7. Telecommunications line installers and repairers

  • Annual mean salary: $62,250
  • Employment: 101,530

Telecommunications line installers and repairers are involved in telecommunications cable installation and maintenance, including fiber optics.

Also, they set up services for clients, and install, connect, test, or change equipment.

Furthermore, they travel to their clients’ locations to install, maintain, or repair audio and video electronic receiving equipment or accessories.

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High Paying Jobs in Houston with no Experience

The high-paying jobs in Houston with no experience include:

8. Program Coordinator

A program coordinator assists in developing and planning programs and their activities.

They also oversee the execution of program policies and practices.

However, they work to keep things on track, within budget, and running well.

Moreover, according to ziprecruiter, the average annual pay for a Program Coordinator job in Houston is $44,052  a year.

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9. Research Assistant

A Research Assistant is a person who does literature searches to assist research projects.

Also, they are involved in data collection and file maintenance for project researchers.

However, glassdoor report that the average salary for a Research assistant is $97,076 per year in Houston.

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High Paying Jobs in Houston with High School Diploma

High-paying jobs in Houston with a high school diploma include the following:

10. Electricians

  • Annual mean salary: $61,550
  • Employment: 656,510

Electricians are in charge of checking, testing, repairing, building, and changing electrical parts.

In other words, they work as contractors in homes, companies, and building sites.

11. Postal service clerks

  • Annual mean salary: $51,200
  • Employment: 86,950

Postal clerks offer items such as postage stamps and money orders.

Also, they weigh goods and mailers, add appropriate stamps, collect money from consumers, and advise them on shipping ways.

Additionally, private firms employ postal clerks and mail machine operators.

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High Paying Jobs in Houston with no High School Diploma

To illustrate, the high-paying jobs in Houston with no school diploma include the following:

12. Server

Average Annual Salary: $24,000

Servers are an essential part of restaurants. They are practically vital in the smooth and effective running of the restaurant.

In essence, you’d spend ordinary shifts collecting orders and transmitting them to culinary personnel, addressing customer queries, and occasionally operating a register.

However, the speed of your work environment might vary greatly depending on the restaurant and time of day. Being a server is a good entry-level career since you will be trained on the job.

13. Virtual Personal Assistant

A virtual assistant’s typical responsibilities include organizing appointments, making phone calls, making travel arrangements, and managing email accounts.

Some virtual assistants, on the other hand, specialize in graphic design, blog writing, bookkeeping, social media, and marketing.

However, the average salary for a virtual assistant is $21.39 per hour in Houston according to Indeed.

14. Front Desk Specialist

They are in charge of greeting and welcoming visitors, as well as receiving and delivering all incoming and departing mail and goods.

Also, they are in charge of answering all phone calls and directing them as needed, arranging meetings, and organizing office activities.

Meanwhile, according to Indeed, the average salary for a front desk agent is $44,294 per year in Houston.

15. Cashier

Receiving payments and providing receipts, gift-wrapping gifts, and keeping track of all cash and card transactions are all duties of a cashier.

However, in order to be effective in this job, you need to have previous experience in a customer service position as well as a thorough understanding of how cash registers work.

Well, according to ziprecruiter the average annual pay for a Cashier in Houston is $22,311 a year.

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Dangerous High paying Jobs in Houston

The dangerous high paying jobs in Houston include:

16. Hand laborers and material movers

These workers handle goods and supplies within the warehouses of the Port of Houston, sorting and moving goods onto trucks and trains.

However, they frequently employ machinery such as forklifts, but they also move goods using their hands and backs.

Meanwhile, their average salary is  $28,022 according to comparably.

17. Firefighters

Firefighting is always a difficult career, but firemen who operate in ports face much greater dangers. Water, weather, and heavy machinery offer extra hazards to port firemen.

Additionally, the Port of Houston handles massive amounts of petroleum, natural gas, and other combustible products.

However, explosions and flames are typical occurrences, and firemen are constantly on the front lines in these situations.

Meanwhile, their average salary is $48,196 according to Indeed.

18. Truck and tractor operators

Truck drivers work long hours and are always at danger of being involved in an accident on the road.

However, when they work in congested ports, the likelihood of an accident is increased. Truck accidents in ports are not only more common, but also more severe, due to the presence of heavy machinery, tight schedules, and crowded spaces.

Well, the average Industrial Truck and Tractor Operator salary in Houston, TX is $43,513 according to salary.

19. Longshoremen

These marine employees are often responsible for loading and unloading cargo from ships.

In reality, some may be crane operators, while others may be on the dock or on deck, where there is a significant danger of crush injuries, broken limbs, and drowning.

Longshoremen are sometimes required to do construction and transportation activities, which pose additional dangers. However, these risks are countered by annual incomes that might exceed $100,000.

Moreover, the base salary for Longshoreman ranges from $54,179 to $66,382 with an average base salary of $60,064.

20. Harbor Pilot

Ships entering the Port of Houston are required by state and federal requirements to be steered by a local harbor pilot.

Knowledge of small passages, sandbars, and tides, on the other hand, is important in safely guiding huge boats to port.

Well, this is one of the highest-paying occupations in the port, with annual wages sometimes reaching $400,000.

However, it is a hazardous occupation. Harbor pilots must use rope ladders to board ships in the open sea. Six harbor pilots have died in ladder incidents since 2006.

Meanwhile, the average Harbor Pilot salary in Houston, TX is $110,063.

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High Paying Jobs in Houston, Texas

The High Paying Jobs in Houston, Texas include the following:

21. Public Relations Managers

  • Annual mean salary: $138,000
  • Employment: 59,850
  • Entry-level education requirements: nan

Public relations manager is one of the highest-paying jobs in Houston, Texas. They build and maintain a positive public image for their company or customer by conveying programs, achievements, and/or points of view.

Also, they often report to the unit/department leader.

22. Computer hardware engineers

  • Annual mean salary: $136,230
  • Employment: 73,750
  • Entry-level education requirements: Bachelor’s degree

Computer hardware engineers are responsible for the research, design, development, and testing of computer systems and components such as circuit boards.

Also, they are responsible for the research, design, development, and testing of computer systems and components such as processing units, circuit boards, memory devices, networks, and routers.

23. Environmental engineers

  • Annual mean salary: $100,220
  • Employment: 42,660
  • Entry-level education requirements: Bachelor’s degree

Environmental engineers are problem solvers who come up with new solutions to environmental problems.

Their main responsibilities, however, include collecting and studying environmental data, studying human impacts on the environment, and improving environmental conservation management.

24. Industrial production managers

  • Annual mean salary: $136,080
  • Employment: 192,270
  • Entry-level education requirements: Bachelor’s degree

Production and related plant activities are handled by industrial production managers.

Also, they organize, coordinate, and direct the activities involved in the production of a variety of things, including cars, computer equipment, and paper products.

25. Sales managers

  • Annual mean salary: $137,260
  • Employment: 453,800
  • Entry-level education requirements: Bachelor’s degree

Sales managers are in charge of directing sales teams to achieve sales goals.

On the other hand, they are largely responsible for hiring and training team members, setting targets, reviewing and modifying performance, and building sales-driven procedures.

Similarly, they are frequently required to travel.

Frequently Asked Questions About High Paying Jobs in Houston

What is a high salary in Houston?

Jobs are listed by average yearly wage, with data current as of May 2021. The yearly mean wage in Houston is $57,790, or 0.8 percent less than the national mean of $58,260, with the highest-paying job paying $356,480.

They include:

  1. The cashier
  2. Customer Support Representative
  3. Administrative Support
  4. Sales Representative

What salary do you need in Houston?

Houston is ranked 51st out of 78 cities (the lower the number, the better). According to the report, a Houstonian would need to earn at least $50,568 in order to acquire an average property worth $142,000, plus pay for yearly non-mortgage bills and debt.

Can I afford a house in Houston?

Homeowners should take home at least $47,000 each year. However,
According to data from a local Keller Williams Memorial Realtor, Houstonians must earn at least $47,000 each year to purchase a single-family house in greater Houston.

What is a comfortable salary in Houston?

According to the survey, Houstonians need to earn $131,400 per year to live comfortably in the city.
This pay, however, will allow residents to spend: $65,700 per year on basics. A year’s discretionary spending is $39,420.

Is rent expensive in Houston?

For a one-bedroom apartment in Houston, the average rent is $1,264 (up 16 percent from the previous year).

Well, Studio apartments cost roughly $1,375 per month, while two-bedroom apartments cost around $1,649 per month.


Now that you know at least 25 high-paying jobs in Houston, I’m sure you are more than eager to land your first job.

Well, chill. Do not rush in; get your skills and qualifications first, then dive in.


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