How Many Jobs are Available in Computer Manufacturing?

Computer Manufacturing
Computer Manufacturing

How many jobs are available in computer manufacturing? In this post, you will find all the details you need, including opportunities to start your career in computer manufacturing jobs.

Computers and laptops or notebooks have become indispensable in our daily lives. In today’s fast-paced world of electronics and technology, life would be nearly impossible without a computer.

As the demand for computers grew, many companies entered the market to supply computers, hardware, and software. A number of these companies manufacture all computer parts and sell them under their brand, while others manufacture only some of the hardware, and only a few develop software.

Computer technology advancements have resulted in rapid growth in the computer manufacturing industry. Today, computer manufacturing provides jobs in various fields with annual salaries higher than the national median salary in the United States.

Furthermore, careers in computer manufacturing have enormous potential. The computer manufacturing industry provides skilled workers with diverse technology careers and well-paying jobs. If you would like to work in computer manufacturing or learn about computer manufacturing salaries, continue reading.

This article will help you find the many jobs available in computer manufacturing and the best computer manufacturing careers if you’re looking for the best paying jobs in computer manufacturing or wondering what computer manufacturing jobs pay.

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How Many Jobs are Available in Computer Manufacturing?

More than 56,000 positions are expected to be available across the country. Find excellent opportunities to start your career in computer manufacturing jobs.

The positions listed below are available within the computer manufacturing industry; choose the position that best suits your interests.

1. Engineer in Computer Hardware

The average salary is $128,170 

In the computer manufacturing industry, hardware engineering is the highest-paying job. Hardware engineers supervise the research, design, and development of computer systems. They work with circuit boards, memory devices, processors, and desktop computers. Additionally, they work with software engineers to check and modify existing computer designs.

2. Quality Control Analyst

The average salary is $110,140 

Quality assurance analysts also referred to as testers or localization analysts, are responsible for testing computer engineers’ hardware designs. They need advanced skills and expertise in their field, and they perform quality control checks to ensure that products meet industry standards. These skilled workers require a minimum of a four-year degree, but the pay is competitive.

3. Software Developer

The average salary is $110,140 

Software system engineers envision software and hardware interactions to create a system. They’re in charge of the entire computer manufacturing process, including design, coding, testing, debugging, maintenance, documentation, and repair. They also establish performance and logistical parameters. These specialists add high-tech industries and are paid well.

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6. Electrical Engineer

The average salary is $101,780.

Electrical engineers are electrical, electronics, and electromagnetism specialists. Electrical engineers create navigation and communications systems to support hardware as part of their job. They research, design, and implement efficient current and voltage technologies for electronic and electrical products.

5. Industrial Designer

Average salary: $96,300

Industrial engineers optimize existing computer manufacturing processes. Their primary responsibility is to shorten the time required for various manufacturing jobs. Additionally, industrial engineers design control systems and aid in production planning and physical distribution in various manufacturing sectors.

6. Network Engineer

Average Salary: $80,600 

Network engineers are experts in the design and maintenance of data storage system networks. They’re well-versed in programming, software development, and network hardware. Their designs make internal communication and data storage easier. To ensure information security, network engineers collaborate closely with hardware engineers.

7. Technician in Electrical Engineering

The average salary is $63,640.

Technical engineers work across departments to assist manufacturing companies with research, development, manufacturing, sales, and merchandise inspection. They troubleshoot and diagnose common technical issues. An associate’s degree in information technology and possibly some experience as an IT assistant is required to become a technical engineer.

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8. Mechanical Engineer

The average salary is $60,460.

Mechanical engineers create solutions to industrial issues. They create, test, and install electrical systems to extend manufacturing capacity. To perform risk assessments, they collaborate closely with other engineers within the manufacturing environment. Furthermore, mechanical engineers are liable for ensuring safety standards, in which case they must be familiar with electronic equipment.

9. Technician in Mechatronics

The average salary is $60,360.

Mechatronics careers are still in their infancy in the manufacturing industry. Mechatronics engineers combine mechanical, electrical, and software engineering. They’re in charge of designing and testing automated computer equipment. They also create automation for computer manufacturing units. If you’re interested in this field, you’ll pursue a degree in mechatronics engineering technology.

10. Computer Support Specialist

The average salary is $57,910 

Any manufacturing company’s troubleshooters are computer support specialists. They supply technical support to customers who encounter problems while using a product. Computer support specialists must have strong, soft skills and typically major in computing or information technology at the university level. They also gain formal experience before entering the labor pool.

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11. Customer Care

Average Salary: $40,135 

Customers ask questions about the company, like account information or status, order status, and order, among other things. You want strong communication skills and a broad understanding of the company and its products to be considered for this position. This is often a great place to start if you want to get your foot in the door of a corporation. You’ll have a better chance of getting your desired job once you start working.

12. Technical Writers

Average Salary: $74,650 

Technical writers create instruction manuals, user guides, and other documentation from technical information. Some technical writers could also write grants and research proposals. They identify key information, make it available to the intended audience, write and revise content, and incorporate visuals. Technical writers create documents in a variety of media formats.

13. Technology Journalist

The average salary of $49,300.

For newspapers, magazines, television, and websites, tech journalists write about the technology industry. They identify new and exciting technological trends and write about them for a general audience. Some tech journalists write product reviews. Technical journalists can also write about the technology industry’s economic, political, and social aspects.

14. Quality Assurance Analyst

The average salary is $110,140 

Although quality assurance analysts don’t write code, they must be familiar with programming languages. Depending on their specialization, quality assurance analysts could also be familiar with programming languages such as Java, Python, and Ruby.

Quality assurance analysts make sure that software functions properly. They create and test new software scenarios, identify and mitigate risks, and document issues. Quality assurance analysts collaborate closely with computer programmers to ensure that coding is effective, efficient, and secure.

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15. UX/UI Designer

Average Salary: $75,370 

Designers of user experience (UX) and interfaces (UI) concentrate on human-technology interaction.

A user experience designer investigates customers’ needs and preferences before making changes to existing products or developing new ones. A UI designer is worried about the appearance of websites to ensure efficient and effective communication between the user and the computer. UX boot camps are hospitable to both UX and UI designers. In either role, you’ll benefit from familiarity with programming languages such as HTML and CSS.

Job Outlook for Computer Manufacturing Careers

Rapid automation in manufacturing units is slowing job growth in computer manufacturing. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a two-percent increase in computer hardware engineer jobs by 2030. This is slower than the national average. 

However, there are new jobs in technology that will dominate the job market in the future. These necessitate a combination of hardware and software abilities. The BLS, for example, predicts a 22% increase in system software engineering by 2030.

Average manufacturing wages, trade policies, and company culture greatly impact job satisfaction in computer manufacturing. If you have a college education, you will have a comparative advantage in accessing jobs paying more per hour. 

Many computer manufacturing jobs provide employee benefits such as employer-sponsored health insurance and 401(k) plans. These benefits will differ from one company to the next, and employees with a higher level of education will be able to negotiate additional benefits into their contracts.

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FAQs on How Many Jobs are Available in Computer Manufacturing

Why does computer manufacturing stand out as a career path?

Computer manufacturing is an excellent career option. Although job growth for hardware engineers is slow, there is a growing demand for new positions. As automation replaces manual labor, skilled talent with machine learning and artificial intelligence knowledge will likely take center stage.

How many jobs are available in computer manufacturing?

More than 56,000 positions are expected to be available across the country. Find excellent opportunities to begin your career in computer manufacturing jobs.

What do computer manufacturing jobs pay?

Salaries for computer manufacturing jobs vary according to position and experience level. However, computer manufacturing jobs typically pay around $50,000 per year. This is a competitive salary, especially given the high demand for computer manufacturing jobs.


The computer manufacturing industry is booming, and job opportunities are increasing. This is a great industry to get into if you want a stable career with good pay and benefits. There are numerous positions available in computer manufacturing, so there is bound to be one that is a perfect fit for you. With the increasing demand for computers, this is an excellent industry to enter if you want to secure your future.

We hope we can answer the question, “How many jobs are available in computer manufacturing?” There are numerous job opportunities available in this industry.


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