How to Build a Project Manager Career Change in 2022

project manager career change

It is fascinating to know that many folks who wish to start or change to a new career path ask – Is a project manager a good career path? What are the benefits of being a project manager? As a project manager, what is my salary?

Well, if you fall in this category, allow me to fill your bubbles with facts.

To illustrate, as a project manager, you will gain great skills that will not only single you out from the crowd but will also enable you to change to another career path easily.

Hence, the more reason why you should kick-start your career journey already.

However, if you feel changing to other career paths will be more satisfying to you as a project manager, then you are sure with us on this track.

In fact, we have included similar jobs to project management that you can easily fit into, how you can easily change to other career path and how you can build your project manager career change.

Who is a Project Manager?

A project manager is a person who plans, organizes, and carries out projects while adhering to constraints like budgets and timelines.

However, they are responsible for managing teams, setting objectives, communicating with partners, and seeing a project through to completion.

In other words, a project manager is responsible for the success or failure of a project regardless of whether it involves running a marketing plan, building a structure, creating a computer system, or introducing a new product.

Truly, the role of a project manager is in high demand across all companies.

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Benefits of being a Project Manager

Project managers usually face a lot of responsibility, handling daily demands and ongoing deadlines.

However, despite how challenging it can be sometimes, there are still a number of rewarding reasons to be a project manager.

So, if you need to be reminded of all the reasons why you need to start/continue in this career path. Below are a few Benefits of being a Project Manager:

High Pay

Due to the strong demand for project managers, top project managers can earn hugely profitable salaries.

However, with a lot of experience, you are sure to earn even higher.

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 Job satisfaction

Even though project management may often be surprising and demanding.

In fact, the truth is that nothing compares to working with a fantastic team to develop a creative solution that meets your client’s expectations and generates revenue.

However, when all you’re doing is your job, it might be a motivating element to aspire to do better in future tasks.

Opportunity to learn

Because each project is unique, there will be a varied set of difficulties.

So, this actually motivates you to study and improve your working style, and demonstrates the value of reflecting on the mistakes you’ve made in the past.

Moreover, a project manager’s function also frequently changes, offering you the chance to continuously picking up new techniques and methods.

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New connections

Project managers often have a fantastic reputation for being nice. Well, this may be as a result of their constant interaction with various types of individuals.

So, because of their project scope, they can interact with individuals in various job roles and organizational levels.

In order to finish the project as closely to the brief as possible, all of this is done with a single main concept.

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Travel opportunities

For a number of reasons, project managers typically find themselves traveling to new places.

On the other hand, they may be keeping tabs on the status of ongoing projects, making new relationships, meeting with investors, and discussing fresh project concepts.

However, they get to take a break and explore some new locations.

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Is Project Manager A Good Career Path?

Yes, project management is a good career path with high pay and lots of variety in the workplace. Although, it can be tough and occasionally quite stressful.

However, you should know that this career path is in high demand,

So, this career path can be fulfilling for individuals who like interacting with people and have excellent organizing skills.

Furthermore, you have to understand that jobs in project management are not without difficulties.

In fact, the truth is that it may be a challenging career, and you have to have the correct personality to handle the numerous difficulties you’ll likely encounter.

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How to Build a Project Manager Career Change

So, as a project manager, you’re interested in changing careers?

Truly, the good news is that you already have some knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in other careers because you are a project manager.

However, you must realize that those other career paths are completely different, though.

So, you will need to master a variety of skills that you might not have developed throughout your project management career in order to make the move.

To illustrate, you need to do the following in order to build a project manager career change:

  • Ask experts in the field you intend changing to
  • Build your story
  • Improve your soft skills
  • Identify learning opportunities
  • Get certifications
  • Be clear about your career goals
  • Carry out change assessment
  • Acquire more relevant skills and traits

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Project Manager Career Change

Changing your career can provide you with better pay and a more satisfying job.

In fact, project managers have a wide variety of skills that they can use in different management roles across many sectors.

However, these positions allow former project managers to hold leadership positions and succeed in a new field.

That said, let’s look at some jobs for project managers looking to change careers:

General manager

General managers work in offices, restaurants, and retail establishments. Thus, they are in charge of managing a store’s complete employees.

Also, they serve as a point of contact between a store’s staff and top management, and they frequently work full-time.

However, while some general managers have a bachelor’s degree, others gain their qualifications by working lower management roles inside the organization.

In addition, their average pay in a year is $53,450.

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Account manager

Account managers are individuals who work with companies, managing their accounts as well as providing customer care.

In fact, they frequently keep an eye on many client accounts. In addition, they have a bachelor’s degree in business administration or a closely related field.

However, while working a full-time job generally, account managers typically earn $55,934 a year.

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Service manager

Service managers often help satisfy customers’ needs while working in an office setting, as well as the automobile or service industries.

Furthermore, they frequently supervise services like catering or vehicle maintenance.

A service manager could also possess a bachelor’s degree in business administration or management. They make 60,426 on average a year.


Consultants advise business owners, entrepreneurs, and CEOs to help them make wise business decisions. They operate in a range of sectors.

However, project managers will make good consultants since they often have a lot of experience in their field.

Meanwhile, despite the fact that there are no formal education requirements for consultants, they may have a bachelor’s degree in the subject.

In addition, Consultants earn $62,129 per year.

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Business Analyst

Business analysts are in charge of finding out a profit margin and how that could benefit investors.

In fact, analysts may help a company in convincing potential investors that their investment in it might be profitable.

Moreover, business analysts have a background in finance or a degree in economics, finance, or business. They make $76,537 annually.

That said, project managers with experience in financial management and monitoring can become business analysts.

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Project Manager Salary

Well, according to indeed, the average salary for a project manager is $79,447 per year in the United States.

However, you need to have it at the back of your mind that this salary range differs depending on years of experience and qualifications.

So, a project manager with lots of experience earns higher than one with low years of experience.

Thus, the median salary for Project Managers with bachelor’s degrees is about $108,000 while project managers with master’s degrees earn about $116,000.

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Jobs Similar to
 Project Manager

Project managers have a wide range of skills that they may use in a variety of management roles across various sectors.

Indeed, project managers are used in a huge variety of sectors. So, you may succeed as a project manager in an organization by having a thorough understanding of the industry.

Examples of jobs similar to project management include:

  • Construction Project Manager
  • Healthcare Project Manager
  • Manufacturing Project Manager
  • Food and Beverage Project Manager
  • Hospitality Project Manager 

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Project Manager Career Change to Software Engineer

Many project managers think about changing their careers frequently to test out various skill sets and working environments.

In fact, because software engineers generally earn higher salaries and have more in-demand skills, this is one field that many project managers change into.

However, if you are a project manager, and you wish to change your career but do not know how or where to start. Relax, cos we have compiled a list of what to do in order to change your career to software engineer:

  • Search for mentorship programs
  • Create a strong portfolio
  • Improve your technical skills
  • Revise your resume

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Project Manager Software Engineer Salary 2022

According to ziprecruiter, as of Jul 21, 2022, the average annual pay for a Software engineering project manager in the United States is $131,643 a year.

Meanwhile, you should know that the most significant team member that handles all management duties for software projects is a software project manager.

However, software development knowledge is necessary for project managers in the field.


What is a good career change for a project manager?

To illustrate, Here are lists of jobs for project managers looking to change careers:

  • Managing director. $53,450 is the yearly average pay in the country.
  • Manager of accounts. $55,934 is the yearly average wage in the country.
  • Business developer. $59,926 is the average yearly wage in the country.
  • Service director.
  • Account manager.
  • Consultant.
  • Business analyst.
  • Program director.

What is the next career step for project manager?

There are various ways to advance your career when you have attained a senior project management position: management advisor. Program director. Portfolio supervisor.

How do I become a project manager in 2022?

You can learn project management in a variety of online courses in 2022.

The Project Management Institute’s PMP (Project Management Professional) credential is the best option, nevertheless (PMI)

How do I change my career in project management?

The Steps required to Successfully Make a Career Change to Project Manager include:

  • Gain More Soft Skills.
  • Compile a list of your existing experience.
  • Find Educational Opportunities.
  • Become certified in project management.
  • Become familiar with project management.
  • Keep Your Certification Current.
  • Obtain a mentor.

Is project management a dying profession?

Due to competing methods for completing projects, project management is struggling.

However, the work that project managers have historically done is becoming diluted and divided across various professions (and technology). Death by a thousand cuts is how it’s known.

Are project managers becoming obsolete?

A general summary, while it is clear that project management isn’t out of date, change is unavoidably required for the industry to advance and prosper.

But we also need to recreate what project management is, going beyond these simple processes.


It is clear that project management is a great profession and also a good career path.

In contrast, it is quite fascinating to know that a lot of individuals wish to switch from project management to a different career path.

In fact, they are ale to achieve this because, as a project manager, you already have the skills and knowledge needed to advance in other career.

However, you need to understand that more skills and qualifications are needed to grow in a new career path. Hence, a need to build your career change.

That said, we hope you got the needed information required to build a project manager career change.


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