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The visual industry is booming with new techniques and platforms for better visual representation. Video editing is a very important sector in the visual industry. Several businesses need videos for promotion on different social media platforms. We cannot leave out individuals who need quality content for various activities. The rise in demand for videos has created many opportunities to make money through video editing.

Reviews from payscale state that the average salary for freelance video editors is $20 in the US. We have to keep in mind that payment mostly depends on experience and duties. For instance, editing videos for business promotion may pay higher than creating videos for athletes to highlight their skills.

So if you are a creative person, making money through video editing can be the opportunity you have always wanted. In this article, we will learn about video editing and how to make money by video editing.

What is Video Editing?

Video editing is the process of manipulating and re-arranging different video shots and scenes to produce a whole new work.

Video editing responsibilities involve deleting undesirable scenes or shots, picking the best shots for the final product, generating excellent material by organizing the scenes, and adding effects, filters, and other components. The process involves editing and enhancing the video till it satisfies the need.

Making money by video editing is amazingly possible. Keep reading this article to find out how to make money as a video editor.

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 What are the Best Apps for video editing?

A variety of video editing apps can enable you to edit your videos with your mobile phone.

Here are the 10 best video editing apps;

  • Quick
  • Adobe premiere rush
  • Splice
  • Inshot
  • Kinemaster
  • iMovie
  • WeVideo
  • Vimeo Create
  • FilmoreGo
  • Filmmaker Pro


Quick is an app designed for video editing. It makes it easy to search for footage with the best memories, automatically edit clips and also add transitions. The app also allows you to operate it manually if you wish.

It offers a free basic plan, users can upgrade to GoPro Plus for $4.99 per month with, 30-days free trial. It’s available for IOS and Android.

Adobe premiere rush

It’s a video editing app with two modes. An automated mode that transforms clips in minutes and a customized mode that allows you to add your personal touch.

It offers a free basic plan, users can upgrade to Adobe Premiere Pro for $20.99 per month. It’s available for IOS and Android.


As the name entails, it helps you to splice together clips to create a video with customizable transitions. It’s free to use and only available for IOS.


Inshot is used for creating simple videos that can be posted on Instagram stories, Snapchat, or any other social platform. It is highly rated on google play and preferred by most people.

This app offers free basic plan and also has in-app purchases. It’s available for IOS and Android.


KineMaster is mostly used for professional work and it’s more flexible than other video editing apps.

It offers a free basic plan, users can upgrade to the pro edition for $4.99 monthly. It is available for IOS and Android.

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iMovie is highly recommended for those who are new to video editing. It’s totally free and easy to use but it’s only available for IOS.


WeVideo offers all of the basic editing features and more functions.

The app offers free basic plan, users can also upgrade for $4.99 monthly to have access to more features. It’s available for IOS and Android.

Vimeo Create

Vimeo Create is a popular video editing app with over 200 million users. The app automatically turns your images and text into polished videos.

It’s free but plus, pro and business subscriptions start at $7 monthly. It is available for IOS and Android.


It’s a basic editing tool that covers the creation and editing of simple videos. The app is free and it’s available for IOS and Android.

Filmmaker Pro

Filmmaker Pro allows you to create unlimited number of projects. The app offers free basic plan, the premium plan is $7.99 monthly or $35.99 per year. It is only available for IOS.

What are the skills needed to make money by video editing?

You will need to have the following skills to succeed in the video industry.

  • Good knowledge of video editing and experience in using the software and equipment.
  • Good knowledge of video and sound effect
  • Great communication skills. You probably have to work with other professionals like writers, journalists, and even the client.
  • Good knowledge of the production process. Video editing is just a part of the production process, you should not be limited to only video editing. Knowing other aspects is a big plus for you.
  • You should be very creative. Do well to interpret ideas skillfully
  • Time management is also an important skill you should have.

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What are the careers available for a video editor?

You can make money by video editing in various careers such as:

  • Film editor
  • Animator
  • Broadcast engineering technicians
  • Television studio editor
  • Marketing video editor
  • Colorist
  • Event video editor.

What are the best ways to make money by video editing?

Here are 10 best ways to make money by video editing

  1. Freelance on sites
  2. Editing videos for local businesses
  3. Real estate video editing
  4. Create or sell a video editing course.
  5. Wedding footage editing
  6. Edit sports videos
  7. Educational videos
  8. Video editing for YouTubers
  9. Promotional video
  10. Edit videos for special occasions.

Freelance on sites

Sites like Fiverr and Upwork serve as a marketplace for people looking for all types of services including video editing.

You are free to set up your profile, set your rate, and get to work. The only challenge is that the site takes a cut from your earnings.

Editing videos for local businesses

Local businesses and NGOs often need videos for advertisement, promotion, awareness and so much more. They hire video editors for these services.

If you are a beginner, you might want to do it for free to build your portfolio and attract big contracts.

Editing videos for YouTubers

YouTube is a great platform for sharing videos and quality content. The challenge is that some YouTubers don’t have the skill or ability to edit their videos.

As a video editor, you can charge them to edit their videos.

Edit real estate videos

Realtors usually use videos to advertise the properties they are selling.

You can partner with construction or a real estate company to always cover their videos whenever the service is needed.

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create or sell a video editing course

You must not always have to work as a video editor to earn some income. You can earn some cash while sharing knowledge with others.

By selling video editing courses you can expect to make quality cash.

Edit videos for wedding/ special occasions

You can make money as a video editor by partnering with event planners or videographers to edit their videos.

Educational videos

You can make money by video editing by editing videos for educational institutes and also making explainer videos for technology companies.

Are there websites that pay you for video editing?

Yes, here are 5 websites that allow you to make money by video editing.

  1. ViEdit
  3. Uscreen
  4. Tongal
  5. Freelancing Platforms


This is a platform that hires all kinds of editors, animators, and videographers. When a client post a project on the site, freelancers are allowed to view it and send proposals at their rate.

The company charges 5 – 15% of the total payment.


This company creates video content for various brands and companies. If you are convinced that you can compete with the best, then register on the site. The company representative will get in touch with you.


This is a video-on-demand platform that enables people to sell videos online. If you are a video editor, the company helps you create your own video selling platform.

On this platform, you can sell your videos at your desired rate.

Uscreen charges an amount of $99 – $388 monthly depending on the number of subscribers you want.


This platform hires all kinds of writers, animators, videographers, and editors. Projects are being posted on the site with the price details.

The freelancers pitch their ideas and once your pitch is selected, you can take the job. It’s more like a competition site.

Freelancing platforms

If you are finding it difficult to get a job on any of the platforms listed above, you can try different freelancing sites.

Websites such as mandy, Upwork, and Fiverr are a marketplace for different services including video editing.

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Frequently asked questions

Can you make money by video editing?

Yes, you can make money by video editing in the following ways:
Freelance on sites like Fiverr and Upwork
Edit videos for local business
Edit wedding footage
Edit videos for YouTubers
Educational and explainer videos

How much can I make as a video editor?

The payment for video editors is not fixed, it depends on your duty. Information from Glassdoor says that the average salary of a video editor annually is $74,600 (full-time workers).

Are there sites where I can make money as a video editor?

Yes, such sites include Fiverr, ViEdit, Tongal, flex job, Upwork, and many more.


Video editing is a great skill to acquire if you are still searching for an online job. It can be challenging but as well very rewarding.

To make money by video editing, you need to improve your skill as a video editor, land your first job, build your reputation and trust, and build a portfolio.

Lastly, go niche. You have to team up with other professionals for example you can team up with an event planner to get an edge in covering the video of the event.

Be the best you can be and always practice!



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