EEI CAST Test: Learn How it Works with Free Online Practice Questions (2023)


The CAST exam from the Edison Electric Institute(EEI) consists of four Tests. These assessments are all multiple-choice. It takes about two hours to finish the test. If you’re seeking employment in construction and skilled trades, then using an EEI Cast Test practice can help you gain an understanding of the real deal.

So, the construction and skilled crafts industries provide a wide range of career possibilities. But your dream company might need you to pass the Construction and Skilled Trade Selection System test (CAST) first.

In this article, we will give you a glance at some EEI CAST questions that will help prepare you for your test.

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What are EEI CAST Tests?

The Edison Electric Institute (EEI) developed the Construction And Skilled Crafts (CAST) Test to measure a participant’s fitness for jobs in vehicle maintenance, electrical repair, and a variety of other skilled trades.

CAST, on the other hand, is a common component of the job application process for people looking for work in industries like facility maintenance and repair, transmission and distribution, and electrical repair.

Also, in similar industries like machine maintenance and repair, vehicle maintenance and repair, meter service and repair, and other skilled trades.

The major purpose of the EEI CAST test is to identify applicants who have a solid working understanding of mechanics, carpentry, electrical repair, and/or general maintenance services. Testing on a computer or using paper will be the means to do this.

So rather than making a selection only based on a Résumé, prospective employers employ these tests to make sure they are hiring qualified and secure candidates for a position.

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EEI CAST Test: Best Tips For Prep & Practice Questions

The EEI CAST test will put you to the test across multiple disciplines, and you must be able to adapt in order to succeed.

However, the basics are the content and the framework, and while the content, i.e. the individual questions, will change, the format and type of questions will always remain the same.

Your ability to adjust during the actual test will improve by practicing questions and tests. This will, however, help you identify weak areas.

Secondly, you should make an effort to spend time reviewing your findings to see where and why you made mistakes. This will help you figure out what needs more revision or practice.

Finally, keep your cool. There is nothing to worry about, and doing so will only slow you down or affect your judgment. In fact, if you have done all of the revision, practice, and research, and are familiar with it, you are covered.

What is on the EEI CAST Test?

Graphic Arithmetic, Mechanical Concepts, Reading for Comprehension, and Mathematical Usage make up the four main portions of your CAST exam.

Let’s look at what each component represents in greater depth as these examinations are not for beginners and will always seem simpler with enough preparation.

TestTime LimitNumber of QuestionsWhat we Offer You
Graphic Arithmetic Test30 minutes162 Full-length tests  
Mathematical Usage7 minutes185 Full-length tests + extra drills
Mechanical Concepts20 minutes443 Full-length tests + 21 extra drills
Reading for Comprehension30 minutes322 Full-length tests + study guide
Components of the EEI CAST Test

1]. Reading For Comprehension

You will be given four lengthy text sections to go through and must respond to eight questions for each one in the reading comprehension phase of the CAST exam. You have 30 minutes to complete these 32 questions.

Rather than skimming through the first paragraphs, we will advise that you take your time. Without taking in the necessary information during the initial reading, you might spend time going back and answering the questions incorrectly.

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2]. Graphic Arithmetic

Your CAST Graphic Arithmetic test consists of 16 questions, and you have 30 minutes to answer them. The purpose of the exam is to determine how skilled you are at using the data shown in two illustrations to solve long-sequence math problems, such as division and multiplication.

We’re afraid it’s not quite as easy as following a sequence; sometimes, the two photos and information provided will be missing vital numbers, and the challenge asks you to identify them.

Finally, the 16 questions are all multiple-choice, although later questions can need responses based on a past calculation or image. So make sure to pay close attention and maintain your focus.

3]. Mathematical Usage

In the EEI CAST Test, the mathematical usage test is the quickest, taking just 7 minutes to complete 18 multiple-choice questions.

This EEI CAST test section will require you to answer questions based on relational facts, such as 3 kg Equals 3000g, to determine your level of basic mathematics ability. I’d like to encourage you to scale these calculations using decimals, fractions, and percentages.

4]. Mechanical Concepts

This phase of the EEI CAST test is 20 minutes long but has 44 multiple-choice questions. In truth, your attention to detail and ability to operate under pressure, as well as your overall ability for mechanical troubleshooting, will be put to the test.

If you’re already a skilled mechanic or tradesperson, you’re pretty familiar with all of these concepts. However, having less than 30 seconds to read and respond to each question isn’t much time.

Certainly, practicing CAST exams under timed conditions will help you prepare for the best speed.

What is the EEI CAST Test Scoring?

The total results of these four tests give a single Index Score, which ranges from 1 to 10. Since each organization may establish its own score minimum standards, there is no standard “passing score.”

A high EEI CAST Test score indicates an ability to learn and do the work since it shows a mastery of mathematical relationships, strong logical thinking, and attention to detail.

In fact, since the CAST exam is an employment test to determine aptitude for a range of career roles, there is no one “passing score” for it.

Therefore, it is advised for businesses to set their own scoring standards for every particular position. A passing score on the EEI CAST Test exam does not ensure employment in a competitive job market.

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Free CAST Exam Practice Questions

The source of the images and test sample questions found in this article are achieved from JobTestPrep,, and Wikijob.

1. Graphic Arithmetic

Graphic Arithmetic practice test

This test question is meant to gauge a candidate’s understanding of a floor plan diagram that includes measurements for all the walls and rooms.

Question: The length (top to bottom) of the total property is ____ times larger than the length of the nurse’s room.

A. 3

B. 31/2

C. 31/3

D. 3.6

The EEI CAST Test’s ban on calculator use makes this portion extremely challenging.

Therefore, in order to successfully answer this question without having to guess, you need to be able to do a range of various calculations, including long division.

2. Mechanical Concepts

This question is meant to assess the candidate’s knowledge of weight distributions using a fulcrum. It follows the typical format for the Mechanical Concepts section of the test.

You are being assessed on your knowledge of mechanical principles and concepts in this EEI CAST Test. These guidelines consist of:

  • Shapes
  • Centrifugal Force
  • Gears
  • Gravity
  • Levers
  • Pulleys

You get less than 30 seconds for each question with just 20 minutes and 44 questions. This is why planning is so important. Not only must you understand the fundamentals, but you must also respond to the questions quickly enough to finish them all within the allocated time.

Let’s look at an example question; you will have 27 seconds to respond to it on the actual test.

Question: In which of the following positions would the tractor be less stable when taking a turn?

cast test
  1. A
  2. B
  3. The sam

Question: 4 furlongs = ? rods

a) 160
b) 10
c) 40
d) 0.1

Answer: The correct answer is: a) 160 rods (4 furlongs x 40 rods).

Free CAST Exam Practice Questions

Question: Looking at the cog and belt system above, which cog will turn the greatest number of times in 20 minutes?

Remember, you can answer A, B, or C (if you think the number will be the same).

Answer: In this case, the answer is Cog B because the smallest cog will always rotate the greatest number of times.

eei cast test scoring

Question: In this scenario, you may be asked which cog will rotate the least number of times within 20 minutes.

Answer: Consider the linguistic change from most to ‘least’ carefully before selecting your response, which in this case is B. (the largest cog).

eei cast test scoring

Question: Looking at the diagram above, which rope would use the most effort to pull down the pole?

The right C. This is because due to the height of attachment on rope C, there’s not as much leverage, so it would be harder to pull over the pole than position A or B.

eei cast test practice

Answer: B

eei cast test practice

Answer: B

Mathematical Usage

Question: If 1 fathom equals 6 ft and 1 mile equals 5,280 ft, how many fathoms are there in 0.5 miles?

a) 1,200
b) 600
c) 440
d) 640
e) None of the above

You are aware that one fathom is six feet deep. By dividing 5,280 by 6, you can calculate how many fathoms there are in a mile, which comes out to 880. This tells how many fathoms there are in a mile, thus to disclose 440 fathoms in 0.5 miles, you must cut the figure in half (answer: c)

Question: Solve for x.

x + 5 = 3 (1 – x)

A. x = 2
B. x = 1/2
C. x = -1/2

Question: Use the drawing below to answer the example question. (Please note it is not drawn to scale.) The belt drive above was constructed using 50 meters of the belt. What is the value of x shown in the diagram?

EEI CAST test.

A. 15 meters
B. 5 meters
C. 96 meters
D. 44 meters
E. N

Reading Comprehension

Last but not least, you will need to answer 32 EEI CAST Test questions based on reading comprehension.

Also, each text passage must be accurately read before you can use this knowledge to answer the right matching sentence.

Passage of text: Static Electricity

Most people will experience sparks coming out from their hands after touching a metal object at some point in their lives. They may not see the sparks, but they will feel them. It’s a bit like the game children play at birthday parties where they rub a balloon to see if their hair stands on end. These are examples of ‘static electricity,’ but the concept can be misunderstood.

Static electricity can happen when two objects are rubbed together and cause friction. However, friction is not always required for static electricity to occur. In fact, it’s a common untruth that friction is required. Friction can increase the chances of static electricity happening, but it is not the cause. Static electricity is caused when negative and positive charges separate.

Every object is made up of positive and negative electric charges, including humans. Most of the time, the number of positive and negative charges is equally balanced. Static electricity, also known as ‘net electric charge’, occurs when the balance is upset and unequal. For example, if you walk across a carpeted floor, your shoes absorb some negative charges while leaving behind positive footprints. Your body then acquires an unequal balance of the negative charge. So, the next time you touch an object, you may feel a shock from static electricity. The spark is painful because it is hot and leaves tiny burns on our skin for a few seconds.

To avoid static electricity shocks, you can touch something made from wood, which will absorb the charge to create balance so that you will not get shocked.

Question: According to the passage of text above, how frequently does ‘static electricity’ occur?

Answer: The correct answer is: D

1.When John opened his retail business he faced a lot of competition. 2.There were already a few stores in his town selling personal home and care products, small foods, and snacks. 3.He thought it impossible to sell all the big-name goods and mimic their quality products if he ever decided to make them under his own brand. 4.Still, he trucked through his doubt and decided to open his Variety Market shop, starting with a few recognizable brands in many different departments. 5.To his surprise, the townspeople were excited about the variety of his goods, and in a few months he was already making enough profit to start thinking about expanding to nearby towns for their business.

Question: What does the word “trucked” best mean in sentence 4?

A. drove
B. powered
C. ignored
D. accepted
E. N

Answer: B

How to Pass the EEI CAST Test

Gaining a thorough grasp of the EEI Cast test’s content and layout is the best method to get ready for it.

Your chances of being employed increase with your grade. This shows how serious this exam is, which is why you must not only pass but excel in it.

In fact, imagine that it is your final semester of college, that you are about to take your last exam to graduate, and that you need an A to keep your 4.0 GPA. Similar to that, but with a clearer result.

So, it is important to take an EEI CAST practice test in order to better understand the questions. You can compare your replies to the example answers and questions that often follow the examination. 

Certainly, it would be really beneficial to take the EEI CAST practice test in an exam-like setting in order to evaluate how well you would fare on the real thing.

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Why Take the EEI CAST Test?

If you already work in construction and want to advance your position, you may demonstrate to your employer your ability by passing the EEI CAST test.

Furthermore, it will assist you in showcasing the knowledge, abilities, and natural talents needed to succeed in a job with greater responsibility.

If you are just entering the construction industry, completing an EEI CAST test will provide employers with a standardized assessment of your skills and aptitudes, which will help them evaluate your suitability for a role.

You will, however, fin,d that many employers in skilled trades will require you to take the test as part of the recruitment phase, so, see it as an opportunity to show what you’re made of.

List of Companies That Require the EEI CAST Test

  • Exelon: One of the biggest energy producers in the US, Exelon serves 7.8 million consumers by supplying electricity and natural gas.
  • Duke Energy: The biggest electric power holding corporation in the US is Duke Energy. Duke Energy, which has its headquarters in North Carolina, offers service across the Carolinas, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, and Florida.
  • Southern California Edison: The largest Edison International affiliate, SCE serves much of Southern California with power. It provides electricity to 15 million people across a service area of around 50,000 square kilometers.
  • PSEG: The Public Service Enterprise Group was founded in 1985 but has roots that go back to 1903. It is headquartered in Newark, New Jersey. Public Service Electric and Gas Firm is the major subsidiary of the company.
  • Southern Company: Has its corporate headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, and executive offices in Birmingham, Alabama. In terms of customer base, the corporation is now the second largest utility provider in the United States.
  • Dominion Energy: Dominion Energy serves more than 7 million consumers and operates in 16 states throughout the US.
  • Xcel Energy: Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Xcel Energy Inc. is a utility holding company that in 2019 supplied 2.1 million customers with natural gas and more than 3.7 million with electricity in the states of Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota, Colorado, Texas, and New Mexico.
  • Georgia Power: Georgia Power is a major division of Southern Company, one of the biggest electrical producers in the country.

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List of Positions Who Need to Take the CAST Test

  • Substation Electrician
  • Apprentice Lineman
  • Automotive Technician
  • Division Mechanic Assistant
  • Elevator Constructor Apprentice
  • Energy Tech
  • Groundsman
  • Helper Maintenance Technician
  • Helper/Climbing School
  • Lineworker
  • Lineman
  • Lineman Helper, Climbing School
  • Maintenance Mechanic
  • MCC-BT
  • Overhead Helper
  • Substation construction
  • Substation Helper
  • Technician Maintenance
  • Transmission Line Maintenance
  • Utility Worker


The greatest advice is to get lots of practice taking the CAST exam if you are preparing to take it and are worried about whether you can get a high Index Score.

Your chances of succeeding and moving on to the next stage of the employment process are greater the more prepared you are before taking the test.


How Long is the EEI CAST Test?

It takes about two hours to finish the CAST exam.

What is on the EEI CAST Test?

However, you will be given four text passages to read through throughout the reading for the Comprehension test. 32 reading comprehension questions must be answered to test your understanding of the given content.

How many Questions are on the EEI Cast Test?

The exam evaluates a candidate’s aptitude for solving simple mathematical puzzles. So, there are 18 multiple-choice questions in the exam.

How is the EEI test scored?

Either a machine or a human grader grades the EEI TECH exam. Therefore, the final score, which is thought to be directly relevant to the candidate’s potential for work success, is calculated by adding up the four scores.

EEI CAST Test: Learn How it Works with Free Online Practice Questions 2023 (FAQs)

How long is the EEI CAST test?

It takes about two hours to finish the CAST exam.

What is on the EEI CAST test?

However, you will be given four text passages to read through throughout the reading for the Comprehension test. 32 reading comprehension questions must be answered to test your understanding of the given content.

How many questions are on the EEI cast test?

The exam evaluates a candidate’s aptitude for solving simple mathematical puzzles. So, there are 18 multiple-choice questions in the exam.

How is the EEI test scored?

Either a machine or a human grader grades the EEI TECH exam. Therefore, the final score, which is thought to be directly relevant to the candidate’s potential for work success, is calculated by adding up the four scores.



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