Is Major Pharmaceuticals A Good Career Path?

Is Major Pharmaceutical Central A Good Career Path
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A career in major pharmaceuticals can be both financially rewarding and secure for those interested in the medical field. This huge industry researches, produces, and markets pharmaceutical drugs for use as medication all over the world.

However, major pharmaceuticals is quite competitive so you have to be ready to work hard if you want to make your mark in this industry.

So, take a look at more detail on why major pharmaceuticals is a good career path. Also look out for the High paying jobs in major pharmaceuticals listed in this article.

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What is Major Pharmaceuticals Industry?

The major pharmaceutical industry deals with the research, development, and production of medicines and other remedies by public and commercial entities.

As a matter of fact, the pharmaceutical industry satisfies all of our requirements and needs in relation to drugs. This industry includes the discovery, production, and distribution of medications, treatments, devices, and services.

Finally, this sector has several divisions that can accommodate individuals from varied sectors.

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Examples of Major Pharmaceuticals Companies in the U.S?

We have listed the top major pharmaceutical companies in the U.S in 2022

1. Pfizer Inc – 5.6%

They sell important drugs including Ibrance, Eliquis, and Xeljanz, and have expanded to different regions to drive revenue growth.

Pfizer’s operational sales increased by 2% in 2018, which helped the company’s total revenues reach $53.6 billion.

2. Novartis – 5.44%

In 2022, Novartis generated $51.9 billion in sales, with $34.9 billion of it coming from its Innovative Medicines division.

Additionally, the main growth drivers were sales of significant drugs including Cosentyx, Entresto, Lutathera, Promacta/Revolade, Tafinlar + Mekinist, Jakavi, Kisqali, Kymriah, and biosimilars.

3. F Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd – 4.69%

F Hoffmann-La Roche, a healthcare corporation located in Switzerland, reported earnings of CHF56.84 billion ($57.73 billion) in early 2019.

Furthermore, the majority of the company’s revenue, which totaled CHF44 billion ($44.68 billion), came from the pharmaceutical segment.

4. Merck & Co Inc – 4.44%

In 2022, Merck & Co. reported revenues of $42.3 billion, an increase of 5% over the previous year.

Obviously, higher sales of important drugs like Keytruda and Gardasil are big factors in the pharmaceutical division’s success, which contributed to $9.8 billion in revenue.

5: Johnson & Johnson (J&J) – 4.27%

Revenues for Johnson & Johnson reached $81.6 billion in 2022, a 6.7 percent rise from 2021.

The company’s revenues increased by 5.1 percent and 8.5 percent globally and domestically, respectively.

During the year, the pharmaceutical and medical device categories generated a combined $67.7 billion in sales.

6: GlaxoSmithKline Plc – 4.19%

GSK reported sales of £30.82 billion ($40 billion) in 2018, with the pharmaceuticals sector accounting for the majority of those revenues at £17.27 billion ($22.4 billion).

Sales in the vaccine sector rose by 14% to £5.9 billion ($7.6 billion), while consumer healthcare sales fell by 1% to £7.65 billion ($9.95 billion).

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Is Major Pharmaceuticals A Good Career Path?

Yes, the major pharmaceuticals is a good career path because it produces medicines and medical equipment that sustain the medical industry, creating career opportunities in research, manufacturing, and sales for different categories of professionals.

Besides, we can’t imagine a world without the pharmaceuticals. This industry is saving lives all over the world though research and drug manufacturing.

In addition, there are many high paying jobs in major pharmaceuticals. And Careers in the pharmaceutical industry are not just lucrative, but respected.

Due to its diversity, it is unlikely that you will have problems finding employment in the sector or having trouble finding alternatives when you need to.

Check out the highlighted benefits of working in this field below.

What are the Benefits of a Major Pharmaceuticals Career Path?

Is Major Pharmaceuticals a good career path? So, here are a few reasons for people searching for excellent reasons to pursue a career in large pharmaceuticals:

  • Pharmacology is a prominent field in Major pharmaceuticals that requires a high degree of expertise, even if not all employees in the field have good compensation. The bulk of individuals employed in the area performs difficult tasks for which they are well paid.
  • The vast majority of pharmaceutical companies. That’s not always a negative thing, but the culture of a large organization is very different from that of a smaller one. Most of the positions on this list would be found at a pharmaceutical company, a sizable university, or a significant hospital.
  • The chemistry of pharmaceuticals is exceedingly precise. If you use too much, you can hurt someone. If you take the medication insufficiently, it won’t work. However, this line of work demands a commitment to ongoing improvement.
  • If you work in pharmacology or research, you must be willing to wait for your efforts to be effective. You must also check, double-check, and have someone else verify the outcomes for tasks like these.

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What Kind of Skills is Necessary to Work in the Pharmaceutical Industry?

To stand out from the crowd and join the pharmaceutical industry, you really need to have some special abilities. So, some of the fundamental and important skills are:

  • Interaction
  • Expertise in cutting-edge technology
  • Honest passion for biology and chemistry
  • Effective leadership
  • Determination

Does a Career in Major Pharmaceuticals Need Any Certifications?

Certainly, the majority of jobs in the pharmaceutical business require certain certificates.

Certified Pharamceducatal Industry Professional (CPIP)

This is a certification program for professionals in the sector. Certainly, the accreditation is comprehensive and covers every stage of the manufacturing process, from design to production.

Also, this course is for you if you want to work as a pharmacist or in pharmacy management.

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Certified Sales Professional (CSP)

The qualification to obtain if you want to work in sales is this one. Then, the Manufacturer’s Representatives Education Research Foundation has certified you (MRERF).


If you have a master’s or doctorate degree, pharmacology has a promising future and also opens up the finest job options in the pharmaceutical industry for you.


Numerous effects of medicine on biology are present. So, this is the best bachelor’s degree for you if you want to work as a microbiologist or in pharmacology.

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When you think of a career path in major pharmaceuticals of course, nursing is useful to everyone and not only nurses. Any medical practitioner should have the appropriate education and training in order to legally practice medicine.


In the pharmaceutical sector, chemistry also rules. You can enter the pharmaceutical industry with a chemistry degree, especially if it is a higher-level degree.

In addition, obtaining a bachelor’s degree is wonderful since it allows you to pursue a job in pharmacology.

What are the Job Prospects For Major Pharmaceuticals?

Major pharmaceuticals is a good career path. Every year, the pharmaceutical market expands. As a result, the Intercontinental Marketing Services (IMS) predicts that the global pharmaceutical business would expand by 5-8 percent annually through 2014, with revenues rising to US$1.1 trillion from US$808 billion in 2009.

The USA, European nations including Germany, UK, France, Italy, and Spain, as well as Japan, were, nonetheless, the world’s top pharmaceutical markets for a long time. More recently, however, countries from Asia and Latin America have emerged with impressive market expansions.

Therefore, according to IMS data, China, Brazil, Russia, and India are some of the most rapidly developing new markets.

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How Much Can You Make From the Field of Major Pharmaceuticals?

Are you wondering, if Major Pharmaceuticals is a good career path? Well, according to Glassdoor, the average National Account Manager in the major pharmaceuticals makes $79,967 per year in the United States.

  • Pharmaceutical Financial Analyst- with an average salary of $67,990 per year
  • Pharmaceutical Sales Representative- with $74,148 per year
  • Clinical Data Manager- $77,462 per year
  • Research Scientist- scores the highest with an average pay of $104,038 per year
  • Pharmacy Manager- also has the highest pay of $109,736 per year
  • Drug Manufacturer- has a higher pay of $112,343 per year
  • Biotechnology Consultant- also ranks the highest on our list with $133,633 per year

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What are the Best Jobs Available in Major Pharmaceuticals for Graduates

Here are a few of the highest-paying positions available in Major pharmaceutical companies:

  • Clinical Research Associate Jobs.
  • Microbiologist Jobs
  • Drug Safety Scientist Jobs
  • Formulation Scientist Jobs.
  • Clinical Research Coordinator Jobs
  • Research Assistant Jobs.
  • Pharmacologist Jobs.
  • Research Scientist Jobs.
  • Pharmacist Jobs.
  • Clinical Research Manager Jobs.
  • Pharmacology Professor Jobs.
  • Medical Writer Jobs.

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7 High Paying Jobs in Major Pharmaceuticals

Below are the top 10 high paying jobs you can find in Major pharmaceuticals.

#7. Clinical Research Coordinator in Major Pharmaceuticals

Average Annual Salary: $52,000

This position is more managerial in nature than research-oriented. However, you must be aware of the topic being researched in order to handle a research project properly.

A clinical research coordinator would undoubtedly be responsible for ensuring that all the many components of a study come together and that the various departments can communicate with one another.

#6. Formulation Scientist

Average Annual Salary: $83,000

Pharmaceuticals are not the only industry that employs formulation scientists, but it is the largest.

So, as they are responsible for developing the chemical formulae for items, this position is important for an in-depth understanding of chemistry.

The majority of the time, this is done for various medications, but it may also be done for other businesses to create fertilizer, dye, and fuel formulae.

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#5. Research Scientist

Average Annual Salary: $84,000

The design, development, and safety testing of medicines need extensive study, since this profession is not specific to the pharmaceutical business.

Research scientists are hence advanced researchers who spend their working days in a research setting.

Additionally, this position calls for precision, attention to detail, and a strong recall.

#4. Clinical Research Manager

Average Annual Salary: $90,000

Clinical trials are managed by clinical research managers. They also ensure that everything is done correctly and that the project is being carried out by the appropriate individuals.

However, if pharmacology is the subject of the study, this position would likely require familiarity with the field as well as training in it.

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#3. Pharmacology Professor

Average Annual Salary: $94,000

Depending on what institution or university you work for and how long you’ve been there. However, the income and responsibilities of this employment will change. It also requires a Ph.D. degree, which is an extremely high education.

Furthermore, teaching, doing research, and publishing research articles will all be part of the job description.

#2. Drug Safety Scientist

Average Annual Salary: $101,000

The duty of someone in this position is to ensure that the substance in issue is secure and is utilized securely.

They are also aware of several drugs that may interact negatively or in other ways with the medicine.

Additionally, they are in charge of the research into the adverse effects of pharmaceuticals and assist with the correct labeling and warnings on medicines.

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#1. Medical Writer

Average Annual Salary: $104,000

Medical writers must have a thorough knowledge of the field and of medicine. So in this instance, you may write on drugs for a medical publication.

However, those in this profession make good money because they need to know a lot about their subject and the conventions of writing in the industry.


Is Major Pharmaceuticals a good career path? Yes, the pharmaceutical sector employs everyone, from sales to product development and research. If you possess the required credentials and abilities, you have a good chance of succeeding in this field. Careers in the pharmaceutical industry are highly sought-after, lucrative, and respected.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the highest paying job in pharmacy?

Pharmaceutical Financial Analyst.
Medical Science Liaison.
Regulatory Specialist.
Research Scientist.
Pharmaceutical Sales Representative.
Biotechnology Consultant.
Pharmacy Manager.

Is Pharma a good job?

By securing a career in this field, you unlock a world of expansion and education possibilities. Pharma employees get a wide range of advantages in addition to high pay.

How much do pharmaceutical companies pay?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, pharmacists earned an average of $128,090 per year working full-time, or $61.58 per hour.

Why should I join pharma?

There are several reasons to consider a career in a pharmaceutical business in India and throughout the world, including the industry’s unprecedently high rate of growth, the greatest level of job satisfaction, and, perhaps most importantly, the pay scale on offer by the pharmaceutical firm.

How can I become a pharmaceutical?

A pharmacy diploma, often known as a D. Pharm, is required if you want to work in the pharmaceutical sector. You may be able to apply for a variety of jobs in the pharmaceutical industry with the aid of this diploma.



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