How Many Jobs are Available in Marine Transportation


The marine transportation industry undoubtedly contributes immensely to the U.S. economy.

Hence, there are more jobs than you can number, which is quite impressive!

Consequently, this sector is also a major employer of labor, with new jobs springing up almost daily.

Come to think of it, the lucrative nature of the career paths available in this industry baits more professionals.

With the marine transportation industry constantly booming, it is a big deal to want to know about the job possibilities you can find, as well as how many jobs are available in this industry.

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What is Marine Transportation?

Marine transportation refers to moving goods and materials across the water. Cargo ships, barges, and other sorts of watercraft are included.

A distinct feature of marine transportation is that it is a cheaper means of transportation and can be used to convey goods between several countries.

Marine transportation is a reliable means of moving large shipments across countries.

It is a fact that marine transportation is a crucial part of the transportation system of the United States, and the Coast Guard is in charge of ensuring its security and safety.

How Many Jobs are Available in Marine Transportation?

There are thousands of jobs available in the marine transportation industry in the U.S.

Hence, putting a figure on the number of jobs available in this industry.

However, what matters in the marine transportation industry is that there are various jobs to pick from.

In other words, there is a job for you, irrespective of your job preference.

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What Jobs are Available in the Marine Transportation Industry?

There are thousands of jobs available in the marine transportation industry. However, we would be considering some of these jobs you can settle for.

1. Marine Systems Engineer

Marine engineers oversee the operation, upkeep, and readiness of engineering systems in the sector.

These engineers also oversee the production and distribution of power, keeping up with damage control, system integration, and maintaining the ship’s service systems.

Furthermore, they are in charge of navigating a ship to its destination and maneuvering hazards in the ocean.

2. Maritime Lawyer

Maritime law is a difficult and dynamic area of the law that regulates all areas of maritime activities.

These lawyers strive to ensure the safety of individuals who operate and utilize the marine transportation sector.

Maritime lawyers represent many clients, including shipping companies, crew members, and operators.

To safeguard their clients’ interests, maritime attorneys must be able to think on their feet and make timely decisions.

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3. Shipbroker

A shipbroker is a mediator who handles agreements between shipowners and charterers.

Shipbrokers also arrange the movement of goods between buyers and ship sellers.

Shipbrokers need to be experts in the shipping industry to excel in the marine transportation industry.

4. Marine Data Scientist

A marine data scientist is responsible for investigating how water impacts the land.

These scientists also investigate the marine environment, which includes animal and plant life. Additionally, their function in marine transportation is to employ maritime data analytics to improve safety.

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5. Shipbuilding Engineer

A shipbuilding engineer designs and constructs large seagoing vessels from metal, wood, and composites. They also can major in design, fabrication, or a skilled craft.

This position provides professionals the joy of using their craft, collaborating with others, and building maritime boats.

You need training in shipping technology, construction, and marine craft design to succeed in this industry.

6. Ship Captain

Ship captains are the front liners in the marine transportation industry.

A ship captain oversees all aspects of a journey, from preparation and planning to implementation and follow-up.

Ship captains also have legal obligations to follow laws established by regulating agencies like the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

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7. Marine Engineering Consultant

A marine engineering consultant examines and analyses maritime activities.

These consultants can provide legal, insurance, and business clients with advice on marine-related matters and customer service.

Other than the compensation, another benefit of working as a marine engineering consultant is that you can get to work part-time.

FAQs on How Many Jobs are Available in Marine Transportation

Are maritime jobs in demand?

Yes, maritime jobs are in demand. Some maritime jobs in demand include ship and boat building, welding, mechanical engineering, marine and ocean engineering, and more.

Is marine transportation a good career path?

Absolutely, marine transportation is a good career path. This career path is gratifying since it offers a decent salary, a variety of careers, and the extra benefit of traveling across the world.

What are the skills in maritime?

To excel in the marine transportation industry, you need some of the following skills:

Active listening
Effective communication
Conflict resolution
Critical thinking
Operation and control
Time management.

What is the age limit for seaman?

The typical retirement age is between the ages of 63 and 68.


As you already know, the marine transportation industry houses more jobs than you can possibly number.

Hence, you are bound to find a job that most suits your specification, irrespective of the profession.

Simply put, there is always a spot for you, anytime and any day.


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