How Many Jobs are Available in Property-Casualty Insurers | 2022

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How Many Jobs are Available in Property- Casualty Insurers?

How many jobs are available in property-casualty insurers? The answer is quite simple: there are tons of jobs available in property and casualty insurers.

According to a survey from as of  September 2022, there are about  29,260 vacant positions in the property and casualty industry.

A recent report from Zippia shows that there are about 628,600 workers presently employed in the property-casualty insurance industry.

This industry has the potential for growth and an increase in the workforce by 2030. Several job roles in this category can accommodate different individuals with different skill sets

Property-casualty insurers have about 84,000 jobs available every year. So there are many opportunities for individuals to choose a career in property-casualty insurance.

This article outlines several job roles available in the property casualty insurance industry and what location has the best pay in 2022. Let’s delve in.

Who are Property-Casualty Insurers?

Just like the name implies, property-casualty insurers provide liability coverage for injuries or damages the policyholder causes, as well as insurance services for property damage.

In other words, Losses resulting from incidents that might happen on your property or to it are covered by property-casualty insurance.

Additionally, it covers liabilities brought on by your action or action committed on your behalf by others, including accidents that take place on your land. Liability insurance can pay for personal harm, property loss, and the expense of a legal defense.

Fire, theft, and vandalism are a few examples of the sorts of property damage that can be covered, although this depends on the business. Keep reading to find out how many jobs are available in property-casualty insurers.

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How Many Jobs are Available in Property- Casualty Insurers?

A report from shows that there is a great need for property and liability insurance. There will be around 29260 open positions in the property and casualty sector as of September 2022.

Nearly 240,000 employment are available in the property-casualty insurance career sector, but the competition is fierce, and the majority of these positions are in high-cost areas like New York City.

Some of the popular positions are underwriters, claim adjusters, insurance agents, e.t.c.

How many jobs are available in property-casualty Insurers?

#1. Car Insurer

The owner and driver of a vehicle are covered by car insurance in the event of an accident. Additionally, the goal of auto insurance is to shield drivers and their passengers from monetary hardship in the event of an accident.

There are several types of auto insurance, and each one provides varying degrees of protection. Additionally, there are several firms that provide auto insurance, so it’s crucial to conduct research before selecting a plan.

#2. Home Insurer

The loss and damage to a house, its contents, and liabilities resulting from damage to the property are all covered by homeowners insurance, a type of property insurance.

Additionally, insurance policies, such as vehicle insurance, are frequently packaged with house insurance.

#3. Condo Insurance and Job Availability

The property-casualty insurance sector is expanding quickly and presents a wide range of employment possibilities.

From insurance brokers to insurers, this sector offers a wide range of job opportunities.

There are numerous businesses that provide these services; thus, job seekers in this industry have several possibilities.

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#4. Power Sports Insurer

As the popularity of this sport has expanded, so has the number of employment available in the industry of power sports insurance.

For people who are interested in working in this profession, there are numerous options currently.

The most prevalent positions in this sector are those in insurance, brokerage, and claims adjusting.

#5. Executive Management

Executive management teams are often comprised of the CEO, COO, and CFO. Together, they make sure that the business is operating efficiently and making the most money possible.

Setting and carrying out a plan, managing operations, and preserving financial stability are all included in this.

Executive management is tasked with making difficult decisions that might affect the future of the organization during times of crisis.

#6. Marketing Jobs

Property and casualty insurers provide a number of competitive and interesting marketing positions.

In order to effectively sell their products, insurers in this situation must pinpoint their target audiences and develop communication methods that appeal to those consumers.

They must also create efficient pricing plans and distribution methods. Additionally, in order to stay on top of the game, they must constantly watch what their rivals are doing.

#7. Landlord Insurance

Employment opportunities in landlord insurance have grown recently. This is partially a result of the growing demand for rental properties as an investment strategy.

Rental insurance is offered by several firms, so it’s crucial to shop around and choose the best plan for your requirements.

#8. Renter Insurance 

The majority of landlords demand it as a condition of renting, and it is often affordable. Even though renters insurance is not always needed, it could be difficult to work in the rental real estate sector without it.

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#9. Underwriter

Underwriters review insurance applications and decide coverage limits and prices. However, work opportunities for insurance underwriters are decreasing.

The number of insurance underwriters employed between 2021 and 2031 is predicted to decrease by 4%. Nevertheless, there will still be 8,400 job opportunities on average each year as a result of employees changing careers or leaving the workforce.

As a result, anyone looking to work in the field should still find plenty of chances in property-casualty insurance.

What are the Different Types of Property and Casualty Insurers?

Property-casualty insurance is a very broad and diverse industry.

Some of the leading companies in this sector have expanded their operations by providing a wide range of goods and services and establishing close bonds with their clientele.

Some of the very popular brands in the industry are State Farm, Allstate, Berkshire Hathaway, and Progressive.

Here is a list of the different types of property-casualty insurers.

  • Home Insurance
  • Car insurance
  • Condo Insurance
  • Renters Insurance
  • Business Insurance
  • Power sport Insurance
  • Landlord Insurance

#1. Home Insurance

Home insurance is one of the major and popular types of property-casualty insurers.

Homeowners insurance is a sort of property insurance that covers losses, damages, and liabilities resulting from accidents on the insured’s property as well as losses to the home and its contents.

Furthermore, additional insurance policies, including vehicle insurance, are sometimes packaged with homeowner’s insurance.

#2. Car Insurance

Car insurance serves to shield drivers and their passengers from financial distress in the event of an accident.

There are several types of auto insurance, and each one provides varying degrees of protection.

Additionally, there are several firms that provide auto insurance, so it’s crucial to conduct research before selecting a plan.

Both personal injury and property damage liability insurance are often required by states.

If you are held responsible for another party’s injuries or medical expenses, personal injury liability will protect you, and property damage liability will pay for another party’s property damage. Both are included in P&C’s category of “victims.”

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#3. Condo Insurance

Due to the rise in the number of individuals purchasing condominiums, the condo insurance market is expanding quickly.

Condominiums are becoming increasingly popular because they come with a number of benefits, including fewer maintenance expenses and more independence than regular residences.

As a result, there is now more demand for condo insurance. Similar to home insurance, condo insurance also requires you to deal with a homeowners association master association policy.

Liability insurance and personal property insurance are typically included in home insurance packages.

#4. Renters Insurance

Renters insurance is an insurance type that covers the renter’s personal property from theft, fire, or other harm.

The majority of landlords demand it as a condition of renting, and it is often affordable.

Typically, renters insurance only covers the contents of a property, not its physical construction. Your landlord often has responsibility for the structure. Therefore it will be protected by his insurance.

#5. Business Insurance

Just like every other type of insurance, business insurance is a type of insurance that covers damages resulting from accidents or losses. This is also one of the jobs available in property-casualty insurers.

No matter what kind of business it is, your firm has assets, and that entails a lot of liabilities.

Property and casualty insurance is a smart approach to reduce your risk while running your own business so you can concentrate on what really matters.

#6. Power Sport

Power sports insurance protects against the dangers involved in activities like riding motorcycles, snowmobiling, and all-terrain vehicle (ATV) use.

It is a particular kind of insurance that is not frequently provided by general insurers.

Due to the rise in the number of people with interest in this activity, this type of insurance has become more well-known and widely used.

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#7. Landlord Insurance

Regardless of whether you are renting out a single-family house or an enormous apartment building, landlord insurance is a crucial financial decision for any property owner.

In the event that something unfortunate occurs to the property, such as a fire, storm damage, or burglary, this kind of insurance can aid in safeguarding your investment.

In addition to safeguarding your financial investment, landlord insurance can offer liability protection in the event that someone gets hurt on your property.

What are the Best-Paying Jobs in Property-Casualty Insurers?

1. Consultant Actuaries

Salary range: $79,000-$208,000

This is one of the high-paying jobs available in property-casualty insurers. In order to provide their customers with financial advice, consulting actuaries are expected to carry out risk and cost analyses as well as assess financial uncertainties utilizing their expertise as statisticians and economists.

Actuarial consultants may also deal with customers who are in the investment industry or with insurance businesses.

Additionally, you are responsible for collecting, evaluating, and providing a solution to the company or client you are advising.

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2. Underwriting Managers

Salary range: $82,500-$124,000

This is one of the high-paying jobs available in property-casualty insurers. Underwriting managers supervise all underwriting operations, including the underwriting of insurance products, and are mostly employed in the insurance sector.

They manage a group of associate-level employees, giving them insurance policies to assess and underwrite, making sure they are aware of deadlines and expectations, and offering assistance by responding to inquiries.

They serve as team leaders, directing the work of associate-level underwriters while assisting with risk management and financial due diligence.

Additionally, underwriting managers are crucial in the creation and implementation of policies and procedures at regional offices.

3. Actuarial Analyst

Salary range: $62,500-$94,500

Actuarial analysts are employed by insurance companies to calculate the probability of mishaps, injuries, defective products, and fatalities in particular circumstances.

In this job, you’ll be estimating the costs associated with these incidents. These details can be used by insurance companies to create policies and provide price information.

For this function, it’s also necessary to have strong computer abilities, a depth of research knowledge, and mathematical proficiency.

4. Underwriter

Salary range: $39,000 – $61,751

In an insurance company, an underwriter’s responsibilities include assessing a client’s potential financial risks by looking at a variety of factors to determine their ability to meet financial obligations.

They also use their extensive expertise to determine how a company will achieve financial gains. The majority of the time, an underwriter’s duties also include assessing a client’s credit history, general health, assets, and financial background. This is one of the jobs available in property-casualty insurers.

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5. Final Expense Agent

Salary range: $100,000-$116,000

As a last expense agent, it is your responsibility to sell life insurance policies that pay for the burial, legal, and immediate household costs of the deceased.

The typical price range for these packages is $5,000 to $25,000. Your business wants to sell as many of your product’s units as you can.

To achieve these sales, you seek leads, get in touch with possible customers, assess the likely costs in a certain area, and work with the agency’s marketers.

Therefore, final expenditure agents invest time in market research, plan analysis, and determining which plans are most likely to appeal to a certain customer.

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Is Property-Casualty Insurers a Good Career Path?

Yes, a career in property-casualty insurers is a good choice. A job in property casualty offers good pay with high flexibility and diversity.

Positive employment trends are anticipated for property-casualty insurance sales agents between 2021 and 2031, with a 6% increase in positions predicted. Comparing this forecast to others in the same professions, it is about average.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that in May 2021, the median yearly pay for insurance underwriters was $76,390.

Additionally, you will have the chance to work on a variety of case types because there are so many different kinds of property-casualty insurance policies, which can keep your job interesting.

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Certification Requirements for a Career in the Property and Casualty Insurance Industry

Although a bachelor’s degree might enhance employment opportunities, insurance agents often just need a high school education.

Public speaking may help salespeople become more persuasive, and agents frequently take business, finance, or economics courses.

You need to pass the licensing exam in your state. It is also important that you pass the licensing exam for your state. This exam, however, differs by state.

What Job Skills Are Required To Work In Property And Casualty Insurance?

Property and casualty insurers cooperate with their clients to identify potential risks and create policies to protect against them.

Therefore, the capacity to evaluate risk is the most crucial talent required. Also, they require great customer service abilities.

This is because effective communication is required for adequate services and assistance to be granted in understanding the policies.    

Due to the ongoing evaluation of pricing and risk models required by insurers, analytical abilities are also crucial. Working with databases and information technology systems requires a certain level of technical expertise.

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Which States Have the Most Home Insurance Jobs?

California has the greatest job prospects for non-life insurers, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. With more than 1.00 and 80 vacancies each, Texas and Florida are likewise at the top of the list.

New York, Illinois, and Ohio are among the states with a large number of unfilled positions. This is because more individuals are investing in companies and purchasing houses, which increases their risk of getting hurt on the job or in an accident.

In order to cut expenses, several businesses are now moving their operations overseas. This implies that those who desire to work as property insurers have greater opportunities.

FAQs About How Many Jobs are Available in Property-Casualty Insurers

Will there be more jobs available in property-casualty insurance in the future?

Property and casualty insurers hire millions of people in the United States. The bulk of these employees is in claims and underwriting. The remaining workers are marketing and sales, executive management, as well as other support functions.

Do I need property and casualty insurance?

Property and casualty insurance is not mandated by law, but it is highly recommended by so many financial experts.

This sort of insurance covers your house, your automobile, and your personal items from theft or damage.

It also tends to cover you on the occasion that you are being sued for damages caused by your carelessness.

Despite the fact that it is not necessary, property and casualty insurance can end up saving you a lot of money.

Are there any online programs or certifications that could aid in my employment as a property-casualty insurer?

There are several courses available and certification programs that can help you land a job in this field.

For instance, the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification is a credential that is recognized all over the world and can assist you in finding employment in the field of information security.


The property-casualty insurers is an ever-expanding industry with tons of job opportunities. In fact, property-casualty insurers have about 84,000 jobs available every year.

So there are lots of opportunities for individuals that choose a career in property-casualty insurance.


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