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While many parents are aware of the huge benefits of having their children sit for the Naglieri nonverbal ability test, some are yet to prepare them for the test by taking sample questions.

The test seeks to identify the reasoning and problem solving skills of children between the ages 5 and 17.

Hence, getting to ace the NNAT is no easy feat. Little wonder, parents rely on the NNAT practice test samples in preparing their children for it.

If you are keen on learning all you need to know about the Naglieri nonverbal ability test, this article is your go-to article. Dive in!

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About the Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test

The Naglieri Nonverbal Ability test or NNAT seeks to evaluate the intellectual capacity of kids between the ages of 5 and 17 and was first introduced in 2014.

The NNAT is a psychological test administered that assesses thinking abilities via the use of nonverbal questions.

Additionally, it is an admittance criterion for numerous talented institutions and programs in the United States.

In addition, the NNAT test is regarded as Athenian neutral because the questions don’t include any writing, speaking, or listening.

Furthermore, the test doesn’t affect a student’s main language, educational background, cultural background, socioeconomic situation, or any visual, motor, hearing, or hearing impairments. Hence, it is regarded as the gold standard for objective grading.

What is the Essence of the Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test?

As you already know, the NAAT assesses children’s problem-solving and nonverbal reasoning skills.

The NNAT assesses a child’s intelligence without needing them to speak, read, or write.

Finding gifted children for gifted programs and schools is the main purpose of the NNAT. On the other hand, nonverbal tests may be used for a variety of purposes.

Also, if a child or young person possesses any of the following, it may be a tool  in assessing their talents and assets:

  • Having English as a second or extra language
  • Reading or interpreting speech with difficulty
  • Having trouble following directions
  • Delayed communication or speech

In addition, it is a fantastic technique for identifying kids whose language development may be badly affected but whose nonverbal talents and abilities are exceptional.

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What Can You Expect When Taking the Naglieri Nonverbal Test?

The Naglieri nonverbal ability test has three different types, with NNAT3 as the latest addition.

However, there is no distinction between the different types in terms of the kind of question or scoring procedures.

Students usually complete each assignment in 30 seconds or less and can be taken in person or online, and is typically conducted in a group setting.

The process requires the administrator to read out the question while the students select their answers.

In addition, the NNAT employs few words and written instructions, abstract patterns and graphics, and few colors. Blue and yellow are frequently the only colors used for images.

Testing Levels for the NNAT

This test has several levels for children of all ages running from A to G. Also, the test is administered to children according to their grades.

At each NNAT level, not all four types of questions are examined. The NNAT Level A examination for Kindergarten, for example, only comprises  Reasoning by Analogy problems and Pattern Completion.

The chart below proves this point:

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NNAT Question Types

As earlier mentioned, NNAT has four question types for test takers. The following are the four question types:

Reasoning by Analogy

For this question type, students will be presented with an image and asked to identify the connections between the different geometric shapes.

Usually, four to six boxes containing various objects or visuals are displayed to them.

The aim is to get the test-taker to understand how the forms connect to one another and change as they go across the pattern’s rows and columns.

Also, they can choose which of the available solutions will appear once they have observed the pattern and seen how it progresses.

Hence, the student must pay close attention to the form, color, and pattern of the image, as well as other design features.

Pattern completion

A rectangle-shaped design is displayed to the child, which contains a  larger rectangle, with an empty space.

In order to complete the design, the child must pick the response from the available possibilities that would best fit the empty space in the rectangle.

Spatial Visualization

To define how the finished picture or figure will look as it goes across the rows and columns, students must combine or modify two or more shapes.

In addition, the test taker must recognize the top row’s rule and guess what will occur in the succeeding rows.

These are some of the trickier questions since it might be hard to see how each shape connects with one another or how the rotations required function.

Serial Reasoning

This question type requires test takers to select the next option from a series of shapes, each of which contains one empty box.

In other to achieve this, the test-taker must comprehend how the geometric shape changes when the rows and columns are moved across.

How Is the Naglieri Nonverbal Test Scored?

After taking the test, parents can access the scoring report two months later. Also, the child’s age level, not grade, determines the NNAT score.

There are three basic ways to interpret your NNAT score, which will contain a few distinct numbers.

They include:

  • Raw scores
  • Naglieri ability index:
  • Percentile rank

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Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test Scores

For enrolment in their gifted and talented programs, different districts or educational institutions have different requirements.

In order to qualify, no particular objective or target rating is necessary. Therefore, the best course of action is to get in touch with the establishment you are considering to learn more about the necessary qualifications.

In a nutshell, the Naglieri nonverbal ability test scores for different institutions have no specific rating.

How to Prepare and Practice for the NNAT

Preparing and practicing for the NNAT is vital since some of the test questions don’t reflect in the child’s school lessons.

Therefore, it is essential to introduce the youngster to the NNAT before they sit for the test.

The intending test taker can take a variety of practice tests to help them get ready for the kind of questions they will encounter during the Neglieri nonverbal ability test.

A fantastic method to prepare your child for the exam questions is by playing online games with them.

NNAT Preparation Tips

The following are the top tips for preparing for NNAT:

  • Begin preparations two to four months prior to the test, and practice a little bit on a daily
  • Use a hole punch to make holes in colored paper to view how the paper appears folded and unfolded in order to comprehend the spatial vision
  • Teach your child about the sorts of questions that will be on the NNAT
  • Concentrate on games with patterns, puzzles, and sequencing. Jigsaw puzzles are a good option for young kids
  • Look for sequences and patterns in everyday life, and show the child how to spot patterns
  • Since there is no penalty for giving a bad response, the student should answer all the questions rather than leave them without providing answers because doing so might undermine the validity of their score
  • Ensure the child takes time to consider all the answers and select the best one for the question because there are no extra points awarded for finishing the exam early
  • Lastly, maintain a cheerful attitude and assist your child to establish a healthy eating and sleeping schedule before to the exam to prevent test anxiety.

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Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test Practice Sample

It is important to adequately prepare your child or ward for the NNAT as early as possible.

Setting them up with the Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test Practice Sample is a deal breaker.

Your child can better prepare for the actual Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test by studying these sample questions and answers.


What is a good score on the naglieri?

The NAI (Naglieri Ability Index) score average is 100, with a maximum score of 160.

The results are standardized so that 68 percent of students in the general population receive an NAI score from 84 to 116.

What does the Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test measure?

The Naglieri nonverbal ability test evaluates a student’s general problem-solving and nonverbal reasoning skills.

How long does it take to get NNAT results?

Parents should receive comprehensive score reports two months after their child’s test.

How many items are there in non-verbal intelligence test?

Brown, Sherbenou, and Johnsen created the 45-item nonverbal IQ test in two versions, A and B, in 1997.

How can I tell what my IQ is?

This is possible by applying the formula IQ = (intelligence age/actual age) x100.


The NNAT doesn’t assume that a child’s intellect is entirely reliant on their reading, speaking, or writing skills because it uses visual diagrams and puzzles.

However, its is reliable tool in identifying the giftedness in children.

We hope you found this article useful. Kindly reach us through the comment section section for feedback.


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