Career Change at 40 With No Degree: Everything You Need to Know

career change at 40 with no degree

At age 40, a career change with no degree is never simple, even for those with a degree. Leaving behind what you know for something new might feel like a great risk when you decide to give up on your present career. 

But with the correct career change tips at age 40, the shift might go more smoothly. This move might be the best thing that ever happened to you. When you eventually find the ideal job, it might be a thrilling and life-changing quest.

This manual can assist you if you are trying to change careers at 40.

The kinds of positions you can seek when you should think about leaving your work, and how to change careers at 40 without a degree are all covered in detail here.

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Can I Change Careers at 40?

ABSOLUTELY is the straightforward response. You’ll also be in excellent company if you decide to change careers at age 40 because many other well-known public personalities, like these ones (and many more), have done the same.

  • Former US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright began her political career at the age of 40.
  • After working as a writer, and fashion designer Vera Wang began her profession at the age of 40.
  • Before purchasing his first restaurant at the age of 40 and perfecting his special combination of seven herbs and spices, Harland (Colonel) Sanders worked as a laborer.
  • Donald Fisher, who had no previous expertise, launched his first Gap store at the age of 40.

How Do You Know When To Make a Career Change at 40?

Not everyone wants to make a major career change at age 40. Most individuals are afraid of middle age.

However, a recent survey revealed that 59 percent of middle-class individuals indicated they were thinking about changing careers. 39 years old is the average age.

People considering changing careers at 40 should reflect on the following issues:

  • Is there anything about my current employment that I enjoy?
  • In comparison to other professions or drives in my industry, am I satisfied with the salary I currently earn?
  • Why do I not like the culture of my industry or company?
  • Does my employment offer diversity or do I do the same thing every day?
  • Am I inspired by my job in other areas of my life?
  • Do I feel that I’m utilizing all of my qualities and abilities?

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How to Change Your Career at 40: A Few Approaches

Here are some suggestions for how to proceed if you have decided to change careers at the age of 40 with no degree, qualification, or any previous experience in a different skill or tech.

1]. Research

How can I change careers at 40? To choose the best career, you must assess your personality, interests, and strengths properly.

Therefore, understanding your personality will help you determine the type of career that is best for you.

According to theory, if you have an outgoing personality, working in customer-facing positions like a Sales consultant might be your career choice. 

However, if you are more reserved, you might find that working as a Microsoft developer in a back-end environment is more of your style.

There are many tools online that recommend a strong job based on your personality and your hobbies if you want additional information on how to change careers after 40.

On the whole, you must consider a career change based on your interests and reasons.

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2]. Improve Your Skills in Your Selected Field of Work

It won’t be much fun to change careers at 40; you need to move a few paddles to row your boat.

So, you will need to put in a lot of effort to develop the abilities necessary for the job role or career you are pursuing. 

In fact, it can become very challenging to enroll in university programs or earn a college degree almost twenty years into a different career.

Thus, online training or self-learning courses are the most excellent method to advance any talent in a short amount of time as a modern design learning style (as short as 6 weeks or as long as 8 weeks).

Additionally, by obtaining industry-recognized certifications, you may prove your ability and stand out in the job market.

3]. Update Your Resume For a Career Change at 40

Don’t consider using the same Résumé that you wrote 20 years ago. You must have details about the position you are applying for. You are now applying for a different career or role.

Also, you include your previous employment history and the key talents that your present position would require. 

According to rumors, if you are seeking a position as a business analyst, make sure your Resume suggests that you have the right skills.

Recruiters need six seconds to scan a resume, so they must ensure that it meets the demands of the current job market. Additionally, tailor each Résumé to meet the needs of the various employers.

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4]. Maintain Your Professional Network

If you have been out of the game for a while, it’s time to renew your professional networks. Update your social media handles and professional networking profiles.

Therefore, keep in touch with any hiring managers, friends, or former coworkers who could be able to assist you in finding new employment chances in your recently found field.

You won’t have any problem finding a job if you decide to pursue a profession in the field of dominant technologies, certainly, even as your age increases.

5]. Consider If You Want to Launch Your Own Business Or Not.

If you’ve ever wanted to run a one-man business, you can start something of your own. In fact, with your 20 years of corporate experience and certification in new talents.

6]. Believe and Begin Applying For Jobs

You can succeed if you put in your best efforts. Once you’ve made up your mind to switch careers and have acquired new skills, start looking for positions with well-known firms.

So, if your activities and objectives have been done correctly, you may begin applying to leading global firms.

7]. Quit worrying About This New Transition

Embrace this new transformation without fear. It is normal to first have some level of anxiety about what you are doing, but try not to let that sensation last for too long. 

Instead of focusing on the negative effects of your frequent professional changes, consider all the advantages. Think about:

  • How your previous experience working for a corporation would prevent you from failing in your new position?
  • How you would devote your entire being to your new profession before calling it a day?

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Best Resources For a Career Change at 40

Making a career change at 40 is fantastic since there are many tools available to guide you in determining what to do next.

Many individuals have changed careers with no need for a degree, so you are not required to obtain one.

However, getting formal education in your particular industry may give you the push you want if you feel confused or uncertain about where to begin.

The following websites might serve as inspiration for you:

You don’t have to be confused. You can navigate this digital world using the resources at your disposal.

So, even before the internet, career changers were figuring out their pathways.
You may thus access a wide variety of books, articles, and applications to assist in making this adjustment less stressful.

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9 High Paying Career Paths To Consider for a Change at 40 With No Degree in the US and UK

The following jobs encourage a change of career in your 40s with no degree:

#1. Medical Administrative Assistant

National average salary: $34,735 per year (Indeed)

A medical administrative assistant is sometimes referred to as a medical secretary or a health care administration assistant.

So, instead of performing clinical work, their function entails office and customer service duties, thus they must be effective, well-organized, and kind.

#2. Event Planner Job For Career Change at 40

National average salary: $40,509 per year (Indeed)

Event planning may be your ideal job if you enjoy interacting with people and have strong time management and organizing skills.

In fact, although degrees are not often necessary, a degree or other certifications in the fields of hospitality, public relations, or any other similar profession would help your application.

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#3. Translator

National average salary: $45,732 per year (Indeed)

Businesses across a wide range of sectors employ translation services, which can present a wide range of opportunities. Fluency in each language you plan to translate is necessary to become a translator.

#4. SEO Specialist

National average salary: $52,028 per year (Indeed)

Since digital marketing is still so new, there are no established degree programs in SEO.

To stay up with the constantly changing alterations of search engine algorithms, it is advised to take advantage of online training classes, webinars, digital marketing certifications, and on-the-job training.

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#5. Dental Assistant

National average salary: $60,464 per year (Indeed)

Maintaining patient information and scheduling visits require a lot of regular administrative effort.

So there is a well-defined job path in dentistry, and dental assistants usually engage in a training course to get certified in the methods and abilities needed to help.

#6. Patient Care Technician

National average salary: $43,562 per year (Indeed)

Patient care technicians take samples, enter data on patients’ files, consult with patients and their families about their care plans, and aid doctors and registered nurses with patient examinations and treatment.

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How to Transition Careers

Depending on your chosen career, you may need to update your skills. This might involve taking formal classes to gain a new qualification, taking an online vocational course, or just researching the new industry you want to enter.

The main steps for altering careers at 40 are:

  • Consider the type of career you want and establish a specific objective for yourself.
  • Look into the industry for positions that interest you.
  • Learn what qualifications you’ll need and how to obtain them.
  • Obtain any required certifications.
  • Establish a business network.
  • Update your résumé to reflect your new job objectives.
  • Submit job applications in your new field.

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Career Change at 40 With No Degree in the UK

The good news is that there are many options that provide on-the-job training if you’re ready for a career change at age 40 in the UK but don’t feel like going back to school or paying money to get there.

#7. Nanny

Average salary: £26,325 per year (Talent)

Older nannies are accepted at Koru Kids, a London-based nanny service that focuses on the value of life experience in mentoring and assisting newer generations.

Some individuals are afraid to apply for nanny work because they believe it to be a full-time commitment with the possibility of live-in employment. But there are also many chances for part-time employment that are more flexible, so why not give it a chance? This is a career change at 40 with no degree UK.

#8. Dog Walker

Average salary: £10.30 per hour (Indeed)

The majority of persons who work as professional dog walkers do so on a self-employed basis, and dog owners will want to know that you are dependable, pleasant, and in reasonably good physical shape.

Another option is to begin by walking one or two dogs, then gradually expand your customer through advertising and/or word-of-mouth. This is another career change at 40 with no degree in the UK.

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#9. Emergency Call Handler

You can consider this is another career change at 40 with no degree in the UK. So, can you remain cool under severe stress? Would you like to be there for people when they most need you? If so, working as an emergency call handler could be a fantastic choice.

When someone needs assistance from the police, ambulance, or fire service, they ring 999 at any hour of the day or night, and how each call is handled might mean the difference between life and death.

Frequently Asked Questions About Career Change at 40

Is 40 too old to change careers?

Even though changing careers may be difficult at any age, job seekers who are 40 or older have an advantage over their younger counterparts in terms of resources, experience, and insight.

What is the best job at the age of 40?

Patient advocate.
Online tutor.
Human resources manager.
Administrative or executive assistant.

How can I reinvent my career at 40?

Identify your motivations for seeking a new job.
Describe your existing capabilities.
Research educational options.
Use your military expertise.
Pay attention to musical aptitude.
Ask family and friends for assistance.
Change your image.
Give it a go.

Can a woman start her career at 40?

You can locate legit internet work-from-home jobs in India if you’re seeking second career choices for women over 40 and are prepared to accept retraining chances for over-40s.


Even at the age of 40, one can change careers. However, it could change slightly from how it did at 30, as the likelihood that you have additional obligations, especially financial ones, is likely to be higher.

You must, first and foremost, have faith in your ability to succeed and allow that faith to guide your actions. Also, those in the UK with no degree can actually have a career change at 40. As a result, keep an open mind and learn more skills in the new job.


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