Carvertise Review 2023 | Pros, Cons, How it Works & Alternatives

Carvertise Review
Carvertise Review

Have you been in search of a Carvertise Review online? Well, here you have it. Here is a comprehensive review of Carvetise.

Oftentimes, to make money, whether offline or online, we must have come across platforms that pay car owners to drive people around using their cars. There are platforms such as Uber, Bolt, and Taxify that pay drivers to drive people around using their cars.

But then, there’s a platform called Carvertise that allows drivers or owners of cars to make money doing their everyday driving. 

This platform differs from others and doesn’t require drivers to drive people around. Instead, there are just a few rules to adhere to, after which one starts earning.

How is Carvertise different from other platforms that pay one to drive, and what does one need to do to start earning from Carvertise?

In this article, we will be considering a total Carvertise review, which includes the pros, cons, and Alternatives of Carvertise.

Now, shall we?

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What is Carvertise?

Think about a company that allows car owners to wrap the outside of their cars with advertisements of a brand that has partnered with it for visibility, and there you have Carvertise.

This is to say, Carvertise is an advertisement that allows car owners or drivers to earn passive income by wrapping the bodies of cars with advertisements. The advertisement would be for brands and companies that partner with Carvertise to get visibility through Carvertise’s mode of advertisement, car wraps.

All that needs to be done is to sign up—what you do whenever you want to start using a platform—agree to have the outside of your car wrapped with an advertisement, meet the requirements, and then, you’re all good to go.

Carvertise began its operations in Delaware sometime in 2012. Ever since they have grown into a company that allows car owners and drivers to make steady passive income by promoting brands through Carvertise’s mode of advertisement. It has over 70 marketplaces and well over 550,000 licensed drivers, a stat that other similar car wrapping companies do not come close to.

How Does Carvertise Work?

Since this is a Carvertise review, it is important to know how Carvertise works to know whether or not it is a platform through which you can earn passively.

To earn on Carvertise, one only needs to go through some simple processes, after which one is welcome onboard to start earning passive income.

The following are the processes it takes to start earning on Carvertise:

1.   Completion of Driver Application if requirements to join are met.

2. Get Matched with a Brand that quite fits your driving habits.

3. Get your car wrapped with an Advertisement.

4. Drive and start your journey to earning.

5. Unwrap your Car after the stipulated time.

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Completion of Driver Application.

On the verge of applying to become a driver for Carvertise, you would be asked various questions about how you drive and whether or not you meet the requirements.

The following are the requirements needed to be a Carvertise driver:

  • Must be aged at least 21.
  • Must have a vehicle whose model is not later than 2005 and should be in good condition.
  • Must drive the least 25 miles every day

If any potential Carvertise driver can meet the above requirements, then he or she can sign up on Carvertise’s official website.

Get Matched with A Brand That Fits You and Your Driving Habits.

After you have met the requirements needed to become a Carvertise driver and signed up on their official website, the next thing is for Carvertise to match you with a brand that fits the information you gave in your application.

Carvertise would most likely match you with brand partners wanting to market or promote their products or services in the city where you are. 

Get Your Car Wrapped.

After getting matched with a brand that fits the information you gave, Carvertise would help you locate a service shop closest to you where you can go ahead and get your car wrapped. And perhaps, one comforting thing about getting your car wrapped is that there is no fear of driving around with embarrassing advertisements. Carvertise ensures the standard of everything.

Drive and Start Earning.

After getting your car wrapped, the next thing is to go about your normal driving while earning passively. However, you must ensure to drive for at least 25 miles every day as it is a major requirement for every Carvertise driver. This is not to say Carvertise pays by the number of miles driven anyway. Carvertise pays based on the campaign you’re promoting and also depending on the brand you’re promoting.

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Unwrap your Car

Once the stipulated time for your promotion is over, the next thing is to unwrap your car. Again, Carvertise would locate a service shop, but this time, to help you unwrap your car. Most times, the unwrap occurs in the same shop where your car was wrapped.

After getting paid for the campaign and the promotion you must have carried out, you may choose to either continue or discontinue a new campaign.

Pros of Carvertise.

Since this article is based on Carvertise’s review, it would only make sense to go through the pros of using Carvertise. In other words, we would consider why Carvertise is worth the hype. The following are a few pros of Carvertise:

1. It is free to join: so far, you are interested in running campaigns for brands partnering with Carvertise, and if you can meet the requirements, you are welcome to join.

2. Drivers have the liberty of choosing brands they wish to promote.

3. After completing one campaign, you could choose to continue with another campaign or not. The choice remains yours.

4. It is a way of earning passive income while going on with daily activities. Carvertise offers a legal and valid means of diversifying one’s income stream.

Cons of Carvertise.

The following are the disadvantages of signing up with Carvertise:

1. Drivers have to drive at least 25 miles every day. Not every driver might like driving 25 miles daily, but they’re left with no choice.

2. The availability of carvertise is limited. This is because it is only available on 75 marketplaces in the United States.

3. It takes quite some days to get cars wrapped up. At times, car wrapping for drivers could take up to 3 days, making drivers have to wait to get their cars wrapped up.

4. Unwrapping the car might sometimes dent the car’s paint. This is why it is usually advisable not to paint your car before getting it wrapped up for Carvertise services.

5. Drivers sometimes complain about the Carvertise app draining their phone battery faster than usual. They also complain that the Carvertise software consumes more mobile data. For drivers who have to drive 25 miles daily, one can only imagine how drivers would manage the huge data consumption by the company’s software.

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Alternatives of Carvertise.

One important thing to remember is that some similar companies and platforms offer the same advertising service through car wrapping, just as Carvertise does.

Out of a couple of companies that offer similar services to Carvertise, the following are Alternatives to Carvertise:

1. Wrapify

 Just as popular as Carvertise, Wrapify is another car-wrapping company that allows drivers to earn by promoting brands partnering with them through the same advertising technique that Carvertise employs. 

However, the difference between Wrapify and Carvertise is that Wrapify pays by the miles drivers can cover while Carvertise pays a fixed rate based on campaigns pulled.

2.  Sticker Ride 

Similar to both Wrapify and Carvertise, drivers can also earn passive income on Sticker Ride by promoting brands through the car-wrapping method of advertisement that both Wrapify and Carvertise use.

Earning on Sticker Ride is determined by the number of miles drivers can cover, employing the same payment technique as Wrapify.

3. Free Car Media

Also similar to Carvertise, free car media allows drivers to earn from ads wrapped around the bodies of their cars. Unlike Wrapify and Carvertise, drivers choose where they want the ad placed on their cars’ bodies.

They might choose to either have the ads wrapped around the car’s rear windows or the entire body.

The difference between Free car Media and Carvertise is that, unlike Carvertise, whose campaigns can last anywhere from a few weeks to two months, Free Car Media’s campaigns last longer. Its campaigns last from six to 2 months.

4. ReferralCars

ReferralCars stand out from the list because apart from the money drivers earn for wrapping ads around their cars, they also offer drivers commission-based reimbursements, which other competitors do not.

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Over time, Carvertise has proven to be a company that helps brands and businesses with visibility and promotion. It allows car owners to earn passively while going on their daily drives.

For anyone who doesn’t mind getting a wrap on their car and an extra three hundred dollars every month, Carvertise is just a good side hustle.

Carvertise has contributed to the advancement of the marketplace in various ways and has secured deals with large, well-known brands such as Amazon, Penn State, and many others.

So, there is little or no fear of earning passively with Carvertise, as it is an advertising company that even popular brands use. With Carvertise, a passive yet steady side income can be guaranteed.






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