Does Staples Sell Stamps | Can I Buy Stamps in Staples?


Indeed, yes, Staples does sell stamps. Staples is an American office supply company. It has over 1500 outlets around the country, giving it a handy way to purchase postage stamps.

You may also purchase additional mailing supplies such as boxes, envelopes, pencils, bubble wrap, tape, and nearly any other item required to ship a letter or delivery.

Continue reading to learn more about Staples Stamps.

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History of Staples

Staples was created in 1985 by Thomas Stemberg and Leo Kahn. The backstory is rather interesting: Stemberg was working on a project but couldn’t locate the ribbon for his printer since the local business in his region was closed for Independence Day.

He became angry and pondered why people relied so much on little local businesses for office supplies.

Stemberg already had a history in the food industry, so the aggravation and experience inspired him to create a superstore for office supplies.

As a result, the following year, in 1986, Staples opened its first shop in Boston.

By 1992, Staples had built stores around Europe and its first British outlet in Swansea. By the early 2000s, Staples had over 1300 outlets operating throughout urban regions.

It was also available in local marketplaces in over 45 states. Apart from being one of the leading office supply businesses, it also began offering delivery services, supplying Internet and office supplies to many large and medium-sized enterprises.

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Can You Buy Stamps at Staples?

Yes, Postage stamps are easily available at any store across the country. Simply go to a nearby store and ask the cashier for US postage stamps.

You can request a single stamp or buy a book containing 20symbolss.

How Much Does a Stamp Book Cost?

A book of 20 USPS Forever Stamps will cost $12.00 in 2022. Each book contains 20 stamps as standard. However, some stamp books/panes come with 18 or 16 stamps, which may affect the total cost.

You can get a roll of 100 stamps at Staples store for $4, or choose as few as 20 stamps.

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Where Can I Get the Cheapest Stamps?

Stamps are typically sold at retail prices in office supply stores such as OfficeMax and Staples.

In addition to office supply stores, you can buy your stamps at gas stations, UPS stores, chain stores such as Target and Walmart, pharmacies, and grocery stores.

A wholesale store, such as Costco or Sam’s Club, is another good option.

Why Buy Stamps at Staples?

The best part about purchasing stamps from retail stores is that they are open during the week and even on weekends.

Staples will take care of you! Staples does not deliver or sell stamps online, so the best thing you can do to avoid wasting your time is to call your nearest Staples store to see if they have stamps in stock.

Another advantage of purchasing stamps from Staples is that they come in books of 20. You can buy it once and use it whenever you want!

Because Staples is an office supply superstore, you can purchase other shipping materials such as envelopes, pens, stickers, wrapping paper, etc.

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Best Online Stores for Buying and Selling Stamps

Frequently Asked Questions On Does Staple Sell Stamps

What is the Best Way to Purchase Stamps?

To get some, go to your local post office, but you don’t have to go there. You can order them from the US Postal Service’s website.

Various establishments, including grocery stores, pharmacies, and others, sell stamp booklets.

Where Do People Get their Stamps?

Where Can I Get Stamps?

  • Post Office: Here, you can purchase new stamps.
  • Stamps can be viewed and ordered online.
  • Mailboxes: Many people receive stamps every day.
  • Stamp dealers: Older stamps can be purchased here.
  • The Internet: Stamps and stamp-collecting supplies can be purchased from websites on the Internet.

How Do You Get Personalized Stamps?

The US Post Office allows you to create custom postage stamps from your photographs, but you must do so through one of the organization’s authorized third-party vendors.

According to the USPS website, you can design and buy custom stamps from PhotoStamps, PictureItPostage, and Zazzle.

What is the Cost of a Personalized Stamp?

Custom stamps start around $20, which is a small price for business owners who may need to stamp mail or packages with their address, product packaging, stationary, or forms with their company name or log regularly.


Does Staples Sell Stamps? It certainly does. It also provides a variety of office and business-related services to make your life easier.



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