Does WinCo Take Credit Cards in 2023

Does WinCo Take Credit Cards
Does WinCo Take Credit Cards

Credit cards are one of the easiest ways with which to make payments for goods and services purchased. Not only is it one of the easiest ways to make payments, but it is also one of the most accepted methods of payment. 

Users of credit cards would prefer the usage as a result of the interest-free cash withdrawals, discounts, and cash-back that they are open to enjoying as a result of its usage.

Owing to the ease, many shops and grocery stores accept payment for purchases with credit cards. Due to the popularity of credit cards as a method of payment, it makes sense to get questions as to whether or not WinCo accepts Credit cards as a means of payment for purchases.

In this article, we would clarify whether or not WinCo accepts Credit cards and we would also address the use of credit cards to make payments.

That being said, we’re jumping right in!

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How Credit Cards Work.

Of course, we all know Credit cards are physical cards that can be used to make payments for purchases, pay bills and withdraw cash. Simply put, credit cards act like a medium for getting short-term loans.

When you make use of your credit card to either make purchases – either online or in stores – or pay bills, the card details are sent to the seller’s bank. And then the bank in turn gets permission to process your transaction(s). 

Your transaction is either approved or declined after the transaction must have been verified. If your transaction gets approved, payment is made to the seller and then the transaction fee is deducted from the available credit on your card.

Now, when the grace period – the time between the date you make a purchase and the date you’re supposed to make a payment – is due and you pay your bills, no interest would be charged. However, if you are unable to pay your bills during the grace period, you would be charged interest.

In a nutshell, using a credit card is more or less like you’re borrowing money to make purchases.

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Pros and Cons of Using Credit Cards.

Credit cards help in terms of payment convenience. It eliminates fraud and helps to benefit from cash back services. However, there are also downsides to using credit cards.

It helps users to earn rewards for using a credit card.If one carries a balance from one month to another without paying up, one would need to pay interest.
It helps to build credit if carefully used.Getting access to credit might lead to a pile-up of debt and uncontrollable spending.
It enables one to go cashless i.e. one doesn’t have to be stuck with carrying cash around.The existence of fine print can confuse a credit card owner.
It helps one track one’s spendingEven with a track of spending, it still puts a lot of responsibility on the spender.
There is the elimination of illegal charges.Even with the elimination, overspending can affect one’s credit scores negatively.

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Brief Intro to WinCo

WinCo is an “Employee-owned” American supermarket chain that has retail stores in a couple of countries and about 136 locations. WinCo stores are known for their warehouse-style type of stores and their low prices. They deal majorly with groceries and food.

WinCo has almost 100 stores and about 15,000 employees. Surprisingly, WinCo is under no union. Instead of going through middlemen and side distributors, WinCo gets its food directly from farmers and manufacturers. As a result of a reduction in the processes of getting their food, it is easy for them to pass on their savings to customers in the form of price reductions.

There are also a couple of strategies through which WinCo can reduce the prices of their goods albeit the major strategy remains cutting out middlemen and distributors and getting their food directly from producers and farmers.

 Another way with which they cut down on costs is by asking customers to bag their groceries. Although they have refrained customers from bringing containers into the store when they come for refilling.

Employees and retirees of WinCo own about 83% of the company. The company’s shares are determined and valued by an outside firm that isn’t even WinCo’s. Even at that, WinCo is still said to be outperforming the entire stock market.

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Does WinCo Accept Credit Cards?

WinCo does not accept credit cards. This is another way through which they cut down on costs. The transaction costs that are associated with credit cards serve as a huge turnoff to WinCo and as a result, they avoid it.

While this policy favors WinCo and also favors consumers who would be able to get low prices on groceries and foods purchased, the policy also drives off customers who would rather make payments with credit cards than use other available alternatives.

A similar store, Aldi used to have a No credit card policy just like WinCo. In 2016, they got rid of the policy and as a result, they were able to increase their customer base by making room for customers who prefer credit cards to other alternatives. 

While Aldi was able to increase its customer base, there was also an increased cost associated with credit card fees.

Using Aldi as a case study, it makes sense why WinCo decided against the acceptance of credit cards. There are, however, other payment methods accepted by WinCo.

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Methods of Payment Accepted by WinCo

While WinCo doesn’t accept the use of credit cards as a means of payment for purchases, the following are accepted alternative payment methods:

1. Cash

Rather than use credit cards, customers can just make physical payments involving cash at the counters and purchase whatever they would.

2. Checks

Apart from cash, WinCo also accepts checks that meet their requirements.

3. Debit Cards

As against credit cards, WinCo accepts the use of debit cards as a method of payment. However, unlike other grocery stores, they do not accept PIN debit cards. Rather, they prefer the use of signed debit cards. For this reason, you might want to resort to debit cards.

4. WIC

A WIC member could purchase approved grocery items from WinCo using their WIC smart card.

5. Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT)

WinCo accepts the use of EBT where the money to be paid is treated as a debit transaction. This method of payment is secured in the same way as one would do a debit card payment.

6. Digital Coupons

One way to make a discounted purchase at WinCo is to print manufacturer’s coupons and redeem digital coupons offered by WinCo. 

To redeem a digital coupon, you only need to enter the phone number associated with your account. The digital coupon would be available for just the products you would like to purchase. And, it is important to note that digital accounts can only be used once per purchase.

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Which is Cheaper Between WinCo and Walmart?

Compared to the prices of goods in Walmart (and even other stores), WinCo still sells cheaper grocery items. Once, a grocery analyst referred to WinCo as “Walmart’s worst nightmare. Depending on the items for purchase, their prices are usually 50 cents to one dollar cheaper than that of Walmart.

Although, because WinCo primarily exists as a discount supermarket, its business model is not as attractive as Walmart’s. One could get the same product offered for sale in Walmart in WinCo at a cheaper price but their business model is vastly different.

While Walmart accepts Credit cards, Apple pay, and the like, WinCo does not and this is a result of the low prices business model that WinCo operates on. WinCo however accepts other methods of payments such as debit cards, cash, checks, EBT, and WIC smart cards for WIC members.

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Why is WinCo so Cheap?

WinCo employs several strategies to ensure that they can offer low prices to customers. One major strategy is to cut down on the processes involved in getting goods.
Specifically, WinCo avoids making purchases from middlemen. Instead, they make purchases from farmers and producers of what they sell. And as a result, they can pass down low prices to customers. 

Is WinCo owned by Walmart?

 No, it isn’t. WinCo and Walmart are two different grocery stores entirely. The only similar thing about them is that they both sell cheap grocery items, although WinCo’s are cheaper.

How much of WinCo do employees own?

Since WinCo is known as an employee-owned grocery store, it only makes sense to want to know how much of WinCo employees own. Employees own 83% of the company.

Do WinCo employees Get Discounts?

As opposed to discounts, they get gift cards instead, which come in handy when they need to purchase food and other grocery items.

What makes WinCo stand out?

There are several reasons why WinCo stands out from the crowd of competitors. The most obvious reason, however, is their low prices and the availability of basic food items.


This article has been able to show that WinCo does not accept credit cards as a means of payment which is understandable considering the low prices offered.

They however accept alternative methods of payments in the form of debit cards, checks, cash, and digital coupons to mention a few.

Therefore, if one seeks a grocery store where low prices of goods are offered and does not mind the non-acceptance of credit cards for payments, WinCo remains a good option.


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