How Long Does Paypal Hold Money?

How Long Does Paypal Hold Money
How Long Does Paypal Hold Money

PayPal is a platform used by business owners and individuals to send and receive money. The funds will be received in your PayPal account. So how long does PayPal hold money?

The creation of PayPal made checks and paper money obsolete. Since 1988, when the company was created, it has become a popular means of online payment. However, users experience payment holds at times. How long does PayPal hold money? What should we do about it? Read on; these and more will be addressed in this article. 

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What is PayPal?

PayPal Holdings, Inc., popularly known as PayPal, is an international financial technology business that operates an online payment system in several nations that allows for online money transfers. It serves as an alternative to traditional methods like money orders and cheques. 

PayPal offers its payment services to both individuals and businesses alike. You’ll be required to create an account on its platform before using PayPal to make transactions.

To create an account, users must enter an email address, credit card number, debit card number, or bank account number. Before the service may be utilized, PayPal checks all of the information to ensure that the person setting up the account is the rightful owner.

Once identification and proof of funds are confirmed through a debit or credit card or bank account, users can start making and receiving payments to and from other PayPal accounts online or through PayPal’s app. PayPal acts as a go-between for your bank and merchants, ensuring that your payment information is kept hidden and safe. 

PayPal – How it Started?

In 1988, PayPal was established by Peter Thiel, Luke Nosek, and Max Levchin as Confinity, a firm that specializes in security software for mobile devices. They didn’t experience much success with that. Its focus then shifted to a digital wallet. In 1999, the first version of PayPal’s electronic payment system was released.

In 2000, Confinity merged with, another electronic financial services company founded by Elon Musk in 1999. The merged company was renamed PayPal in 2001 and went public via a stock launch in 2002. 

Later that year, eBay acquired it as a wholly-owned subsidiary valued at $1.5 billion. Between 2002 and 2015, PayPal acquired different companies, including Fraud Sciences, Bill Me Later, and Iron Pearls.

eBay spun out PayPal to its shareholders in 2015, restoring PayPal’s independence. After its independence, PayPal acquired other companies, including the digital money transfer company Xoom. It also acquired iZettle and Honey.

It was ranked 134th among Fortune 500 largest US corporations by revenue in 2021. It was also ranked the second most trusted brand globally in an international survey by Morning Consult in March 2021. 

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Why is your Money on Hold on PayPal?

How long does PayPal hold money? Before answering this, you need to understand why they place a hold on funds. PayPal explains that it holds money to ensure the marketplace is safe and secure for buyers and sellers. 

Although the money is yours, PayPal will temporarily prevent you from accessing it to ensure you have enough funds in your account to deal with situations like chargebacks and disputes. When the buyer certifies that they received the item they requested in the condition that was advertised, the funds are released. Some reasons why your funds might be placed on hold include the following: 

  • You are new to selling.
  • Your PayPal account has been dormant for quite some time
  • Formal complaints about refunds, disputes, or chargebacks by customers
  • A questionable pattern of selling
  • Sales of high-risk products

You are New to Selling

You’ve never sold before. New sellers must establish a reputation and a track record with buyers. Your status can change if you’ve produced a successful transaction record.

Your PayPal Account has been Dormant for Quite some time

If you haven’t sold an item in a while, you’ll need to restore your credibility, just like you would if you were a first-time seller.

Formal Complaints about Refunds, Disputes, or Chargebacks by Customers

If one or more customers request a refund, dispute, or chargeback, your funds will be temporarily held until the issue(s) is resolved. 

A Questionable Pattern of Selling

You have a questionable pattern of selling. PayPal will identify an account with unexpected behavior, such as a higher-than-normal selling pattern or a significant shift in the things sold.

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Sales of High-Risk Products

As classified by PayPal, high-risk products include gift cards, computers, tickets, trip packages, and consumer gadgets. Selling these high-risk products will automatically place your funds on hold to ensure customer satisfaction. 

How long PayPal holds money depends on why the hold was placed. Continue reading to learn how long PayPal holds money for different reasons.

How long does PayPal hold Money?

How long PayPal holds money varies from situation to situation. PayPal will release your payments within 21 days if there are no issues with your transaction or account, such as an undelivered package or a customer filing a complaint. Your fund is placed on hold when the following happens:

  • Dispute
  • Claim
  • Chargebacks
  • Bank reversal


A buyer may register a dispute for one of two reasons:

  • When the buyer ordered and paid for an item but never received it.
  • When the buyer got an item significantly different from the seller’s description. 

So how long does PayPal hold money when there is a dispute? You will have 20 days to resolve the issue with the customer, and the fund will be on hold during this period. If the issue is resolved in your favor, the hold will be lifted, and you can access the money. 


A claim happens when you cannot resolve a dispute between you and a customer. Either of you can escalate the dispute to a claim. A buyer can also file a claim if their account was hacked and the purchase was made without permission.

How long does PayPal hold money during a claim? When a claim is filed, the other party is expected to respond within 10 days, after which PayPal will resolve the issue. Depending on the issue’s complexity, this usually takes about 30 days or more. Your money will be placed on hold throughout this period.

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A buyer who makes a payment with their credit or debit card can contact their card provider and file a chargeback. A buyer can file a chargeback for some reasons, which include:

  • Fraudulent use of their card
  • Unidentified charge
  • The ordered item was not delivered
  • Two charges for the same item

Bank Reversal

Bank reversal filed by a buyer is another reason PayPal can put your money on hold. In this case, the buyer or their bank can request that a transaction be reversed. The reason a bank reversal may be requested is the same as a chargeback.

How long does PayPal hold money during bank reversal? This depends on how long it takes to resolve the issue. 

How can you get your Money through Paypal faster?

How long PayPal holds your money is typically 21 days. However, Suppose there are no problems with the order. In that case, you may be able to get temporarily unavailable money released sooner than the scheduled 21 days by performing any of the following activities from your PayPal account:

  • Tracking
  • For services or intangible objects, update the order status
  • Print a USPS/UPS mailing label


PayPal will release the hold on funds one day after the courier confirms delivery if you use one of PayPal’s approved shipping carriers. Some PayPal-approved carriers in the United States include DHL eCommerce US, Echo, and FedEx, among others. 

For Services or Intangible Objects, update the Order Status

Update the order status for non-shipped items, such as e-books or piano lessons, and PayPal will disburse payments in seven days.

Print a USPS/UPS Mailing Label

1 day after delivery, print a USPS or UPS shipping label from your PayPal account. This will update your tracking information and delivery confirmation automatically.

How can you Prevent Payments Held on PayPal?

How long does PayPal hold money? If there are no issues, PayPal holds money for 21 days. However, if there is an issue, your money can be on hold for as long as 75 days or more, depending on the issue. 

To prevent payment hold, do the following:

  • Post real details and pictures of items to be sold to avoid refunds, disputes, and chargebacks from buyers.
  • Create a customer service message in the resolution center to enable free communication between you and the buyer. 
  • Work and communicate with customers early on to prevent or resolve disputes. 
  • Examine past emails from PayPal to understand the reasons for payment hold and how to prevent it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is creating a PayPal account free?

Setting up a PayPal account is free and only takes a few minutes.

Is there a Monthly Fee for PayPal?

It’s free to open a PayPal account.  There is also no monthly fee for holding a PayPal account. PayPal charges a transaction fee to the seller of an item but not the buyer. There are also fees charged for currency conversion.

How Do I Find Someone’s PayPal Account?

There are no official tools for checking a person’s PayPal account. You can identify the user’s PayPal account by checking your transaction history if you previously sent money or accepted payment from them.

How can I transfer money to someone’s PayPal account?

You’ll need the recipient’s email address or cell phone number to make a payment. This information must be accurate and correspond to the email address or phone number associated with their PayPal account.

Is it possible to pay someone on PayPal without having a PayPal account?

Your recipient must send you a unique PayPal invoice if you want to pay someone through PayPal without having an account.


PayPal is a leading online financial service provider. How long PayPal holds money is dependent on the issue surrounding the payment. Whatever it is, you can contact their customer care for support. 

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