Creative Small Business Hashtags for Tiktok and Instagram


Are you asking about the significance of small business hashtags for your business? Do you wonder how creative small business hashtags can boost your business?

Do you want to know how to create hashtags for your business and also the best TikTok and Instagram hashtags for your small business?

This article will teach you the essence of hashtags and how to strategically make use of them to drive business success.

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What are the Basics of Business Hashtags?

The majority of people, including business owners, still find it hard to understand the essence of hashtags. While one group doesn’t know what hashtags mean, the other group doesn’t believe in its ability to drive visibility.

The truth is that these hashtags play an unimaginable role in business success. Instagram and Tiktok’s search capabilities are quite restricted, and one of the easiest methods to be noticed and gain more eyes on your post is to utilize hashtags.

They let you appear in various searches for your target demographic and assist consumers in finding more of your material.

Leveraging these small business hashtags on Instagram and Tiktok helps make your content show up in search results. They make people locate you easily and also increase the number of people your business is exposed to

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How Do You Use Instagram and Tiktok’s Hashtags?

Your Instagram and Tiktok feed posts provide your small business the highest chance of appearing in search results for various hashtags. However, not every hashtag will function in the same manner.

You must be strategic in terms of which ones you utilize and how you mix them. Instagram allows you to make use of a maximum of 30 hashtags for your post.

You should use a range of hashtags from various popularity categories. Go to Instagram and put your hashtag into the search field to see how popular it is. Tap the # tab to discover how many posts are related with the appropriate hashtags to your search query.

The key to building your small business is creating your personal small business hashtags or following the right hashtags.

Adding a big list of hashtags to your Instagram/Tiktok feed posts is insufficient. The trick is to locate hashtags that are relevant to your business.

Don’t use hashtags because they are popular unless they fall in line with the services you render as a small business.

Locating the right audience is the goal, so in order to achieve this, you must ask yourself the critical question; where can I find my audience?

If your audience is vegetarian, then you can use hashtags like #vegeterians, #vegan, #vegetarianfood, #veganfood, #friendsnotfood, and so on.

Imagine using the hashtag #love hashtag when you offer the service of a graphic designer; that won’t drive you towards the right audience.

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How Can You Create Small Business Hashtags for Instagram and Tiktok?

Yes, you can create a hashtag that is unique to your brand or service. This makes users engage your business in their conversations. Find below the best practices if you want to create your personal hashtags.

Choose a Unique and Concise Word

One of the first fundamental characteristics of hashtags is that they must be relatively short, a few words or a short phrase, but not enough words to form a comprehensive statement.

In as much as Instagram and Tiktok platforms don’t reduce the letter count but best practices demand that you should keep your small business hashtags short.

The major difficulty is in making it unique. Remember, you’re creating a hashtag for your small business that will make people refer to it in their conversations.

If you make it stand out, it will accrue attractions when it is picked. An example of a business hashtag that is short and unique is #ShareACoke by Coca-Cola.

Make Your Small Business Hashtags Clever and Humorous

Hashtags that are either amusing, intelligently worded, or both are significantly more likely to become viral rapidly. If it’s hilarious or intelligent, it’ll be easily catchy, and consumers will be eager to participate.

This is an excellent method to demonstrate your brand’s personality and fun-loving side. Charmin’s #tweetfromtheseat was a great example since it was both enjoyable and actionable (they tied it in with a contest for an extra punch).

Users will be more likely to remember a play on words, a joke, or a phrase with a nice rhythm.

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Create a Hashtag that Aligns with Your Brand or Business

While some businesses are more casual on social media than they are in person, you should still make sure that your unique, creative hashtag is consistent with the rest of your brand.

Digiorno Pizzas’ hashtag #DiGiorNOYOUDIDNT is a perfect example of a hashtag that would only work for certain companies.

They were allowed to show off their personalities, and when comedy followed, they were in on the joke rather than on the receiving end.

Pass a Simple Message Through Your Business Hashtag

Marketing teams frequently overanalyze hashtags. Instead, be upfront and unambiguous with your statement. If you get too complicated, the message may become lost in the context. Creativity is usually beneficial, but too much of it may be perplexing.

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What are the Benefits of Having Small Business Hashtags?

You’ll need a source of engagement to assist spread the word about your product or service. Hashtags continue to be excellent engagement resources.

Other advantages of effectively creating a hashtag for your small business include the following:

  • Hashtags are essentially an additional organic output for your content. You’ll be more discoverable if you optimize your hashtags and employ phrases or keywords related to your industry.
  • You may track hashtags inside your most critical networks by utilizing third-party social media management tools such as Sprout Social.
  • Hashtags are useful since they may be used across channels. This will help with cross-channel promotions and make using hashtags for each major network easier.

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Just in case you are seeking popular hashtags that will boost your small business this year, I have a few for you.

  • #smallbusiness
  • #supportsmallbusiness
  • #localbusiness
  • #businessowner
  • #business
  • #smallbusinesssupport
  • #smallbusinessowner
  • #entrepreneur
  • #blackownedbusiness
  • #womeninbusiness

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Small Business Hashtags

Question 1: How do hashtags help your business?

Answer: Hashtags help people locate your social media content, enhance social media interaction, and bring in new consumers

Question 2: What makes a hashtag successful?

Answer: The greatest hashtags are usually simple and easy to remember. Make use of relevant and precise hashtags.

Question 3: What is a good hashtag strategy?

Answer: Use a combination of popular and smaller niche hashtags

Question 4: Do hashtags increase sales?

Answer: Using the proper hashtags helps attract the right individuals to your business and enhances sales. You want to engage them with fresh and appealing hashtags, entice them with prizes and seasonal deals, and establish a brand image. Hashtags will assist you in doing all of this.

Question 5 How can hashtags can improve your business visibility?

Answer: Hashtags not only help consumers discover your content, but they also assist you as a company engages with users that share your interests.


With over 1 billion Tiktok Users and approximately 2 billion active Instagram users, your small business stands a chance of receiving that boost you seek.

But you can achieve this by following popular Tiktok and Instagram small business hashtags. Better still you may opt to take the further step of creating a personalized hashtag for your brand.

Be certain to follow the above-given guidelines on hashtag creation if you want to maximize the impact of Instagram and TikTok hashtags for your small business.



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