11 Best Most Popular Mexican Tequila Brands


The main ingredient of Mexican tequila brands is weber blue agave, a plant that grows in Mexico’s hot and dry regions. The pina is the part of the plant used to make tequila and has a good amount of natural sugar.

Tequila has come to be one of America’s favorite spirits. And they could be the number one culprit when it comes to hangovers, but when it’s 100% agave, the lesser the hangover.

You can enjoy tequila straight from the bottle or use it as a base for mixing drinks. Tequilas also come in different categories according to color and age.

But your choice can depend on your taste as there are many brands to choose from. To help you make the right choice, we have narrowed our list to the 11 most popular tequila brands with mostly 100% agave.

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1. Don Julio

Don Julio is owned by Diageo and has been around for close to a century, and is made of 100% blue agave plant.

Their famous 1942 expression age for at least two and half years and has such a smooth taste to the mouth.

The beautiful golden brown color and vanilla flavor of Don Julio are quite welcoming to the taste bud. And with that, Don Julio made it to the best Mexican tequila brands list.

2. Corralejo

This is one of the oldest tequilas, made of 100% agave tequila, obtained from the double distillation of fermented musts from weber’s blue agave.

Its innovative techniques date back to 1775. Their Reposado is aged for four months and comes in three different types of casks; French, American, and White Oak which gives different characteristics to their spirits.

Corralejo has a peppery flavor, and it’s great to sip. It is an old Tequila brand, among the oldest in Mexico.

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3. Clase Azul

Beautifully presented in a white and blue vintage bottle, Clase Azul is flavourful and smooth. The decanters are handmade out of ceramics designed in Santa maria.

In fact, Clase Azul bottles are an expression of art. You’ll taste pineapple, caramel, hot peppers, and a salty note. The Clase Azul is also made of 100% agave blue.

4. Herradura

Herradura is also handcrafted and created for sipping and is also one of the best mexican tequila brands. This brand of tequila is 100 % blue agave.

This version of tequila is aged for 11 months in wooden barrels, which gives it a stunning purple color.

You’ll love the hint of caramelized agave vanilla and cinnamon on your palate. Its spices and toasty oak taste will fondle your taste bud in an exquisite finish.

5. Partita

This is one of the newest tequila that made its entrant in the early 2000s. The brand established itself with its Blanco, an exceptionally dynamic spirit mellow on your palate. You can taste a hint of dried fruit cloves, cinnamon, and a touch of citrus.

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6. Milagro

This is another newer distillery created by two friends in 1997 in Mexico City. Milagro is made from 100% blue agave and ages for a minimum of three years.

The brand has gained popularity due to its casual floral taste with notes of spices. Milagro uses two different types of stills: pot and column. The liquor is affordable, mild, and light.

So, if you’re new to the tequila-drinking world, this could be your first point of entry. They also have a pretty unique bottle and are easily recognizable.

Forbes contributor Jillian Dara noted, “The logo itself was designed to reflect the prevalent Mexico City street art, and the bottle to embody modern sculpture…”

7. Espolon

Expolon is also one of the most affordable tequilas on our list and is perfect for mixing cocktails. It can also be enjoyed on its own.

Made from 100% Blue Weber Agave, this brand of Tequila is located in Los Altos de Jalisco, Mexico. They currently produce three tequila expressions: Blanco, Reposado, and Añejo.

Blanco is aged up to four months, and the liquid is fermented for approximately three to four days to balance the flavor.

Reposado is aged in American oak barrels, with #2 char, for a minimum of two months. The age is up to six months. Añejo is aged in American white oak barrels for at least 12 months.

Afterward, the Reposado is finished in heavily charred Wild Turkey Bourbon barrels for two more months. With this, the tequila takes on whiskey’s rich, complex flavors.

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8. El Tesoro

El Tesoro is one of the best and most popular tequila brands made in Jalisco, Mexico. It distinguishes itself by its distinct taste of vegetal notes mixed with the sweet agave flavor and a hint of vanilla and fruit undercurrents.

Specifically, El Tesoro is also made from 100% estate-grown agave. This brand of tequila is famous among bartenders and agave lovers. It comes with a Blanco, which is a good margarita base.

Its reposado is also excellent for cocktails, but if sipping on a more aged tequila appeals to you, then El Tesoro might be right for you.

9. Casa Noble

The Casa Noble Tequila brand started as a tequila producer in the late 1700s in Tequila, Jalisco.

Casa Noble is also made of Blue Weber agave and has a crispy yet spicy flavor that is versatile and pleasant on the palate.

The brand’s unique single-barrel offerings set it apart from the other distilleries/spirits. The Casa Noble brand offers pokey reposado and rich extra Anejo expressions of classy French castes.

This tequila brand uses traditional methods on a relatively small scale and contains 100% Blue Weber agave. It makes a smooth and pleasant sipper that you can quickly drink neat or rocks.

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10. Patron

Patron has been around for over a quarter century, crafted with hands. It is also produced in the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico, with exclusively 100% agave.

Patron makes several varieties of tequila, including Silver, Reposado, and Añejo. The tequila brand sets itself apart with its brilliant marketing and bottle designs.

Their roka range leads the market with its pronounced agave flavor, which is gotten by keeping the traditional method of crushing the pinas for their other expressions. They do use a combination of the tana and the mill.

11. el jimador

El Jimador is most people’s hands-down go-to for cheaper tequila. It has 100% blue agave and is the most-sold tequila in Mexico. You can try the silver tequila version if you want something pocket-friendly.

It is quite an aged tequila, and the taste is good. The fact that El Jimador is an entry-level and lower-price tequila brand and still 100% agave is quite interesting. Currently, you can get El Jimador Silver Tequila, 750mL, for $29.97 at Walmart.

So if you’re looking for an economy tequila with the traditional agave ingredient, then you might want to try out the el jimador tequila brand. You’ll love its simplicity and smoothness with a mild sweet flavor.

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5 Categories of Tequila to Look Out For

Silver-Colored Tequila

The first of the five categories of tequila is silver-colored tequila, the youngest category. It is the least-aged tequila and is full of agave flavor.

Gold Tequila

The second category is gold tequila which is usually mixed with color. However, it is not aged, just like the silver-colored tequila. You’ll find about 100% agave on its label.

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Reposado tequila

The third tequila category on our list is Reposado or rested tequila. The age of this tequila is between two months to one year.


Next in our tequila category is Anejo tequila, aged between one and three years. It comes in yellow and woody colors.

Extra Añejo

The fifth category of tequila is the Extra Añejo. It is the newest tequila category, and its age is over three years.

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How to Drink Tequila Like a Mexican

You don’t just pick up a bottle of tequila and gulp it down your throat. The right way Mexicans drink tequila is by sipping the drink.

Mexicans usually relish their tequila in a shot glass and then take small sips. You can also have some lime, cinnamon, or salt after every sip, but it’s all your choice!

Mexican tequila brands


Now you have them! Our list of traditionally made, classy tequila Mexican brands. Don’t take our word for it; try out some of this tequila and see which are the best tequila brands out there!

If we missed your favorite tequila, you can hit the comment section and share your opinion with us. Let the conversation begin!



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