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How To Make Money Online Nothing
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Do you believe there are so many ways to make money online without paying anything? Nowadays, if you’re asked what you need money for, I’m certain you’ll write a full page containing the things you need money for. So, that’s how important it is to have money!

Daily you spend money on a lot of things. And as you do, the thought of how to make money online without paying anything keeps coming to your mind. But not to worry, there are various ways you can accomplish this without spending a dime.

Well, thanks to digitalization. You can now make money online regardless of wherever you may be. Meanwhile, the best thing about having an online stream of income is that you can make so much money online with nothing. All you need is just to have a targeted audience and the necessary skills to begin.

So, in this blog post, you will learn how to make money online without paying anything. If you can choose from them and consistently put in the effort, you will experience a tremendous change in your finances.

Let’s begin!

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Can You Make Money Online Without Paying Anything?

You might be in doubt about how much money you can make online. However, you shouldn’t panic because what we’re about to reveal to you is an eye-opener. Just keep an open mind, okay?

There are many online businesses you can get involved with and as well make as much money as you desire without spending a penny. Oh yes! It’s true.

But you will be committing two things if you want to make the most of these online businesses — your efforts and time. Dedicating these two things to your online business could get you to that millionaire status you desire.

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How to Make Money Online Without Paying Anything

Basically, to make some bucks online, you need skills. However, some of them might not require skills. But to be on the safer side, ensure you acquire some skills.

So, we’ll be exploring some ways you can legitimately make money online without paying anything. Let’s look at them one after the other.

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1. Become a Web Designer

Web designing is a business where you can make money online without paying anything. If you’re a computer guru who is good with codes, then this should be the first thing that pops into your mind. If you do this as a freelancer, you can earn as high as $1,000 monthly.

Meanwhile, if you have a flair for web design but don’t know how to build a website using codes, you can try out other available alternatives and software. An example of this is WordPress.

Over time, WordPress has been used to create amazing websites. It has beautiful features and themes which could also spice up your website. But if you don’t know how to use this software, you can take out time to learn it. Soon after learning, you can build websites for people using WordPress.

2. Video Editing

I’m sure you must have come across a series of videos online or on social media. Did you ever stop to think about how those videos were created? Well, those videos were made by video editors.

Also, if you are the type that loves taking nice photos and converting them to videos to share for fun on social media, this is an opportunity to turn your hobby into an income stream. It’s another way to make money online with nothing.

Video editing is not as daunting as people paint it to be. There are already existing software and mobile apps that you can use to create and edit attention-grabbing videos.

And it might interest you to know that videos easily grab the attention of many people. That is why a lot of businesses employ the services of video editors.

If you’re a newbie video editor, you can start learning with Filmora (a video editing mobile app). Interestingly, it’s easy to use and navigate. Then with time, you can advance to other video editing tools like Final cut pro and Adobe after effects.

As you grow in this niche, you can make good bucks for yourself without spending a dime. In addition, you can sign up on a freelancing platform like Fiverr. On this platform, you could make money from creating and editing simple tutorial videos. Meanwhile, it won’t cost you any money to sign up on this platform.

If you explore these aforementioned points on video editing, you’ll be making cool cash each month.

3. Virtual Assistant

This is yet another interesting way to make money online without paying anything. Virtual assistant, otherwise known as business assistant, involves you carrying out a business’s daily tasks to ensure that their business requirements are accomplished.

As the name implies, it is strictly online. And you can earn anywhere between $20 to $100 hourly depending on your skills and the job requirements. The following are associated with virtual assistance; market research, financial consulting, email marketing/management, branding, social media management, presentations, legal consulting, and business consulting, and so on.

So, to get started with this type of online business, just put your portfolio together and begin to tell prospects what you do.

4. Graphic Designing

Just in case you don’t know, graphic design is one of the high-income skills. What does that mean? They are paid huge bucks for creating designs. And guess what! It’s undoubtedly a great way to make money online without paying anything.

Graphic design simply involves creating and editing photos, images and creating visual content for various purposes. If you have this skill, you can sell your services to people in need of it.

If you do this for fun, I think it’s high time you reconsider turning it into an income stream. Moreover, there are software and mobile apps to help you create stunning designs. Some of them include Adobe Photoshop, Canva, PicsArt, etc.

However, Photoshop has more advanced features. You might not understand how to use it if you’re still a beginner. Therefore, you can start with the simpler ones. Then, as you progress, you can delve into the complex ones.

You can design stuff like flyers, book covers, banners, invitation cards, infographics, presentations, album covers, etc.

5. Paid Online Surveys

Do you know you can make money online without money just by taking surveys? Companies do market research to gather information on what people want. And these companies do this through surveys.

So what do you need to do? Just complete surveys and get paid! It’s that simple. Meanwhile, if you’re looking to build wealth, taking surveys might not make you rich. But it can help you get some extra cash for yourself.

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6. Make Money from your Social Media Handles

If you have social media handles with huge followership, then you can earn sweet cash from it. Want to know how? Then keep reading.

You can share sponsored posts, sell your products or someone else’s products using your social media handle. Again, you can promote other people’s brands and products, etc.

From your products, you can earn money when people indicate interest in buying. And from other people’s products, you could earn a commission for selling their product(s) using your social media handle or they will pay you to share sponsored posts for them because of your massive followership.

You can achieve these using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. This way, you make money online without paying anything but you get paid instead.

7. Begin a YouTube Channel

Have you heard someone say “YouTube is the largest university in the world”? Well, this is so true! Many people visit YouTube to learn anything and everything. People now find it easier to learn through videos than through written texts.

Therefore, if there’s anything you love to do (it could cook, singing, etc), you can take a video of it and upload it on YouTube. It’s that simple! You can even share your daily experiences with your followers (it’s called lifestyle vlogging).

In all, just ensure it’s an interactive one and people can also learn from it. Nevertheless, YouTube is increasingly becoming competitive, but not as competitive as blogging. So begin now and make money online without money.

Now, how do you generate income? You do so by including AdSense ads in your videos. And voila!

8. Sell Photos Online

If you have a knack for taking beautiful pictures or have so many pictures in your drive, you can earn extra bucks by selling them to stock agencies. And depending on the stock image website, you will receive a specific percentage or fixed amount each time someone downloads any of your photos.

Some of the websites where you can sell your photos include iStock, Burst, Alamy, and Shutterstock. Meanwhile, the sweetest part of selling photos online is that each of your photos can be sold as many times as possible. And as they keep selling, you keep earning.

It’s another fun way to make money online with nothing.

9. Virtual Travel Agent

Becoming a virtual travel agent does not require that you have any certifications. So long as you have ideas about the best flight deals, you’re ready.

As a travel agent, your job is to assist people in planning their personal trips and vacations. In addition, having good research and high organizational skills will be an added advantage. You can as well partner with other companies if you wish.

So, you can make money online without money by assisting people to plan their vacations.

10. Freelance Writing

Do you have a flair for writing? If yes, then you should consider taking this up.

Depending on your knowledge about writing, you can choose from the following — article writing, copywriting, legal writing, books & ebooks writing, speech writing, editing & proofreading, resume & cover letters, etc.

You can join freelance platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, etc. Then set up an impressive profile and start sending job proposals.

11. User Interview

This is a platform where companies get their products reviewed. No doubt, companies want to know if they satisfy your demands and how they can improve. That is why you’re paid to give sincere reviews on their products.

And the average money you can receive is $50.

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12. Ebates

Interestingly, you earn extra cash for shopping with any of Ebate’s retailers that are linked to it.

Isn’t that sweet? Their offering deal starts at 10% and above.

You can easily make purchases using their online browser tool. So, start shopping and earning!

13. Rover

Thinking of how to make money online with nothing? Then go to Rover. You will enjoy this platform if you love animals.

Simply sign up for free online and place your bookings. Then at your leisure, just walk with a dog and earn $50 hourly. How amazing!

14. Sell Courses Online

Skills are in high demand nowadays. So, if you know a particular niche, you can put it out there for sale. This could be done by creating a video course, an ebook, or by holding virtual training.

Also, you can advertise these courses on your social media handle or upload them for sale on Coursera, Udemy, etc. And boom! You’ll be making money as people purchase your course(s).

15. Swagbucks

Finally, we have Swagbucks. The only thing you need to do here is just to shop online. When you shop on this platform, you earn a commission.

You can also earn on Swagbucks through completing surveys, watching videos, and doing web searches. So, the next time you want to shop, shop with Swagbucks.

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Indeed, there are many ways to make money online without paying anything. But unfortunately, many people do not know about these.

Meanwhile, having seen the aforementioned ways to make extra bucks for yourself online, I suggest you choose anyone you can do.

Start, be consistent, and give in your best, time, and effort. And in no time, you’ll see yourself blossom.


How do you get paid on TikTok?

You will be paid based on the views and engagements you get on your videos.

Can Instagram pay you?

You can make money on Instagram through IGTV ads, badges, affiliate marketing, branded content, sponsored content, etc.

Does YouTube pay you?

You can be paid $18 per 1000 ad views on YouTube.

Which apps pay the most?

Swagbucks, Top Pick, DoorDash, Inbox dollars, MyPoints, and Survey Junkie.

How can I make $100 a day online?

You can do so by starting up any of the aforementioned online businesses in this article.

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