How To Make Money Online Via Paypal: 15 Best Possible Ways

How To Make Money Online Via Paypal: 15 Best Possible Ways
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There are a lot of questions about PayPal on the Internet, and some of them you might have come across. However, beyond knowing what PayPal is, there is another side to making money online, which will be discussed in this guide. Read on to learn the best ways to make money online via PayPal.

How to Make Money Online via PayPal

Paypal is simply a service that enables you to make transactions without inputting your financial details all the time. Moreover, it’s easier and faster. More than making transactions, such as sending money and receiving payments, you can make money online via PayPal.

The following is how to make it happen!

#1. Writing

You can make money via PayPal by writing, and this will so much help enhance your writing skills if you have one or you can acquire the skill. Anyone can learn how to write, especially since it’s very lucrative and where you write blog posts and ebooks with PayPal.

#2. Design

PayPal is also a great way to make money if you have a good eye for design. PayPal is a great way to earn compensation for designing stuff like polo shirts, sites, images, or brands for regional firms.

It’s up to you whether you want to join a platform that already has an established community and customer base or if you want to construct your site to exhibit your work and attract new clients.

Even if you build your own website, you can still utilize PayPal as your chosen mode of payment.

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#3. Cash Surveys

You can make online money via PayPal by survey even in the comfort of your home.

Businesses pay these survey companies to learn what their customers like and dislike about their products so that they can improve them based on the feedback they receive.

In exchange for your honest comments on the goods and services of their clients, market research organizations are more than willing to pay you via PayPal. You can even express your displeasure with the company’s inadequate customer care!

As a time-killer during your lunch break or in your spare time, surveys are meant to be quick and easy to complete. It only takes a few minutes to complete, and you can start earning money right now.

#4. A Career in Social Media Management

While commercials, billboards, and newspaper ads used to be effective ways to get the word out about a company’s products, those methods are no longer sufficient. Because of the internet’s pervasiveness, businesses can no longer afford to ignore the importance of establishing a social media presence.

As a social media manager, you’ll need to have a lot of experience with numerous social media sites. It is your job to help businesses grow their online presence and establish their brand using social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, where you will interact with your audience and create content.

Using advertisements to push products on these platforms and drive more traffic to companies’ websites and products is a major advantage.

You may expect to make $39,100 a year as a beginner with little than a year of experience. As your career progresses, your compensation can climb to $48,007 per year. PayScale says social media managers make an average of $50,400 annually.

#5. Become a proofreader

A proofreader can work from home and choose their working hours as long as the project is completed on time and by their specifications and deadlines.

People who need to stay at home with their families but yet want to bring in some more cash might use this method to supplement their income.

Inexperienced proofreaders can expect to earn $15.39 an hour as a newbie employees in this field. But your money increases as you advance n the field.

#6. Grocery

There is no better way to cut back on your grocery bill than to earn money via PayPal.

Here comes Ibotta, a free app for your smartphone that lets you earn cashback for shopping.

You can start shopping by opening the app and selecting one or more retail locations. After then, look through the specials that the store has to offer.

Ibotta offers deals on a wide variety of products, and the deals are always changing.

Using Ibotta, you can save money on the products you wish to buy by adding the deals you find to your wallet and then shopping as usual.

Your phone can be used to check your receipt or barcode once you’re done buying. When you redeem offers, Ibotta will pay your Ibotta account with savings. After meeting the $20 requirement, you can send the money to PayPal.

#7. Sell Your Old Electronics

You can make money by selling old gadgets like laptops and phones you don’t use and making money online via PayPal.

A service like Decluttr allows you to make money with PayPal if you sell outdated smartphones, tablets, laptops, or video game systems. Newer devices will earn you a higher commission on both of these sites.

#8. Start a Career as a Remote Assistant

Become a virtual or remote assistant to earn money online. There are a variety of ways to fill this role. To mention a few, you can manage a website by improving its content for search engines, administering e-mail accounts, or overseeing social media connections.

Each customer has a different set of requirements and may be searching for a full- or part-time employee. If you’re a skilled social media user, you may want to inquire about working as a social media virtual or remote assistant for your favorite site.

#9. Websites That Offer Cashback

Using cashback applications and websites is a fun method to uncover passive earning ideas for transactions that you already intend to make.

Depending on the website, you may receive a partial refund or receive a discount on your purchase. Like Rakuen, a cashback service, customers can receive cash back on purchases made through the site.

However, Rakuten’s cashback is typically only a few percentage points higher than that. Meanwhile, Rakuten’s e-commerce platform offers users a $10 welcome bonus just for signing up.

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#10. Other Cashback Sites: Dosh & Receipt Hog

Those who sign up for Dosh get a $5 welcome incentive. Users love this app because they don’t have to put in any additional effort to receive compensation from it.

Dosh is a mobile app and website that allows users to earn money by making transactions using their credit or debit cards. Getting a $25 gift for the minimum cash out is possible.

Receipt Hog: Even though new members aren’t usually accepted, this service is easy to use. Recipients of Receipt Hog are rewarded for scanning receipts. The app has a unique feature that allows users to be put into monthly drawings for additional prizes by scanning receipts. You can use PayPal or Amazon gift cards to pay customers.

#11. Spend Money Online and Get Paid via PayPal

When you shop online, you can earn free gift cards by using famous shopping plug-ins that automatically apply promo coupons. It’s possible to save money at thousands of merchants and get gift cards in return for your cashback earnings by using Honey and Capital One Shopping.

It’s okay if you only want a little extra cash for your purchases, but gift cards aren’t the answer. Fortunately, several different purchasing platforms allow you to cash out using PayPal once you’ve earned cashback.

#12. Start a Business on the Internet

 PayPal is one of the most prevalent online payment options for businesses. Because of this, it’s not surprising that many e-commerce businesses use PayPal to take customer payments.

Your consumers can pay for your physical or digital products using PayPal, regardless of whatever system you use to open a storefront.

#13. Utilize Free and Paid Workout Apps!

Our bank accounts and well-being depend on maintaining a healthy weight. Regular physical activity is also essential for good health.

A study published in the Journal of Comprehensive Physiology in 2021 found that one of the best methods to avoid or slow the progression of chronic diseases is to engage in regular physical activity.

As a bonus, there are fitness applications that will pay you to stay fit. Bets can be placed on your ability to meet a certain fitness objective in the allotted time.

Most goals are based on decreasing weight or meeting a weekly calorie intake target. Reaching your objective means, you’ll receive a refund of your initial wager plus interest, allowing you to make PayPal money while working on your fitness.

  • DietBet

To participate in a DietBet challenge, you must join a team of other participants. Kickstarter, the most prominent game, asks that you shed 4% of your weight gain in a month. Individuals have 6 months to shed 10% of their body weight in the Transformer.

On the other hand, Transformer games can cost upwards of $300 to enter. In order to share the prize money with other participants, you must accomplish your goal of losing weight by the contest’s completion in order to win.

The average profit for finishing a DietBet challenge ranges from $20 to $100. A win can be used to join another activity or a PayPal cashout.

  • HealthyWage

HealthyWage, like DietBet, lets you wager on whether or not you’ll lose weight. However, you’re not up against a group of other players; instead, you’re up against the computer. Your weight loss goal, time range, and monthly bet amount are all up to you.

Your odds of winning are based on various factors, including your beginning weight, height, age, and gender, as well as how aggressively you set your goals. Use HealthyWage’s calculator to get an idea of your potential winnings; a $100 wager is required.

You must lose 10% of your body weight in no less than six months to qualify.

Payouts are made via check or PayPal at HealthyWage.

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#14. To Make Money, Rent Out Your Assets.

It is necessary to put in some effort to make money with PayPal. However, it may be tough to take on an additional side business if you already have a full-time or part-time job.

It’s good to know that renting out things you own is an option for generating passive income via frequent PayPal payments.

Many rental marketplaces allow you to rent out your possessions to individuals in your area and make some additional money.

#15. Shopping Gigs

For decades, corporations have used mystery shoppers to assess their client service and product performance unbiasedly.

As a general rule, mystery shopping jobs involve simple activities such as:

You can ask a clerk at the shop for help. The act of purchasing a specific item at a retailer, rating the quality of the dish you’ve ordered, capturing images of aisles, restrooms, and advertising displays in retail establishments, and observing and critiquing the performance of a specific product.

To become a secret shopper nowadays, you don’t have to register with a mystery shopping firm or go through an interview process.

Mystery shopping applications are an excellent way to start a side business you make in PayPal cash.

FAQs about How to Make Money Online Via Paypal

Can I win free PayPal money?

If you’re lucky and have enough SB on hand, you could win some free PayPal cash! Increase your chances of winning by participating in PayPal Swagstakes with the necessary number of SB and as many entries as you’d like.

What are some restrictions on PayPal Cash?

PayPal only allows you to deposit a total of $5,000 monthly and $1,500 daily into your PayPal account. You will not be allowed to utilize the cash reload service till your PayPal limitations reset the following day or month.


With the technology, nothing is impossible including making money online via PayPal. Follow through with the above guidelines and enjoy the massive results.



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