How Many Jobs Are Available In Basic Industries?

How Many Jobs Are Available In Basic Industries
How Many Jobs Are Available In Basic Industries

A basic industry focuses on the assembly of goods and services for export rather than domestic sales and distribution. Such industries play a crucial role in their respective regional economies and sometimes command a disproportionate share of the market and jobs. This will cause issues if export industries fail or when political situations change, limiting the marketplace for exported goods. Most countries keep statistics on their import and export activities and also keep a close eye on their basic industries.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (USBLS), there’ll be 24,504,000 jobs available in Basic industries by 2023. Furthermore, this figure is predicted to increase by 2.7% over the subsequent eight years.

The huge number of jobs available in basic industries is because basic industries are a large field made up of individual industries that all have one thing in common: the goods they produce are used as raw materials in other industries to be converted into end products or commodities.

Now that we’ve got precise data on the number of jobs available in the basic industries, allow us to delve deeper into understanding the basic industries, their types, and therefore the number of jobs available in the basic industries.

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How Many Jobs Are Available In Basic Industries?

The basic industry is a vast field with about 24,504,000 jobs available. The work market is diverse, with some jobs paying quite a few others.

Basic industries support any economy, and employing all kinds of workers influences the whole labor market. If you would like to work in the entire basic industry, you’ll be confident that numerous job opportunities are available.

The following are some of the jobs available in the basic industries.

1. Petrochemical Engineer

Annual Salary: $137,330

A petroleum engineer is someone who extracts, produces, and transports oil and gas. They add the oil and gas industry, doing both offshore and onshore drilling, and also producing and managing oil and gas fields.

Petroleum engineering may be a  good career choice because it pays well above the national average. Petroleum engineering may be a  field that is expected to grow rapidly in the coming years, creating numerous job opportunities.

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2. Horticulturists

Annual Salary: $40,000

Horticulturists are responsible for caring for and cultivating plants and trees. They’ll work in greenhouses, nurseries, or gardens. Horticulturists could also be in charge of landscape design and planning in addition to plant care. They’ll also research plant growth and pests, and develop new methods for cultivating plants.

Horticulture is a hands-on profession that allows you to interact closely with plants and nature.  It’s a financially and emotionally rewarding profession.

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3. Metallurgists

Annual Salary: $100,000.00

Metallurgists design and manufacture metal components and structures starting from tiny precision components to massive engineering components. A metallurgist studies the properties of metals and applies what they learn to practical applications like metal manufacturing.

The metallurgist can make a big contribution to society by implementing processes that allow for the responsible recycling of products and resources. The industry is increasingly trying to find new ideas and experts to help society transition to a more sustainable future.

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4. Drilling Engineer 

Annual Salary: $1100,000

A drilling engineer plans and manages oil-rig drilling operations for petrochemical companies. They design, operate, and maintain various drilling equipment and machinery, and also supervise the drilling process to ensure its safety and efficiency.

A career as a drilling engineer could also be the right choice for you if you are looking for a fascinating career that can be very financially rewarding. Drilling engineers can make plenty of money, especially if they work for an enormous oil company.

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5. Geologists

Annual Salary: $93,580

A geologist investigates the history of the earth on which we live, forecasts the longer term, and explains what’s happening now.

Geology is a challenging and rewarding field with opportunities for fieldwork, research, and teaching.  It’s a fascinating and dynamic field with numerous opportunities for advancement. Geology is a superb career choice if you are fascinated by the Earth and its processes.

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6. Agricultural Chemist

Annual Salary: $80,680

Agriculture chemists create chemicals to boost crop yield and production, combat pests, and protect the environment. They study a variety of agricultural topics, including chemical compositions and changes in livestock production and animal feed.

Agricultural chemistry is a promising career path with numerous opportunities. Because of our ever-increasing population, this sector produces quality food for everyone every day, making it easy to find a job in this field as long as there is a demand.

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7. Engineers in Mining and Geology

Annual Salary: $93,800

Mining and geological engineers design uncovered and underground mines such as coal mines or rock quarries. According to research, the employment of mining and geological engineers will increase by 2% by 2021.

Mining and geological engineering careers can be both challenging and rewarding. This position allows you to work in a variety of settings while also contributing to the development of our natural resources. This career is always in demand in the basic industries due to its high pay. If you enjoy science and food, becoming an agriculture chemist is a good career path for you.

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8. Factory Manager

Annual Salary: $92,568 

A factory manager supervises factory workers and ensures that the factory runs smoothly. Their typical responsibilities include overseeing the production of electronics, automobiles, machinery, and packaging in manufacturing plants.

The manufacturing industry uses cutting-edge technology, has a high growth rate, and offers a plentiful and secure work environment. Manufacturing business careers provide stability and security. The average tenure of a manufacturing worker is 9.1 years, the longest of any private sector worker.

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9. Agronomist 

Annual salary: $60,000

An agronomist works in the agricultural industry as a liaison between farmers and plant scientists. They are concerned about the health and sustainability of crops grown for food, fuel, and land reclamation.

Agronomist is a great choice for those looking to specialize in agriculture. It is a rewarding field, and agronomists are in high demand both in the United States and internationally.

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10. Electrical Engineers 

Annual salary: $77,172

Electrical engineers are in charge of designing, developing, testing, and manufacturing electrical equipment and systems like electric motors and smartphones.

Jobs for electrical engineers are in high demand. It is an excellent career path for technology enthusiasts to pursue. Engineering careers can benefit society by introducing efficient and cost-effective appliances.

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11. Production Manager 

Annual Salary: $64,152 

Technical supervision, management, and control of manufacturing processes are the responsibility of production managers.

A career as a Product Manager is a good choice because the pay is competitive, the benefits are excellent, the work is rewarding, and the position is in high demand. If that sounds like a good fit for you, this might be the job for you.

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12. Forensic Scientist 

Annual salary: $60,000

The job of a forensic scientist is to identify, collect, and examine physical evidence discovered at a crime scene. Their primary responsibility is to analyze and interpret blood droplets, make crime observations based on death certificates, and photograph and video crime scenes.

Forensic science is a good career for people who want to collect and analyze evidence using scientific methods to solve crimes. Forensic scientists earn 26% more than the average professional.

13. Fabricator and Welder

Annual salary: $51,048

The welder, also known as a fabricator, creates, cuts, welds, joins and shapes metal parts that can be used with a variety of metals.

If you are looking for a basic industry job with minimal education requirements and no experience, this job may be ideal for you. Furthermore, because there is a high demand for welders, it is simple to advance in the welding industry.

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14. Chemist 

Annual salary: $60,360

Chemists conduct qualitative and quantitative experiments on chemical substances to ensure quality control or to develop new products.

Chemists are in high demand in the basic industries, which include the pharmaceutical, manufacturing, and environmental sectors. Furthermore, chemistry is a well-paying profession, with chemists in the United States earning an average annual salary of $60,360.

15. Synthetic Chemist

Annual salary: $80,000

Synthetic chemists work in a variety of fields, including pharmaceuticals, fuel, technology, and cleaning products. These scientists are responsible for testing compounds, analyzing molecule reactions, and purifying substances.

As a synthetic chemist, you will be in charge of the design and synthesis of new molecules and materials. For synthetic chemists, there are numerous job opportunities in the chemical industry.

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Job Outlook For Basic Industries Careers

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, food scientist and agricultural worker jobs are expected to grow by 2% between 2020 and 2030, while petroleum engineer jobs are expected to grow by 8%. The specific career opportunities for fundamental industries are determined by the type of industry and position level.

Fishing and hunting jobs will grow by 11% between 2020 and 2030, while forestry jobs will grow by 7%. Similarly, mining and geological engineers are expected to see a 4% increase in employment. Professionals in this field have a wide range of job opportunities.

Job satisfaction in the basic industries is determined by the level of work and education. After manufacturing and services, basic industries are the third largest contributor to the US GDP. According to a Pew Research Center survey, workers earning more than $30,000 per year are 45 percent satisfied with their jobs, while those earning $75,000 or more are 59 percent satisfied.

FAQs On How Many Jobs Are Available In Basic Industries

What Are the Wages in the Basic Industries?

Basic industries pay an average hourly wage of $54, with hourly wages ranging from $47 to $63. Individual pay rates will, of course, vary depending on the job, department, location, and each employee’s skills and education.

How many jobs are there in the basic industries?

Jobs in the basic industries range from production and assembly line work to quality control and management positions. The basic industry is a vast field with about 24,504,000 jobs available, however, there are usually a lot of job opportunities in the basic industries sector.

What exactly is the basic industries sector?

Commodities such as oil, steel, and chemicals are produced in basic industries. Companies in these industries frequently sell to manufacturers rather than to consumers. These industries can offer a wide range of diverse, well-paying, and in-demand jobs.


With three-quarters of the nation’s workforce employed, job opportunities abound. Each category of basic industries requires various types of labor to function properly. So the question should not be how many jobs are available in the basic industries, but which job in the basic industries is best for you.

Basic industries are an excellent career path for those interested in industrial work. These industries offer competitive pay, excellent benefits, and numerous opportunities for advancement. We have now established many of the major job titles in each of the basic industries, so you can now work towards the one that best suits you.

Finally, basic industries can be a good choice for a stable career with good earning potential.



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