High Paying Jobs in Retail Building Materials for Graduates in 2022

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At the sound of building materials, the picture of a structure from start to finish pops up in your mind which leaves many wondering if retail building materials is a good career path.

It is a fact that the retail building materials industry works pari passu with the engineering & construction industry.

A quick look at this industry will reveal how relevant it is and will continue to be in the future.

Figures project a 5.57 percent compound annual growth rate (CAGR) by 2026, which goes on to show a continuous and steady increase in the industry.

If you are keen on discovering if retail building materials is a good career path, this article is just for you. Read through to also discover the career opportunities, job prospects; as well as benefits you stand to gain from working in this industry.

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What is Retail Building Materials?

Retail building materials are establishments or retail stores that are into the sale of building materials such as lumber, hardwood, bricks, and stones.

Retail building materials also deal with hardware and supplies used in construction or building houses.

In addition, these retail outlets sell these items to the general public, which includes builders, contractors, architects, distributors, and dealers.

Is Retail Building Materials a Good Career Path?

Of course! Retail building materials is a good career path one can consider a career in. Due to the relevance of this industry, it will always be in demand.

In the same vein, you will always be in demand. In addition, there are several jobs in retail building materials designed to fit into your passion and interest

Furthermore, if you desire to settle for a career that supports career growth and advancement, then retail building materials is a good career path.

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What are the Benefits of Working in the Retail Building Materials Industry?

There are more perks of working in the retail building materials industry than most people think or know.

These benefits are part of the reasons why most people desire a career in this industry.

Let’s take a look at some of these benefits:

Good pay

Working in the retail building materials industry will have you earning a decent income. As you may have realized, compensation plays a vital role in influencing productivity.

In addition, everyone looks forward to a job with a decent income.

Career Advancement

One thing is certain – a job in this industry gives you an opportunity for growth and advancement in your career.

Luckily, there are jobs in this industry that are tailored to meet the areas you are passionate about.

Over time, you can further climb up the career ladder and continue to make progress in your career.

Hiring process

Getting into the retail building materials industry is quite simple. In fact, simpler than you can imagine.

There are tons of businesses in this industry that hire, thereby eradicating the fear of scarcity of openings.

Most importantly, the hiring process doesn’t strictly follow the regular recruitment process, such as countless applications and interviews.

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What Degree Do You Need to Pursue a Career in Retail Building Materials?

You should arm yourself with certain information before diving into a particular field. That’s for sure.

This will equip you with the vital steps you need to take; as well as save you from certain pitfalls.

In light of this, there are certain degrees you need to bag if you want to end up in retail building materials.

You can consider an associate’s or a bachelor’s degree in any of the following disciplines:

  • Business
  • Marketing
  • Sales

Required Skills for a Career in Retail Building Materials?

It is a fact that certain skills can facilitate operations in a certain field or profession. Hence, interested candidates need to acquire those skills which are termed relevant skills.

The same applies to professionals in the retail building materials industry. The following skills are a must-have if you desire a career in retail building materials:

  • Great communication
  • Customer service skills
  • Analytical skills
  • Mathematical skills
  • Material/product knowledge
  • Leadership skills
  • Interpersonal skills

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What are the Retail Building Materials Job Prospects?

The future of retail building materials looks promising. It is a fact that this industry is relevant to society, and as such would continue to be in demand.

This industry has recorded growth over time and will continue to expand.

In 2015, the global retail market was valued at more than $1 trillion dollars, according to statistics.

According to estimates, the Global Building Materials Market is expected to be valued at $376.72 billion by 2026, growing at a 5.57 percent CAGR.

In addition, the growth of this industry is based on a cause-and-effect theory. The more the economy improves, the more jobs will be available

How Much Can You Make in this Field?

Professionals in retail building materials earn differently. In other words, the salary is not static. The salary varies based on career paths.

Simply put, in this industry, you earn based on your profession or job position.

For instance, a marketing director and a marketing communications specialist don’t walk home with the same salary at the end of the day.

While a marketing director earns an average salary of $173,637, a marketing communications specialist makes an average salary of $53,752.

Hence, if you are keen on the amount you stand to make in this field, remember that the figures on your paycheck will be determined by your career path or profession.

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7 High Paying Jobs in Retail Building Materials Career Paths

Although there are several job opportunities in retail building materials, there are some that pay employees the most.

These highly paid career paths will always be sought after by employees in this sector.

The following are the high paying jobs in retail building materials you can consider:

1. Marketing Director

A Marketing Director is an expert that oversees all areas of campaign planning and implementation.

In addition. they oversee their team’s brainstorming, analyzing, and directing, as well as ensuring that everything runs smoothly from beginning to end with clients and employees alike.

In a nutshell, a marketing director is in charge of directing, advising, and leading a marketing department.

Salary.com puts the average salary of a marketing director at $173,637. The annual salary of this director also falls between $191,817 and $243,898.

Source: salary.com

2. Human Resources Director

Human Resource Directors are in charge of HR systems, employee relations, maintaining regulatory compliance, managing budgets, analyzing staffing needs, hiring, establishing training programs, and developing pay plans.

HR directors also ensure that the human resources department of a company functions effectively and profitably.

In addition, this director plays a vital role in every organization. They are the link between the employers and staff members.

According to salary.com, the average salary of a human resources director is $168,000. Also, human resources directors earn from $148,767 to $189,622.

Source: salary.com

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3. Regional Manager

A regional manager, as the name implies, is in charge of managing or directing a company’s operations in multiple regions, branches, or sales forces.

In other words, they oversee commerce and operations for establishments within certain regions. They also work hand in hand with general managers to ensure that they realize objectives.

Regional managers in the United States make an average salary of $97,000, according to zippia.com. These managers also make between $62,000 and $153,000.

Source: zippia.com

It is a fact that every retail building material needs a legal representative or legal department to handle every aspect of their legal field.

A legal representative is someone who is authorized to act on behalf of the business and to do all acts related to the general administration of the company and in line with its corporate purpose.

Changes in employment rules, issues with manufacturers, changes in tax legislation, advising positions, and dealing with lawsuits or possible litigation scenarios are all examples of the functions they perform.

Glassdoor.com puts the average salary of a legal representative at $90,644.

Source: Glassdoor.com

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5. Materials Manager

A materials manager is in charge of a company’s inventory, buying, production, and sales operations. Therefore, he plays an important role in the retail building materials industry.

Obtaining supplies, developing production standards, managing financial reporting, hiring and managing staff, and setting business goals are just a few of their tasks.

According to payscale.com, the average salary of a materials manager in the United States is $76,768. This manager also earns between $61,271 and $88,400 annually.

Source: Payscale.com

6. Sales Manager

Sales managers encourage and steer sales teams to success by ensuring that sales objectives are met on time and by establishing and coaching sales teams.

They also assess and identify customer needs and respond to them through new marketing and sales strategies.

Furthermore, they collaborate closely with product teams to produce and deliver high-quality items that consumers desire to buy.

A sales manager in the United States earns an average salary of $63,137, according to payscale.com. This manager equally makes from $46,242 to $79,127.

Source: payscale.com

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7. Marketing Communications Specialist

A marketing communications expert is in charge of developing messages for the target audience that inform, educate, and persuade them about the products and services that they offer.

Marketing communications specialists also use graphics, logos, and other promotional materials to market the company’s products and services to existing and new consumers.

Marketing communications specialists, according to payscale.com earn an average salary of $53,752. This specialist also makes from $44,283 to $64,057.

Source: payscale.com


Who are the major customers of building materials?

The major customers of building materials are:

  • Builders
  • Contractors
  • Architects
  • Distributors
  • Dealers

Are building materials cyclical?

Yes, building materials are seasonal. Because demand for basic materials is seasonal, players in the sector are extremely exposed to changes in the health of the economy.

When economic conditions worsen, demand for essential commodities falls, reducing their prices.

How many types of building materials are there?

There are basically five types of building materials. They include:

  • Fire-resistive
  • Ordinary
  • Heavy timber
  • Wood-framed
  • Non-combustible

What is the importance of building construction materials in the construction industry?

Because it deals with the structure’s appearance-related elements, the construction material impacts the vision of a structure.

It also has an impact on the structure’s longevity.

Which materials are called building materials?

Building material is any substance used in construction, such as house building supplies.

The most common building materials used in construction include wood, cement, aggregates, metals, bricks, concrete, and clay.

What building materials are used in the US?

The following are the building materials mostly used in the US:

  • Steel
  • Concrete
  • Stone
  • Wood
  • Brick/Masonry


Retail building materials is a good career path – now you know. So what next?

The near-endless pool of career paths it houses is enough reason to get you on your feet in no time.

In addition, the perks is an added advantage of pursuing a career in this field.

We hope this article met your expectations. Kindly reach us through the comment section for feedback and at makedailyprofit.com for more career tips.

Thanks for reading!


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