Where And How To Sell Your Used Airsoft Guns?

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In America, you can sell airsoft guns literarily anywhere. Although in appearance, it may pass off as a real gun, it is actually not a firearm so nobody cares whether you sell it in a park or shop as long as we’re still talking about how to sell airsoft guns.

This is a good thing because not all countries allow this tricky freedom. If you are in America, and you have a used airsoft gun you don’t need anymore, there’s no time to waste! Let’s sell it off and make some cool cash while at it.

Desperation or lack of information often makes people sell off their used properties for much less than it’s worth. The good news is that you won’t be in that “people” category since you’ve found this post because we’re arming you with actual facts to help you get maximum value when you sell airsoft guns.

Turn off the safety, and keep your eyes glued on the screen because we’re going into ambush mode!

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What Are Airsoft Guns; Law Guiding Use Of Airsoft Guns

Paintball is the special Olympics of airsoft. Airsoft guns can pass off as firearms but fire nonlethal plastic pellets. They are like paintball guns or BB guns as we use them for target practice and military-style games. We also refer to them as non-powder guns or imitation firearms.

Because of the identical model structure of airsoft guns to real firearms, it’s quite scary to think that someone with some random issue can take advantage of the situation to cause harm.

However, this situation has been envisaged by the government, and laws put in place to avoid this situation to a reasonable extent.

According to US federal law, each airsoft gun must have a minimum 6 mm wide blaze orange tip. This law is in place to make it much easier to distinguish between a real firearm and an airsoft gun.

Where to Sell Airsoft Guns

An airsoft gun is not considered a firearm in the vast majority of the United States. Sell it in the same way that you would a pair of sneakers.

However, some states, such as New Jersey, regulate BB and pellet guns the same as firearms. It is therefore important to check your local laws before attempting this.

Subsequently, we would walk you through various channels both locally and online where you can sell used airsoft guns with no stress.

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How to Sell Airsoft Guns on eBay

It would appear that we are not the only ones skeptical about being involved in this bitter-sweet airsoft business.

Generally, eBay does not allow the sale of firearms but since airsoft is just a harmless replica, they have an allowance for the sale of airsoft on the platform. However, there are rules! that must be strictly adhered to.

Read through the rules and keep them in mind;

  • The caliber of the gun must not be greater than 25
  • The seller’s eBay status should be better than excellent
  • Obey all applicable laws
  • The following disclaimer appears in the item description: “This listing adheres to eBay’s air gun policy, and I will only ship air guns to buyers in jurisdictions where such shipping is permitted by applicable laws
  • Airsoft guns must have a permanently attached blaze orange barrel plug and may not be converted to shoot any lethal projectile.
  • The item must be located in the United States, and only US shipping is available.

Failure to comply with these rules can cause the seller’s ratings to drop or be completely removed from the listing and even worse, account suspension.

It is important to mention that eBay although strict with the rule, is by far one of the best places to sell airsoft guns online.

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How to Sell Airsoft Guns in Houston

Airsoft in Huston has dark humor about it. In 2019, Huston had a problem when an 18year old teen walked into a Walmart store with a strapped airsoft gun.

Following the shooting which led to the death of 22 people in Walmart, people took to their heels in different directions while dialing 911.

This young man was eventually arrested for public misconduct and this inspired Walmart to stop the sale of firearms as well as the carrying of weapons in its facilities even in “open-carry states”.

However, Huston, Texas still has one of the best airsoft fields and airsoft guns are still being sold daily in Huston.

There’s a marketplace group for the second-hand sale of used airsoft equipment. Airsoft guns are usually sold for the second-hand value of 50-70% of the original purchase. With this exclusive group for airsoft resellers in Huston, the problem of how to sell airsoft guns in Huston is solved for free!.

How to Sell Airsoft Guns On Craigslist

Craigslist is a multi-purpose site that presents options to list second-hand items for sale and this service is absolutely free You can also explore various under the table jobs on Craigslist

If you have been bothered about how to sell Airsoft locally, then Craigslist is definitely a great way to achieve your goal.

You’ll have to deal with negotiating before agreeing to meet and, more than likely, during the meeting.

You’ll also frequently show the gun to multiple buyers before selling it. Also, it’s not uncommon to receive offers that are significantly lower than the gun’s actual value.

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How to Sell Airsoft Guns Locally

This might sound a bit extra but the question is do you want to sell that airsoft gun or not?. If the answer is yes, then listen carefully!.

Stand up, with an optimistic smile, show up at a local event or game, and put your gun on the platter and on your own terms!.

I want to be doing something where I’m running my own show.

Author: Richard Kinder

We can all relate to how a sidearm is like Viagra; when the big gun fails, we rely on a small thing to do the job.

You might just be the one supplying the viagra and you’d be stunned at how many players arrive at the field with a pocket full of cash and a secret desire to add another gun to their collection?

This is like selling on a message board, except there will be no shipping and you will walk away with cash in hand or you can trade.

Frequently Asked Questions About Selling Used Airsoft Guns

Are airsoft cheap guns a good option to buy?

“Cheap”? No.
Budget-friendy? Sure!

Can I buy an airsoft gun at 11?

You are not supposed to BUT…you can.

Can a flea market vendor legally sell me an airsoft/BB gun (NJ)?

Legally, no. Under New Jersey law, BB guns and Airsoft guns are considered firearms. You must go through the entire firearms purchase ID and FFL transfer process, as well as add a pistol purchase permit if it is a pistol.

Which is more powerful, an airsoft gun or a BB gun?

A BB gun was designed to teach marksmanship and to drive vermin away from the property. Airsoft was created for kids to shoot at each other while not getting as messy as those pesky paintballs. Do the maths!

What are the benefits of buying electric airsoft guns?

Electric airsoft guns (AEGs) are frequently more recommended because they are simple to use while effective on the field. New players can buy a gun for $180 and have something worth fielding.


Generally, Airsoft is a fun game that allows you to get some exercise while also putting your strategy to the test. As such, it contains significant physical and mental components.

However, knowing how to play airsoft does not encourage learning gun safety and skills. If anything, it fosters a slew of bad habits.

If you’re more worried about how to sell airsoft guns, you’ll most definitely find this post a useful resource. Do let us know which of these dynamic options works for you and ask away your worries in the comments!. Let us wrap up with this airsoft pun.

Seeing the look on someones face when they over hear that you unloaded on another guy.




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