How To Make Money By Playing Airsoft

How To Make Money By Playing Airsoft
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Playing airsoft can be quite costly which is why most airsoft hobbyists are looking for a way to make money by playing airsoft.

These firearms and tactics enthusiasts love the excitement of this adrenaline-filled and stress-relieving game. But they need a way to make up for the cost.

But is there really a way to make money by playing airsoft? The answer is yes. This will help you save money and even cover the cost of adding new arms to your collection.

In this article, we have provided you with tips on how to make money by playing airsoft. This is great for everyone. Just simply follow through.

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9 Best Ways You Can Make Money by Playing Airsoft

  1. Repair other people’s guns
  2. Auction airsoft guns or equipment
  3. Help others upgrade their airsoft guns
  4. Win Tournaments
  5. Apply for Professional Sponsorships
  6. Get a Job at an airsoft field
  7. Earn from monetized content creation
  8. Run your own airsoft store or club
  9. Upgrade guns for other people

#1. Repair Other People’s Guns

Airsoft equipment, like any other activity, is costly and subject to wear and damage. Exposure to the weather, particularly for those who play airsoft outside, can quickly cause gun mechanics to malfunction or wear out tactical gear.

Learning to repair airsoft equipment can not only save you money on repairs, but it will also allow you to earn extra money by assisting other players in repairing their gear for a charge.

Airsoft weapons vary from real firearms in various ways, including how electrical elements of many airsoft guns are employed.

As a result, fixing airsoft weapons is a multifaceted job that needs a large amount of expertise and experience. Only persons who actually understand what they’re doing should work on airsoft guns.

If you wish to start fixing airsoft weapons for money, there are lots of detailed instructions available, such as’s Practical Gas Airsoft Pistols Upgrade & Maintenance 2011. This guide explores many types of airsoft technologies and includes information from airsoft technology inventors.

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#2. Auction Airsoft Guns or Equipment

As you are most likely aware, airsoft is not a cheap pastime. Proper airsoft equipment may cost anywhere from a few $100 to a few thousand dollars, not to mention that there are many accessories, upgrades, and services needed to engage in the sport on a regular and successful basis.

If you can get airsoft equipment at a low cost and resale it for a higher price, it might be profitable. It may be quite profitable at times. The idea is to discover good prices on various pieces of equipment and to streamline the selling process.

Pistols may range from $20 to $80 depending on the manufacturer and style, but rifles can range from $180 to $500.

Setting up an Amazon Seller account is a wonderful method to retail airsoft equipment.

#3. Help Others Upgrade Their Airsoft Guns

One of the exciting aspects about airsoft that keeps people coming back year after year is the ability to play with replica weapons. The realism of the guns, as well as the opportunity to personalize your loadout, contribute to the attractiveness of airsoft.

Aside from that, the varying rules governing replica firearms in various nations across the world need that airsoft guns be changed regularly to maintain compliance with local laws.

As a result, learning how to customize airsoft weapons may be really beneficial. There are several makes and models available. As a result, there is an almost unlimited amount of potential work for someone who understands their way around the equipment, just like gun maintenance. Learning to change airsoft weapons requires a lot of expertise and experience.

Upgrade and modification services, like repair services, may be rather expensive in airsoft stores and online. It is not uncommon to spend up to $300 on a single upgrade.

#4. Win Tournaments

This method can be difficult to implement. Despite its growing popularity, airsoft remains a somewhat niche activity enjoyed by a restricted number of people wherever it is performed. As a result, airsoft sports and tournaments do not receive the same level of attention as other athletic events.

On the contrary, the prize money awarded at airsoft events is rarely large. You could win a $1,000$5,000  if you’re lucky. When the cost of entrance, equipment, and maintenance, among other fees, are added in, the prize money soon becomes more of a bonus than a key driver for participation.

If you believe you have what it takes, fighting for cash is perhaps one of the most interesting methods to make money with airsoft.

#5. Apply for Professional Sponsorships

Airsoft companies, like any other sport, will pay notable players to market their gear. They typically provide athletes who regularly compete in tournaments or who feature in magazines or other media to promote their sponsors sponsorship. Jet Desertfox is an example of a sponsored airsoft player.

Again, sponsorships can take many forms, but the most common is receiving free equipment to compete with. Sponsorships can also take the form of direct financial rewards for promoting certain businesses while participating.

The most difficult barrier to overcome in order to secure sponsorship is visibility. People need to know who you are if you want a company to support you.

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#6. Get a Job at an Airsoft field

If you live near an airsoft field or club, you might apply for a job there to make a few bucks while supporting your local airsoft community. As a matter of fact, clubs and establishments are always looking for new talent to assist newcomers on the ropes and make games safe and exciting.

Not to mention, if you’ve managed airsoft games or participated in a lot of tournaments, you probably already know what it takes to be a competent referee. Similarly, if you work in a repair shop or club, you might learn other essential skills like repairing or changing airsoft equipment.

#7. Earn from Monetized Content Creation

Content production is one of the most common methods to earn extra income while playing airsoft. This includes creating films, pictures, blog pieces, and other content centered on airsoft activities. There are thousands of channels on YouTube and other platforms covering almost every area of airsoft and military tactics in general.

Product evaluations, tutorial films, or action pictures of you and your squad competing in local competitions are all options. The catch is that in order to generate high-quality material, you’ll need to invest in good recording equipment and editing software.

#8. Run Your Own Airsoft Store or Club

Setting up your own independent business might be one of the finest ways to generate real money from airsoft. Equally, if you have the money and the know-how. Then, it will take a great deal of preparation and patience to get it up and running, but the rewards may be enormous.

Running a club is almost certainly less expensive to begin with than running a business, but there are some additional issues to consider. Also, insurance, promotion, and maintenance are examples of such services. Nobody wants to be sued because their airsoft club’s players are constantly getting hurt. Similarly, no one will want to visit an airsoft business if they are unaware of its existence.

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 #9. Upgrade Guns for Other People

A gun that has been updated has a higher range and accuracy, or an entirely distinct and superior product that can be measured in a variety of ways.

It is normal for individuals to update their airsoft weapons. The most essential thing is that they cannot do so unless they are taught how to do so or lend it to someone with experience.

Upgrading weapons requires the purchase of new and better inner and outside gun components and gadgets, which must then be correctly placed on a gun.

How to Advertise Your Services?

One of the ways to advertise your airsoft services is to meet people in person in an airsoft field and tell them about the services you render. Then exchange contacts with them. If your services are good, your services will definitely be advertised through word of mouth.

Secondly, you can join airsoft forums online where you can meet people and advertise your airsoft services. Check out Airsoft Society, Zero In Airsoft Forums, Reddit Airsoft, Airsoft Canada, and many others.

10 Ways You Can Start An Airsoft Business

  • Set up your Business Phone System
  • Plan your Airsoft Field
  • Get the Necessary Permits & Licenses for your Airsoft Field
  • Form your Airsoft Field into a Legal Entity
  • Register your Airsoft Field for Taxes
  • Open a Business Bank Account & Credit Card
  • Set up Accounting for your Airsoft Field
  • Create your Airsoft Field Website
  • Get Airsoft Field Insurance
  • Define your Airsoft Field Brand


Can you make a living off airsoft?

An employee at most airsoft establishments earns discounts on everything from BBs and green gas to entry fees

Can you play Airsoft in India?

Airsoft is an unrecognized sporting activity in India

Can you play Airsoft in America?

Airsoft guns are not classified as firearms and are legal for use by all ages under federal law.

How do I start an airsoft business?

  • Plan your Airsoft Field.
  • Form your Airsoft Field into a Legal Entity.
  • Register your Airsoft Field for Taxes.
  • Open a Business Bank Account & Credit Card.
  • Set up Accounting for your Airsoft Field.
  • Get the Necessary Permits & Licenses for your Airsoft Field.

Do airsoft guns hurt?

 Airsoft gun does not always hurt


While trying to Make Money By Playing Airsoft, make sure you enjoy helping, informing, or entertaining people in relation to airsoft because it is difficult to make anything when money is first on your mind. Value comes first, then money, so carefully consider value and quality.



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