How to Get a Spotify Yearly Subscription | How Much is the Spotify Premium?

How to Get a Spotify Yearly Subscription
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With over 15 years of mainstream adoption, Spotify has secured its spot as the best online music streaming service. Now, users can opt-in for Spotify’s yearly subscription and enjoy one-year uninterrupted access to music online.

It has surpassed various popular digital music streaming services, such as Tidal and apple music.

Now, how does Spotify work and how can you get a Spotify yearly subscription?

This article shows you the right steps to take towards subscribing to a Spotify yearly subscription. 

Let’s get started! 

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What Is Spotify?

Spotify is an online music streaming service that gives users a wide range of access to millions of songs and videos from original artists around the globe.

In 2008, they launched Spotify in Europe and have since expanded to various countries. Some of which include; Australia, Canada, and even the United States.

Since then, Spotify has gained streamlined adoption in major markets and its uses have gone beyond just streaming music online. Now, Spotify can consume podcasts all from the safety of your home.

If you are a lover of podcasts, then Spotify also has something in stock for you. Here, you can listen to all your favorite podcast channels.

Interestingly, Spotify is channeling lots of funds into investing in podcasts. It has purchased Parcast and Gimlet media to further enhance an enjoyable podcast experience. It went further to seal a $100 million one-year contract with Joe Rogan Experience.

Spotify is quite appealing because it enables you to gain free access to any online content of your choice. This eliminates the stress of having to download every content you intend to view online.

If you intend to stream on Spotify, it’s actually no big deal. All you need is to connect to the website with a valid email address or, better still, a functional Facebook account. 

One upside to using Spotify is that it gives you ample opportunity to test out how it works. In case you are not so sure about going in on the monthly subscription, there is an option for you on Spotify.

You can easily opt-in for the free version of Spotify. This way, you can try out how it works even without paying a dime. 

Netflix is another streaming site you can enjoy great discounts on their yearly subscription, just like Spotify.

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How Does Spotify Work?

Spotify is a legal way of listening to music and other content online. It gets licenses from different record labels, including the minor ones, to ensure a broad music library. 

It further enhances the user experience by paying the stakeholders an agreed amount to ensure free access to lots of musical playlists. With Spotify, users have access to a wide range of content, including albums. 

In addition, you can easily curate a personal album with your favorite songs and videos and even share them online. There is also an option to listen to playlists designed by other users or artists. 

Streaming music on Spotify is free. However, there is a downside to this. A free version of Spotify allows you to stream online but with occasional ads now and then. 

These audio Ads might frustrate as it disrupts the smooth flow of music. The Spotify free version operates on either a mobile phone, PC, or laptop, but gaining access to the full version requires a premium subscription. 

A paid membership on Spotify premium is with no commercial ad from the Spotify app. It also gives you instant access to download and listen to any media content offline.

If you are still skeptical about using Spotify, you can as well start by creating an account. It’s totally free. After all, you can still listen to music on Spotify for free before upgrading to a yearly premium subscription or, better still, a Spotify yearly subscription.

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to create a Spotify account and start streaming right away;

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1. Open a Spotify account

Open the Spotify page option on the mobile browser of your mobile phone or laptop. An option to enter a valid and functional email address will appear. This will be followed by creating a password and selecting a username space.

We recommend you sign up with your Facebook Account if you have one. We consider it a better option because it allows you to view what your friends and loved ones listen to. This way, you can even share content with them.

It will also require you to fill in other personal details like gender and date of birth. Once you have filled in all the details, click on the signup button to prose.

2. Select a Subscription Level

If you are a newbie to Spotify, you might want to try out a few months of usage for free. However, we recommend upgrading to Spotify premium because it offers a maximum streaming experience.

3. Download a Spotify app on your mobile phone or PC

It offers an Android version and a desktop program; whichever suits your taste.

Proceed to the installation process and once that is done, you can start listening to your favorite artists. All your listening history is available on the app and even on your playlists. 

However, if you don’t intend to access music online with mobile applications, you can still do that through the web player.

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Can You Get Spotify Yearly Subscription?

Yes, you can get a Spotify yearly subscription, but only through a gift card.

Before now, you can easily purchase Spotify gift cards on the xx, but over the past few years, there has been a turn of events. 

They are now only available for sale from major electronic and departmental stores. Basically, a Spotify gift card is authentic from the day of purchase till the next 12 months of use. 

They strictly reserve these gift cards for premium Spotify yearly subscriptions. As a result, it opens up to premium families, premium students, and even premium duos. 

What’s more? You can also use these gift cards not just for Spotify yearly subscriptions, but even for trial offers. 

If you intend to stream music online and even tune into your favorite podcast channels with zero disruptions, you might as well consider getting a Spotify premium. 

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Is Spotify Yearly Subscription Worth It?

Yes, Spotify’s yearly subscription is definitely worth it. 

Now, you will agree that everyone loves unlimited access to favorite content online. There is a great joy and satisfaction which accompanies listening to your favorite artists or podcast channel without any form of interruption. That is what you get from a Spotify yearly subscription.

In addition, you can now ease the stress of subscribing every now and then off your shoulders. A Spotify yearly subscription gives you access to automatic access all year round.

 Most importantly you get to save money by just subscribing to a Spotify yearly subscription. Let’s say you used a 2.5% cashback on your previous subscription of $129.48 monthly subscription for a whole year. 

That would be $129.48-$32.3, which will reduce to $126.24. This way, subscribing to a Spotify yearly subscription automatically saves you a whopping $30.48 yearly. 

Another upside to this is that you don’t need to pay any tax on your Amazon gift card. 

That’s not all. You can earn more discounts if you have an Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card. With it, you earn a 5% cashback when you buy the Amazon gift card. 

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How Much Does A Spotify Yearly subscription worth?

A Spotify yearly subscription costs a total of $99. 

Although Spotify used to offer a monthly subscription, you can still pay for the Spotify yearly subscription by purchasing a 12-month premium gift card.

How To Get A Spotify Yearly Subscription?

You simply have to go to Amazon, purchase your gift card, perform the necessary protocols, and your subscription will take effect.

Sometimes, Spotify gift cards may be scarce because of an increase in demand. If that is the case, you could make a purchase at either Best Buy or GameStop. 

Step 1

Firstly, you go to Amazon and purchase the Spotify 12-month gift card. It comes as a physical card with a code on its back.

If you are outside the US, this Spotify premium gift card will work for you as well. It might take a maximum of 5 days for your gift card to reach you.

Step 2

Enter your Spotify account details in the login section and go ahead to “Redeem”. Input your postal and premium code.

Step 3

A confirmation message will pop up on your browser. Press on “Redeem Code”. 

Step 4

Next, ensure you type in your zero (0) and alphabet O correctly to avoid an invalid sign. Now, you can start enjoying your 12-month Spotify yearly subscription. 

Subscribing to a Spotify yearly subscription saves you $32 per year!

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How Much Is Spotify Premium?

Spotify Student — $4.99 Monthly

A Spotify student premium costs $4.99 per month.

With Spotify, you gain access to lots of benefits once you are opt-in for the student premium subscription. Spotify Premium is similar to Spotify individual but at a lower rate of $4.99.

If you are lucky enough to be in the US, you can as well tune into ShowTime with your premium subscription. 

However, this discount doesn’t last a lifetime. You get to enjoy these benefits during the stipulated time of your study. Once you are through with your studies, your Spotify subscription automatically goes back to the standard premium subscription.

Spotify Individual — $9.99 Monthly

Spotify individual costs $9.99 per month.

If you are looking to enjoy unlimited access to download songs for offline listening and an ad-free experience, you should certainly consider Spotify individual. It’s also called Spotify premium.

Spotify Duo — $12.99 Monthly

Spotify monthly costs $12.99 per month. 

If you are living with a fellow lover of Spotify, you might consider opting in for Spotify Duo. By subscribing to Spotify Duo, you two can gain access to individual premium accounts. It’s more like you are killing a bird with two stones for just $12.99.

Spotify makes it easier to use by creating a “Duo Mix”. This way, you two can get an updated version of your favorite songs and artists from Spotify.

However, you must be living together to buy a Spotify Duo premium. Yes, you both can still stream music online if you are not closer, but that is for a limited time. 

Spotify requires you to affirm you both share the same residence or address. The moment Spotify discovers there is a separation between you two, the Duo will be automatically canceled.

Spotify Family — $15.99 Monthly

A Spotify family premium cost $15.99 per month.

This should top your list if you are together with your family members who use Spotify as well. The Spotify family can only be accessed by 6 family members with their accounts. 

Just like the Duo mix in Spotify Duo, Spotify will create a “Family Mix”, a playlist created according to Spotify’s algorithm.

There is also a Spotify kid for the younger ones in the family. Just like Spotify Duo, only members living under the same roof can verify to gain access.

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Is Spotify Worth Its Premium Price?

Definitely! Spotify premium is worth its price.

Let’s take a brief look at the benefits:

Upgrading to premium removes all forms of ads, whether audio or visual, thereby giving you an uninterrupted online stream.

In addition, the premium version offers you unlimited access to your phone. With the Spotify app, you listen to any song of your choice just like you do on your desktop. You can also skip songs, and even tune in to any of your preferred radio stations. 

The Spotify premium allows you to enjoy a high-quality online stream of about 320kbps on a desktop. This is invariably the best quality anywhere.

Another huge benefit associated with the Spotify premium is you can listen to songs offline. With Spotify premium, you get to save more than 3,333 songs of your choice on 3 separate devices. 

However, you simply have to go online every 30 days. This is to confirm you are still a Spotify premium subscriber. Lastly, you can tune in to Spotify connect. With this, you decide what’s playing on your laptop through your motile devices. You can also connect to different devices like a PS4 or speaker. 

This is a sought-after tool in case you need to control tunes at a party or when you are connected to your Pc.

How Much Is 1 Year Spotify Premium Gift Card?

Spotify premium gift card costs only $99. If you want to stream music on Spotify with your family members, a Spotify yearly subscription is definitely the best option.

This offer can only be used on regular premium accounts. If you are on Spotify student or family, the Spotify gift card will not work for you.

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Can you get Spotify free?

Sure, you can get Spotify free. You simply have to register an account with a valid email address. Or better still, link it with your Facebook account. This way, you can start streaming music right away! However, the free version of Spotify comes with limited features. Ads often interrupt it. Also, you can’t download songs for offline listening, which is one benefit associated with the Spotify premium.

Can you get a Spotify premium monthly subscription?

Yes, you can!

You simply have to subscribe with just $9.99 and gain access to all your favorite songs. You also have the option to cancel your premium subscription when you feel like it.

How much does a Spotify premium monthly subscription cost?

A Spotify premium monthly subscription costs $9.99 only. There are other options;

  • Spotify Duo; $12.99 
  • Spotify family; $15.99
  • Spotify student; $4.99

Can I pay for Spotify family yearly?

No, you can’t. 

However, Spotify offers users a Spotify yearly subscription to individual premium plans.

Can you pay for Spotify yearly UK?

Yes, you can.

Spotify premium in the UK can purchase their yearly subscription and enjoy 12-months of unlimited streaming experience for 99 Euros. Normally, this would cost you 10 Euros per month, so you get to save up to 20 Euros.

Is Spotify student only for one year?

No, Spotify student is not just for one year.

A student Spotify premium gets a discounted purchase for about 4 years of study. You are expected to renew the subscription every 12 months for the speculated period.

Can I pay for Spotify students yearly?

Yes, you can. 

You can do a yearly payment of a student premium for a specified period. In the US, undergraduate students have one month of free access to Spotify.

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Most people have been wasting money on monthly subscriptions to Spotify. However, with this new method, you can subscribe to the yearly plan and save up to $30 annually. although The gift card may occasionally momentarily be out of stock at Amazon.

If so, Best Buy carries it as well. Just keep in mind that Amazon has the best prices because you may save an extra 5% by using the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature card trick.



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