15 Best Jobs for Girls in India | 2022

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As a young girl in India, guess you’re probably curious about best jobs in India. Well, allow us to eradicate your curiosity. There are actually great jobs for you in India. Well, all you need to get any is to equip yourself with the right skills and qualification.

Let’s digress a bit, You should be aware that the tide of change is gradually altering the status quo in India. Indian girls are now changing the narrative, fiercely competing with their male counterparts in the corporate world.

Before, recent times, holding down a job in ancient India was perceived as a sacred role for men. Married women and girls were seen as home builders.

Hence, they stay indoors while depending on their husbands and fathers to survive. Sadly, little girls were betrothed and given out in marriage with no idea about the marriage institution.

However, exposure and change happened! This change brought with it an awakening among women and girls. Consequently, families saw the need to educate females while encouraging them to pursue careers of their choice. Likewise, they lookout for the best jobs for girls in India.

This article will expose you to a pool of careers you can choose to pursue in India. If you are eager as a girl in India to know the career choices that are open to you, then this article is for you.

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Are There Job Stereotypes in India?

The era of job discrimination in India against girls is no longer the case. Indian girls have more career options in many industries. Girls in India exhibit growth and competency in their careers.

They think men and women alike can perform the same work responsibilities. Indian girls pursue careers in diverse sectors with male dominance.

Hence, there is no stereotype or discrimination in the work environment between both genders.

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What is The Most suitable career for you?

How can you tell the career that will be suitable for you? You can achieve this in two ways:

Career assessment tests

Do you ever wonder why people carry out career assessment tests? You can carry out this test online to determine the sort of career you can fit. This is because venturing into just any career may not give you job satisfaction. Therefore, it is best for you to pursue a career in the field that best suits your personality.

Consequently, settling for a career that befits your personality will likely make you a happy employee. In other words, you will easily cope with the challenges that come with the job as long as it is your desired job.

Career Counselling

Seeking career counseling can help you figure out a career. Professionals in this field assist people in discovering careers that are suitable for them. In summary, career counselors conduct this assessment during sessions.

Hence, implementing the results will guide you in making good career choices.

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Why should Indian Girls Work?

There are tons of reasons why Indian girls should work. Consequently, the following are reasons why Indian girls should work:

  • Change in views: In the course of working, people change opinions about certain issues. Therefore, when Indian girls work, their views on certain issues change. In the same way, being employed gives them the opportunity to interact and share ideas with people.
  • A sense of purpose: When Indian ladies work, they have a better outlook on life. In the same way, they realize there is more to life than marriage and raising kids.
  • Decision making skills: Jobs constantly require employees to decide. This increases their decision-making skills. Similarly, Indian females will end up making better decisions.
  • Balancing time: People perceive women to be natural managers. Balancing work life and life at home can be challenging. However, jobs help employees master time management. Thus, it will equip these ladies to effectively manage time.

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15 Best Jobs for Girls in India

There are several jobs Indian girls can choose from. However, we would look at the best jobs for girls in India. So, if you are a girl in India, you can pick from the pool:

1. Teachers (₹35,000 – ₹1,00,000/Yr)

The teaching profession is suitable for girls. Ladies in this field nurture and teach toddlers and kids alike. Interestingly, this job comes with a good salary.

Recently, jobs in this sector in India have been on the increase. Therefore, Indian girls passionate about kids and teaching can venture into this field.

2. Cabin Crew and Hospitality (₹5,00,000 – ₹8,00,000/Yr)

This profession is booming with a lot of females in it. As a matter of fact, most airlines prefer hiring ladies for this job. Hence, Indian girls with excellent communication skills can consider jobs in this sector.

Additionally, the pay package is quite attractive. Consequently, a lot of females find the career appealing.

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3. Bankers (₹2,46,000 – ₹70,00,000/Yr)

The banking sector offers lucrative jobs to individuals, and girls alike. In fact, several women consider such jobs because of the respect they are accorded.

In addition, careers in the banking industry are promising and contribute immensely to India’s economy. However, the decent salary is another factor ladies look forward to securing jobs in this sector.

4. Journalist (3,88,882/Yr)

It is a fact that females love journalism and are outnumbering their male counterparts. Presently, females in India are excelling in this industry despite the challenges that come with it. Women seem to draw strength and confidence from careers in this industry.

Girls in India with confidence and great communication skills can pursue a career in any of the divisions in this field.

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5. Fashion Designer (3,74,595/Yr)

The fashion industry is booming in India. Ladies are taking advantage of people’s taste in fashion and wielding it to earn a living.

Interestingly, you can start a business with these skills. All that is required in this industry are creativity and a great fashion sense.

6. Data Scientist (₹10,00,000/Yr)

Data scientists analyze and process data. In addition, they evaluate the outcome and formulate plans that are achievable for their employers.

Presently, women are taking the lead in this field in India. So, if you have good analytical skills, you might pursue a career.

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7. Career Counselor (₹3,10,186/Yr)

This career involves counseling people on the type of career to pursue. If you have good communication and listening skills, then this career path may be suitable for you.

Females tend to excel in this field. In addition, people in this field provide assistance to their clients in determining the right career path. On a whole, they analyze data from the assessment test and can tell which career you can pursue.

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8. Interior Design (3,05,029/Yr)

The need to design or redesign homes and offices is the reason why this industry is flourishing. Females are known to engage in decorating. Consequently, they outnumber the men.

The need to design or redesign homes and offices is the reason why this industry is flourishing. Females are known to engage in decorating. Consequently, they outnumber the men. The skills you need for this job are creativity and good observatory skills.

9. Sales and Marketing (282,813 – ₹1,200,000)

It is a fact that females or girls make good careers out of sales marketing. Thus, Indian girls can fit in here and put these skills into use.

This job requires employees to effectively create awareness of their brands to their target audience or potential customers. In addition, they use their skills in selling their brand, products, and services to incur profits.

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10. Medicine & Nursing (LPA 233,151)

Medicine and nursing a good career choices for Indian girls. This professional career focuses on providing medical care.

Professionals in this field team up with other healthcare workers in administering treatments to patients. Additionally, they offer health-related advisory services.

11. Website & Software Development (460,000 – ₹531,792)

As a girl in India, you can earn from designing websites. In addition, as a software developer, you will be in high demand.

A major advantage of this sort of job is the flexibility that comes with it. Hence, you can decide to work from anywhere.

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12. Accounting (16,531/Mn)

Accounting is another great career Indian girls can pursue in. An accountant is in charge of maintaining and interpreting financial records.

Accountants are in charge of a variety of financial activities, whether for individual clients or for larger corporations and organizations that hire them. Also, they carry out tasks like closing the month of accounting year.

13. Digital Marketing (₹247,606 – ₹608,826)

The rise in the use of the internet for business purposes makes digital marketing very important.

Thus, the employment rate in this sector keeps increasing. Indian girls can also take advantage of this. The ease with which you can work from anywhere attracts ladies to this career.

14. Reputation Manager (8,40,821)

This is a productive sector that Indian girls can consider. Reputation managers build the reputation of companies using several media platforms.

These platforms include social media, the web, and print media.

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15. Airforce (5,07,648 – 8,07,043)

Previously, people believed the defense was for men only. The Indian Airforce is currently witnessing an influx of females. Females can equally excel in this job while earning a decent income.

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Part-Time Jobs For Girls in India

While the work hours in India are 8 hours, you can do up to ten and earn extra pay in the process. When you work for less than the required time, it is considered a part-time job. For, instance, working for 4 to 5 hours is considered a part-time job.

Every field and company in India offers part-time jobs. Currently, there are part-time jobs you can do online, from the comfort of your home.

These part-time jobs include the following:


People within this category answer to themselves. They take on jobs or contracts and execute them from the comfort of their homes. As a freelancer, you can provide services in the following areas:

  • Content writing
  • Video editing
  • Graphic designing

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This basically involves creating content to be shared on your blogging site. People earn from blogging. However, you need to ensure that your content is properly written and engaging to keep people coming for more content.


This is a popular tool or medium people use to make money. You Tubers share ideas, tips, and tricks.

This is another part-time job you can engage in. Bloggers put out content that educates as well as entertains their viewers. In this category, you can hold online classes in different areas that can help people.

You can also consider this as a part-time job.


What are the benfits of girls working in India?

The following are the benefits of girls working in India:

  • Change in views
  • A sense of purpose
  • Decision-making skills
  • Balancing time

Are there exclusive jobs for men in India?

There are no such jobs. Presently, ladies in India can fit in any industry. Ladies have proven that they can survive the rigors of any job.

Are part-time jobs in India lucrative?

Part-time jobs in India are lucrative. Every company in India offers part-time jobs.

On the other hand, there are other part-time jobs you can do online from the comfort of your home. Such as blogging, YouTubing, and freelancing in diverse areas.

Can Indian girls work with the force?

Yes. Indian girls can work with the force. For instance, girls apply for jobs with the Indian Air Force (IAF). At the end of the day, they get employed if they scale the recruitment process.

How can you determine the most suitable career?

You can determine the job most suitable by either conducting a career assessment test online or by seeing a career counselor. These two methods are effective in identifying the career that is suitable for your personality.


In seeking the best jobs for girls in India, you will realize that Indian girls are more active in the labor force than in the past. Technology and innovation have equally contributed to creating jobs for these girls.

This article is your best bet in acquiring information on the best jobs for girls in India. Now you have this information, you can settle for the one that best suits your personality and passion.

 I hope this article meets your expectation. Please do well to leave us a feedback in the comment section.



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