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The financial services firm PAC Auto Finance, founded in 1998 and known as PAC to its staff and affiliates, specializes in purchasing and servicing sub-prime automobile retail installment contracts.

Therefore, in the Western part of the country (Utah, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona, Oregon, California, Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Texas), PAC obtains indirect retail installment contracts from a network of car dealers.

So, this article will tell you all you need to know about PAC auto Finance and how you can be part of their services.

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What is Pac Auto Finance?

PAC Auto Finance, founded in 1998, is an automobile finance company in the United States.

They deal with the purchase and servicing of sub-prime automobile retail installment contracts.

How Can You Become a Dealer Partner?

To become a dealer partner, PAC Auto Finance will require the following;

  • Dealer name
  • Your name
  • Email address
  • Phone Number

Where Does PAC Auto Finance Funding Take Place?

All underwriting and funding, collections and loan servicing, and administrative and management functions are sorted in-house from Sandy, Utah headquarters.

Can You Secure a Loan at PAC Auto Finance?

Yes, as a consumer lender, PAC extends loans to individuals within the community by employing risk management methods.

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What is the PAC Auto Finance Address (Headquarters)?

PAC Auto Finance is a United States subprime automobile company that offers retail installment contracts.

The address is 7927 South High Point Pkwy, Sandy, UT 84094, USA.

How Can You Contact PAC Auto Finance Customer Service?

Please call 801-312-0700 for any inquiries or details regarding payments, payback balances, and personal updates, or mail Box 768, Sandy, UT 84091.

What is the PAC Auto Finance Login?

Welcome to PAC Auto Finance

For the PAC Auto Finance Login, click here Dealer Portal Login to submit your information if you want to join PAC’s dealer partner program.

Soon, a PAC representative will be in touch with you.

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What is the PAC Auto Finance Phone Number?

The PAC Auto Finance phone number is 801-312-0700. You can call for any inquiries.

How to Make a Payment on Pac Auto Finance: 4 Easy Ways to Pay

Pac Auto Finance has given you several payment alternatives so you may send your money quickly and conveniently in order to assist you in making your payments on time and saving late fees.

However, you have access to these simple payment methods every day of the week, 24 hours a day.

You must have your PAC account number if you want to use these payment methods.

Refer to your monthly payment statement or click here to easily seek up your PAC account number.

1]. Pay Online

You can make Pac Auto Finance payments can online with a credit card or by electronic money transfer.

Simply bring your PAC account number and zip code with you.

Certainly, your money will be processed immediately and credited to your account the next business day. 

Therefore, there are no stamps, no hassles, and no late payments. Now you may pay online by clicking here.

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2]. PayNearMe

pac auto finance phone number

GO TO A PAYNEARMe location and enter the PayNearMe barcode that was emailed to you.  

In fact, all you’ll need is your PAC account number, zip code, and an email or phone number where you’d like to receive your barcode.

So, if you already have this information, go here to get your PayNearMe barcode.

In addition, PayNearMe is available at all 7-11 convenience outlets and Ace Cash Express locations.

Find a PayNearMe location near you by clicking here.

3]. Money Gram

pac auto finance address

For the Pac Auto Finance payment, VISIT A MONEY GRAM OFFICE and enter our Express Payment code: 2711.

Your name, address, and PAC account number are all that you need.

Indeed, MoneyGram is accessible in the majority of 7-11 convenience stores, Fresh Market Grocery stores, and Walmart locations.

So, to find a MoneyGram location near you, click here.

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4]. Contact

pac auto finance login

CALL US AT (801) 312-0700 and choose Option 1 to pay by prepaid/debit card or electronic money transfer using the automated system.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pac Auto Finance(Dealer FAQs)

How Do I Sign Up?

Please contact us at 801-312-743. They will arrange for a Relationship Manager to answer any of your inquiries about our comprehensive purchasing program.

You’ll be ready to submit applications in minutes after chatting with your Relationship Manager.

You may also submit a request online by clicking here. A representative from our company will contact you shortly.

Am I Eligible for PAC’S Program?

PAC is now accepting franchise and independent dealership applications. Their buying programs are offered in the following states: Arizona, California, Kansas, Iowa, Idaho, Illinois, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, and Utah.

Our floor plan financing product is accessible in the states of Utah, Idaho, and Arizona.

 How Can I Obtain a Payoff?

To talk with an Account Manager, please call 801-312-0700. Please be prepared with the customer and vehicle details.

What Type of Financing is Available Through PAC’s Program?

The purchasing program provides financing for all sorts of subprime credit.

It also makes it a goal to always give you a means for you to go to make a transaction, even if your credit is in bad shape.

How Long Does it Take for a Deal to Get Funded?

We can fund clean deals (those that arrive on-site with all necessary conditions) within 24 hours of them arriving at our facility.

However, depending on the quality and completeness of the transaction packet, a deal will normally finance within 3-4 days.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pac Auto Finance (Customer FAQs)

What is the “Loss Payee”, or Lien Holder Address to be Listed on My Auto Insurance Policy?

PAC Auto Finance should be listed as the loss payee on your insurance policy using the following address:

PAC Auto Finance. (or PAC)
Attention: Insurance
P.O. Box 768
Sandy, Utah 84091

How Do I Notify PAC of a Change in My Insurance Carrier or My Insurance Policy?

Please send your new/updated insurance declarations page to as soon as possible if you change your auto insurance carrier or any of your policy details.

Also, if you have any questions, please contact our insurance department at (801) 312-0744.

However, it is vital to notify PAC of any new or changed insurance information in order for our records to be correct and up to date.

What Should I Do if My Vehicle is Involved in an Accident?

If your car is physically damaged in an accident, you should immediately make a claim with the proper insurance provider.

Call PAC’s Insurance department at (801) 312-0744 after you’ve made a claim; we can provide you with additional information that the insurance company will require to complete your claim.

Can I Make Automatic Payments Every Month?

Yes. Enrolling with PAC Auto Pay allows you to make regular recurring monthly payments. Your payment will be made on time every month with PAC AutoPay.

Can I Make My Payments Online?

Yes. For validation, all you need is your PAC account number and zip code. To pay online right away, click here.

You can also go to your monthly billing statement or click here to quickly seek up your PAC account number.

 Can I Make My Payments Over the Phone?

Yes. You can use their automated system to pay with a card or an electronic check (ACH) by dialing (801) 312-0700 and choosing option 1 to make a payment over the phone.

Certainly, your PAC account number and zip code are necessary for validation. You can go to your monthly billing statement or click here to quickly find your PAC account number.

How Does PAC Compute Daily Interest?

The following is how PAC determines daily interest (also known as per diem) for Simple Interest Contracts:

(Principle Balance x Contract Interest Rate “APR”) / 365 = Daily Interest

Example: ($10,000 x 18%) / 365 = $4.93. This is the daily interest amount or the per diem.


The customer service department is open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. MST, Monday through Saturday.

So, please dial 801-312-0745 if you have any inquiries about a contract approval or would want to be contacted by your local rep.



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