Reviews 2022: Is Healthywager Legit or Scam?

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Yes, is a legitimate website and not a scam. It will, however, pay you up to $10,000 to lose weight. Reviews on can assist you to get testimonies.

In fact, it can be a terrific choice for people who struggle to lose weight on their own and want a little more motivation.

It’s not simple to lose weight, but if you’re dedicated to doing so, you may get some cash to do so.

Here are some Healthywager customers reviews which will help you decide whether or not it is a scam.

So, let’s get on with it!

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According to Sitejabber, 113 reviews for HealthyWage have a user rating of 4.07 stars, which shows that most consumers are generally content with their purchases.

Customers find the top three benefits of satisfying are weight loss, increased motivation, and time frame.

As a matter of fact, for weight loss websites, HealthyWage is ranked number eight.

4.07 stars from 113 reviews.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

What is

Healthywage is an organization that gives people cash prizes for reducing body weight.

The company, along with its website, was formed in 2009 with the goal of providing creative solutions to address the rising obesity crisis and get people active.

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How Does Work? works by allowing you to create your own bet, or “healthwager” on your weight loss. Four simple stages may be used to describe its mode of operations:

1]. Calculate Your Prize/Reward prize calculator

To calculate your prize, go to the healthywage free prize calculator and enter your weight loss goal to see how much you can win.

Before you can claim your reward, you must first of complete a number of steps in which you must submit particular information about yourself.

Therefore, you will need to know your current weight, gender, and height as these are what is in need.

To put this to the test, I set a weight loss goal of 12.40kg in 7 months with a $75/month wager, and my profit was $856.54.

However, you should be aware that healthy wage uses a “Proprietary Algorithm” to determine prizes, which may change for two persons entering identical data.

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2]. Place a Bet

Now that you’ve got your prize money, you may select whether or not to put a bet. If you do, you may proceed to enter your credit card information.

3]. Lose Weight

This has to be the most difficult of them. Now that you’ve seen your projected prize, you can follow through on your plan.

So, work really hard! & Exercise! There’s a lot of money to be won, which should drive you to keep playing.

4]. Earn Your Prize (Get Paid)

Your Healthywager challenge will expire on the date you specify. If you want to earn your prize, you must first complete your goal.

As a result, your weight will be verified at the end of the challenge, and if you meet your goal, you will be paid.

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Is HealthyWage Real? Where Can I Find a HealthyWage Reviews?

1]. Better Business Bureau

The BBB has given HealthyWage an A+ rating. Check out the company profile by clicking here.

2]. Public Testimonials and Coverage

Pay special attention to the articles themselves and view some of the videos, in addition to the sheer length of the HealthyWage press page and the trustworthiness of the press outlets (e.g., Wall Street Journal, Consumer Reports, Good Morning America, etc.).

However, you will hear HealthyWage reviews from participants and business clients (you do not need to join through a company – you may participate on your own) who offer HealthyWage great reviews.

3]. Facebook

Visit the Facebook page. See all 124,000+ likes? They weren’t put there by Facebook; they were put there by their dedicated supporters!

If you’re unsure and want to hear what other followers think, post anything on the wall like “Is HealthyWage truly legitimate?” and see what they say.

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4]. YouTube Reviews

Participants in the HealthyWage program enjoy documenting their weight loss experiences on their own YouTube channels.

Here are a handful of some personal favorites.

  • On her YouTube channel, Beauty From Ashes posts a daily video journal of her HealthyWage quest.
  • Bev from DysFUNctional Family Values documents her complete weight loss process in this video, from her initial weigh-in to getting her paycheck.
  • Someday I’ll Sleep Autism Upon receiving her winning paycheck, Vlogs gives a full analysis of her HealthyWage experience. You may watch her video here.

5]. Winner Interviews

Check out these episodes of our Youtube Live broadcast “Winner Wednesday” to hear from some of our winners firsthand.

HealthyWage on NBC News!
How Shantyl C. Won $12,256 with HealthyWage!

6]. Mobile App Review

Thousands of people have reviewed HealthyWage in the App Store and Google Play Store, and the findings show that it is popular and well-liked.

So, examine the following ratings and reviews for yourself: Google Play and the Apple App Store.

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Is HealthyWager Legit or Scam? Reviews 2022

The ethics of HealthyWage and if it is a scam have both been questioned by many individuals.

They are put off by the fact that it resembles gambling, nevertheless.

On the surface, it appears like HealthyWage makes money from the fact that most individuals just don’t continue with their diets or exercise routines.

However, there are explanations for why HealthyWage is a legitimate company.

They have longevity because they have been around since 2009, to start with.

They weren’t founded only to make money off of people. In contrast, a large part of the cash generated from lost wagers is used to pay out prizes for other challenges.

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Top Positive Reviews 2022:

"I was struggling to lose weight on my own. So, I kept regaining and losing the same 10 lbs over and over and over. I was researching gastric bypass and came upon a HealthyWage ad. I was skeptical, but I figured I'd give it a shot--maybe having a set deadline and a cash prize might be better motivation for me. It absolutely was. I beat my wager. I've lost 87 lbs in 10 months and have changed my relationship with food entirely. Thanks, HW!"

Kim F. 6/9/22

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Top Critical Reviews 2022:

"So I joined to this joke of healthy wage. First of all, if you made the mistake to join, you better be prepared to lose weight or the money cause there is no cancellation to it. Second, if you also made the mistake of the joint to the challenge you would not make much. These challenges are based on a pot, which means you share the price among the winners, not without the HealthyWage company taking their share first. Said that I entered into a pot where the entry money was $100. I won and I ended up making 12 dollars approximately. Then there was another pot challenge where a made 8 dollars and you gotta take PayPal fees as well so less than 8 dollars. Seriously?. Such as scams, and the shame of Jillian Michaels for supporting these scammers. Of course, you will lose weight because you won't like to lose money. But is this really a healthy formation of habits? I don't think so."

Jenn G. 5/31/22

Rating: 1 out of 5.

Is Healthywager Legit or Scam? Reviews 2019

The success stories of the HealthyWage website are the favorite part of our website. 

That’s where you’ll find real people who made the important lifestyle changes to lose weight and win their wager.

The before-and-after photos are eye-catching (and inspiring)! Reviews 2019.

Image courtesy:

For example, Lashea shed in Texas lost 57 pounds in 7 months, earning her $2307: Review 2019
Lashea shed in Texas lost 57 pounds in 7 months

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Matt from Massachusetts received $1050 after losing 44 pounds in 6 months: Review 2019
Matt from Massachusetts lost 44 pounds in 6 months

More than 45,000 people gambled on their weight loss and won in 2020. Sherri Shepherd, a celebrity, is getting in on the fun, collecting $1,300 for reaching her weight loss target.

How Can I Get Paid By

When you win a challenge, you will receive HW points worth one dollar each. By the evening of your prize announcement, HW points will be added to your account.

You may use your HW points to perform the following:

  • Make a payment request. (awesome!!)
  • Use HW Points to participate in a new challenge.
  • Use HW Points to pay installments on a current challenge (this needs setting up an email with HealthyWage’s accounting department).

So, winners of the HealthyWage Challenge get their money either by paper check or PayPal.

A paper check bears a $7.00 processing fee, according to their website.

Although HealthyWage does not charge a fee for PayPal payments, regular PayPal fees of 2.9% + $0.30 may arise.

Is HealthyWage Right for You?

Depending on your weight loss objectives, with you may earn a decent living with HealthyWage.

This will not replace your day job money, but if you’re thinking of starting a new diet, it may be a nice bonus.

Furthermore, if you rely on more bonuses and have the self-discipline to continue with a fitness program, HealthyWage may be a good fit for you.

Who is Eligible To Join Healthywager? Reviews

From people’s reviews on, we can see that HealthyWage is an excellent program for folks who are having difficulty losing weight on their own and want additional encouragement.

In fact, if you’re going to make some lifestyle adjustments anyhow, why not get settled for it by cash?

Although anybody may use HealthyWage, persons who have more weight to lose can earn more money.

So, the group challenges build a sense of community among players as they work together to achieve common goals.

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What are Some Other Weight Lose Alternatives That Pay Cash?: Reviews isn’t the only weight loss betting website where customers may make money.

Following the success of HealthyWage, several websites offering similar services have sprung up.

Some of these websites are:

#1. DietBet

DietBet is similar to Earn money by placing a wager on yourself to reach your weight reduction target.

#2. RunBet

Unlike Healthywager. com, RunBet offers games to keep you motivated to run. Place your wager, begin running, and win.

You can, however, run outside, on a track, or on a treadmill. All you have to do is sync your program with an authorized GPS app.

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#3. Evidation

Evidation rewards you for maintaining good practices. Indeed, you can connect to numerous fitness and health apps to earn money for tracking steps, sleep, food, and other activities.

#4. Miles

Miles – Unlike, the new Miles app rewards you with “frequent flyer miles” for all of your travels, whether you walk, bike, drive, ride or fly.

But don’t expect to make a lot of money from it — it takes 5,000-10,000 miles to get a $1 Amazon gift card. Reviews 2022: Is Healthywager Legit or Scam FAQs

Is HealthyWager com legitimate?

Yes, HealthyWage is a legit way to get money while losing weight.

What’s the catch with HealthyWage?

There is no catch with HealthyWage; the pay is set before you begin and will not change.

What happens if you don’t lose weight on HealthyWage?

You can drop more than your target weight and still win. However, if you do not drop all of the weight you chose during your wager, you will not be eligible for a prize.

Can you cancel HealthyWage?

Since part of their duty is to keep you from giving up, you can’t quit — there are no cancellations or refunds.
If you are pregnant, HealthyWage will pause your challenge. Check out the HealthyWager Rules to learn more.

How do you verify your weight on HealthyWage?

Use your VerifyMe! to have your weigh-in record by a health or fitness expert.
Scan or photograph your completed form.
Sign in to HealthyWage and upload the file via the dashboard.
You’re finished!


With the makedailyprofit reviews guide, you may understand that you can make money in a unique, genuine, and possibly even motivating way while achieving your weight loss goals.

So, to estimate your possible wins, use their prize calculator.



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