How Much Mobile Data Twitch Uses in 2023

Mobile Data Twitch
Mobile Data Twitch

Do you want to find out how much mobile data Twitch uses? Then this article is for you. In this post, you will Understanding Data Usage on Twitch.

Many agree that mobile data is as important as living in the 21st century. Data is critical, and it will take the top spot on the financial budget of the average individual who uses a smartphone or any internet-enabled mobile device today.

If you spend a lot of time on the internet, you’ve probably wondered how much data you consume in a session or stream. One major use of mobile data in 2023 will be Twitch. Twitch streamers and viewers often use mobile data; hence, how much data does Twitch use?

During your gameplay sessions, your internet usage will surely affect the quality of what others see when they stream your session. You need to understand how much data Twitch uses and how you can maximize your mobile data use.

If you are interested in understanding how much mobile data Twitch will use in 2023, this article is pivotal to your internet experience. You will understand how much data Twitch uses and how to calculate your mobile data usage on Twitch.

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What is Twitch?

How much data will Twitch use in 2023? Before answering this, it is pivotal to know what Twitch is about and how it came to be.

Twitch is a fast-developing mobile streaming platform where millions of people engage an audience by broadcasting themselves live (using real-time filming with a video camera) as they play video games, cook, sing, or do just about anything that could interest their audience and engages them entertainingly, informatively, or simply for pass time.

The idea for Twitch was conceived and developed by Justin Kan and Emmett Shear in 2007 when they launched their website called Justin TV. The site enabled people to host a live session for an audience who stream them and engage them virtually by filming themselves and the activities they perform. 

Therefore, the website readily appealed to gamers worldwide, and they took to the website to flaunt their super gaming prowess. The platform was acquired by Amazon in 2014 and renamed Twitch Interactive. Since then, the platform has developed, accommodating several other categories (apart from gaming), including cooking, singing, vlogging, art, gambling, and others.

Understanding Data Usage on Twitch

To enjoy Twitch, there is a need to have a good internet connection, which provides good internet coverage at amazing speed. Twitch servers are highly effective and provide steady service. However, they are like vampires, ready to devour as much data as possible on your mobile device. Hence the need to ask, how much data does Twitch uses

When it comes to your data usage on Twitch, understanding the various factors that affect your data usage is key. Some factors will add to how much data you consume while streaming on Twitch. They include:

  • The quality of your stream
  • Your choice of bitrate on Twitch
  • The device you use
  • Data spent playing games online
  • Reading comments from the chat
  • Watching your stream on another device

The Quality of your Stream

A high-resolution stream will cost you more data usage on Twitch, making the streaming experience more fun and top-notch. The higher your streaming resolution, the higher your data usage.

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Your Choice of Bitrate on Twitch

The bitrate reveals how much data you would need to stream a session. It explains the amount of data you need to process in bytes per hour; hence, the higher your choice of bitrate, the higher the quality of your video streaming, and of course, the more data you will spend.

The Device you use

Certainly, mobile devices such as phones and tablets consume less internet data than PCs. Although for quality uploads on Twitch, it is highly recommended that you use computers to upload your videos, you must also bear in mind that it consumes more internet data than mobile phone uploads.

Data Spent Playing Games Online

Real-time game playing on the internet is more interesting than offline gaming, as you enjoy more features, interactions with other gamers, and other fascinating privileges that come with online gaming. However, you must understand that the cost of enjoying these features and privileges is your mobile data. 

Reading Comments from the Chat.

Interacting with people on internet-enabled platforms costs mobile data, and Twitch is no exception. Therefore, if you enjoy reading comments from the chat feature, you will incur more costs on data usage on Twitch.

Watching your Stream on Another Device

This is frequently used to understand how your audience feels while watching your Twitch stream, which consumes more data.

Each of the activities listed above will always affect your bitrate while using Twitch and will increase how much data Twitch use.

How much Data does Twitch use?

The question of how much data Twitch uses requires some practical measures. As a viewer, let’s calculate a rough estimate to help you grasp the approximate data usage on a live stream.

Using resolution and bitrate as factors in the calculations of Data consumption, the following could serve as a guide to evaluating how much data is consumed per hour.

ResolutionBitrate (kb/s)Data per hourStreaming time to consume 1GB
240p500220MB4hr, 25min
360p600-800276 – 369MB3hr, 42min 
480p900-1200415 – 553MB2hr, 27min
720p1800-2500829 – 11521hr,13min
1080p3000-35001382 – 160744min

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Although the calculations above give a basic understanding of how much mobile data could be consumed on Twitch, other factors could affect how much data you consume when streaming live on Twitch.

You can also carry out a brief experiment on your device to estimate how much data you particularly spend while streaming on Twitch. 

To experiment with this, check your data balance before you stream a session on Twitch; after spending 15 minutes watching the stream, recheck your balance, and deduct what you have now from what you had at the beginning. If you multiply the result by 4, you will get an average rate of data your device consumes through streaming on Twitch hourly.

Reducing Data Usage When Streaming

Of course, consuming 1GB of data in less than an hour is huge, especially when it takes an average of 2 hours to complete a full stream session, meaning it will take approximately 2GB of data to complete a session. This is quite huge on streaming alone. 

How much data does Twitch use? Now you know, and it is quite much. For this reason, many Twitch users are looking for ways to reduce data usage on Twitch. These practical steps will guide you to reduce the amount of data you spend to stream live sessions on Twitch:

  • Adjust your video quality settings
  • Activating the data cap to reduce data usage on Twitch
  • Consider Twitch Radio
  • Monitor your data usage over time
  • Take advantage of available public Wi-Fi

Adjust your Video Quality Settings

Sometimes, the overly high resolutions and video quality are simply excessive. Reducing the quality of the video stream may be the perfect step. After all, lower video quality does not necessarily mean lower content quality. You can still get the perfect content for a lower-quality video, and it will reduce your cost. If you are streaming on a low budget, your answer to reducing data usage on Twitch is reducing video quality.

Activating the Data Cap to Reduce Data Usage on Twitch

Some Twitch users often complain that they thought they had enough data to stream a session and would still have some leftovers to do other things, only to be rudely interrupted during their session with a message that they have exhausted their internet data. To avoid this, you must activate the data cap to ensure you don’t spend more than you intended on Twitch.

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Consider Twitch Radio

Video consumes data, no doubt. However, some users do not necessarily need to watch the video to get the content they are looking for. If this is the case with you, then your best option is to switch to Twitch Radio which allows you to listen to a stream without watching the video.

Monitor your Data Usage Over Time

Get into the habit of monitoring your data usage while you use Twitch. It will help you plan and manage your data usage and maximize your Twitch experience, so you are never caught unawares.

Take advantage of available public Wi-Fi.

Another way to reduce your mobile data usage on Twitch is to use publicly available internet access via Wifi. Although it may not be as effective as your mobile internet data, you will still get the desired result and can access your desired content for free!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Raiding on Twitch Need More Data?

The fact is that raiding does not necessarily use a lot of internet data. Simply making a raid on Twitch will not consume a lot of data, so you don’t need to worry about your data consumption while raiding on Twitch.

What is the Perfect Bitrate on Twitch?

Perfection is a custom concept. However, the best bitrate for you can only be determined by the specifications of your PC and mobile device. But here’s a consolation: Twitch provides an official Manual to guide users on this information.

Is it possible to reduce data usage on Twitch?

Yes! You can reduce video quality in settings to reduce your data usage.

Who owns Twitch?

Twitch is a subsidiary of, Inc.

What types of content are available on Twitch?

Twitch’s content includes gaming and non-gaming content, such as music streams and creatives.


Although Twitch consumes a lot of mobile data, it gives its users the maximum utility they deserve. Hence, it is not a platform that can be shoved aside simply on the premise of data consumption. However, as a Twitch user, you can minimize how much data Twitch uses by following the guides above to help you get the most from your Twitching adventure.


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