How to Sell Dinosaurs in Jurassic World evolution | Requirement & Step by Step Guide


How to sell dinosaurs in Jurassic world evolution. Jurassic world evolution is gravitating towards becoming the most exciting and immersive game of our time.

Jurassic world lovers have found the perfect platform to experience the thrills and feel associated with owning the historic creatures; the dinosaurs.

Perhaps you are a lover of the game Jurassic World evolution like myself. We’ve got you covered if you want to know How to sell dinosaurs in Jurassic world evolution.

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What is Jurassic World Evolution?

Jurassic World Evolution is an amusement park management game in which you operate your dinosaur park. 

While it will surely fulfill the desires of Jurassic Park enthusiasts all around the globe, it can be a little intimidating at first. There is security to worry about, visitors to amuse, and a whole dinosaur park to carter for.

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How to Build Your Dinosaur Park in Jurassic World Evolution

Though we’re yet to talk about How to sell dinosaurs in Jurassic world evolution, you must first understand how to build your park.

Jurassic World Evolution charges you with constructing a facility that will hold the newest and best attractions available. These are not ordinary creatures but genuine, live dinosaurs. 

Managing a park full of ancient animals brought back to life via unethical research – beasts that can break free and eat your paying clients, no less – adds a unique twist to the park management game.

You should be conscious of the following to operate things successfully, effectively, and with as little loss of life as possible.

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Safety is Essential

Always make safety essential at all times. Accidents occur. If you leave a paddock door open, the dinosaurs will escape and wreak havoc. You may ignore a dinosaur, causing it to escape and, yep, go wild.

You may have a power outage or a system breakdown, causing your tourist-carrying hamster balls to malfunction. Basically, you may come across instances in which individuals are in difficulty, whether through their own fault or not.

You must pay attention to this while also caring about the requirements of your dinosaurs and balancing a number of other issues. Just make sure your security staff is properly outfitted, okay?

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Prioritize Research

Things may appear to be working well enough with a standard fence and limited-response security teams on standby, and they will work for a while.

But upgrades allow you to produce more efficient teams of staff and improve the facilities on offer to park guests. Research also permits you to improve and upgrade the quality of the dinosaurs you’re producing.

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Know Dinosaurs’ Needs

Food and water are obvious factors, but there are less visible factors. Such factors include how much social contact they have.

Herd animals require others of their type to feel comfortable and secure, whereas lone hunters don’t want any competitors nearby.

There is space to consider, with certain animals suffering from congestion, as well as other more unique demands and needs for certain species.

Essentially, you must keep an ear out for what your attractions want of you. If you don’t, the penalties might be enormous – and not just monetary.

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Beware of Nature

Yes, everything is going well, and your research initiatives are making your already futuristic park a thing of the future. Nature occasionally comes to remind you of her immense might.

It’s not a big deal at first, but as you continue, you’re reminded that this is a park on a tropical island. And the weather in this location can be brutal.

Nature is another thing to keep in mind while playing, but the way Evolution introduces everything -piece by piece ensures you won’t be overwhelmed, at least not right away.

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Don’t Forget the Money

While you’re concerned about safety and security, as well as the health of your living attractions, don’t forget that the whole goal of running these parks is to earn money.

While playing, you’ll be reminded of this by an InGen lawyer/investor, so it’ll never be far from your mind, but it’ll pay literally to remember things like merchandising and food shops.

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How to Sell Dinosaurs in Jurassic World Evolution

Now to the part where you sell your dinosaurs. T below will be your guide to knowing how to sell dinosaurs in Jurassic world evolution.

Selling dinosaurs is actually rather straightforward, but you must first complete a few steps. First and foremost, you must have previously constructed the ACU Center, which is in charge of security around the park.

You may add a new task by pressing the ACU Helicopter on the ACU Center. Then choose Tranquilize Dinosaur. You will need to tranquilize the dinosaurs you wish to sell in order to transfer them securely.

Once you’ve successfully tranquilized the dinosaur, contact the transport crew. Return to the ACU Center and tap the ACU Center again to contact the transport team.

Rather than choosing the ACU Helicopter, choose Transport Teams. If you mouse over Transport Teams in the menu, you’ll see that it states “Move, Remove, or Sell.”

By tapping on the previously tranquilized dinosaur, you may indicate which creature the Transport Team will be selling.

This is the same option that you would use to relocate a dinosaur. However, after you see “Select Destination,” simply select the Sell button.

Following that, you will be asked to confirm that you actually want to sell the dinosaur, and it will also tell you how much it is worth. You have the option to confirm or cancel.

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Simple Steps on How to Sell Dinosaurs in Jurassic World Evolution

  • Select the ACU Center.
  • Choose your transport teams
  • Select Create a Task
  • Tranquilize the dinosaur you wish to sell
  • Once the dinosaur has been defeated, return to the ACU Center
  • Choose Transportation Teams
  • Click on the dinosaur that has been tranquilized
  • There will be a sale option in the lower left-hand corner of the screen
  • When you press the button/key, the game will confirm the transaction and display the selling price.

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How to Get More Dinosaurs in Jurassic World Evolution

To collect every dinosaur in Jurassic World Evolution, you must first find the appropriate fossils. To accomplish this, go to an Expedition Center and dispatch a dig team.

You will acquire access to every dig site as you create more and more centers. You must collect fossils on every possible island.

Continue in this manner, and you will locate all of the genetic material required to create whatever dinosaur you choose.

Dinosaurs on Jurassic World Evolution

There are 49 dinosaurs to uncover, clone, and develop in Jurassic World Evolution. All of your favorites are included.

Some of the species are available right away, while others need unlocking and are only available as DLC or via title updates.

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DinosaurUnlock LevelAvailable For
Ankylosaurus Base Game
AllosaurusScience ObjectiveScience Objective
Apatosaurus Base Game
ArchaeornithomimusSecurity ObjectiveDeluxe Edition
Brachiosaurus        Base Game
CarnotaurusScience ObjectiveFallen Kingdom Update
Ceratosaurus                Base Game
Deinonychus Base Game
CrichtonsaurusScience ObjectiveDeluxe Edition
Corythosaurus Base Game
Chungkingosaurus Base Game
Chasmosaurus Base Game
DracorexEntertainment MissionBase Game
Diplodocus Base Game
Dilophosaurus   Base Game
Deinonychus Base Game
CrichtonsaurusScience ObjectiveDeluxe Edition
Corythosaurus Base Game
Indominus rexResearch (Hybrid Project)Base Game
Huayangosaurus Base Game
Gigantspinosaurus Base Game
GiganotosaurusSecurity MissionBase Game
Gallimimus Base Game
Edmontosaurus Base Game

Frequently Asked Questions on Jurassic World Evolution

Which is better Jurassic World Evolution 1 or 2?

If you loved the first, you’d adore Evolution 2. It delivers a high-quality simulation while yet providing you with enough of a twist to keep you interested.

They recognized what the gamers wanted and delivered: more dinosaurs, more equipment, and more story.

What is the strongest Dino in Jurassic World Evolution?

Indoraptor. The Indoraptor, one of the Jurassic Park franchise’s principal adversaries, is one of the series’ most formidable dinosaurs because of its mixed DNA.

To construct the beast, the theme park crew merged the essence of a Velociraptor, a Deinosuchus, and an Indominus Rex.

What is the hardest island in Jurassic World Evolution?

Isla Pena is well-known for being the most difficult island in the original edition of the game, which means its objectives are much more difficult. It’s constantly dark on Isla Pena, the park is small, and there are a lot of storms.

What is the weakest Dino in the isle?

The Psittacosaurus is the game’s weakest dinosaur right now. It is around half the size of a Dryosaurus and the game’s second-slowest dinosaur. Many tiny predators, including the Velociraptor and Austroraptor, are harmful to it.

What is the most brutal death in Jurassic World?

Lockwood’s death is one of the most gruesome in the series; it occurs not on the eve of a Dino encounter but at the hands of his sidekick Eli Mills (Rafe Spall)


Sincerely, I can’t think of a more exciting game than Jurassic World Evolution. You have all the information we promised you, and the excitement of the game keeps increasing with updates.

Today is another day to sell a dinosaur; today is another day to enjoy the thrills and feels of the beautiful game; Jurassic World Evolution.



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