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Compassionate Finance is making its way towards becoming the nation’s fastest-growing financing solution. It is at the forefront of patient payment technology initiatives.

The high rising firm each day proves the worth of its existentialism. There have been talks as to the whole idea behind compassionate Finance.

Though some people still hold on to the belief that the organization’s setup is yet another scheme to prey on the lower class. While others love the privileges cum reliefs the organization offers.

Their simple but effective approach has transformed healthcare industries in the US.

The most prominent of their impact is the dentistry sector. But their wave is now going beyond just teeth and cavities to other healthcare sectors of concern.

I’ll give you a quick overview of all the information you need about the firm Compassionate Finance. You will find this article informative both as a patent and as a doctor that wants to try out the program.

If you are already a part of their program, I still have an intelligence you will find useful.

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What is Compassionate Finance?

Compassionate Finance is a firm that stands as a bridge between doctors and their patients.

The firm connects doctors and patients with the aim of making payment procedures affordable to the patients.

The essence of Compassionate Finance is to ensure that victims of ailments can access good medical care.

They create a payment technology plan that the patients can afford while granting them access to meet good doctors.

Perhaps you need to understand better how much of a problem affording healthcare in America is.

Just take a glance at these Health Statistics by The West Health-Gallup Healthcare.

  • Americans who report skipping Healthcare dues to cost have increased by 30%.
  • 29% of Americans report that they can’t afford healthcare if they need it today.
  • 52% complain that the care they receive is not equivalent to the cost.

Due to the above stats, which suggest the hassle fellow citizens go through, Compassionate Finance decided to step in.

They provide doctors that will give patients the required treatment plan. Afterwhich, they present the patients with a monthly payment plan that lies within their budgets.

The various practices of Compassionate Finance relive the concerns of billing and collecting healthcare services.

It also empowers doctors to place focus on their main skill, which is patients’ health, rather than money. At present, they are partnering with over 4,000 providers across the United States.

How Does Compassionate Finance Work?

This is very simple. The application process allows the patients to apply, and In less than a minute after application, the patients receive a decision letter.

This decision letter gives the patients the option to choose the monthly payment that works for them.

You notice that after diagnosis by doctors and the doctors present the treatment plan. All continues to go well until it comes to the “cost conversation.”

It is at the point of cost conversation that the patients chicken out. Either the patients decide to leave the treatment completely, or they choose to go for insufficient healthcare.

The reason is that their monthly paycheck can’t cover the full cost. The act whereby Compassionate Finance shows enough compassion to bridge this gap is what I really call a game changer.

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What is the Cost of Compassionate Finance?

Their major practice aims at discovering the most convenient cost or a payment plan for their numerous users.

Compassionate Finance offers very flexible costs, as low as $40 per month up to a period of 60 months.

But in a case where you can finance up to $15,000 and more, then Compassionate Finance can offer you terms reaching 72 months.

One good thing is that the payment cost is not rigid. As long as you have money entering your account once in a while, then you probably can afford the cost of Compassionate Finance.

There is always a cost category within which your earnings fall in.

At all times, their standard rates are based on credit rating although, they can be customized.

Further customizations can result in a charge to the practice. Interest does not exceed 18%.,

If you are having issues pertaining to the price or anything regarding their services, you can always contact them.

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What are the Credit Requirements for Compassionate Finance?

Compassionate Finance always presents a financing solution and ensures that the patients find a very high rate of approval.

Over 96% approval rate, so you are always likely to get approved as a patient. Their credit requirement is based on what they call “Payment Worthiness.”

This payment worthiness creates a loop for those that have credit issues to be approved. Their approvals are ultimately not based on banking history.

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Compassionate Finance Reviews

According to Birdeye reviews, it has a 4.9-star-rating, and here are some online reviews on Compassionate Finance.

“I would highly recommend Compassionate Finance either for a business to help you patients or customers, or if you are a patient or customer that needs treatment, it is one of the best financings I have seen. And their customer service is top-notch!!! Tiffany has helped me and basically walked me through all of the difficult cases. It’s been a pleasure working with Compassionate Finance.” ~Sonja Cleveland~

“I have a 4-year financing plan for dental work that couldn’t wait. Without Compassionate Finance, I would have been in a serious bind. They’ve been easy to work with and always respond quickly when I need something. Recently I’ve been working with Devan, and he’s been great…responding within hours of my emails and always helpful.” ~Heather Sutton Forest~

“Compassionate Finance is truly a Class Act. Each member of the team is always willing to go the extra mile to help with any task needed so that we may offer our patients affordable financing & give them the opportunity to take care of their dental needs without feeling the stress on their budget. Abbie is Awesome & always so personable & helpful!! I highly recommend Compassionate Finance for all your patient’s financial needs.” ~Traci Waldschmidt~

“Compassionate Finance allows patients to get their treatment started right away. Also, the customer service that I receive from the team there is amazing!” ~Eva West~

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions About Compassionate Finance)

Am I a good candidate for Compassionate Finance payment plan ?

Anyone who cannot pay cash for their entire treatment plan or has limited access to credit is a good candidate for Compassionate Finance.

How long does Compassionate Finance approval process take ?

You can get pre-approved within minutes by completing a quick application on our website or your dentist’s website, if available. Our 99% financing approval allows you to apply with confidence and start your path to better health.

What will Compassionate Finance do if my treatment plan changes?

If you need to add to or reduce your existing plan balance, please contact your provider’s office.

They can help update your contract to reflect the new balance. At that time, you will agree to a new payment amount and sign an updated plan agreement. No credit check is required.

It is a fast and simple process. Your payment plan can be canceled at any time without penalty.

What happens if I sign up for Compassionate Finance and decide not to move forward with the treatment?

Your payment plan can be canceled at any time without penalty.


Compassionate Finance is creating a new strategy for achieving affordable healthcare.

To be candid, their effort so far is nothing but commendable. They have moved beyond just dentistry into other sectors.

Their programs now cover; vision, veterinary specialists, cosmetic treatments, hearing care, and even plastic surgery.

We’ve seen what the present holds for this firm, but we anticipate what the future holds for the organization.

If you find this article informative, we would love your feedback.



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