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Speedy Loans
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Borrowing money to solve a problem scares a lot of people, probably because of the stories flying around about securing loans.

For instance, the length of time it takes to access a loan is discouraging. You can solve that emergency threatening your peace of mind by simply using speedy loans.

According to a study conducted by Finder, about 51.3% of Americans accessed personal loans in January 2021. Mind you, this figure only represents the 1,718 Americans that were part of the survey. Imagine the others that were not captured in the study.

This is to show you how much people need loans. While a greater percentage accessed personal loans, the others accessed these loans to either start up a business or sort medical bills.

In this article, we will discuss one of those fast loan services referred to as speedy loans, the ways to access it, and a general review of their processes. Stay with us!

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What is Speedy Loan?

Speedy loan now referred to as speedy cash loan is a licensed finance company that provides several loan products to its customers. Speedy cash loan also provides other financial services as well.

It was founded in 1997 by three childhood friends, Chad Faulkner, Doug Rippel, and Mike McKnight. Over time, it has acquired a reputation of being a loaning company with a high growth rate. It is known to provide short-term loans, as well as financial services in the United States.

It provides these services online, via the phone, and in its stores. With this, you have different mediums to apply for the kind of loan product you have in mind.

In essence, the company considers different scenarios in designing its products to suit people in different situations.

You shouldn’t be shocked to hear it being referred to as an emergency loan company. Simply put, it is known for issuing loans at a very fast pace. In fact, the short-term loaning service is probably one reason why the company keeps recording tremendous growth.

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How Does Speedy Cash Loans Works?

Speedy cash loan offers loan products to those in need of it. These loans or products are provided online, via the phone, and in its stores.

Indeed, the products they offer are designed based on the preference of the customer. So you can settle for a product type that you are comfortable with.

When you decide to apply for a loan, all you have to do is apply through any of the channels. Once qualified, you will be granted the loan.

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Types Of Speedy Loan Offers

The following are the loan products speedy cash loans offer:

  • Payday Loans: This kind of loan is best for emergency situations and is the fastest loan option. It is basically for those who need an advance on their paycheck.
  • Installment Loans: This loan is designed for people who need to borrow a large sum that is not available through payday loans.
  • Title Loans: This loan is for customers who do not want their eligibility status to be placed on their income but on their car equity.
  • Line of Credit: This type of loan is designed for customers who need more funds over a period of time, especially to manage a monthly budget.

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What Are The Advantages of Speedy Cash Loans?

The following are the advantages of speedy cash loans:

  • Speed: The speed at which you can apply and access the loan makes the process easier.
  • Multiple types of loans: Speedy loan offers you multiple types of loans to pick from. You will have to settle for the type of loan that will meet your specification.
  • Methods of application: The company provides more than one channel for application. You can either use the online platform, via the phone, or

Disadvantages of Speedy Cash Loans

The following are the disadvantages of speedy loans:

  • Unavailability: The unavailability of the company in all states makes it impossible for people residing in such states to access the loan.
  • Flexibility: The minimum and maximum amounts differ by state. Hence, causing inconsistency.
  • Employment: Speedy cash considers applicants that are employed. With this as a criterion, it limits a lot of people from securing loans from them.

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Who Needs a Speedy Cash Loan?

If you need a consumer-friendly fast cash loan, then speedy cash is for you. You’ll receive the loan quickly enough to sort out the emergency.

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Application Process for a Speedy Cash Loan

The application process for securing a loan with speedy cash is quite simple. All you have to do is use one of the three channels (online, by phone, and in the stores). Choose any medium that works for you.

Next, fill out the application with your information on employment and income. You will also pick the type of loan you want to secure. Thereafter, the company will conduct a review and approve it without delay if you qualify.

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What Are The Requirements For Securing a Speedy Cash Loan?

When applying for a loan with speedy cash loans, provide the following documentation and proof:

  • Age requirement
  • Identity card
  • Bank account
  • Valid phone number
  • Steady source of income

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What Are The Interest Rates For Speedy Cash Loans?

You can’t outrightly predict or calculate the interest rate because it varies based on factors, such as:

  • Type of loan: Since the loans or products differ, the interest rates also differ. Therefore, the interest rate for one product can’t be used to determine the interest for the rest.
  • State of residence: States determine how much you can secure from speedy loans. The difference in states will also determine what the interest rate will be.
  • Duration of loan: This is another factor that will predict what the interest rate will be.

In other words, the type of loan, your state of residence, and the duration of the loan you wish to secure will determine the interest rate you will be given. See also EBIDA.

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What is The Minimum Amount of Loan One Can Secure from Them?

Speedy cash loan does not have a specific minimum amount of loan its customers can secure. However, the minimum amount that can be secured largely depends on the state of residence.

For instance, if speedy cash in Arizona has $500 as its minimum loan amount for a title loan, the amount won’t be the same in California.

How Fast can These Loans be Accessed?

It only takes a couple of minutes for your application to be reviewed and granted. You don’t have to worry about time when it comes to speedy cash as the review is done as quickly as possible.

In fact, the moment you apply, and you meet their requirements, you will access the loan in a couple of minutes.

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Does Speedy Cash Conduct a Background Credit Check?

Speedy cash runs a background check on your eligibility status the moment you apply for the loan. This will tell whether you will qualify for the loan at the end of the day.

The background check is carried out to confirm your financial ability to pay back the loan when due.

Does Speedy Cash Approve Every Request?

Speedy cash grants or approves every candidate that meets their requirement. Hence, as long as you meet their requirement, then you will secure the loan.

Therefore, if you don’t meet their conditions, you won’t be granted the loan.

What States in The US Do They Give Loans?

Speedy cash loan does not conduct operations in all states in the United States. You should consider this when intending to apply for their product.

If you reside in the following states, then you are within their coverage:

What Are The Pay-Off Options Available for Speedy Loan?

With speedy cash loans, you have flexibility in paying off your loans. Therefore, you can decide on the option that appeals to you. Options you can settle for range from:

  • Cash payment
  • Automated payment from your financial institution
  • Post-dated check
  • Debit card

Alternatives to Speedy Cash Loans

If you think speedy cash is not for you, then you can consider the following alternatives:

  • Check into cash payday loan: Provides loan products like payday, installment, and auto-title loans like speedy cash. It also shares similarities with speedy cash with its medium of operation.
  • Check ‘n Go payday loans: It provides online and in-store payday loans, installment loans, and prepaid credit cards in 27 states in the country.
  • Advance America: You can apply online or in their stores across their operational states. The process for application and loan grants takes little time.
  • Opp loans: Offers online installment loans that range from $500 to $4,000.
  • Ace cash expresses short-term loans: It offers 72 hours guarantee without cost in case you change your mind about the loan. It also has over 1,000 stores in about 20 states.

Speedy Loan Customers Review

The image below displays speedy cash customers’ review:

80% of customers rate their loan products as excellent, 11% as great, 3% as average, 1% as poor, and 5% as bad. The figures go to show that a greater percentage of their customers are satisfied with their products and services.


What is speedy loan?

Speedy loan, now known as speedy cash loan is a licensed company that offers loans and other financial services to its customers.

How can I secure a speedy loan?

You can secure a speedy cash loan by applying online, via the phone, and in their in-stores in states the states where they operate.

Is speedy cash legit?

Speedy cash loan is a legitimate loaning company that provides loans to its customers. It is fast and reliable.

How much will speedy can loan you?

The amount you can secure from speedy cash loan varies from state to state. It is not static.

Does speedy cash approve everyone?

Speedy cash only approves those who meet their requirement. So if you don’t meet their requirement, your loan request won’t be granted.


You will find this article useful if you are keen on applying for a loan from speedy cash loans. Truly, going through this will equip you with information on how to go about applying for and accessing speedy cash loans without stress.

The pointer will also aid your choices of the types of speedy loans to apply for. We hope this has provided the answers you seek. For comments and feedback, reach us through the comment section.



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