Can You Write a Check to Yourself: All You Need to Know

can I write a check t myself
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If you have ever felt absurd when someone said he wrote himself a check, then this article is for you.

Oh yes! You can write a check to yourself, with a mobile deposit, even with few funds. Would you like to know how this works? Relax cos we’ve provided a comprehensive guide.

Before wire transfers and internet banking, employers used paychecks for remuneration. I bet this should give you a clue as regards writing yourself a check.

Let’s begin already!

What is a Check?

A check is a written document, or an order addressed by a depositor to the bank to pay a specific sum amount to the recipient from the depositor’s bank account.

In other words, a check is a way to instruct the bank to pay the bearer whose name is on the check, the sum of money written on it from the depositor’s account. The person to whom it addressed the check is the payee while the person who issued it is known as the drawer.

However, it is also negotiable. So, the payee can assign it to another person by endorsing it. Its usage also allows two parties to carry out monetary transactions without physically exchanging any currency. The drawee is the bank.

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How to Write a Check to yourself: A Step-by-Step Guide

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Step 1: Current Date

The current date should always be at the top right corner, or at the right bottom, and it must carry the current date. However, this helps you and the payee keep records and data.

Step 2: Payee

This is the name of the person who receives the money, and the name must be in full. Example: John Doe.

Step 3: Amount in Figures

Write the amount in figures in the box. Example $45,000.

Step 4: Amount in Words

In other to avoid fraud, you should also write the amount of the figures in words. Example: Forty-five thousand dollars.

Step 5: Signature

You should sign the check legibly in the signature column. Above all, this shows the authority of the document.

What are the 6 Types of Checks You Need To Know?

Here are six types of checks you need to be aware of as a businessman, employer, or employee. They are:

  1. Personal
  2. Cashier’s
  3. Payroll
  4. Certified
  5. Bounce
  6. Money order

1. Personal Check

Your bank issues a personal check. It has your account and routing numbers printed on it. However, there is a need for the payor to fill it out as it is blank. Then the payee will make a deposit in their account, which transfers funds to the recipient.

2. Casher’s Check

Casher’s check is a type of check usually signed by a cashier. However, the bank handles the funds. Thus, a bank guarantees these types of checks.

3. Payroll Check

A paycheck is a type of check that is issued by an employer to pay for an employee’s work. It is a paycheck.

4. Certified Check

With a certified check, there is no bounce or rejection because of insufficient funds. However, this shows that there are enough funds in the drawer’s account to accept and honor the amount of the check.

5. Bounced Check

A bounced check is when the payor writes a check for an amount larger than what is in their account. At this point, a check can bounce if a bank has not guaranteed it because the payor has non-sufficient funds (NSF).

6. Money Order

With a money order, you will pay the full amount of a check, plus a small fee when you purchase it, for is a secure form of payment, representing an amount of money.

Unlike checks, we cannot pull a money order directly from your account.

How Do You Write and Deposit a Check to Yourself and Cash it?

Writing a check to yourself follows the same process as writing a check to another person. You’ll write the name of the payee, which is yourself, under the “pay to the order of” section, and also state the amount and sign it.

In addition, it is safe to add money to your account right from the counter. And yes, you can also write a check to yourself and cash it at the counter.

Is it Safe to Buy Checks Online?

It is very safe and accurate to order checks online. There are some secured steps to take.

Similarly, the bank order checks have a similar outcome to ordering checks online, but not actually involving the bank.

The following are steps to buy checks online:

  • Order Checks from a reputable company
  • Review the safety policies on checks sites
  • Each site’s check must have a padlock icon.
  • It must have a customer service team contact

Order Checks from a Reputable Company

Numerous sites issue checks but only a few prooves their authenticity.

One way to prove it is to ensure the site address in your browser includes a payment page and has a lock next to it. Certainly, it must indicate the address starting with “HTTP”, meaning it is secured.

Review the Safety Policies on Checks’ Sites

A legitimate check site will be very clear about the security features of their checks. One of the sites for this is Checks In The Mail.

Their security features include:

  • Back protection: To prevent it from being copied
  • Microprint Signature: To show whether the check is copied.
  • Padlock icon: This shows the CPSA security guidelines.

Each Site’s Check must have a Padlock Icon

The padlock icons on the site are known as Enhanced, Security Features padlock. These requirements are based on the Check Payment Systems Association (CPSA).

It signifies additional features like:

  • Production process
  • Check design
  • Materials used for producing the checks

It must have a Customer Service Team Contact

In the process of ordering a check online, make sure you can speak to a service agent. Avoid sites that don’t have a clear list of customer service team numbers, including daily or hours of operation.

How to Order Checks Online?

Based on the selected site, ordering checks online is a straightforward thing. All you need to do is follow the instructions of the site, once you select your check design.

  • Enter account and address information.
  • Give answers to any customized detail offered by the site
  • Submit your details to complete the order
  • Pay for your order using a bank card, or sometimes Paypal

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What is the Best Place to Order Checks Online?

There are several places to order checks online, but Check In The Mail is one of the best. It is reputable for its track record. It has also been in business since 1992 and distributes over one million checks every year. They also have over 200 check designs.

6 Best Places to Order Checks Online

  • Walmart checks
  • Costco checks
  • Sam’s Club
  • Super Value
  • Checks in the mail
  • Bradford Exchange Checks
  • Carousel Checks

How Much are Checks from Checks In The Mail?

The cost of checks from Checks In The Mail depends on the number of checks and the design. However, you can find some for $17 or less. Similarly, smaller packs of 25 checks for $5.25 are based on the design.

How Much Does a Book of Check Cost?

CompanyNumber of checks inboxCost, 2 boxesCost per check
Sam’s Club240$11.20$0.023
Promise Checks125$13.90$0.055
Checks Unlimited125$29.98$0.119
Checks in the Mail125$29.98$0.119
Chase Bank (provided by Deluxe)100$37.90$0.189
Table 1: Cost of book of checks by company
CompanyNumber of checks inboxCost, 2 boxesCost per check
Sam’s Club180$11.96$0.033
Promise Checks100$19.90$0.099
Chase Bank (provided by Deluxe)300$75.50$0.125
Checks Unlimited100$35.98$0.179
Checks in the Mail100$35.98$0.179
Table 2: Cost of book of checks by company

Can You Write a Check to Yourself with no Money Or Insufficient Funds?

Yes, an individual or employer can write a check with insufficient funds by following the listed steps below:

  • The bank issues you the check
  • Fill the check and pay for the services/products
  • The retailed or organization gets the money from the bank
  • They will refund the amount that is on the check from your account on the specified date.

In as much as the bank lends the money to the endorser, which is you, they pay this money to whomever the payee is. So, they take it from you, the retail or an organization’s account.

This process is called “check kiting.” However, it is a fraudulent action and an illegal process that helps people get money from a non-existing fund. This can lead to a huge financial risk for an individual and an organization.

Can You Write a Check to Yourself from a Mobile Deposit?

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Yes, you can write a check to yourself instead of making a quick run to the bank. You can snap a picture of both sides of the checks and upload it on the bank’s mobile app. This is called a mobile deposit.

What is a Mobile Deposit?

A mobile deposit is a process that helps you deposit your checks remotely, without physically going to the bank, with the use of mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets.

Mobile Deposit: A Steps-by-Step Guide

Step-by-step guides write a check to yourself from a mobile deposit successfully:

  • Download the Mobile App
  • Endorse your check
  • Enter required information
  • Take photos
  • Verify and submit your deposit
  • Confirmation

Download the Mobile App

First, make sure your credit union or bank has a mobile check deposit. If it does, there will be a download link to the bank’s mobile app.

Search from your bank’s website to make sure that you get a legitimate app rather than an illegal source.

Endorse Your Check

Sometimes a restrictive endorsement may be required to make your intentions clear and known. In addition, this endorsement is expected by the bank, and it is the signature of the payee.

Enter Required Information

During the mobile check deposit, you need to provide some information depending on your bank app. This may include the amount and the account in which you want to deposit the funds.

Take Photos

You will need two separate pictures of the front and back of the check with your mobile camera. So, the app will be your guide in this process.

Verify and Submit Your Deposit

The app automatically reads the numbers printed in magnetic ink at the bottom of the check and asks for verification of correct records. If everything is all right, then submit your request.


After submission, you will receive an email confirming your receipt, and another one informing you that the deposit is accepted. Also, verify that your account balance reflects the deposit.

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Tips to Write a Check to Yourself

So you want to write a check to yourself? No problem. To keep you guided and safe, the following are 3 tips you can adopt:

Keep a Record of Your Transaction

Be sure to keep a record of the checks you write. This can help you avoid bouncing a check. You can make use of a register or even a spreadsheet.

Some of the information to include are: check number, check date, payee, transaction description, and payment amount.

Be Safe When Writing Checks

You don’t want your check to be liable for fraud. So take the following precautions:

  • Write with a pen
  • Avoid signing a check until you’ve added the payee and amount
  • Avoid writing blank checks
  • Don’t expose the check where someone cannot write on it


It is very possible to write a check to yourself. This is not a new method or innovation, but an existing one.

Additionally, what you need to know is that writing a check to yourself involves several processes.

Writing a check for the transfer of funds from a sufficient fund account to an insufficient fund account, whether within or another bank, is legal.

However, to take money out of an account with an insufficiently funded account is illegal.

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FAQs on Can You Write a Check to Yourself: All You Need to Know

Can you legally write a check to yourself?

It is 100% legal to write a check to yourself from one of your personal bank accounts to deposit in another.

Can you write a check to yourself and get it cashed?

Yes, you can write a check to yourself and get it cashed, but always make sure you have sufficient funds.

Where can I cash a check written to myself?

  • Your Local Bank or Credit Union.
  • Walmart Check Cashing.
  • Your Local Grocery Store.
  • Gas Station Travel Centers.
  • Transact by 7-Eleven.
  • Endorse Your Check to a Friend.
  • Cash Your Check Using an App

How do I write a personal check?

  • Date the check.
  • Payee’s name
  • Write the payment amount in numbers.
  • Write the payment amount in words.
  • Record a memo.
  • Sign the check.

How much can I write a check to myself for?

There is no limit to how much you can write on the check as long as the fund is available.



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