15 Best Paying Jobs in Major Chemicals | 2022

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Many people think that high-paying jobs are only in the healthcare industry, but that isn’t the case. Major chemicals is another industry that pays one of the highest salaries in the USA. This is because they produce most of the chemicals that industries use.

Major Chemicals is made up of industrial chemistry and chemical engineering. They consist of companies that produce industrial chemicals. These companies offer lots of best-paying jobs in major chemicals.

If you’re looking to find major chemical jobs, then this article is for you. We have detailed everything you need to know – from duties to salary and qualifications.

How to Get Major Chemical Jobs

Getting the best paying jobs in major chemicals requires some preparation. The following are things you need to do to get major chemical jobs.

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Get Relevant Education

In most companies, the minimum requirement for major chemical jobs is a four-year degree.

For instance, you will need a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering to work as a chemical engineer. This applies to almost every other job in major chemicals.

Earn Relevant Certification

In addition to getting a degree, some specialties may need additional certifications. A quality control analyst, for instance, would require professional certifications in addition to a bachelor’s degree.

You might need to find out if your area of specialization requires certain certifications for career progression.

Apply for Internship

Internships play an important role in shaping one’s career in every industry. The major chemicals are no different.

Specifically, an internship provides you with work experience and increases your marketability during your job search.

In-Demand Skills For Major Chemical Jobs

There are currently different most sought-after skills for major chemical jobs. If you have these skills, you are more likely to succeed in the job application process.

The following are some of these in-demand skills you need to succeed in the 21st-century major chemical jobs:

Digital Technology Skills

Digital technologies are being rapidly adopted by chemical companies to drive innovation. The chemical industry today requires real-time data which allows chemical providers to run their businesses.

You might need to acquire knowledge of the Internet of things. In fact, some of the best paying jobs in major chemicals also require data analytics skills.

Material Technologies

Major chemicals are boosting their capabilities with biotechnologies, 3D printing, and alternative raw materials. Hence, you will need skills in computer-aided design, bioanalysis, and computational biology.

Additionally, getting specialized training in plastic technology, nanomaterials, liquid crystal, and other related material technology skills is a plus.

Interaction and Business Processes Skills

Many chemical productions have adopted automation processes. You will need robotic process and automation skills. In addition, you can upscale your resume with programming, 3 D graphics, and digital simulations skills.

Job givers are looking to hire candidates who can enhance customer satisfaction. You might want to learn about some CRM software like Zoho, Salesforce, and Bitrix24.

In addition, you can learn how to use ERPs to handle day-to-day operations like procurement, project management, risk management, and compliance. These ERPs are currently being used in major chemical jobs.

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15 Best Paying Jobs in Major Chemicals

The following are best paying jobs in major chemicals:

1. Analytical Chemist

An analytical chemist prepares and analyses samples from various sources. He will be required to provide information on compounds or quantities of compounds present in a material.

In the first place, a bachelor’s degree in chemistry, physics, or another related field would land you an entry-level Analytical Chemist job. Subsequently, you might have to earn higher degrees to boost your earning capabilities.

Analytical Chemists earn about $61,336 per year.

2. Chemical Engineer

Basically, chemical engineers design chemical manufacturing processes. A bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering is typically required for this job.

Specifically, you will solve problems involving the production or use of chemicals, and drugs. In addition, you might also handle problems related to food, fuel, and many other products.

The average salary of a Chemical Engineer is $85,200 a year.

3. Chemical Process Engineer

A process engineer designs and implements systems that are used in manufacturing. In other words, you help to transform raw materials into valuable usable products.

You would have to earn a bachelor’s degree in engineering to qualify for this role. In addition, you have to pass the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) examination. And complete at least four years of engineering work experience.

This will land you a salary of about $89,070 a year as a process engineer.

4. Chemical Technician

A chemical technician is a worker who uses laboratory instruments and techniques to analyze the properties of materials. You will perform other functions to support chemical research, tests, and analysis.

Your duties might include environmental air and water quality monitoring.

You will need an associate’s degree in applied science or chemical technology.

Chemical technicians make an average pay of $53,680 a year.

5. Chemistry Teacher

A chemistry teacher is a trained instructor who teaches students chemical properties and processes of substance. Specifically, your duties are to create lesson plans and prepare and deliver lectures. In addition, you’ll also supervise laboratory activities for students.

As a chemistry teacher, you will help students learn about compounds, elements, atoms, ions, and molecules. A high school chemistry teacher should have a degree in chemistry plus a teacher education program. More so, you would need a state teacher licensure or certification.

Aside from the good pay of $78,764 per year, Chemistry teachers also enjoy the vacations associated with teaching.

6. Forensic Scientists

A forensic scientist is responsible for collecting, preserving, and analyzing scientific evidence during the process of a criminal investigation.

Your job includes providing evidence in court to support prosecution. This job may require you to travel and collect the evidence yourself. In some cases, you might have to occupy a laboratory role. But the basic role is to perform analysis on objects brought to the lab by others.

To become a forensic scientist, you will need a major in forensics or biology. Other related fields are molecular biology and chemistry.

One of the benefits of this job is that forensic scientists also receive ample on-the-job training. in addition, you will be making about $62,352 in a year.

7. Geochemist

A geochemist uses physical and inorganic chemistry to investigate the quantity and distribution of chemical elements in rocks and minerals. Hence, you will be analyzing samples of soil, rock, and other natural materials.

A bachelor’s degree in chemistry, geology, math, physics, or oceanography will land you an entry-level role. Geochemists make an average salary of $70,818 per year.

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8. Material Scientist

A material scientist studies and analyzes the chemical properties and structures of different materials. You will analyze materials like metals, alloys, rubber, ceramics, polymers, and glass.

As a material scientist, you can find jobs in all types of industries. This is because there is a constant demand for newer and improved materials.

You can work in the aerospace, power sector, or even the telecommunications industry. A BS degree in chemistry or a related field will get you an entry-level material scientist role.

The total pay of a material Scientist in the US is $88,644 per year.

It is important to note that many research jobs in this field would require a Master’s or Ph.D. degree.

9. Organic chemist

Organist Chemists have one of the highest paying jobs for chemistry majors. The role of an organic chemist is to study the structure, properties, and reactions of molecules. You will also design and make new organic substances that have peculiar properties and applications.

Most of these designed compounds will be used to develop many commercial products like pharmaceutical drugs and plastics.

If you want to become an organic chemist, you need a degree in organic chemistry or chemistry for an entry-level role.

The average salary of an organic chemist is $82,180 per year.

10. Pharmacologist

Pharmacologists have one of the best-paying jobs in major chemicals with an average pay of $122,332 per year.

A pharmacologist researches and tests medications and chemical compounds.

Specifically, you will study how drugs are broken down, absorbed, and spread throughout the body.

With this in mind, you have to earn a degree in pharmacology or a related discipline. However, some jobs may require a post-graduate qualification.

11. Quality Control Analyst

Almost every manufacturing company requires the services of a quality control analyst. A quality control analyst ensures that a company’s products and the materials used in manufacturing them meet the required standards.

Your duties include testing materials and finished goods to ensure that they meet production standards. It is your duty to reject items that fail to meet set standards.

Quality control analyst is an excellent role to begin a career in major chemicals. This is because you’ll perform a variety of tasks. These tasks will give you a broad range of experience and skills that can be transferred into future positions.

You can earn an average pay of $66,220 per year as a Quality Control Analyst.

12. Synthetic Chemist

A synthetic chemist is someone who makes chemicals for industrial, manufacturing, and even retail use. You can work in different fields. Food science, pharmaceuticals, cleaning products, or fuel technology all present job opportunities for a synthetic chemist.

The minimum entry level for a synthetic chemist is a bachelor’s degree in any branch of chemistry or biology. You will need excellent research skills, good math knowledge, and analytical skills. You must also be a problem-solver to succeed as a synthetic chemist.

Synthetic Chemists make an average of $68,155 per year.

13. Toxicologist

A toxicologist works with chemicals. You determine if such chemicals are harmful to humans or other living things. You need a degree in toxicology, biology, or biochemistry.

Toxicologists make about $81,328 a year.

14. Water Quality Scientist

A water quality scientist tests and analyzes the quality of water against the set standard to meet regulatory requirements.

Specifically, you will test and analyze water samples to ensure they meet regulatory benchmarks. And investigate shortfalls and take actions to solve problems.

To qualify for this role, you would need a bachelor’s degree in chemistry, biology, or earth science.

The average pay of a Water Quality Scientist is $55,341 per year.

15. Quality Assurance Auditor

A Quality Assurance Auditor monitors a company’s production process to ensure they are in compliance with regulations. They ensure the right decisions are taken with respect to the quality characteristics of products, materials, and equipment.

You would need a bachelor’s degree in business, finance, or a related field. And experience with quality control standards.

The salary of $60,283 a year puts you on the radar of highest-paying jobs for chemistry majors.

Where to Find Highest Paying Jobs for Chemistry Majors

The American Chemical Society

The American Chemical Society (ACS) is one of the world’s major scientific societies and the prime gathering place for chemical professionals. You’ll find job openings, educational resources, and much more.

Job Sites

You can also find the highest-paying jobs for chemistry majors on different job sites. Examples of such job sites are indeed.com and ziprecruiter.com. There are also thousands of major chemical jobs on LinkedIn.


Major chemicals offer some of the best-paying jobs in the United States. From a yearly pay of $53,689 for a Chemical Technician to the amount of $122,332 for a Pharmacologist, the options are many.

You can find highest-paying jobs for chemistry majors in universities, research and teaching. Similarly, you can work in pharmaceutical companies, working on developing and tracking new drugs.

The public health sector also offers best paying jobs in major chemicals.


How much are chemical engineers paid in USA?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage for chemical engineers was $108,540 in May 2020. The highest percent earned more than $168,960 while the lowest percent earned less than $68,430.

What is the highest paying chemical engineering job?

Top 5 highest paying chemical engineering jobs are:

  • Chemical Engineering Data Science: $98,158
  • Senior Chemical Engineer: $98,083
  • Head Of Chemical Engineer: $95,928
  • Chemical Engineer Consultant: $91,784
  • Chemical Engineer Consultant: $91,784

Which work has highest salary in USA?

10 Work with highest salary in USA are:

  • Anesthesiologists: $271,440
  • Family Medicine Physicians: $$214,37070
  • General Internal Medicine Physicians: $210,960
  • Obstetricians and Gynecologists: $239,120
  • Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons: $234,990
  • Orthodontists: $237,990
  • Physicians (All Other) and Ophthalmologists (Except Pediatric): $218,85018,850
  • Psychiatrists: $217,100
  • Prosthodontists: $214,870
  • Surgeons (Except Ophthalmologists): $251,650

What is the highest paying job for chemistry majors?

The highest-paying jobs for chemistry majors are

  • Chemical Technician: $53,680
  • Water Quality Scientist $55,341
  • Quality Assurance Auditor: $60,283
  • Analytical Chemist :$61,336
  • Forensic Scientists:$62,352
  • Quality Control Analyst: $66,220
  • Synthetic Chemist: $68,155
  • Geochemist: $70,818
  • Chemistry Teacher: $78,764/yr
  • Toxicologist: $81,328
  • Organic chemist: $82,180
  • Material Scientist: $88,644
  • Chemical Process Engineer: $89,070
  • Pharmacologist: $122,332



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