25 High Paying Jobs in Illinois | 2022

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Illinois is known to have a variety of high paying jobs for people that fall in different categories and locations, such as security jobs, employment for felons, and also covering Southern Illinois.

While this might be true, most persons are still uncertain about the type of jobs they can secure within these categories and more.

However, one thing is certain – other than the fact that Illinois has tons of high paying jobs, the employment rate is favorable

Statistics show that in June 2022, Illinois gained 18,800 net payroll jobs, bringing the state’s unemployment rate down to 4.5 percent. These numbers show the state of the job market in the state.

Journey with us as we give you a glimpse into the Illinois job market; as well as expose you to the high paying jobs in this state.

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Do Jobs in Illinois Pay Well?

Of course! Jobs in Illinois pay high salaries. With an average salary of $74,750, employees in the state of Illinois stand to earn even higher.

However, the average salary in Illinois also varies from profession to profession.

This also implies the employed population stands a chance to make a decent income.

High Paying Jobs in Illinois

As earlier mentioned, there are high paying jobs inn Illinois in almost every sector. The following are some of the high paying jobs in Illinois:

1. Chief Financial Officer

They are in charge of monitoring cash flow and financial planning, as well as assessing the company’s financial performance and position and recommending strategic initiatives.

In other words, they are in charge of managing a company’s financial activity.

To conclude, this executive oversees the financial goals, objectives, and budgets of a corporation.

Average Salary: $426,644, according to salary.com.

2. Surgeon

This is one of the common high paying jobs you can secure in Illinois.

A surgeon is a doctor who focuses on diagnosing and treating medical conditions that may involve surgery or physical changes to the human body.

In other words, a surgeon is a doctor who performs surgery in order to treat a condition or repair the human system; as well as replace an organ.

Average Salary: $424,633, according to salary.com.

3. Cardiologist

A cardiologist is a doctor who specializes in diagnosing and treating heart and blood vessel diseases as part of the cardiovascular system.

A cardiologist, in other terms, is an expert in heart and blood vessel issues. They also contribute to the treatment and prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

These doctors are also responsible for treating cardiac valve disease, heart attacks, heart failure, arrhythmia, and hypertension.

Average Salary: $330,579, according to ZipRecruiter.

4. Ophthalmologist

A doctor who specializes in the treatment of eye ailments, illnesses, injuries, and problems.

He also examines patients’ vision and recommends corrective lenses. His primary concentration, however, is on eye surgery and the treatment of eye diseases.

In other words, they look after human eyes and vision.

Average Salary: $318,175, according to salary.com.

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5. Orthodontist 

An orthodontist plays an important role in oral health.

An orthodontist is a dentist responsible for diagnosing, preventing, and treating tooth and jaw abnormalities.

They also treat existing conditions and are trained to spot possible oral issues.

In addition, orthodontists utilize permanent and removable dental devices such as braces, retainers, and bands to reposition teeth in the mouth.

Average Salary: $312,377, according to ZipRecruiter.

6. Obstetrician and Gynecologist

Obstetrics is a surgical practice concerned with childbirth, whereas gynecology is a discipline of medicine concerned with women’s health, particularly reproductive health.

In other words, obstetricians and gynecologists are specialists who concentrate on childbirth and women’s reproductive health.

Note that a physician can be a gynecologist without also becoming an obstetrician. On the flip side, a doctor cannot be both an obstetrician and a gynecologist.

Average Salary: $308,711, according to salary.com.

7. Medical Director

A medical director is a physician who oversees and leads medical treatment in a healthcare facility.

He also leads medical teams in order to achieve the daily goals and ultimate mission of a long-term care institution.

In summary, this physician is in charge of the whole treatment and clinical practice at the hospital.

Average Salary: $306,836, according to salary.com.

8. Controller

A controller is in charge of monitoring an organization’s accounting processes on a daily basis. This includes the payroll, accounting, payables, and receivables divisions.

He also contributes to a company’s strategic financial decisions and is therefore important to its financial health.

Average Salary: $242,977, according to salary.com.

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9. Internal Medicine Physician

An internal medicine physician is also referred to as an internist.

An internal medicine physician is a doctor who uses his scientific knowledge and clinical expertise to diagnose, treat, and care for patients suffering from minor or severe disorders.

Although they focus on the internal organs and systems of the body, they do much more.

To this end, they also give preventative care and treat a wide range of diseases, including skin rashes and ear infections

Average Salary: $236,834, according to salary.com.

10. Nurse Anesthetist

Nurse anesthetists use injectable medicines and inhaled gases to administer general or regional anesthesia.

They do this to ensure that surgeons and other physicians execute treatments on patients with as little discomfort as possible.

Average Salary: $205,588, according to salary.com.

High Paying Jobs in Southern Illinois

If you reside in Southern Illinois, not to worry, there are high paying jobs within your reach.

You can consider some of the high paying jobs in Southern Illinois:

11. Pharmacist

Just like other locations, this is one of the high paying jobs in Southern Illinois

Pharmacists are healthcare workers that specialize in the proper use, storage, preservation, and distribution of medication.

They also play a vital role in teaching patients how to take and administer their medications.

Furthermore, they carry out a “final check” to ensure that dosages are right and that patients do not experience any unpleasant or dangerous medication interactions.

Average Salary: $147,811

12. Physician Assistant

A physician assistant (PA) is a trained medical practitioner with an advanced degree who provides direct patient care.

Physician assistants are important members of the health care workforce in many hospitals and clinical settings.

In almost all specialty and primary care settings, they work with patients of all ages. Hence, they diagnose and treat common diseases and conduct minor operations.

Average Salary: $116,126, according to salary.com.

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13. Marketing Manager

Marketing manager is of the most common high paying jobs in Southern Illinois.

A marketing manager is in charge of overseeing the marketing activities of a company, service, or product.

They predict market demand and supervise a marketing team in formulating and executing creative and unique approaches to capture customer interest across various media channels.

In summary, they supervise the entire marketing process of an organization.

Average Salary: $115,265, according to salary.com.

High Paying Security Jobs in Illinois

Illinois also has lots of high paying seurity jobs. Hence, if you are keen on securing a high paying security job in Illinois, the odds are in your favor.

Let’s take a look at some of the high paying security jobs in Illinois:

14. Director of Safety and Security

This is one of the popular high paying security jobs in Illinois you might want to consider.

A director of safety and security oversees an organization’s or institution’s security policies and procedures.

They also supervise all security operations and create and implement strategies to address dangers or problems.

In summary, they ensure that safety standards are met.

Average Salary: $89,152, according to ZipRecruiter

15. Police Officer

This is one of the most common high paying security jobs in Illinois. This positions screams protection at all levels.

A police officer is a government official who protects people and property, maintains community law and order; as well as investigates crimes.

This government official also writes tickets for minor offenses such as traffic offenses and can testify in court.

Furthermore, these cops provide first aid to victims of traffic accidents or crimes before paramedics arrive.

Average Salary: $83,080, according to careerecplorer.

16. Security Specialist

A security specialist is also one of the mmany high paying security jobs you can find in Illinois.

A security specialist specializes in safeguarding people, assets, networks, telecommunications systems, and information technology systems.

Average Salary: $61,238, according to salary.com.

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High Paying Jobs for Felons in Illinois

Illinois also houses high paying jobs for felons. Hence, if you are keen on securing one of the high paying jobs in Illinois, you are in luck.

The following are some of the high paying jobs in Illinois for felons:

17. Compliance Manager

This is one of the common high paying jobs you can find in Illinois for felons.

Compliance managers make sure that a company, its employees, and its projects follow through with all relevant laws and standards.

In other words, compliance managers protect a company’s legal and ethical integrity by enforcing policies and developing programs.

This might comprise health and safety, environmental, regulatory, or quality standards, as well as any ethical principles that the company has in place.

Average Salary: $120,920, according to careerexplorer.

18. Operations Manager

An operations manager is also known as a chief operating officer or COO.

Operations Managers are in charge of overseeing operational activities at all levels of a company.

They also oversee personnel, operations, finances, project execution, and strategy.

Average Salary: $98,820, according to careerexplorer.

19. Community Liaison

This is another common but important position that falls within the category of high paying jobs for felons in Illinois.

A community liaison is someone who coordinates the interaction between the general public and an entity such as a school, police department, or non-governmental organization.

In most cases, community liaisons serve as the face of an organization.

In summary, they interact with members of the community on a regular basis and develop relationships and connections that help their organization succeed.

Average Salary:  $62,367, according to salary.com.

20. Recruiter

Recruiters are professionals in locating, screening and attracting candidates for available positions.

In other words, recruiters are in charge of the complete workforce recruiting process, from start to finish.

In summary, recruiter scouts for qualified candidates for a job opportunity and works to fulfill the needs of both the company and the employee during the recruiting process

Average Salary: $61,850, according to careerexporer.

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21. Customer Service Technician

Customer service technicians help customers in resolving technical problems with their services or equipment.

They equally attend to technical support requests from clients, troubleshoot technical issues, and report back to management on the resolution of these issues.

Average Salary: $59,514, according to comparably.

22. Investigator

Investigators play an important role in criminal justice and law enforcement.

An investigator is an individual who investigates a crime, incident, or statement to determine the truth.

They gather evidence, interrogate witnesses; as well as arrest suspects.

Average Salary: $56,959, according to indeed.

23. Career Coach

A career coach is an experienced professional who works in a certain industry or the hiring and recruitment process in general.

They also assist clients with everything from determining what they want to accomplish to investigating opportunities for professional advancement and helping them through the ups and downs of job searching.

Simply said, this coach helps people discover more fulfillment in their employment by setting professional goals, devising a plan, and overcoming any obstacles.

Average Salary: $50,710, according to indeed.

24. Resource Coordinator

Resource Coordinators are in charge of overseeing the needs of the organization’s programs or projects.

They are equally in charge of cash, in-kind contributions, volunteers, or workers.

Furthermore, they ensure that the budget is properly assigned and managed, as well as create reports and investigate how funds are used.

Average Salary: $50,249, according to salary.com.

25. Community Advocate

Community advocates are individuals who have a strong interest in the growth and redevelopment of a neighborhood or community.

Also, these individuals are constantly willing to become engaged in block clubs, community planning projects, and religious and social events in order to achieve their goals.

They also advocate on behalf of a community and lobby for neighborhood development or change.

Average Salary: $36,651, according to ZipRecruiter.


What professions make $100 an hour?

There are several jobs that pay up to $100 an hour. However, let’s consider some of them.

The following are some of the professions that pay $100 an hour:

  • Commercial pilot
  • Freelance photographer
  • Political speechwriter
  • Massage therapist
  • Life coach
  • Interior designer
  • Tattoo artist
  • Underwater welder

What's the easiest but highest paying job?

The following are some of the easiest but high paying jobs:

  • Optometrist
  • Flight Attendant
  • Personal Trainer
  • Massage Therapist
  • Librarian
  • House Sitter
  • Toll Booth Attendant
  • Dog Walker

What is the highest paying job without college?

While many worry about securing a high paying job without a degree, there are high paying jobs out there for those without a degree.

The following are some of the jobs with high salaries that don’t require a degree:

  • Executive Assistant
  • Patrol Officer
  • Flight Attendant
  • Wind Turbine Technician
  • Electrician
  • Plumber

What is the world's hardest job?

According to statistics, jobs in the military are the hardest. However, marine and mercenary positions in the military are the most difficult.

What if I don't know what career I want?

If you are among those that fall in this category, you have no need to worry.

However, if there’s a job or career path that fascinates you, ensure you make inquiries about it. In the long run, you may end up finding a suitable career path after taking notes and making comparisons.


Illinois houses high paying jobs in almost every category, no doubt. In addition, it gives several people an opportunity to earn high salaries, such as felons.

With this information at your fingertips, it’s high time you started sending out your resumes.

We hope this article met your expectations. For feedback, reach us through the comment section.



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