20 High Paying Criminal Justice Associates Degree Jobs | 2023

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What comes to your mind when you hear “criminal justice associates degree jobs?”. Like many, do you feel the rush of excitement knowing about the vast opportunities?

Jobs in criminal justice are predicted to rise at a greater rate than the national average from 2019 to 2029, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

However, most of those who enter the criminal justice system go into it due to their passion. In other words, the pay is secondary.

Whether they are criminal justice associates degree jobs for entry-level or criminal justice associates degree jobs working with children, the salary can be a sort of motivation.

Little wonder, people are keen on knowing just how much jobs with criminal justice associates degree pay. If you are one of those curious about their paycheck, stay tuned!

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Why Earn an AA Degree in Criminal Justice?

Getting an Associate of Arts Degree program in criminal justice is very beneficial. It is a significant degree that can help you start your career.

You might be able to start working in your field after earning an Associate of Arts degree. However, it depends on which area you choose.

The excellent news is that if you want to move into a different career or post that requires a BA degree after completing the two-year program, you can do so.

In addition, your years of experience combined with a bachelor’s degree may be a huge benefit, and you can bring a lot of knowledge to your final two years of schooling.

Is Criminal Justice a Good Career Path?

Criminal justice is a good career path. Firstly, it has a variety of career choices. So, if you are considering a career in this field, you have several options.

Secondly, pursuing a career in criminal justice is an excellent way to give back to your community. In taking up jobs in this field, you safeguard people from unlawful activities, assist crime victims, and guarantee justice for them and society.

Criminal justice professionals have a significant advantage in protecting and supporting people. Hence, this field is perfect for you if you are big on helping people.

Thirdly, this field of endeavor has stability as an advantage. With crime as a constant occurrence in the community and with good work performance, you’ll be on the job for a pretty long time.

In addition, the benefits in the criminal justice system, such as health and life insurance, training and tuition assistance, paid vacations, and sick leave, is irresistible.

Furthermore, pursuing a career in criminal justice is perfect for you if you love challenges. People in this field face new challenges almost daily, including criminal justice associates degree jobs working with children.

Criminal Justice Associates Degree Jobs Salary

Most people watching from the sidelines often wonder about job salaries for criminal justice associate’s degree. Criminal justice associate degree jobs salary to some people may seem meager.

However, an associate’s degree job salary in criminal justice is impressive. Nevertheless, it is not specific.

The salary varies depending on the work obtained after receiving a degree. Nevertheless, statistics show that degree holders earn more than those without an associate’s degree.

The salaries range from $53,500 to $107,000 annually.

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High Paying Criminal Justice Associates Degree Jobs

The following are the high-paying criminal justice associates degree jobs:

1. Forensic Specialist

A forensic specialist is also referred to as a crime scene investigator or a crime scene technician. This specialist is responsible for collecting crime scene evidence.

These officers rely on their judgment and skill. Detectives also guide them on the spot.

Job Description

He performs technical fingerprinting, photography, video, and computer graphics tasks concerning criminal investigations.

Physical and biological evidence is identified, documented, collected, and preserved. Using traditional techniques, performs laboratory analysis for the development of latent fingerprints

He also conducts fingerprint comparisons in connection with criminal investigations and prosecutions.

Average Annual Salary: $76,776 – $94,788

2. Private Investigators

Also known as a private eye, this employee works for a private company to look into “subjects” for their clients.

They usually investigate people, businesses, and activities.

Job Descriptions

A PI investigates allegations relating to insurance claims or acts affecting insurance. He also interviews and obtains statements from relevant witnesses to gather information on the issues.

In addition, he investigates claims of infidelity or activities relating to relationships. Furthermore, he carries out surveillance and other tasks the client needs.

Average Annual Salary: $61,000 – $78,000

3. Surveillance Investigator

Surveillance investigators use surveillance methods to find, track down, and investigate individuals. In addition, they keep track of, document, and evaluate people, locations, and events, then report back to their contractual employers or groups.

Job Description

Surveillance investigators are responsible for conducting video surveillance. Additionally, they obtain videotaped evidence of the subjects.

They also perform background checks and courthouse research. They also take statements and conduct investigations at crime scenes.

Average Annual Salary: $38,000 – $54,000

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4. Program Integrity Analyst

A program integrity analyst is responsible for examining dubious claims both in the present and in the past, as well as developing fraud, waste, abuse, and overpayment recovery cases.

Job Description

Compare daily arrest listings to the database of current program participants (check file for previous arrests and allegations) and take appropriate action.

Also, this employee validates fraud/program abuse accusations before forwarding them to the appropriate authority or for inquiry.

Additionally, they keep track of all complaints, investigations, and informal hearings. Furthermore, they weekly confirm deceased renters with the County Coroner’s Office.

Average Annual Salary: $48,961 – $75,954

5. Field/Claim Investigator

Field investigators obtain information from crime scenes and conduct evidence analysis. They equally carry out field investigations on behalf of their employers.

In addition, they look at the facts of a claim to see if it’s legitimate.

Job Description

Field/claim investigator obtains claimant and witness accounts and investigates the situation. In addition, they manage a variety of challenging claims investigations.

They also create and dictate comprehensive inquiry reports. Furthermore, they review assignments and supporting documents to determine case goals and client expectations.

Average Annual Salary: $37,000 – $50,000

6. Official Court Reporter

An official court reporter is also referred to as a judicial or official staff reporter. This is a court-appointed stenographer with an indefinite term.

These reporters work for the government and are usually licensed in the state where they operate.

Job Description

He records verbatim testimony and court proceedings using stenographic equipment, computer-aided transcription equipment, and real-time software.

When necessary, he seeks clarification from the judge and other speakers on testimony, directions, orders, or actions to prevent errors.

He further reports on all types of cases, including civil, family law, delinquency, dependency, probate, and criminal matters involving the death sentence.

He equally maintains a variety of electronic and physical files, as well as organizes and safeguards official records.

Average Annual Salary: $88,941 – $112,632

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7. Code Enforcement Officer 

This is a sworn-in inspector and investigator who works for a county or city and is responsible for preventing, detecting, and enforcing law infractions.

This officer works for the government to ensure that properties within his domain comply with the city, municipality, or county’s zoning regulations and building ordinances.

Job Description

He performs field investigations to investigate suspected zoning violations, nuisance, property maintenance, and housing laws and ordinances.

Also, he regularly prepares reports, recommendations, and letters, some of which require extensive research.

He is responsible for maintaining manual and electronic records of investigations, hearings, and related activities.

Average Annual Salary: $4,727 – $7,347 per month 

8. Deputy Probation Officer

They are referred to as peace officers in some states. A deputy probation officer is responsible for developing and enforcing criminal rehabilitation programs.

They are court officers who report to the judge on the offender’s progress with their plan.

Job Description

They compile, analyze, and assess case information. They write sophisticated written reports and case histories, and they can present these reports/records and related written and spoken recommendations to the Court.

In addition, they ensure that caseload records are kept up-to-date and correct.

Additionally, they team up with other law enforcement agencies to conduct probation sweeps, arrests, residence searches, and investigations to ensure public safety.

Furthermore, they transport probationers and others when needed

Average Annual Salary: $54,297 – $81,719

9. Case Manager

A case manager manages a person’s various and interconnected social needs while in the criminal justice system to assist him in successfully reintegrating and operating in society.

He also assists with the administrative aspects of dealing with criminal cases and moving them through the judicial system

Job Description

Based on sentencing information, he creates participant schedules and lists all authorized activities, as well as approves temporary scheduling alterations for activities that have been approved.

He also ensures that participants observe alcohol and drug counseling when necessary.

Furthermore, he follows the defined reporting requirements to report all program infractions to the appropriate agency or official.

Average Annual Salary: $25 per hour

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10. Substance Abuse Counselor

A substance abuse counselor is also known as an addiction counselor or a drug and alcohol specialist. He assists people who are struggling with addiction or substance misuse.

Job Description

Using the “What Works” system, he coordinates substance abuse treatment at an office or a group of offices.

He ensures that intakes, group, individual sessions, and inputs are all scheduled.

Furthermore, they consult case managers to decide if certain situations are appropriate for substance abuse treatment. They also assist with case assignments.

Average Annual Salary: $30 per hour

Criminal Justice Associates Degree Jobs Entry Level

If you are interested in locating criminal justice associate degree jobs for entry-level, you are sure to find them here. The following are criminal justice associates degree jobs for entry-level:

11. Forensic Evidence Technician

This is one of the many criminal justice associate degree jobs at the entry level. Under the supervision of a crime scene commander or field supervisor, forensic evidence technicians assist in the criminal investigation process.

Job Description

This technician is in charge of data collection, evidence handling procedures, chain of custody protocols, and file and evidence storage room management.

He is also responsible for planning schedules for forensic scientists who have been subpoenaed in criminal cases and liaising with attorneys and scientists.

Additionally, he communicates with involved agencies on the progress of cases under investigation and confirms the necessity for studies

Average Annual Salary: $26,116 – $45,440

12. Intelligence Analyst

Intelligence analysts employ law enforcement databases, surveillance, intelligence networks, and geographic information systems to fight crimes and criminals.

Job Description

An intelligence analyst creates and implements training programs for various audiences.

In addition, he determines if occurrences or procedures comply with rules, regulations, or standards and uses relevant facts and individual judgment.

Furthermore, they identify and share helpful information.

Average Annual Salary:

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13. Forensic Scientist

A forensic scientist gives scientific evidence to support the prosecution or defense in criminal and civil inquiries in courts of law.

This scientist is also in charge of looking for and examining contact trace evidence linked to crimes.

Job Description

He examines hair, bodily fluids, glass, paint, and drugs. He also filters and sorts evidence, which is generally in small amounts.

In addition, he takes notes and collects trace evidence from crime or accident scenes. Furthermore, he attends and investigates crime scenes, as well as reviews and supervises the work of assistants

Average Annual Salary: $76,274 – $102,814

14. Investigative Assistant

Investigative assistants support criminal and civil judicial investigations in the office and field. He handles legal paperwork and reports such as complaints, subpoenas, and other legal documents.

Job Description

He is responsible for interviewing witnesses and clients in and out of custody. Also he accomplishes this by obtaining relevant data such as witness names and addresses, crime scene information, and the names of the policemen and departments engaged in the case.

He equally aids attorneys’ investigation and discovery process by gathering, studying, and analyzing data and facts.

He equally takes part in a low-risk surveillance operation. Additionally, he prepares and serves subpoenas to non-hostile witnesses, expert witnesses, and public institutions for personnel or records.

Average Annual Salary: $49,358 – $65,936 

Criminal Justice Associates Degree Jobs in Florida

You will discover that there are tons of criminal justice associate degree jobs in Florida. You will find the following criminal justice associates degree jobs in Florida:

15. General Attorney

This is one of the famous criminal justice associate degree jobs in Florida.

A general attorney has been taught and licensed to prepare, handle, prosecute, or defend a court action.

He also provides legal counsel on issues that may or may not require court intervention.

Job Description

A general attorney advises clients on ethics and represents them in various third-party administrative proceedings on issues like employee discipline.

He also conducts legal studies into relevant laws, rules, decisions, and precedents. Additionally, he develops determinations and judgments in resolving claims for and against the government from their client’s operations.

Average Annual Salary: $70,545 – $154,458

16. Justice Coordinator

You are sure to find this position among the criminal justice associate degree jobs in Florida.

This criminal justice employee attends all court sessions to assist clients with court appearances and instructs clients in comprehending the judicial system and their rights and obligations.

Job Description

He works with others to connect and manage the justice system’s administrative and service delivery components.

Additionally, he assesses and coordinates countywide justice programs to promote accountability, efficiency, and community benefit

Average Annual Salary: $52,478

17. Financial Crime Investigator

Financial crime investigators are among Florida’s best criminal justice associate degree jobs.

These accountants specializing in forensic financial investigations know financial reporting systems, accounting, and auditing standards and processes.

They can also provide expert testimony in the case of a private prosecution in court.

Job Description

This investigator Examines case files involving possible fraud in public assistance programs. He is also responsible for determining the existence of documented evidence relevant to the suspected fraud.

In addition, he conducts interviews with the investigation’s targets and other community contacts.

Most importantly, he prepares plans for investigations and collects information to investigate complaints.

Average Annual Salary: $30,160 

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What Are The Available Criminal Justice Associates Degree Jobs Working With Children?

Most people often wonder if they can land criminal justice associates degree jobs working with children. The good news is that many criminal justice associate degree jobs work with children.

You can consider the following jobs in this category:

18. Youth Correctional Counselor

These counselors assist young offenders in their rehabilitation. They work in juvenile correctional facilities like detention centers and oversee offenders by imposing discipline, keeping records, and implementing constructive activity programs.

Job Description

They are in charge of providing group and individual counseling to troubled children. They are also in order of keeping track of and evaluating individual juvenile offenders.

In addition, he compiles case files to give to a parole officer or other court official.

They act as liaisons and collaborate with family members and others involved in the case to create and structure a rehabilitation program tailored to the offender’s requirements.

Average Annual Salary: $31,000 – $87,000

19. Juvenile Detention Officer/Juvenile Corrections Officer

These officials are also referred to as youth specialists. They are law enforcement officials who work with incarcerated kids or youth under 18.

They provide additional psychiatric or rehabilitation services to youngsters under their care.

Job Description

They offer care and security for assigned adolescents, which includes monitoring their actions for extended periods.

They also conduct “pat” and “strip” searches on minors. In addition, they restrain and secure occasionally violent youngsters.

Furthermore, they transfer and transport young people by foot, car, and other modes of transportation.

Average Annual Salary: $25,586 – $86,140

20. Child Victim Advocate

A child victim advocate counsels child victims, aids child victims in coping with the effects of the crime, or otherwise supports child victims.

Job Description

These officials conduct interviews with non-offending family members and caregivers.

Additionally, they immediately get and log all referrals, including clients who have previously been seen and are returning for services.

In addition, they follow up on referrals for case management from clinical professionals.

Average Annual Salary: $33,562 – $42,156


The criminal justice field has many career opportunities you can choose from. It is totally up to you to decide if you’d like to settle for entry-level criminal justice associates degree jobs or work with children.

While the salary for criminal justice associates degree jobs may not be the push for being in the system, it is still okay to look it up.

We hope this article met your expectation. For feedback, reach us through the comment section or @ makedailyprofit.com.

Frequently Asked Questions on Criminal Justice Associates Degree Jobs

What Degree Does the FBI Look for?

A bachelor’s degree is the bare minimum for FBI agents. Many agents, especially those in management and technical positions, have master’s degrees or higher.

What is the Best-Paying Law Enforcement Job?

Criminal justice is more concerned with the apparatuses that society employs to combat crime, whereas criminology is more concerned with the philosophical underpinnings of crime.

Is Criminal Justice the Same as Criminology?

Criminal justice is more concerned with the apparatuses that society employs to combat crime, whereas criminology is more concerned with the philosophical underpinnings of crime.

Can Criminology be Considered Nationalistic?

It is patriotic since the study of criminology considers the country’s history, culture, social norms, and laws.

How Do You Become a Crime Scene Investigator?

Many employers will require a degree and experience in law enforcement or a similar discipline. Such as information collecting and analysis.

Does Criminal Justice Require Math?

A course in introductory calculus may be required for criminal justice majors. Calculus is a branch of mathematics that studies change and helps comprehend evidence and criminology.


What degree does the FBI look for?

A bachelor’s degree is the bare minimum for FBI agents. Many agents, especially those in management and technical positions, have master’s degrees or higher.

What is the best paying law enforcement job?

In civilian law enforcement, the Chief of Police is the highest-ranking job. He earns between $96,000 to $160,000 each year.

Is criminal justice the same as criminology?

Criminal justice is more concerned with the apparatuses that society employs to combat crime, whereas criminology is more concerned with the philosophical underpinnings of crime.

Can criminology be considered as nationalistic?

It is patriotic since the study of criminology considers the country’s history, culture, social norms, and laws.

How do you become a crime scene investigator?

Many employers will require a degree and experience in law enforcement or a similar discipline. Such as information collecting and analysis.

Does criminal justice require math?

A course in introductory calculus may be required for criminal justice majors. Calculus is a branch of mathematics that studies change and helps comprehend evidence and criminology.



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