High-Paying Jobs for 12-Year-Olds that Pay Well | 2023 (Updated)

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You may wonder if there are jobs for 12-year-olds that your child can do to earn money. Amazingly, there are many jobs for 12-year-olds that pay.

If your 12-year-old child has an interest in earning money and getting work experience outside of school hours. It will be a good thing for you as a parent to assist them in finding high-paying jobs.

There are many chances for 12-year-olds to contribute positively to the community while also learning vital skills.

In this article, we will be out listing High paying jobs for 12-year-olds.

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What are the Benefits of Working as a 12-Year-Old

Children who successfully establish their own small businesses develop the capacity to handle responsibility.

Although finding a job as a 12-year-old can be difficult, it can also be quite rewarding.

Below are the benefits of working as a 12-year-old.

#1. Learning the Value of Money

Once a teen starts working and paying for her own goods.

she realizes how much time and effort she needs to put into her profession in order to make enough money to pay the expenses.

Importantly, this scenario emphasizes appropriate money management by creating a sense of value for money.

#2. Learning Important Skills

Teens who work learn good time-management skills and organization.

They gain essential communication skills as well as how to operate as part of a group.

Importantly, they gain work experience and can apply those skills in the adult workforce.

#3. Building Character

Teens who work learn to take initiative, function independently, and keep commitments.

They also learn how to handle responsibility and take accountability for their actions.

What Jobs Are Good for Teenagers?

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) establishes guidelines for how many hours juveniles can work, how much they are paid, and how safe they are while doing so.

Hazardous labor, such as excavating and operating heavy equipment, is prohibited for children under the age of 18.

The amount of time they are permitted to work is determined by their age, with older teens being permitted to work more hours than younger teens.

In addition, there are exceptions to the laws For some circumstances, such as agricultural work and children working for their parents.

However, each state also has its own set of child labor rules.

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Tips to help you find jobs for 12-year-olds

Finding a job as a teenager might be a great way to get a head start in the workforce.
It may entail networking in the local community, asking family and friends for assistance, or pushing yourself to establish your own business.

Below are a few of the best ways to help you find a job as a 12-year-old:

1. Create Your Own Role

If you’re looking for a job for a 12-year-old, consider giving them a job working for you, such as doing housework or gardening.

2. Search Online

Consider using a site like Indeed’s job search database to assist you in locating potential leads in your area.

3. Post online

You can also ask if there are any jobs for 12-year-olds in local community groups on social media.

4. Ask Your Network

If you’re looking for a 12-year-old, ask your friends and family if they have any leads.

You might also inquire if they have any spare jobs around the house or at their place of employment, such as a cleaning position.

5. Start your Own Business

Children may also start running their own small businesses, providing useful services in the community, such as car washing or mowing lawns.

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High Paying Jobs for 12-Year-Olds that Pay Well

Below is the list of high-paying jobs for 12-year-olds that pay well

1.  Paper round

For 12-year-olds, a paper round is a common job. It allows children to be active while working outside and earning money.

A paper delivery person’s major responsibility is to pick up newspapers and magazines from a distribution center and deliver them to the correct destination.

A paper round may distribute flyers, brochures, or other printed materials to residents.

However, twelve-year-olds can learn how to navigate a region efficiently in this function. The national average salary is $20.43 per hour.

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2.  Babysitting

As a 12-year-old, babysitting is one of the easiest jobs to secure. Although the pay isn’t constant, however, you can build up your own string of families to babysit for overtime.

As a babysitter, all you have to do is monitor the kids, play with them, assist them with their homework, and feed them when their parents are away.

Also, you must ensure the kids go to bed at a specific time. Babysitters can enhance their interpersonal skills by communicating with younger children.

However, following a timetable can also assist 12-year-olds in developing effective time management skills. The National average salary is $30.04 per hour.

3. Petsitting

If you are very good with animals, then pet sitting can be an excellent job choice. Pet sitters are usually in charge of keeping an eye on pets while their owners are abroad. If the owners are on vacation. This could be for one or two evenings per week or for a longer amount of time.

They also make sure the dogs get whatever medication they need. Pet sitters may also take pets for walks or allow them to exercise outside.

However, a 12-year-old can learn how to follow recommendations to keep dogs safe and healthy in this job. This can aid in the development of abilities such as responsibility and attention to detail.

In addition, the National average salary of a petsitter is $25.34 per hour.

4. Dog Walking

When their owners are busy or on vacation, dog walkers take their pets for regular walks. Walking dogs may be a fun and active activity.

Dog walking frequently necessitates the dog walker taking pet dogs to local parks, beaches, or authorized dog walking locations to exercise them.

Dog walkers may equip the animal with the necessary walking equipment, such as a harness and lead. The national average salary of a dog walker is $24.83 per hour.

5. Sports Coaching

sports coaching entails employing active skills to teach younger children how to play sports like football, cricket, or tennis.

They may assist in the supervision of younger groups of youngsters participating in sports like soccer or rugby.

However, sports coaching can assist 12-year-olds to develop leadership skills while also simultaneously gaining sports or refereeing credentials. The national average salary for a sports coach is $30.81 per hour.

6. Cleaning

Cleaners are in charge of wiping off surfaces, vacuuming floors, and performing regular cleaning tasks.

Cleaning equipment such as vacuum cleaners and mops may be used by cleaners to clean kitchens or living rooms in a home.

However, this role helps teens develop considerable attention to detail. The national average salary is $27.14 per hour.

7. Car washing

They are responsible for cleaning autos and other motor vehicles to an agreed-upon standard. After cleaning, car washers may polish or wax the vehicle.

Car washers are in charge of ensuring that the outside of a vehicle is clean and free of dirt or mud by using washing equipment such as buckets, sponges, or pressure hoses.

In addition, they may clean the interior of the windows using a vacuum cleaner or with rags and cleaning spray. The national average salary is $24.33 per hour.

8. Gardening

Gardeners are typically in charge of performing maintenance and gardening tasks in outdoor locations. they may also water plants or lawn mow.

In addition, gardening can help 12-year-olds develop resilience by allowing them to work outside in all weather.

Also, they can obtain agricultural knowledge and gardening experience by planting seeds, applying weed killers, and pruning plants. The national average salary is  $28.13 per hour.

9. Tutor

Outside of school hours, a tutor is responsible for educating and assisting pupils with their coursework.

It is your responsibility as a tutor to create a tutoring schedule that will assist your students in achieving academic success. However, the National average salary is $21.31 per hour.

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10. A Movie Actor

An actor performs a specific character in a film, a television show, a stage play, or a commercial. Actors read a script and interpret it in order to play a specific role.

They must learn their lines and follow the director’s commands. However, the national average salary is  $11.00 per hour.

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11. Mobile App Developer

They are responsible for designing apps for businesses and companies so people can find out more about them.

They can also create their own apps that they can either sell or get money from advertisements. Either way, being a mobile app developer can be difficult but rewarding work.

This role is one of the online jobs for 12-year-olds.

12. Logo Designer

A logo designer works with a business to create an amazing logo that will represent the business or company to the world. 

To be a logo designer, you’ll need to be creative and artistic, plus be very good at following directions since many businesses are very particular about their logo. 

However, this role is among the online jobs for 12-year-olds.

13. Video Game Player

Making money playing video games is every 12-year- old fantasy. They can make money as a video game player.

Kids can achieve that by streaming their games live or uploading them online.

They make more money from ads as their popularity grows. On the other hand, they can even get firms to sponsor your videos.

14. Elderly Aide 

A 12-year-old might also be able to help an elderly neighbor or family member at home.

They can engage the individual or help with household tasks like cleaning, organizing, and pet care.

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15. Photographer

The ideal approach for a 12-year-old to becoming a teen photographer is to take unique photos of in-demand subjects and publish them on Shutterstock.com

It is a site where businesses and others can purchase projects. However, this role is among the online jobs for 12-year-olds.

16. Creative Writer

Creative writing is another online job for 12-year-olds and is also a fun way of earning money for kids. It is among the jobs for 12-year-olds that pay

They use their creativity to write poetry or short stories for people to read. They monetize them by publishing their articles.

17. Lemonade Stand

A lemonade stand is among the summer jobs for 12-Year-Olds.

To be a lemonade salesman, you’ll need to set up a table where you sell lemonade to people.

It’s a great job to have in the summer when people most need a cold, refreshing drink and delicious.

In addition, lemonade stands can be set in front of your yard or at events in your neighborhood.

18. Modelling

Modeling is another high-paying job for 12-year-olds. As a model, you can work in various fashion houses. You can work as a runway model or pageantry, depending on your stature.

As a young model, you will probably work for printed media sources such as magazines.

Depending on your hobbies, you can work as a model for stock photos, fashion, or cosmetic products.

19. Car Snow Remover

A 12-year-old can work as a car snowman if he is allergic to colds. Car snow removers are among the jobs for 12-year-olds that pay

The easiest method to generate money as a snow remover is to contact your neighbors before it snows and compile a list of people who have signed up for your service.

Then, when it snows, you can clean cars while getting paid!

20. Gift Wrapper

Making money as a teenage gift wrapper is a good option, especially around the holidays! In the spirit of Thanksgiving and holidays, gift wrapping has become a highly sought-after skill. You can earn up to $20/hr as a gift wrapper.

You might be able to work outside of a huge store as a teen gift wrapper or wrap gifts for people you know. You’ll need a selection of wrapping papers, tape, and a sharp pair of scissors to start.


Allowing your 12-year-old to work and learn to manage money is one of the best ways to help them show their independence.

The above-listed simple job ideas can help your tween earn some extra money.


What Jobs Pay the Most for 12-Year-olds?

The highest-paid job available to 12year olds is landscaping is

Can 12-year-olds Work at Mcdonald’s?

No, they must be at least 15 years old to work at McDonald

How can a 12-year-old Make Quick Money?

Your 12-year-old can find a lot of money-making options with a little persistence and creativity.

Is it Possible to Create a Bank Account at the Age of 12?

As long as your child has a Social Security number, you can open a bank account for them at any age—even when they’re a baby.

What is the Earliest Age that a Person May Obtain a full-time Job?

The FLSA establishes a minimum employment age of 14 years and limits the number of hours minors under the age of 16 may work, as a general rule.

How can a 12-Year-Old Earn Money Quickly?

Dog walking
Creative writer


What jobs pay the most for 12-year-olds?

The highest-paid job available to 12year olds is landscaping is

Can 12 year olds work at Mcdonald's?

No, they must be at least 15 years old to work at McDonald

How can a 12 year old make quick money?

Your 12-year-old can find a lot of money-making options with a little persistence and creativity.

Is it Possible to Create a Bank Account at the Age of 12?

As long as your child has a Social Security number, you can open a bank account for them at any age—even when they’re a baby.

What is the earliest age that a person may obtain a full-time job?

The FLSA establishes a minimum employment age of 14 years and limits the number of hours minors under the age of 16 may work, as a general rule.

How can a 12-year-old earn money quickly?

Dog walking
Creative writer



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